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The Stories of Errath the Bard Chapter 5 part 16

The Missing

Part 16

To the Mine again

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Well rested and eager to find Harold we pack up our stuff and get ready, it’s a foggy morning so it looks like we are going to get wet again. James casts ‘Charm’ onto both orcs so we can leave them with the mule to guard it and the house. Guido has cooked up the deer meat as jerky it has Preserve cast on it so will not go off, we also have some for KOR which has not been cooked.  We take 4 days of the jerky with us and Thorn carries Gnomon’s equipment for him.  After all with not being very big that is why he brings the mule with him to carry stuff. With James taking the lead as scout and Thorn bring up the rear as protection we set off again along the path leading further into the wood.

After about an hour we come to the stream and cross, James up front struggles but doesn’t fall. A while later we reach the ravine which this time with no mule we are going to cross.  Thorn ties his rope around a tree and using it to steady himself get to the bottom. He then walks back a bit and holding the rope tight we can slide our bags down to him. KOR leaps down the rocky slope as James ‘Levitates’ himself down. Gnoman goes down with his fancy footwork and Guido goes down the rope one handed showing me how easy he thinks this is, Arnost follows him using both hands. That just leaves me so I untie the rope loop it around two trees tie it around me and using my amassing climbing skill go down the slope where Thorn pulled the rope through and repacked it.

James floats up the other side of the ravine and Thorn throws the rope up to him to tie around a tree. We al then make a chain of bodies up the rope to pass the bags up to James once they are all up we all finish moving up to the top. After a rest to recover from the excursion we set off again through the wood. A while later James stops our march as he comes to an open area. This clearing is full of lush tall grass, James isn’t happy about it and then sees that the orc tracks go around it. Arnost comes up and tells him it’s a area of marshy boggy land and he might well have sunk into it if he hadn’t stopped. So we all go around, glad that Gnoman wasn’t point as he would have been able to cross with no problem and led us into it.

Later on James hears a rustling and sees some squirrels disturbed by us passing, he also notices a big wasps nest which he might have fallen into if he had jumped into cover. We continue our walk in the woods and sometime later Panther barks at James. This alerts James to two Hobgoblins who come into sight surprising each other. James reacts fast and lets go a snap arrow shot managing to hit  one goblin in its arm for a light wound. The goblins return arrows one hitting James in his left arm but failing to get pass the armour he wears there. James ducks behind a tree to draw another arrow and the hobgoblins leg it. James shouts to let KOR give chase, however as only he had seen the goblins the rest of us had no idea what was happening. Anyway I told KOR to seek and off he went.

The goblin which took the arrow stumbles and KOR leapt onto him grapping his left leg Guido starts walking up towards James to see what is going on. A KOR worry at the goblins leg but is forced to back away and run back to me when the other goblin attacks him with a sword. With Guido to slow in the undergrowth he gives up and the goblins get away. We assume that the mine now knows we are on the way. We pull ourselves back into march order and continue on causally.

It is now getting late in the afternoon so we send an invisible Gnoman to check ahead and see where the goblins went while the rest of us set up an ambush. Gnoman later tells us what he found; first he comes to a small clearing at the bottom of a hill the road seems to end here. As the track I have been following ends, I see an entrance carved into the side of a small hill. The square entrance is framed by thick blocks of stone. The blocks along the top are sagging as it has started to fail with age. This block has writing carved into it over it in red paint under a red whip are more words. Gnoman can’t read them but later we find out that the carved words are in Dwarf and say ‘This is the mine of the Greytoe family visitors not welcome.’ The red words are in Hobgoblin we think but Arsnost only understands some of it using Orc ‘…. Ownership … out’. Gnoman hides himself so he can see the entrance and waits to see if anything happens.

The rest of us hearing nothing start to worry about Gnoman and so we slowly move forward till we also see the entrance and KOR finds the still invisible Gnoman by scent. He wonders why we didn’t stay put and we say we were worried. Arnost tries to see if he can get an echo from the hill and entrance but all he gets is a bit of one off the hill, I tell him to keep quite. I then give a pep talk to Gnoman encouraging him as he prepares to go into the mine. The rest of us again set up an ambush around the entrance. Gnoman says he is off so we wait, this time till something happens as he tells us to.

 Again Gnoman fills us in later; the mine entrance is 3m square with a stone floor and packed earth on both sides and above. A series of thick stone blocks are placed every 3m for support of the walls and ceiling. Roots hang down from above. Gnoman enters going slowly and checking for traps as he goes.

The tunnel runs at a noticeable downward slope, and after moving 20m into the earth the tunnel is now carved from solid rock. The entrance is just a glimpse of light behind and he is in total darkness. After another 12m Gnoman comes to a fork as the tunnel branches off to the south east and to the west. The southeast tunnel still slopes downwards.  Gnoman starts going west to check that area out even though the orc had said that the main route in and out was the other direction. After a litter distance he can make out some heat sources from something living blocking the tunnel, he moves closer and can make out two giants, small maybe but filling the tunnel, sat down blocking the tunnel. They seem to have javelins and very big axes. Gnoman goes back and heads down the other tunnel, which goes on quite a way.

