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The Stories of Errath the Bard Chapter 2 Part 6

Part 6

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 With poor Gnoman unable to see and Thorn needing to rest and pray it was decided that we would rest here in the room with stone beds, which we can use. First we jammed the door shut with some of the iron spikes we picked up earlier. We then slept lightly for the next six hours, we left the still invisible Gnoman on hearing guard with Panther.  We wake later and have a small meal and then leaving Gnoman and Panther behind we head back into the next room. James and Thorn soon find the secret door and I check for traps. I then open it while carrying some holy water just in case.


The door opens into a long snaking narrow natural passage leading downwards. Thorn enters first followed by me and the James at the rear. The passage is lined with vines and flowers which seem to like the dark. After a while we notice a flickering light ahead and faint birdsong. This is odd we think just as the walls and ceiling fall in onto us. Thorn and James seem to avoid being hit by the earth and rocks but I was not so lucky, and end up pinned by my chest and right arm with both areas taking damage from the crushing effect of the rocks. Thorn and James set to digging me out I then lose track of what is going on. Later they tell me that they where shot at or rather James was shot at but all the darts bounced off his armour. The armour may make a less effective mage however it does keep him alive.  They never find out where the darts come from and after digging me out they carry me on down the passage as I sing to encourage them and  myself.


After a while we reach a underground grove, however due to a vow we made I can not tell you much about what happened there and after. What I can say is that James and Thorn defeated some half orc’s and got found a letter for Lady Moonsong. [buy the adventure if you want to know what happens here] Some hours later we are all back in the Alter room, Gnoman is visible again now. We have bits of this area to still explore so do so.


We end up in a odd room with a grooved circle in the floor, we end up putting oil into this and lighting it. We find another secret door and after I have checked it out we enter another room. This one has a fancy fountain in it. Each of us drink of the water to refreshen ourselves and then we head back to the entrance way. We have done all we can here and need to decide on our next steps.

Do we go back and tell Lady Moonsong we failed and give her the letter or what?

The Stories of Errath the Bard Chapter 2 Part 5

Part 5

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 With Gnoman bleeding out from his mangled arm Thorn calls on his deity to stop the bleeding and stabilize the wound, while James gives Gnoman a dry apple piece to boost his lost fatigue.  I start to use my healing skills to sow up the bits and cuts on Gnomans arm so he can start the long road to recovery. After spending time doing that I play my maracas and sing to inspire Thorn as he tried to cast Cure Mayor Wounds from his scroll. this is not easy as this divine effect is two levels above him. However his god smiles warmly on him and the scroll works restoring Gnomans arm as well as unexpectedly healing the other small wounds he has as well. James then casts the cantrip repair on to Gnomans clothes to repair the battle damage. Gnoman then eats different bits of dry fruit from each of us to restore his lost energy levels.


With Gnoman fit and hale again we look around this room, it is around medium sized and has a domed ceiling with a starry night scene on it. It has a stone bed table chairs with a smouldering fire surrounded by a pile of animal skins and bones.   Thorn wonders where the crossbow fire came from and James says maybe a whereat was here as he would have the rates in company.  So thorn is weary and trying to see hear any invisible movement. As the rest of us search we find a compartment which has a pouch, a staff and a rolled up paper. We also find a partially empty box of barbed crossbow bolts, a half full wineskin and a map of the woods, amongst the camp.


Thorn casts detect magic on the items and the scroll as well as the staff respond with the paper seeming to be divine magic. Gnoman grabs the pouch and finds some mushrooms in it. I read the scroll and find its a protection spell and put in it my pack. James and I look at the mushrooms and decide what they are. I know the bardic story of ‘The Druid and the Yellow Mushrooms’. This story tells of a young training druid who struggled to be as good as other trainees, when he asked them why they did better than him they told him about the yellow mushrooms they ate. As they laughed behind his back he went off and found said mushrooms and started eating them. However although they gave him a better dream time it only made his training worse due to lack of good sleep. It seems Yellow mushrooms have uses but not for spell casting. Gnoman puts his away for now.


With this area checked and no way out other than rat holes we head back the way we came and to check on our mule collect some rations and put the staff, which appears to have iron around parts of it, onto it. However when we get there we are surprised to see it coped up in a bloody mess. I look at the wounds and decide that they where inflected by a two handed sword like James has. I also find some large boot prints in the blood. We all wonder if this was from the rat but doubt that he used such a big weapon or was that large and anyway their are two sets of prints. So the idea that maybe it is Brigid, my enemy, sending some controlled half orcs after me again.  However as they is no sign of them around we can do nothing about it at the moment. The rations are still on the carcass even if it looks like some has been taken. We eat some rations before we go back into the hill, James is concerned about having to go deeper.


