Basic Action Super hero

This will give to links to the story Issue posts as well as the characters involved the background is below.


Player Characters Air Girl Alfa Grenade Stretch

NPC’s Captain Chill NPC Doctor Remote NPC Exterminator Robots Killjoy NPC RobberHood & His Merry men Roughhouse NPC;  Druid; Nighthaunt NPc’s;  Oil Baron



1 – Beginnings 

2- A chilly Time 

3- Christmas market

4 – Terror In Bath 

5 – Drone Terror 

6 – A Frozen City

7 –Druid Cornered

8- Ho Ho HO

9 – Darkness

10 Captured

11 Oil Baron

12 Dead Professors 

13 The Professors House

14 The Professors House Part 2

15 The Hunt for the Dark Enchantress




Universe background

 Time – The near future.

The UK has had its EU referendum and left the EU. On the back of that Scotland declared it wants independence  and to rejoin the EU. Wales and NI are also dissatisfied with the result and are pushing for more independence. The war in the Ukraine has flared and slowed but is still a running sore, as is the collapse of the middle east.

Bath as a international treasure has had trouble with expanding its housing stock so has joined with Keynsham, Saltford,  Bition, Batheasten, Bathford and Peasdown St John into the greater city of Bath. Keynsham is the civic and industrial hub of this city with the old Bath having become a university and tourist centre. With Greater Bristol to the West the two areas have a population of over 1m.

Over recent years more and more super powered individuals have come to notice, there are the ‘X-men’ mutants, and the ‘Avengers’ in the USA along with independents as well as state groups in Russia and China. Most countries have a few some are out right evil most are doing what they need to survive in a rough world. The EU has formed the ‘Legion’ to help protect its values and people, while the UK only has ‘Monarch’ and ‘Captain Britain’ so far both based around London. It is rumored that the Scots have attached their prime hero Highlander to the Legion.

These super powers come from mutant X gene created ones, others with super high tech, others from radiation effecting there genes and still others in many different ways. All that is known is no two are ever quite the same and although some work for good and peaceful co-existence with normal’s some only want to abuse their powers for personal gain and power.

Under English law weapons must be registered with the police and various government agencies, however it is often difficult to enforce this with supers. Publicly known supers are registered and watched by government agencies, and will be detained if they break the law. The English police have Armed Response Groups [ARG] who are now equipped with high tech weapons and armour to help them do that, while the military have the SAS even better equipped. This means that most supers try to keep there identity secret from the public.

 Game setting

Modern age; Scale – 30 points street level

Tropes – Guns, knives etc are lethal. Hand to hand  isn’t  unless you continue to cause damage after they pass out

Super power attacks are not lethal unless bought with that advantage

Non Lethal damage – if you take twice HP in damage is dying.

Lethal damage – any character which takes 1/2 damage in one go is badly wounded full damage means they are dying.