The tunnel ends onto a large open area, where the ceiling appears to be 6m’ above your head. Gnoman walks out onto the open area and sees a circle of reddish light about 30m away, he hears a faint clicking sound and moves towards it till he can make out some large beetles with glowing red orbs above them. He continues to explore and finds both ends of this massive area the bottom part seems to be a drop down and at each end there is a set of steps cut into the cliff to walk down. There is also what seems to be some sort of elevator in the middle of the cliff area he expects the miners used it for moving ore out.

These steps lead down into darkness but as Gnoman moves down them he hears voices there appears to be others in this area. Being very careful not to make any noise to alert them Gnoman gets to the bottom and can see two orcs on guard about 10m from the steps. Gnoman moves around them and explores, he finds two more guards at the other set of steps as well as the bottom of the lift with old decaying carts around it. There is one other way out a tunnel leaving at the other end of the area. He moves down this till he gets to a 12m square area with tunnels from each side.  The one to the right has animal prints in the dirt, maybe the wolf lair the one to the left has lots of orc prints so must lead to the orc barracks. We think the one going straight on leads towards the Hobgoblins and boss area. Gnoman thinks he has gone far enough so retraces his steps avoiding all danges and alerts us to his presence by the normal three stones thrown at us. Now we need to work out how to get past the giants.

The Stories of Errath the Bard Chapter 5 part 15

The Missing

Part 15

Harold’s House

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It is a few hours after midnight and day six since leaving Longreed. We prepare to leave the woods and go back to Harold’s house James casts Deflect on himself, Guido and Thorn while Gnoman casts Warmth on himself. This is because the wind has shifted and brought a chill wind and light rain onto us. Arnost is not having any of this arcane magic cast on him; he is tough enough to deal with a little night time rain he says. No one seems to think about me so I put my waterproof over me and get into line. Guido takes point followed by James and Arnost then Thorn with the orc captive, then Gnoman and the mule with me and Alice bringing up the rear. Alice soon leaves me to go hunting I assume.

As we march along those of us without Deflect get wetter and wetter and all but Gnoman get colder. Around 3 hours into the walk around the ravine we hear a bunch of wolves howling, they seem to be all around us. We keep close together and keep moving. By the time we reached the other side of the ravine it was daybreak and a fog settled over us, this was cold and damp as well. By now Gnoman is tired as well as wet and decides to ride the mule the rest of the way. I do not see the rest move off in the fog and get lost for some minutes before I manage to find them again. I decide to walk right behind the mule as I could see such a short distance.

The fog magnifies all the noise of us passing as well as the sounds around us, it is very disorienting. A while later we hear Goblins in the fog, Arnost understands what they are saying ‘quick there are others around lets go quickly, leave the deer it will be quicker.’ Eventually their sounds fade and we continue our walk back to Harold’s. By the time we reach there the fog is lifting but Arnsot, myself and Gnoman are all very wet cold and worn out.

Guido and James go and check that the house has not been occupied while we have been gone, it hasn’t and the orc is still tied up in the basement. James volunteers to watch out at the front door after we have added the new orc captive to the one in the basement. Guido prepares food in the kitchen and Thorn gets a fire going in the dining room for those of us who are wet and cold. Gnoman, myself and Arnost change out of our wet clothes but it turns out Arnost only has those clothes and so sits around naked in front of the fire. After getting warmed and fed we barricade the doors and James and Guido with Thorn in support stand watch. We bring the mule in as well so Harold’s house is now quite a smelly and messy place.

Arnost, Gnoman and I sleep till after midday around 4 hours, recovering from the trails of the march and for Gnoman getting some of his magical ability back. Guido has lunch ready for us all and says that we are nearly out of supplies as we only brought a week’s supplies with us expecting to be back in Longreed by now. Guido, Thorn and James now need to sleep as they have been going for a long time so we swap over to let them sleep till early evening around 7 hours. We have the last of the rations for tea and I use my scroll of Animal Talking to speak to Alice. It turns out he would rather me called ‘Killer of Rabbets’ KOR to James. I tell him what commands I will use with him, Attack; Guard; Seek; and Heel this should allow me to do all I need with KOR.

[‘Killer of Rabbits’ is a clever deceitful play Rabbits, to KOR, are anything that are smaller and stand afraid of him.]

With that done I Arnost and KOR go hunting for food, hoping to find a deer. We find 4 deer drinking. We carefully close with them and Arnost kills one with a throwing axe while my sling shot misses spooking them. KOR drags a running deer down and kills it, another rabbet dealt with. We drag the carcasses back to the house and I butcher them getting around 230lb of meat and edible organs from them, we would like to use the skins but have neither the skills nor time. We do keep some of the blood to make sausages though.