Going back to the room with the alter we take one of the passages behind the drapes. This lead us into a snaking narrow natural tunnel going down and deeper all the time. It smells of musty soil. Gnoman has decided going invisible will protect him from attack so we can not see him ahead, we follow slowly with me holding up my shield with the glowing sickle on it to light our way.  Ahead we see a door and stop, after a few moments Gnoman speaks to us and says the door has a prayer in old common carved into it. He repeats the prayer to us and then goes to check the door. He is back a while later. I can not see he says everything has gone black on top of that the door is stuck and will need some strength to open.  Thorn casts his detect magic and it shows a magic trap right in front of the door. We wonder if it will reset and then remember the prayer. Telling poor Gnoman to wait here we all negotiate the trap and push the door open. Behind the door is a room with stone beds with various things around them and a bell hanging from the ceiling.  There appears to be a archway on the other side by a skeleton. However we are not given long to look before we see three undead moving towards us. Thorn grabs his hols symbol and calls on Hombel, the undead flee from his aura. While they run through the archway we prepare for their return. After a minute they return and the three of us lined up hack them down. I used my druid abilities to make my club magical to make sure it had an effect on them.


With the undead dealt with James examined the skeleton and found a sliver dagger, which he gave to Thorn to look at. Thorn likes good metal items and was hard pushed to give it back again. We get Gnoman into the room and then head through the arch. This leads into another room which smells badly of decay, also unlike the rest of the area it has a earthen floor. I try to talk but find that no sound comes out, so I get the others attention and beckon them out. Once out of the area we can talk and James tells us of having found distrubed ground by the wall which would indicate a door hidden there.

The Stories of Errath the Bard Chapter 2 Part 4

Part 4

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 With the way clear the others search the room, I am still feeling a little off. This seems to have been once a well-stocked storeroom. Narrow, shelved alcoves in the south, west, and north walls hold a collection of items, including: a bottle of wine (1 quart), 6 iron spikes, 12 wooden stakes, a small, empty, iron box, a leather scroll case, a bottle of ink (2 oz.), 18 buds of garlic, a mouldy bedroll, basic lantern, 8 sprigs of wolfsbane, 1 sprig of belladonna, a ½ pound of cheese, a sack of apples, 3 vials of water, a large ball of black string, a leather cloak, and a leather pouch; a sundry of other items lie scattered over a stone table in the middle of the room. Gnoman looks for traps on the scroll case, which he says there aren’t, while James looks for hair on the cloak, he finds one, but it is not the sliver grey, of Elyon, he was looking for. Thorn casts detect magic and finds that the room and the water are magical. That makes the water holy he says.  We take the Belladonna, Garlic, Wolfsbane, Holy Water vials, rations, scroll case and stakes as all will we hope be useful.


Thorn then goes and checks out the mouldy bedroll, as he picks it up he quickly drop it and jumps back. It is full of bugs and flees. With the room full of flees we quickly look for any other ways out and finding none head back to the main entry room with the pillars. As we go we wonder about the gnolls and whether they had turned this into a base and something had happened to them. We wonder what this might mean for Elyon and for us.


We then go to check out the smelly room. This room has partially collapsed and is covered with dust and mouldy reeds on the floor. The sinkhole in the room has a random clicking sound coming from it so we leave this ruined room alone and head back into the main room. James goes to check on the mule and give it some apples.


Now we know there is a secret door here but how are we to open it. Thorn tries out various ideas until one works and the door grinds open.  Thorn then uses his hammer to knock a couple of iron spikes to stop it closing.  As we enter the short corridor and then the room ahead we can not see much. However we do not get far before being attacked by more undead. Thorn was obviously really blessed as all four undead disappear in a flash of fire as he calls on Hombel. That was easier than last time I think. We slowly move around the edge of this room and it turns out to be 45×35 feet roughly with a repeating motif carved into the walls. In the centre of the room is a large granite alter with the same pictograms as the pillar in the grove. Also under the dust on the alter is a glowing object along with a couple of other items.


