BASH Issue Two – A Chilly Time

Issue Two – A Chilly Time

Issue one here

 Page 1/

John of MI5  sits at his desk looking at the reports.

He decides to find out where the Chill sergeants have come from. So John contacts Grenade, who he knows, to make use of his skills, as MI5 has before, to find this active threat, John also calls upon the new hero Alfa to help using a general radio message to contact him.


Page 2/

When the two arrive at Lansdowne golf course for the meeting, Alfa teleports and walks in, in his long coat and wide brimmed hat. Grenade takes the bus.

Afla recognises Grenade from his Fame and Infamy. While they play a round, John explains that Chill units have been turning up in various places and not just locally, they seem to be used as mercenary support for others. MI5 would like the two of them to work together or separately to find the source of these chill gun armed thugs operating locally.

They also are concerned that Jo Coburn a scientist who works on chilling technology, has not been seen for some weeks, has she been kidnapped, just on holiday or something else?


Page 3/

Alfa asks if the Chill Sergeants are clones, John answers no they are human.

He then heads to the library to access the net to find out about Jo.

She works at University of the West of England [UWE], and lives in Bath.

Alfa hacks the UWE data base to find her address. She lives at Riverside and is late back from a four week holiday.

Is she working for them or held by them?


Page 4/

The two go the the riverside and Grenade rings the front door bell.

With no answer Alfa looks into a window and teleports in and opens the door for Grenade.


Page 5/

The flat is empty.

So the two of them look for clues.

Alfa [uses a hero die] finds a card and wet patches.

The card for Chill mercenaries co. with a e-mail address, the damp patches seem to be melted ice.


Page 6/

Alfa goes back to the library, while Grenade heads to UWE.


Page 7/

Alfa using uses its hacking skill to send a spam mail to the Chill e-mail address.

This allows access to computer records.


Page 8/

Grenade having reached the Uni. front desk smiles at the female at the desk and suggests she supply some Info on Jo.

Kelly the front desk lady takes Grenade to Jo’s labs and the assistants working there.


Page 9/

Again Grenade makes eye contact and suggests they show him the research.

It seems that the group are working on making small and efficient freezing and chilling units. Which can make keeping containers cold easier, or helping troops in hot areas keep cool or even firemen able to fight the heat of a fire.


Page 10/

This tech could also be used as a weapon, although that is not what they are working on.

Various companies and people have been interested in this work and Grenade gets a 6 page list of these companies.

Grenade texts himself all the info he has gathered so Alfa can see it.


Page 11/

Alfa tries to get deeper access to the Chill co. records but fails and is chucked out of the system.


Page 12/

Alfa and Grenade met up at a cafe to share info and decide to contact John of MI5 to visit a Chill sergeant in prison.


Page 13/


John takes them to see the one healthy chill sergeant, the other is still suffering from the injures he suffered.

Grenade uses his suggestion ability to again get information.

Apparently they work for a Captain Chill whose base is to the south of old Bath  and agents go to the Odd Down Park and Ride to take a enclosed van on a short trip to it.

The white van has Chill Co on its side.


Page 14/

Alfa decides to do a thermal scan of the area to the south of old Bath.

Using his ability to teleport, he teleports into the sky, falls a little and teleports higher and along a path doing this to cover a wide area.

This takes time but works nearly as good as having flight.

He finds to very cold spots, one at Bath Reclamation at Odd Down and Circle at Peasdown.


Page 15/

Afla lands at Brec and looks around. It is a small sprawling area dealing mainly with scraping and reusing tech. Ran by Kenny Kirstone, cold area seems to be where the chilling liquid from industrial freezers is kept.

He leaves quickly before being seen or caught trespassing.


Page 16/

He then jumps to near the Circle site. This site holds a hospital as well as some small industrial units.

He checks radio traffic and finds on a military frequency a security signal. Which seems to be a monitoring system linked to cameras etc.


Page 17/

He walks around the area and sees a enclosed behind fences Advanced Industrial Freezer Co. He picks up those security singles from this area.

Walking around the car park he spots a Chill Co. van.


Page 18/

He looks through the windscreen and teleports into the driver area.

He opens the door into the back and sees a enclosed area with some seats.

He teleports away.


Page 19/

Alfa and grenade met at a cafe again.

Talk about Miss Marple  the author. in between discussing their next steps.

They contact John and give him the info they have on AIF and the Circle area.


Page 20/

The two had to Circle with Alfa carrying Grenade as he teleports there.


Page 21/

Once there Alfa scans for cameras but falls to find them.

So Grenade decides to climb over the 15′ high fence with barbed wire on top.

He then uses his stealth to get to the door which is a locked and alarmed steel door. There are also barred windows and air vents.


Page 22/

Grenade finds the feed for the camera’s and puts them into a loop, using his security skills.

Then he uses his ability to open locks to open the heavy door.


Page 23/

Alfa teleports to the door.