With plenty of food, Guido has been reading some of Harold’s cook books, and some veg in the garden Guido can keep us feed. We decide to take another day to rest, reflect on the adventure so far and plan. I take this opportunity to share my dream with the group. When we slept in the woods I had this dream. I entered the mine and went down a long tunnel deeper and deer under the earth with no light but I could see caves with movement outside of my vision. Then I see a horde of creatures, Goblins, Orcs, Hobgoblins and Ogres then I wake with the words ‘Do not go too far underground yet’ in my mind.  We take this as a warning from the ‘Old Ones’ to take care in the mine as there are deeper dangers we should avoid.

Day 8 after leaving Longreed, we are rested feed and ready.

The Stories of Errath the Bard Chapter 5 part 14 B

The Missing Part 14

Ambush part 2

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Gnoman gets his sling ready, James moves stealthily and slowly, Thorn gets to his feet. Arnost hits the Hobgoblin with his great hammer and even though the Hobgoblin puts his shield in the way he hits its chest doing a little damage. The first of Gnomans summoned hobgoblins makes a real mess of its attack on a orc and hits the other hobgoblin in the abdomen. The three orcs attack back but all their blows were parried by the hobgoblins the last one still impaled on Guido sword attacks him but Guido parries that attack. As the orc attacks Guido tries to pull his sword out. I start to cast bless which will effect James, Thorn and Gnoman.. The wolf snaps at Arnosts legs tripping him to the ground as Alice racks it with his claws.

Gnoman spends the next few seconds loading his sling. James fires a Magic Missile at the Hobgoblin stunning it while Thorn moves. Arnsot stands as the orc attacks to stop him but misses. The hobgoblins and orcs exchange blows with one of the orc and one of the hobgoblins dying. The Hobgoblin falls back from Arnost with its wolf following. Guido uses his shield to try to bash the orc away and pull his sword out at the same time however he fails this time.

James fires 2 more Magic Missiles this time at the orc stunning it as Arnost hits it with his hammer squashing it. My Bless spell goes off.

Gnoman continues to load his sling as James and Thorn move again. Arnsot moves after the Hobgoblin who attacks him but Arnost parries. One Orc and the remaining hobgoblin slug it out while the other orc moves away. It looks like they are trying to get away. The impaled orc manages to get past Guido’s parry and hits him but his armour takes the blow well. Guido then tries his shield bash again this time leaving an opening for the orc to try to grab the shield and disarm Guido. However the orc failed in this cleaver move. I and Alice move quickly towards the hobgoblin as the wolf trips Arnost gripping his right leg.

Gnoman moves with his swinging sling James and Thorn also move again taking care by doing so slowly. Arnost on the ground with the wolf gripping his leg rips the wolf off with his bare hands and throw it away from him. The orc and hobgoblin swing and each other with the hobgoblin dying. The Hobgoblin by Arnost points its sword at his face and calls on him in orcish to surrender. Arnsot refuses.  Guido again bashes the orc this time knocking him back pulling sword out and theyby killing the orc. I walk while looking around and send Alice to help Arnost as the wolf takes a bit from Arnost’s abdomen leaving a bleeding wound.

Gnoman eventually uses his sling stunning the orc with the shot. James casts another double magic Missile at the Hobgoblin killing it. Opps wasn’t capturing the Hobgoblin the point of this ambush!

That is it combat is over Two orcs have got away and the Hobgoblin is dead we have many wounds but Arnost and Guido have the worst also most of us are winded and James is tired. Thorn casts Hold Person on the last orc and ties it up. I rush to Arnost to steam the bleeding and use my healing skills on him, after a few minutes he can stand with the bleeding stopped and the wounds dealt with. I then go to Guido and draw the arrow from his backside; he will not be sitting for a while. Thorn then comes along and casts healing on Guido and Arnost finishing the healing of the two worst off members of our group. We then loot the dead Arnost takes the Hobgoblins shield as its better than his tiny one. We then rest for 15 minutes or so to recover our breath and then Thorn casts Cure fatigue on James to restore his wind. As we rest we discuss what to do next, we are too low on Magical energy to risk going forward. James wants to just sleep for now but we convince him that doing so here would not be a good idea so we agree to return back the way we came to Harold’s house. Guido uncovers his light and goes to find his spear and pull it out of the tree. We fall back to the mule and prepare to walk the long way back to Harold’s this time in the dark wondering what dangers this wood might still have to throw at us. Once we are rested we will be back as we still have not rescued Harold but they will probably know we are coming.

The Stories of Errath the Bard Chapter 5 part 14

The Missing Part 14

Ambush part 1

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We quickly get rid of any ant parts left around so as not to give away our ambush then after a short discussion we decide to continue with our planed ambush of a orc patrol with our desire to capture a Hobgoblin. Having decided to do that James followed by Gnoman and Thorn decide to go to sleep I see no reason not to join them. So we all, except Gnoman who doesn’t have any, take off our armour make ourselves comfortable. I have Alice, my wolf, by me to wake me if needed. Gnoman is near Guido and Arnost, a bit back from the trail, so they could wake him James is off by himself but has his dog Panther with him.