James casts Clean on the alter and removes all the dust and cobwebs, revealing a glowing sickle, a bronze crown and a wooden cup. As I take these holy druid items, putting the crown on over my helm and seeing just how much light the sickle cats, the others look around. They find three other ways out of this room, two hidden and one secret, the group decide to explore the secret door first. We manage to get the door open and enter dark corridor. With Gnoman going ahead checking for traps etc we reach a closed door. Once he has checked it Gnoman swings the door open and enters through it.


Twang, Gnoman recognises the sound of a crossbow going off and moves quickly, the bolt hits Thorns shield instead.  Then with a loud squeaking sound Gnoman is swarmed by rats.

Over the next 20 seconds poor Gnoman has his left arm badly gnawed by a rat which has grabbed hold of him. Thorn uses his large shield to protect himself but still ends up with a rat trying to eat his head through his helm, however his mace crushes many. James uses his big sword as a thrusting weapon trying to spear rats off off Thron and Gnoman. While this is happening another crossbow bolt hits Thorns shield, traps seem to be common here. Eventually we clear the area of rats, breath deeply from the exhaustion of the fight.

The Stories of Errath the Bard Chapter 2 Part 3


Part 3

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Myself and James started to feel a little off, may be with over did it yesterday. [the players are absent] However Thorn and Gnoman told me later any parts I missed, the two of them full of energy thought about the odd message meant. They had some ideas, but decided in the end to just keep it in mind as they went into the dark woods. After a while with Thorn in the lead, using his very big shield to push through undergrowth we moved off. After Thorn came Gnoman, then me with instructions to mark the trail we took, then James at the rear with the mule and his dog. Thorn wondered why we where bothering trying to get the mule into the woods but remembered that it was a James thing and he likes to get his way.


With Thorn using his dodgy navigation skill, helped and inspired by me it must be said, we entered the dark thick woods. Distance was hard to keep track of as we ziged and zaged around trees, pools, fallen branches and trees and thick thorn bushes. However after a hour or so of walking slowly through the woods there was a sudden yelping from the rear of our column. Looking round Thorn and Gnoman see around six yellowish brown dog like creatures annoying the mule. They appear to be Blink Dogs, after something. Gnoman mumbles away while waving his arms around and poof a Displacer Cat appears down wind from the mule in the forest. The dogs see it and with a howl blink after it, as they reach it the cat disappears and the dogs go in search as we get a move on before they come back.. Gnoman used his illusion magic to confuse them, well done him.


Many hours later we appear to have reached the sacred grove, it has been a hard trek but we did not come across any more large animals even if my nightjar spotted many, they must have been scared off by our numbers. The grove is a strange, after the deep dark woods, 100 feet wide clearing with a granite menhir rising from the centre. The menhir is 10 feet tall and carved with strange pictograms on it. Thorn casts detect magic onto the are and the menhir resisters as divine magic, Gnoman casts read magic onto the pictograms and says that they pay homage to the Oak King and mention a “sacred rise” to the north. It also mentions that those of a balanced soul can touch and receive. Maybe touching it will help on our mission! Anyway James wants to go first in case its dangerous and anyway he is an elf. Gnoman overrules him saying ‘I am the local here and after me it should be the druid.


So Gnoman touches the stone, nothing seems to happen but he tells of feeling more at ease with himself. I go next and have the same feeling, followed by James who also says he feels quite at peace. Thorn is the last to go, but pulls up just before touching. I do not know why, maybe it is because he follows Hombel. God’s can be jealous. I look around and soon see tracks made by hard-soled boots leading north and the skeletal remains of a large deer killed by a black arrow. Thorn remembers that the half Orc guards had black fletched arrows so maybe this is there path and kill, we wonder what happened to them and they still around lost or dead?


With tracks to follow we head northish, wondering what we will find next. A little later Thorn at the front hears the sound of water falling over rocks. Shortly after he spots two deer by a stream with a small water fall, as he sees them they hear us and run away into the trees. We take the opportunity to fill up on water and eat a little. This has not turned out such a dangerous place so far.  A few hours later we come across what must be  Black Thorn Hill. It seems to covers an area 100 feet in circumference gorse and scree cover the slopes of the rise on all sides. We walk around it and find it is surrounded by ponds which will make the air thick with midges come the evening and morning. However they is no very obvious entrance, hardly a surprise I suppose. With a careful look around again James and I find what might be a way into the rise, one of the advantages of elves and half elf’s I suppose. I sing to inspire James and Thorn as they try to move the small circular rock which appears to be the door.  It grates and groans as they but their strength into it, but soon we can see a gloomy passageway leading to some stairs down into the dark. With the door open we put a rock to stop in shutting and Gnoman uses his skill at traps to but a trip trap and some thorns around the doorway to alert us if anything comes out. We then build a smoky fire to keep insects away and decide to rest overnight so I in particular can regain my magical powers. The others take the watch as we rest and sleep for nine hours, the only things to disturb us is the local wildlife like owls, bats snakes who come up to have a look and other small creatures.