The two of them see Kirk at the front desk and Grenade suggests that he takes them to Captain Chill.

‘We have an appointment’

Kirk, his name is on his badge gets up and moves to the secure door behind him which leads to a corridor, with doors to various rooms.


Page 24/

Kirk opens the first door in the corridor and says, ‘Captain, you have visitors’.

‘Kirk you are a  idiot!  get lost’. says Chill.

As he says this the air in the room gets very cold and frost starts to form on the walls and other surfaces.


Page 25/

Grenade tells Kirk to run and not disturb them. As he does he puts his hands onto the growing ice. He pits his power against Chills power to try to disrupt the creation of ice by making it shatter. He fails Chill has more power to control cold than he has to make things explode.

Alfa teleports behind Chill and grabs him.

Captain Chill forms a warrior out of the forming ice and says ‘Are you feeling the cold Dude?’ while trying to break free. He fails to break free he is just to weak compared to the robot strength of Alfa.


Page 26/

Grenade flips a powered up marble at the ice warrior, which explodes on contact blasting parts of the ice away.

Alfa teleports to the hospital car park, with a memory of total recall he can go any place he has been before. While restraining Chill.

The Ice warrior skates towards Grenade and then tries to stab him with its ice sword but fails to hit the nimble Grenade.

Chill again tries to break free.


Page 27/

Grenade leaps over and away from the warrior touching it as he goes and so activating its potential energy. It will explode next page.

Alfa teleports to the prison with Chill.

The Ice warrior turns and skates towards Grenade and again misses with its sword.


Page 28/

Alfa ‘Where is Jo?’

Grenade throws another marble to add to the coming explosion but misses for once. Then moves 60′ away into the corridor.


Ice Warrior cracks and bits fly off of it, but then its body reforms from the ice around it.

The warrior skates on the ice towards Grenade but is now out of reach with its sword.


Page 29/

At the prison the walls start to freeze.

Captain Chill tells Alfa, ‘Let me go and I let Jo go’

Alfa tries to bully Chill into giving her away. He threatens to teleport him into deep ice.

‘that will not hurt me’ Chill says. ‘No but lack of food etc will, Alfa replies.

Alfa tries again but Chill sticks firm saying that he knows a hero would not do that, and Alfa knows he is right he will not do anything he says he will.


Page 30/

Grenade throws another marble at the warrior. It hits and more ice flies off.

The Ice warrior skates forward towards grenade and again misses him with his sword.

But as Grenade watches the Ice warrior starts to melt away turning to water, as is all the ice around.

Chill must no longer be effecting this place.


Pace 31/

Grenade texts Alfa again, updating him. Then goes and finds Kirk and asks where Jo is and suggests he find new employment. Jo is in a lab 2 with others.

Alfa leaves a rapidly freezing prison and teleports to Grenade.

Grenade Texts John to tell him where they have put chill and about the base.


Page 32/

Alfa looks around the office area and finds the computer. He tries uses it to bring up a layout for the building, but fails to find one.


Page 33/

The two walk down the corridor to lab 2.

Bypassing the door lock, they open the door and Grenade looks the first person he sees in the eys and says, ‘Jo?’ while suggesting they tell the truth.

It turns out she is she against her will as the other four here where. Alfa, ‘you are free to go’ he says.

Jo says ‘what about the guards?’, Alfa says ‘we will deal with them go’.


Page 34/

The next door they open has maintenance  staff and cleaners which they also send away.


Page 35/

The last door they come to holds a training room and rest area for the guards.

There are 12 people in this area, some practicing with their chill guns on targets. Some resting and some having instruction by others.

There appears to be two Chill sergeants and ten henchmen.


Page 36/

Alfa calls on them to surrender, ‘Chill is behind bars and you are outmatched, give yourselves up now!’

The response is that there are 12 of us you are outnumbered, and we do not believe you can keep chill out.

Grenade, looks a sergeant in the eyes and suggests that he ought to tell the others to give in. ‘You want to convince them to lay down arms and leave this robot is armed and very dangerous.’

This works and the 12 guards run for it leaving their guns behind.


Page 37/

Grenade takes a target as a souvenir, while they wait for MI5 to arrive and take charge.


Page 38/

Mi5 arrive led by John and take control.

Alfa and Grenade head out and encounter a crowd of hospital staff and others including press.


Page 39/

Next days headlines and article by M Millington in the Chronicle.

Robot Alfa and criminal called Grenade cause havoc at Circle area including the hospital.

Patents and staff put in danger as area freezes over, stopping life threatening operations to stop.

Police say a criminal gang under a Captain Chill had a base there, but that effective security action had dealt with them.

It is rumoured that Alfa removed the Super powered villain to prison and freed the hostages while Grenade fought a Ice warrior however non of this can be verified.

Are these heroes causing more damage than the criminals they proclaim to stop?

This reporter wonders.



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