After a while Alice growls, which helps Guido see two orcs on the trail at the same time another wolf responds to Alice’s howl. Arnost uses his hammers shaft to poke Gnoman awake. The two orcs release arrows at Guido hitting the tree he is by, Guido then throws his spear at one of them also hitting a tree.

Arnost moves to get closer the orcs retire behind trees to reload while shouting. Guido draws his anti-goblin sword.

Gnoman wakes quickly and sends his cat to waken Thorn, James stands with his bow as Arnost readies his hammer, and the orcs move still shouting. Guido walks carefully using the tree sides as I cast Barkskin on myself.

Gnoman puts his backpack on and readies his sword; James goes invisible, Arnsot moves. At this point we can see no enemy. Then a wolf bounds through the undergrowth to challenge Alice. Guido finds his spear in a tree and I ready a javelin.

Gnoman gets his sling out and recalls his cat, while James looks around as does Thorn. Arnost and Guido try to get into possession, Guido deciding that it was not a good idea to expose himself to pull out the spear from the tree. I throw my Javelin hitting an orc and impaling its left arm.

Gnoman becomes invisible, James moves towards the wolves as Thorn casts Barkskin. Arnost continues to move. Guido has arrows from 4 orcs to his side hit him, one goes into and partially through his shield while another hits him in his backside sticking in there. Guido moves behind cover and I throw a second javelin but miss.

Gnoman starts to cast and hold Summon Lesser Monsters and James becomes winded from lack of sleep. Thorn readies his shield and mace as Guido snaps the arrow in his shield off leaving part in it. I throw my last javelin and miss again.

Gnoman moves as does James, Thorn,Arnost and Guido I ready my sling.

Gnoman lets his held spell go and 3 hobgoblins appear in front of the orcs. James moves trying to get to the flank of the orcs. Thorn trips over Gnoman and both fall to the ground as Arnsot moves to attack a now visible hobgoblin and orc, their commander we assume. The 4 orcs let go arrows at Gnomans allies taking one out and another injured. Guido moves and I start to load my sling.

Gnoman moves from under Thorn and his remaining two hobgoblins miss their attacks. Arnost attacks the enemy hobgoblin and although it’s a bad attack the hobgoblin fails in his parry as well. Orcs drop there bows and ready their axes, Guido rams his sword into an orc impaling it.

The Stories of Errath the Bard Chapter 5 part 13

The Missing

Part 13

Ants in our pants



We spend an hour or so exploring the area and arguing about how to do the ambush or even if, I have no idea why we keep going back over things we have already decided to do. During this time James moves away from Gnoman and becomes visible as we take up positions for the ambush. The orc has told us that they cross the ravine here by using ropes to climb down so James things we should hit them while they are doing it. He sets up back from the rest of us by the edge to fire down into the ravine. We have left the mule back where we had finished cutting a path for it and we leave the orc to guard it. Arnost and Guido deploy close up to the pathway maybe 10m back but out of sight. Thorn Gnoman and I cover their back to give support. Once he is settled Gnoman casts Chill on himself to make him harder to spot amongst the trees with infravision.  He has realised that as night falls the trees and undergrowth cools he would stand out so he is lowering his temp to help concealment if his invisibility comes down.



Not long after the sun goes down and the forest becomes very dark James senses a movement nearby and sees a few deer eating nearby. The orc also sees them and grabbing one of my javelins which were on the mule throws it but misses. However it does scare them away. As the night crawls on I fall asleep and Guido and Gnoman get distracted so we do not notice the giant ants. The first we all know is when they drop from the trees above us. It seems we have been ambushed rather than us doing the ambush. Arnost, Guido, the mule and I all get grabbed by one while Gnoman, James and Panther are alert enough to make the ants miss them. Mind you one could hardly call them ants as they are bigger than some of us.



Gnoman as always reacts fasted and swings his sword at the ant but in his rush misses. James drops his bow and draws his great sword, Guido pulls the jaws of the ant apart and throws it away from him while Arnost also prizes the ant off of him and then pins it against a tree. I use my shield to bash at the ant holding me and keep it off balance so it can’t use its stinger on me. The ants manage to sting the mule, grab and damage James right arm. Alice bits onto an ant.

Gnoman swings at the ant again hits this time but finds its exoskeleton to be too tough. James manages to prize the ant off his arm and throw it away however he had to drop his sword to do so. Guido delays waiting for the ant to come back to him, while Arnost pulls his ant apart with his bare hands. I shield bash again to keep the ant off balance. Alice worries at the ant in its mouth but can’t get past its tough skin.  The Ants while the one moving back on Guido gets stunned by a shield bash from him. The others all fail to do anything; the one attacking Thorn is faced with tough armour.