Morning, after a good breakfast we tie the mule inside the passageway with enough rope for it to move around but not far, James then casts Calm onhimself as he does not like being underground. We head along the corridor. Gnoman goes first with Thorn behind carrying the lantern to show the way, as our infravision is not to good in old areas underground. Thorn is followed by James and myself. at the rear. Gnoman moves slowly checking his path carefully, while James and I follow not being able to see much. We go along and then down steps leading into the depths of the earth, where will it lead us?


We stop when Gnoman comes to a room, it turns out to be a large room with two pillars in it as well as two side corridors. There is also a bas relief on the far wall of the Oak King of the Old Ways. Gnoman checks for any traps while Thorn fails to cast his detect magic spell, all seems safe, even if the remains of several skeletons of what turns out to be Gnol’s holding battle axes worry us a little. So Gnoman shines the lantern up the two side passages one seem to end in a room the other goes into darkness.  When James and I enter James quickly sees a secret door, although we can find no way of opening it. Thorn does get his Detect Magic to work this time and the sun in the Kings hand shows up. Gnoman thinks the door needs some magic to open, who knows.  WE head down the dark passage, slowly moving along as Gnoman checks the way. We go about 50′ and the passage turns, it is at this point we notice that it curves as has all edges there are no angles here.


Another 50′ and we come to another room, this appears to be some sort of eating hall as it has a long table and chairs along with other odd items.  More boar motifs adorn the decaying carpet and the table, the room has two large fireplaces and a haunting whistling sound in it. Gnoman  goes and stands in one fireplace showing how big it is. The only way out is through a archway with a circle of petrified oak branches forming a sunburst over it. Gnoman looks around with James following him while Thorn again fails with his detect magic spell.  However the room seems safe. With only one way to go Gnoman takes us that way. Ahead is a circular door, Gnoman checks it and says it is trap free but stuck. Thorn supported by James slowly forces it very nosily open.  Gnoman then looks through.


He quickly pulls back as two rusty axes crash down where his head had been. He then slides back to me while the others take over. Thorn had seen skeletal hands holding the axes so try’s to command undead. James draws his massive two handed sword, which takes a lot of space in this 5′ wide passage, lucky the passage is 10’ high so he has the room for it. Thorn passes the lantern back to me and draws his holy mace.

I start to cast Barkskin on myself, best to be safe, as Thorn steps through the door. As he does he is attacked by two Gnoll skeletons with battleaxes, he parries the only one which is likely to hit him.

The Gnill’s attack again Thorn parrying one and his helmet turning the other.


James trusts his sword at a gnoll, which parries but can not stop his mighty blow which takes off the skeletons right leg. The skeleton manages to keep on its one leg much to James surprise. The two skeletons strike back one at James and one at Thorn, James blokes his attacker and Thorn disarms his.

James thrusts with his sword again and again the skeleton fails to stop the blow and this time loses his left leg leaving it on the ground. The other skeleton uses its shield trying to push away from Thorn but fails as Thorn smashes his shield away as well. Thorn follow that parry up with a blow to its head destroying it as James finishes off the other skeleton.


At this point James sees two more of the about to attack having climbed the stairs to the landing they have been fighting on. So he moves beside Thorn. One skeleton attacks Thorn with a spear but misses while James parries the other spear attack. Thorn with his mace out distanced by the spears draws his warhammer.

James attacks with his sword but misses as does the skeleton when it try’s to parry. Thorn parries a spear thrust while James disarms and trips down the stairs the other attacking skeleton. The skeleton is broken by the fall. It does not take long to finish off the other one.


I wonder what is down the stairs and if there are more undead around.


The Stories of Errath the Bard Chapter 2 Part 2


Part 2

 Earlier parts here

I spend the night acting as the Ghael barbarian I am making advances on the girls, as the celebrate the midsummer, and getting slapped. It seems that free love is not the way here as it is at home. Although my advances cause problems my wit gets me out of them and smooths it out.  At some point I fall asleep amongest the reviles. I awake in the morning with a couple of rabbits curled up with me. Once awake I head into town to find the others.