Gnoman decides to disengage from the fight he can’t win, James picks up his sword, Guido picks up his spear, Arnost picks up his hammer. I use my shield again and Alice worries at the ant.


Gnoman moves away from the ant and towards Thorn, James decides to protect Panther who has an ant on its back, to do so he swings his great sword at it. The blade cuts right through the ant missing panther and cutting the ant in two. Guido impales, the ant which was attacking Gnoman, on his spear. Arnost uses his two handed hammer to smash another ant. I continue to use my shield to protect from the ant on me. Alice continues to worry the ant in its mouth however the ant manages to sting Alice in his left foreleg but fails to inject any poison.

Gnoman casts Feather fall onto two ants, as Arnsot moves. James impales another ant on his sword as Guido tries to remove his spear from the ant. Alice with a lighter ant in his mouth swings it away as I yet again protect myself with my shield.

The last ants we can see move away and we kill of the last of them. The result of this ambush is the orc lost to ants who dragged him off, Guido, James, the mule and I all injured so Thorn casts cure minor wounds 4 times to clear up this wounds. Gnoman was most worried about his mule while James was concerned about Panther his familiar.


We settle back into our places of ambush and wait to see if an orc patrol comes along. Maybe next time we will check the area we are hanging around in for vermin.

The Stories of Errath the Bard Chapter 5 part 12

The Missing

Part 12

The Lonely Wood


Morning day five since leaving Longreed, Gnoman James and I spend the first hour changing spells in memory around, while the others prepare breakfast. Guido also spends time using his craft skill to fix the stone with permanent light on it into his shield front, he decides to put into the lower left side so it illuminates ahead of him but does not attract missile fire to his head. He then cuts up a sheet and finds some jam so he can cover the light if he needs to. We were then going to head off to find Harold but James decided he wanted to find Harold’s magic and alchemy books, to do this he cast Locate Object thinking about an alchemy book, however he found nothing. Then he decided he wanted to ask more questions of the orc prisoners.


After a heated discussion James casts Charm onto one of the orcs then Tongues himself to be able to give it instructions. He tells the orc to listen to and obey Arnost and then we ask questions about the journey to the mines, the mine itself and the hobgoblins. We find out that there is a ravine on the way to the mine which they climb down and up but the orc has no idea about going round as he never has. He describes the mine as deep, we need to enter and go down a long passage to a big area where there are steps to the left and right and an elevator thingy leading down to another large area. There are guards at the bottom of the steps normally a couple of orcs at each end. From that area there is a passage which takes you to the orc’s barracks around 20 we think and the hobgoblin barracks where there are 5 or so hobgoblins. There is also an area where 4 or 5 wolves are kept. There are also passages we are not allowed to go down and they are marked as such. Then the passage runs further into the mine to where the boss is with his shaman and guards. He has no idea where Harold might be kept as he is not allowed down that area.


So it appears we have a mine with around 20 orcs, 6+ hobgoblins including a shaman and a chief who wears fancy armour. However we do need more information, which the dead hobgoblin might have been able to give us had Guido not killed him. We check our rations and have seven days food left but will need to get water on the way. Eventually we moved out around late morning with a invisible James and Gnoman 30m ahead of the rest of us followed by Guido and Arnost with the orc then me, Alice and the mule with Thorn bringing up the rear. It is unlikely we will make the mine before dark now.



We pick up the Orcs tracks just past the back gate they lead to a creek about 100m from the house. We can see that the tracks continue the other side so we follow the track into the woods, although track is hardly the word for it as it is barely an animal path. As you go along winding around trees and shrubs Gnoman notices that we are in places on a buried stone road. Looking he sees that it is dwarf work made of rubble and small slabs, maybe from a mine. This must come from the mine unfortunately due to trees and undergrowth we cannot always follow it but have to follow the faint track. It is hard going as we have to help the mule through the tight spaces.


Next the trail comes to a stream, were we rest awhile as it is around midday. The stream is about 1m deep and slow flowing. There are moss covered stepping stones [not natural] which will allow us to cross in a depth of 6”. After a rest we cross and laugh as James and Guido both slip and slide but luckily do not fall into the water. A while later we come to a rocky ravine the road we are part following seemed to cross here but the tracks stop. Our orc says we have to cross here but the climb down and up will be a challenge and very difficult for the mule. So we decide to go left and try to go around.


The passage is even harder now as we do not even have a slight trail to help; we have to cut a path for the mule in particular. However at least we know which way to go as long as we keep the ravine to our right. It takes a couple of hours to get to the end and then we head back down the other side for another couple of hours. It is now late afternoon and James thinks that maybe we could get a hobgoblin to question if we lay an ambush here by the trail. So stopping short of the trail we stop.


How will the ambush go?

Will we get any rest this night?

What will the night bring?

The Stories of Errath the Bard Chapter 5 Part 11 Intruders

The Missing

Part 11


 Earlier Chapters here

Guido continues to check out the ground floor, the next room is the dining room. There is a large circular oak table in the room and cupboards on the walls that likely once contained dishes. The floor is littered with shards of broken plates and bowls as well as shattered remnants of wooden chairs. Guido cannot see any intruders and moves on to the Kitchen. This also has the door half ripped off. This appears to be a simple country kitchen. There is a wood burning stove in the back corner and the walls are lined with cabinets. The contents of the cabinets have been strewn all around the kitchen and the floor is covered with flour. You see numerous footprints in the flour. I come to identify the footprints and although there are lots only two are clear and these seem to be orc, there is a little flour leaving the kitchen but no clear prints.


Meanwhile James has gone into the study and is rescuing the books moving them away from the spilt ink and casting dry on them. At the same time he is looking at the titles, this takes him quite a while. Guido next goes to a small room left of the front door and sees that it has stairs going down into what he assumes is the basement. Leaving his spear behind and taking out his stone of light he moves down the stairs to the landing turns and starts down the rest of the stairs. As he does so he sees a large cool stone basement. There are two long wooden tables in the centre of the room, the table closest to the stairs has been tipped over and there are beakers and liquids of various colours on the floor. There is also a shorter wider table to the east of the stairs, it has also been flipped and there are various powders covering the floor around it. The table towards the rear of the room is still standing and there are different colour liquids running through tubes from beaker to beaker.


Behind the upturned tables are four orcs with bows who let fly as Guido comes into sight. Three of the arrows hit two hit his shield and the heads hit his armour on the other side the third bounces off his leg armour. The fourth hits the wall behind him. He carefully backs up trying not to trip as another four arrows come which all hit the wall as he moves out of sight.  Once back to the ground floor he calls for the rest of us and I cast Bless onto the group. Thorn and Arnost go to check upstairs while Guido and I watch the door to the basement.


Thorn and Arnost walk up the stairs and enter the 2nd floor of the home and notice several doors that have been forced open and a window at the end of the hallway has been smashed. They then check out the various rooms. The first appears to be the master bedroom. There is a large bed with the head against the east wall of the room underneath a window. The blankets have been thrown off the bed and the window smashed. The pillows have been torn asunder and feathers are everywhere.
Against the north wall is a small bookcase whose books have been ripped from the shelves and thrown to the floor. Directly across on the south wall are the remnants of two paintings that have been shredded. Next to the bed seems to be a night stand that has been tipped over and whose drawers have been dumped on the floor. Arnsot starts to collect the books and put them in a sheet to carry down to James as he seems to want to collect them.


Thorn continues to check the other rooms, he enter what appears to be a bathroom. There is a chamber pot and wash basin knocked of their stands and onto the floor. There is a mirror against the west wall that has been smashed, and an empty tub against the north wall of the room. He then finds what appears to be a storage room. On the ground are piles of clothes, cloaks, coats and shoes pulled off their hangers and slashed to pieces. Along the east wall are smashed wooden crates that appeared to hold the flour, salt, and preserved fruits that are now all over the floor. Finally he enters another bedroom. The bed has been torn apart and the nightstand and wash basin in the room have been tipped over. A broken lantern lies on the floor. Thorn with Arnost carrying the books goes back to the ground floor Arnost drops the books into the study where James is.


I then get Arnost to call out to the orcs in the basement to see if we can get them to leave or surrender. However all we get is make us.  So we prepare to assault the basement. I cast Bless on the group, Thorn casts barkskin on himself and James casts Shield on himself then prepares and holds Colour Spray. With Thorn leading James behind then Guido and Arnost they head down the stairs. The orcs let fly with four arrows all at James hiding behind Thorn. All miss both of them but only by luck as one flies right alongside the face of James.

Thorn walks down into the basement as James releases his held spell, this takes out two orcs for now. The remaining orcs draw their maces, as a hidden, under the stairs, Hobgoblin stabs James in the abdomen.

Thorn attacks one of the remaining orcs stunning it with his mace while James uses his cloak of the slider to teleport away upstairs. As he could not see where he was going he ended up on the dining room table, what luck he also brought the sword stuck in his abdomen rather than it being pulled out doing more damage. Guido strikes with his Delian Edit blade hitting the hobgoblin in the head but the tough goblin didn’t go down.


Thorn bashes the same orc again smashing him down and dead, Guido withdraws his blade from the hobgoblin which kills the goblin.

Thorn attacks the last orc but misses.

Thorn attacks again with no effect.


Thorn attacks again stunning the orc with a left arm hit, Arnsot and Guido kill one of the two orcs caught by the colour spray spell and take the other prisoner along with the one facing Thorn. The fight for the basement is over quickly with two prisoners one injured and 2 dead orcs and a dead hobgoblin and only James injured a good outcome. James moves to find me but doing so causes the Hobgoblin sword to fall from his wound causing more damage as it does so so I go and tend to him with my healer skill.


Thorn tortures the conscious put injured orc as he attempts first aid while I heal James. Arnost takes the hobgoblins shield, as he does not have one, and fines a note on the body.  The note in hobgoblin reads –


Take a patrol

go to the wizards bring him here

bring his books and stuff to me.