I explore looking for some druids but find out from Fenrald the old ranger that druids only visit here now we none staying here any more. After talking to him I find the the others had been to see him as well and that he thinks they went to see Yathlanae at the Crones Cradle, so I head in that direction as well. I bump into the others around the market. They soon fill me in on their adventures since we parted. It turns out they spent the night sleeping outside and Arnost found a half orc girl to go off with, he seems to have left the group for now. James, Gnoman and Thorn headed into town and spent time with Fenrald at the Broken Tusk, James wanted to have his Owlbear hide made into a cloak. Fenrald says he will buy it for 12gp but a cloak will cost 150sp James paid 15sp deposit and will collect in a month. They also talked with Fenrald about the Grune Vel wood and the Moonsongs.  They found out that the wood has a old druid temple to the oak God and where known for human sacrifice, that it is haunted by ghosts of elven warriors and that during the midsummer a hag named Serafine grim roams the forest seeking attractive males to devour, the wood is also home to many pixies who use poison to drive people insane or asleep forever. The area is full of creatures set there by the druids to defend it and includes the local large boars. Lady Moonsong is well known but reclusive, her keep has a half-orc garrison, known as the iron Wolf’s. Her son is a adventurous boy who is the apple of her eye. Everyone loves the boy and his songs and jokes. Thedweel is her personal servant and also loves her son Elyon, but the boy has gone missing and Thedweel is out finding groups who will enter the forest to find him after her own guards failed to return. Gnoman I gather also wandered off, looking for more unlawful people, he came back with a tall tale about Elyon having golden hands after his own had been eaten by a troll. Hands Thedweel found and Lady Moonsong paid for.  I expect he has a buyer if he can get his hands onto the hands.


Once we are all back together we head to the manor on the hill. Moonsong Manor is a three-story keep built on Greenbriar Ridge to the west of town; it is made of white, vine-covered stone and surrounded by a 20 feet high curtain wall set with bronze double doors, each bearing a crescent moon above a silver lyre. Emerald banners hanging from the towers and walls bear the same pictures in silver. We approach the bronze gates and the four half-orc guards standing there. I take the lead but the irrational half-orcs get uppity and draw their weapons, I feel it is going to come to blows before we can get entrance. I hear Gnoman chant and then the lead guard faces down his fellows and tells them to let us in. I assume he used a charm on him, cleaver gnome. Thedweel meets us and apologise for the guards and leads us through the court yard with horse stable and water well in it and then leads us to the great hall. We try to get more information from him but says his mistress will explain all.


The great hall is long and richly furnished with silks and rich woods, as well as the six giant oak trees, made of a red coloured marble, whose branches hold up the ceiling. A otherworldly beauty stands at the far end of a table full of food, Lady Moonsong smiling warmly at us. ‘Sit drink and eat’ she says. So we do and over the meal introduce ourselves as the Hammer and Rose group come at her command. After a while she wipes her mouth stands and address us. “I thank you for answering my summons,” she says. “You appear strong and
capable, certainly, but I can only trust the rescue of my dear, beautiful son to those who are keen of wit and
sharp of mind, not just skilled with sword and spell,” she says. “Many have come before you, and none of them have proven worthy of this task. I present you with just one challenge to prove yourselves cunning enough to face the dangers of Grune Vel Wood and bring back my son. There is a silver robin here in the Great Hall. Find it and bring it down with a single arrow or spell, if you would be the heroes I seek.


James soon spots the sweet bird, helped by my singing, and brings it down for her. She is pleased with our success and so James asks for a letter when we finish the job to add to our recommendations, she agrees. She gives us a credit note worth 500sp to help purchase supplies, it will be accepted in all the stores in town and as Yathlanae at the Crones Cradle is a friend she will also give us a discount.  We thank he and ask about her attempt to use her guards to find Elyon as we have heard that they failed. She tells us that she has not heard back from a group of her guards she sent into the woods and fears that brute strength is not enough to get past the fey. The locals feer the wood and I can not send any more of my men. Elyon was last seen at a place called the Sacred Grove deep in the forest, that will be a good place to start and she gives us a map to guide us there. She says she will pay 100 gold on his return and gives us a potion of healing and a healing balm.


Thedweel guides us out of the manor and gives us a scroll case which he says has the map in it, telling us it is only partially accurate. This is due to the many people who have been in there over the years not always being sure about much afterwards, you can blame the fey for that. Leaving the manor we head back to town to buy what we need. Two weeks rations for four plus the mule, we get that from the Red Boar stables for 100sp off the credit note. We buy a boar spear from Fenrald which James wants me to use but we all agree he is the better warrior to use one, that costs us 30 sliver. WE then go to The Crones Cradle where we use the credit note and the fact of a discount for James and Gnoman to scribe the spells we got before into their books. James manages to scribe both the light spell and Magic Missile into his book, even if it took an extra page to do so. Gnoman fails with the light spell and trying to copy Colour Cascade from James’s book, which is a shame.  The inks etc cost us another 100 sliver.  James also gets us to buy a potion of Boar control which costs another 200 sliver so we have now used up 430sp of the 500 credit.


With our buying done and night calling we decide to rent some rooms at the Red Boar and head off in the morning, this costs another 32 sliver so we are left with only 38 slivers off the credit note.  However at least we have a good meal after the one her ladyship gave us and a nice warm bed for the night.



Morning, we set out with a loaded mule and head to the west and the dark forest. We pass through fields of crops and pigs and soon reach the edge of the wood. There we stop and open the map we where given, imagine our surprise when it spoke to us in an insistent female voice. A magic map well I never. [due to copyright I can not say what it said buy the adventure].  We wondered about what we heard and then I asked it to repeat the message which it did and then it was just a piece of parchment with a map on it. At least it showed us the way to the Sacred Grove, it is a shame that the town did not have a compass we could have bought to guide us, it looks like we will have to relay on Thorn again.  O dear.  We have heard and now can see that the wood is very dense and dark, just as well we all have infravision. James is concerned that that means a giant Boar could charge us before we have even seen it, we must be careful.

The Stories of Errath the Bard Chapter 2 Part 1

Chapter 2

To find the Son


With time to think we come up with a name for our group, ‘Hammer & Rose’

‘Hammer & Rose’  Contract

1 – Equal shares for all, Items divided by majority vote.

2 – On a death the funereal is paid for by the group; all the deceased  items go to the group and their cash to next of kin.

3 – On Injury the individual pays if they can, then the party will pick up the cost.


Once registered we have been offered jobs acting as guards to merchant groups travelling along the Dragon road visiting its small villages, way stations and towns. Our pay will be 3gp a week less expenses of 3gp for cheep food and lodging a month.  However this will not start till the month of the Delver so we have some time to ourselves. I decide to go and find Donn the Druid Bard at the druid grove 80 miles to the east in the woods. I introduce myself, Donn says ‘you have travelled a long way’ yes ‘from Ghael’ I reply. In this holy place I cast Animal friendship onto my pet Nightjar Lewanna, I can now teach her some tricks I start with ‘Come’ & ‘Seek large’ creatures size 4 plus within a mile then return and hover for ten seconds before returning to the creature and circling. These two tricks take me over two weeks to teach, I donate the gem I found and 7gp to the grove and look to get another javelin and club. Donn gives me them both with his name upon them a high privilege for me.


Once I returned to Greymoor I found out what the other had been up to. Gnoman took up swimming lessons to improve his ability to swim and sent 6gp home to his family. James spent his time with Silva reading up on history and Thorn did what ever dwarfs do while writing letters to sir Poldark and home.


We end up working three weeks during each of the months of the Delver, Wave, Satyr and the first week of the Rose so earn 9gp in hand at the end. During this time James looks out for information on Brigid, finds she is working for a noble now, she is known as pretty and very good, said to be heading to Sliverstone.



Rose 2

We are all in Silverstone with our current contract finished, we hear that Thedweel a gnome is looking for a group of adventurers to help find Lady Moonsong of Gramby’s son. As we are in the area it seems like fortunate luck and better than just being a merchant guard. So Gnoman goes to see him at the inn, Thedweel turns out to be a fellow Gnome. Thedweel explains that Lady Moonsong is a half elf and her son ‘Elyon’ has gone missing in the woods and she wants trusted people to go and find him and bring him home.  He says he is just finding good groups for her to decide on, it will be his mistresses choice in the end. However they are so far the only group he feels who would be up to doing the job, but he might find another who knows. They just need to go to Gramby and go and see her in her manor.  Gnoman comes back and explains to us and we all agree that this is a good job, Gnoman is eager as it will mean passing through his home area of South Borough.