Thorn starts on interrogating the other orc with Arnost interpreting, he just says Balgor will have your heads on a pike and that he doesn’t know where Harold is they are just collecting his stuff.  Arnost searches the basement and finds a bottle with ‘HH’ on it and remembers that that is how Harold makes his healing potions so picks it up and gives it to me for future use. We tie the orcs up in the basement and James shows me a scroll he found in a case amongst the books. It is written in Druids Cant so he couldn’t read it but I can. The scroll is a spell of ‘Plant Growth’ it might be handy.


With a busy day and evening upon us we decide not to track the orcs till tomorrow but rest here for the night. We will bed down on the 1st floor with a guard, Gnoman and the mule, in the dining room, on the ground floor. Alice finds a place in the garden to settle and eat a bit of hobgoblin.

The Stories of Errath the Bard Chapter 5 The Missing Part 10

The Missing

Part 10

Elves, Orcs and a Gnome

Earlier Chapters here


James and Panther along with Thorn and Alice are alerted by sounds coming from the woods.  Listening James and Thorn make out the sound of elves and orcs shouting and then the sound of fighting, about 200m away, they wake the rest of us up. As soon as he is awake Gnoman casts invisibility on himself telling us he will go look after listening to work out which direction to go.  As he does that I arm myself as does Guido Arnost grabs his weapon and heads out into the woods, none of us noticed him go or that he had gone the wrong way. After a minute James says he is also going to scout and heads into the forest, I shout after him not to go we should stay together in camp, James replies ‘I want to kill something’ and continues with his dog into the wood. Arnost hears our shouting and finds his way back to camp, not that any of us knew he had left.


Gnoman follows the sound of a growling bear, the sound is loud and he thinks the bear is in pain, until he reaches a clearing. The clearing is about 20m across and he can see two orcs in it with javelins in them and a bear full of arrows. He can also make out 3 elves, the druids!, one side of the clearing and 5 orcs the other all hiding behind trees. Deciding to remove both sides from the area he concentrates and conjures the illusion of a Red Dragon appearing over the trees and into the clearing. The dragon roars and growls and the sound of its beating wings echo around the clearing. The orcs run while the elves think about it and then also run leaving the area hastily. Gnoman heads back to the camp arriving with no problems.


James reaches the clearing to find two orcs with Javelins in them and a very angry bear obviously in pain from the arrows stuck in it. With no sign of any others in the area and seeing that the orcs are dead he heads back to the camp. With all back in camp James says we should go and loot the orcs and make bear steaks and bear skin rugs or at least put the bear out of its misery. Some of us didn’t like the idea of bear steaks so decided we needed to heal it instead. To that end James, myself and Thorn headed to the clearing to bring healing to the bear. As it was obviously in distress and trying to pull at the arrows and would swipe if anyone got close I started to cast Animal Friendship onto it to calm it down so that Thorn could heal its wounds. The bear had four main wounds from four arrows, 2 minor wounds and two serious wounds, Thorn cast healing on each wound and then helped by James removed the arrows casting healing on any wounds opened up doing so. They then both moved away from the bear.


Then I hear James say job done drop the spell and let’s go so I did drop the spell before finishing it. Thorn had already moved away as had James so I moved back as well as the bear got to its feet, towering over me. It moved fast up to James and me and James used his cloak of displacement to shift in a puff of smoke 30m’ away into the wood, Panther ran after him. I waited to see if the bear was angry and anyway any move by me could have caused it to attack. The bear swiped at me and I dived away from it, I was now alone as James and Thorn had gone. So quickly I started another casting of Animal friendship to stop the bear in its tracks, this time I spent the whole hour controlling it and then sent it on its way a happy healed less angry bear. Then I headed back to camp to see where the others had got to.


Just as I headed out the whole party turned up to make camp here instead they had spent the time since James had got back packing up the camp and moving here they at least brought my stuff as well.  James looks over the orcs but only finds some simple bows and arrows, two handed axes and the elf javelins which where flint tipped. We left them there with the orcs and then decided that camping here might not be such a good idea as either side might come back to recover friends etc. So we moved camp back to where we were before and made camp again. By now it was gone midnight and we had not really had any rest.  So we decided that we would sleep late With Gnoman, Arnost and Guido on guard while those of us who had used much magic power recovered. This would mean that we would be leaving to head to Harold’s around midmorning. By 11am on the 4th day since leaving Longreed we were up fed and dressed with all magical capacity restored, so we headed down the side track towards Harolds.