So after we buy a mule, we head south from Silverstone to Gramby around 150 miles away and south of South Borough off the Silverstone Andalon road. We could not get any gold up front for the journey so will have to pay for our own expenses  We stay in private rooms each night and eat well, why not we have some gold left from our last job. For the first 30 miles we are travelling through the lands around Sliverstone and so it is mainly farmland and there are small towns and villages for for us to stay in. We then enter South Borough  a Halfling area with good inns on the main road. Gnoman talks to the locals while James does magic tricks to amuse them. I try to entertain them but get lots of years and insults from their bad hearing, while Gnoman gets loads of cheers especially when he drops his trousers to show his star sign birth mark. There is no accounting for taste.  Gnoman makes us detour a day so he can drop in on his family, he does not seem very emotional as he asks questions about Gramby and Lady Moonsong before asking about his family. We do  find out some things, Gramby is a town of around 2,000 people ruled by the Stavin family and mainly following the Old Ways, it is a farming area but has stores for adventurers due to the closeness of the  Rune Wood Forest and the Iron Forge Mountains both of which draw those with adventure in their hearts. The nearest wood to Gramby is the Grune Vel a area known to be home to the Fey.


After a night of family feasting outside as we can not enter Gnomans family small home we camp out. In the morning we move on with another 6 days to go to reach Gramby, again we make use of the inns on the way, this is getting expensive.  We march day by day through farm land with a small town every 30 miles and a few small inns along the road.


Herday Rose 3

We reach Gramby, during Midsummers Eve, an ancient fertility holiday celebrating the Summer
Solstice marked by public revelry, celebration, and indulgence. During Midsummer the people celebrate the fecundity of nature and the enduring power of the sun with songs, dancing, parades, games, and other public spectacles. The day is hot and breezy, and the blue sky piled high with clouds. Large piles of wood are being erected in the fields surrounding town as the townsfolk prepare for the evening bonfires and revelry; as we arrive, we notice many of the locals wearing honey suckle wreaths around their necks. Arranged just outside Gramby’s stone walls is a large collection of makeshift campsites where groups
of people have gathered to begin their celebrations early; children wearing wood and leather animal masks run through the fields, vendors move among the tents selling pork pies and skins of cheap wine, and couples giddily wriggle together in the shadows of nearby trees. I decide to go and help these fine folk as they prepare for the celebrations.


The others ask around, about Brigid before entering the town, they are still concerned about her, I am not.  They also find out where the Moonstones manor is, its the big white building on the nearby ridge. They then enter the town, the gate guards take a dislike to Thorn due to his faith, he is a cleric of Hombel, but he convinces them of his good faith helped by also being a member of the Fighters guild, he says he will not show his holy symbol while around others. They then wander around the town looking at what is there. Thorn takes an interest in Sorgin’s Steel looking around at the weapons and armour there. James and Gnoman take more interest in the Crones Cradle and its magical stuff. James decides it might be worth swapping the 3rd level spall pages they have for a couple of 1st level ones so asks Serne, the owner, if she would like to. They agree on Magic Missile and Light spells for it and she says to come back in a few hours and they can do the swap. They will still need to scrip them into their own spell books however. Rather than take a expensive room in the crowded town they camp outside with many others and wait for me.

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The Stories of Errath the Bard Chapter 1 part 5

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Part 5

With James paralysed but aware and in pain I takes control after spending some time tending to him. First I get the others to pick up and move all the papers etc out into the corridor just in case the door resets. I ask them to do this with as little touching of the records as possible, just in case of further traps or curses. I send Thorn to collect the mule and we proceed to load its boxes up with the records, it is dark outside now. As we do this James recovers, it seems that my skill and prayers have worked wonders. He know helps us and finds a Cure Serious Wounds scroll, while Thorn finds a small notebook with arcane writings in, we later find out that these are a Remove Curse; Shadow Monsters and Shock Wave spells.  We give Thorn the divine spell. James has also gained from his contemplation in the memorial, he has changed how he looks at the world and conflict. [He upped his passion Paternal and his Star Sign passion Joyous, fun loving and cruel]


With this done we discuss the disposal of the Owl bear meat, we decide to take it to the Dryads for the local elves. So we drag carry the carcasses outside and Thorn and Arnost butcher them. Unfortunately Thorn slips while working around the teem of one carcass and injures his left arm, I heal it for him.  With a massive pile of meat, in fact enough to feed us for a few months. James casts Preserve onto this pile of meat to stop it going off. We take one hide and some of the meat to the Dryad grove carrying it on a pole I cut carefully from a tree. We reach the Oak trees around the grove around midnight and I sing to the trees, Combining a song of nature and songs of worship, as I sing the Dryad’s come out from the oaks and join in with the singing and start dancing, till all 20 of them are in the grove. I do not realise till morning that I get carried away and sing and dance all night with the dyad’s while my companions go to sleep.


Firday 1 Wolf, Thorn looks after the mule feeding it and I fall into a deep tired sleep, as James feeds his dog Panther some meat. While I sleep James takes all the contents of the boxes out again and looks through it. He finds a picture of Sylvanius (the King) & Elon (the Green General) commanders of the Elven war rolled up in a tube along with two small pictures as well as a divine scroll of Cure Major Wounds, the later he gives to Thorn.  James in a very protective and helpful mode then casts repair on my Lyre and Gnoman’s hand crossbow both of which got broken when we where hit by the shockwave. As my Club and Javelin although damaged where still useable James declined to repair them. However Thorn put his weapon making skill to work and tried to make me a new club but it is not a very good one as he is not used to working in wood and with only a axe to work with. During the rest of the day he then makes a sling from Owl Bear sinew. he turns out to be much better at this and his skill and the sinew produce a effective sling which has slightly more effect on the target than normal.


That evening one dryad comes out and James talks to her in elfish, he wants them to teach him and us things however they point out that it will take a long time and although some of them live a long time and so it will not seem that long Arnost is short lived and anyway James is the only one who speaks elfish. In the end James decides that they need to finish their current duty before doing their own thing. While this talking is going on Thorn sees iron as like trees as he day dreams. I then ask James if he will teach me elfish so I can converse with woodland creatures which will help me in my training as a Druidic Bard. He says he will. We settle down for the night prepared to head back to Silva the sage with his records.


Herday 1 Wolf, the 20 dryad’s wave us off after James and Gnoman cast warmth on all but Arnost. Thorn takes up navigation again and lead us off into the snowy forest. By evening we think he was lost but none of us knew for sure so we camped feed ourselves and the animals and set a guard. The night was quite and next day, Homday, we set off again. Thorn seemed to have a better idea of direction this morning. We walked all day in the snow through the forest, crossing frozen streams. Going around soft ground and camped again that night, now we where sure we were lost as it should have only taken a couple of days to reach the Dragon Road. We had another quite night and set off again next morning, Merday.


Again We had warmth cast to keep us all warm in the cold weather and Thorn set to navigating again, this time he was sure we where heading in the right direction. However a couple of hours later we where surprised by ten Brownies jumping out from trees right next to us. We had not heard them at all. Lucky they turn out to be friendly particularly to Thorn. We share some food with them and then ask them the way to the Dragon road, they look at us laugh heartedly and say they will guide us there as we appear to be lost. So for the next two days the Brownies scout for us and show us the way out of the forest. By the beginning of Yoday we have reached the Dragon road with no encounters or trouble on the way. We thank the Brownies and Thorn says we have to turn right to head back to Greymoor City.


It takes us eight days travel along the Dragon road in the cold snowy weather. and we arrive at Greymoor City at the end of Yoday 2 Wolf after eight days travel. As we enter the gates the guards stop us and say we are under arrest, before long there are 20 plus guards around and we go quietly as we are told we are being charged with assaulting a guardsmen  and being a unregistered group. Thorn asks for a message to be sent to Silva as their patron. He arrives with their guild reps as well and the problem is soon sorted out in front of the magistrate, who dismisses the case. Silva suggests that we ought to register as a group, it is only 5gp annually plus they need to place the terms of the group with the city hall, the guilds and the kingdom get first choice of any high level items found. We do so and although we as yet do not have a name we do have the three contract conditions.

1 – Equal shares for all Items by majority vote.

2 – On a death the funereal is paid for by the group; all the deceased  items go to the group and their cash to next or kin.

3 – On Injury the individual pays if they can then the party picks up the cost.


Silva pays us 100gp and we have gained 75 during our travels, that means we get 35gp each a good 4 months pay. As I am still injured we rest for the next month, I become a lyrist at last and gain my first Old Ways magic. Thorn also becomes a Initiate of Hombel rather than just a lay member gaining access to his six spells.  James casts read magic on the Shock Wave spell and learns it and then pays 10gp to the Mage Guild for inks and such as he scribes it into his own spell book.