The track looks more like a hunting trail than actual path. The path snakes through the trees, underbrush and low branches making it difficult to move along the trail. Movement is slow and we disturb wildlife as we go due to Thorns smashing his way along and the mules and Alice’s size making it hard for them as well. The lonely wood is dark, damp, difficult and sinister. Around mid-afternoon we can see a clearing ahead which once we enter it allows us to see Harold’s home. Up ahead we see a small wooden house that appears to be two stories tall and is surrounded by a tall healthy prickly hedge. The trail we are on heads straight to a gap in the hedge and directly to a front door that appears to be standing wide open. The cottage seems to be built from whole trees with the bark still on with a green living roof. There are wooden shuttered windows at various points around the building. There is a trampled down flower bed in the front.


Arnost calls out ‘Harold its Arnost and some friends.’ The silence of the lonely wood absorbs his call and we hear no reply. We decide to look around the outside of the hedge first, at the other side we see another gate this one is broken and there are tracks leading into the veg garden which has been stomped on. The tracks seem to be of orcs and only seem to enter the garden not leave, mind you is hard to make out anything in the mess they have made. We head back to the front going around the rest of the hedge. The hedge is well kept and very healthy as well as very thick and prickly. Once back at the front Thorn casts detect magic onto the gate, path and up to the front entrance the hedge has magic on it properly a growth spell of some sort. The gate and path has no magic on it.


Gnoman checks for physical traps around the gate and tells us that it is clear. Odd I thought this would be a trapped area. Guido moves through the gate and to the front door with the rest of us following all armed and ready. He looks in and sees the homes common area. There is a coat rack knocked to the floor and a coat and a set of robes, Mage and Druid, are thrown haphazardly on the floor. The rug has been picked up and thrown against a wall and lays crumpled on the floor. He can also see stairs going up ahead of him and two doors to the right.


Guido moves to the first doorway, the door has been smashed open, and looks in. This appears to be a study. Within he sees a wooden desk in the middle of the room and a bookcase along the wall. The contents of the desk drawers have been dumped into a pile on the floor with the books from the book shelf. Spilled bottles of ink pool along the edge of the books and papers, and pieces of feather from quills are everywhere.


The Stories of Errath the Bard Chapter 5 The Missing Part 9

The Missing

Part 9

Wild Elves and a Gnome

Earlier Chapters here

I catch up to the party at this time and receive their news. I had delayed on the way here to pray for a new spell I was blessed for my piety and the spirits gave me two spells. The one I wanted was ‘Call Animal Friend’ to allow me to recall my companion when he goes hunting. The second was ‘Calm Animals’ giving me the ability to calm down aggressive animals so the party or others can pass.  As soon as I join the group James makes off, I wonder if it’s me. He heads to Minter’s marvellous maps and Things.


Above the door of this shop is a weather beaten sign that reads “Minters Marvelous Maps and Thingswith a picture of folded map. James sees a small dusty room with dusty bookshelves lining the walls filled with books and scroll cases, much of which seem to have been thrown about haphazardly. There are books and scrolls pilled on the floor as well. There is a door in the back of the room. Sitting at a desk is an old man with long brown hair and a long thin moustache. “Hello. My name is Minter. How can I help you?” James says who he is ‘I am James de Gil-sthind and would like a book on swamps please’. Minter says he thinks so and gets off his chair and starts to go through piles. Dust gets thrown up along with mites and paper bits.


After around an hour he says ‘here it is, I knew I had one’. James asks about the book and he and Minter look at its contents. The title is ‘Book on Swamps’ by Elgar the Swampman. It has chapters on flora, fauna, dangers, things you can and can’t eat etc. It also has some sketch maps of various swamps. Minter tells James it will cost a good fine elf like him 20gp. James asks if he has something more local to Longreed rather than this one which seems to cover a bigger area. Minter starts rummaging around again, throwing up more dust and after another hour says here it is the latest volume of ‘Longreed Marsh’ by Legolas the Bold. This seems more like what he wanted a book on the marsh local to Longreed and with some maps along with fauna and flora etc. Minter tells James that this one is 40 gold and is only 50 years old unlike the other which is 100 years old.


James pleads poverty but Minter can see from his clothes and sword that he isn’t as poor as he would like to make out so holds to his prices. So James says he has to go and ask others if he can spend that much gold and leaves.


Meanwhile Arnost has taken us into the Wayfarers Place had a half orc sized hug with the owner Korec and introduced us. He says that he has heard that Harold has gone missing and can we help. Korec confirms that and says ‘Neither I nor anyone else has not seen Harold for around 3 weeks. I am down to one healing potion and that is strange as Harold normally makes sure to drop round every couple of weeks’. Arnsot says that we will go to his cottage and see what has happened. Korec thinks it must be an accident of some sort as he is quite able to look after himself and his cottage is protected by his animals and some magic.  Anyway as you are going to see what has happened Arnost you might as well have my last potion of healing and I will give you all a 6 bed room to share tonight that along with supper is on the house. So the five of us, James not being back yet, set to the three course meal and ale.


Just as we are finishing the last of the ale and desert, with Alice and Arnost making short work of any leftovers, James walks in covered in dust. See us buys a drink and joins us. Korec has suggested that Alice can stay in the room with us as it might scare the other animals and I pay for some joints for him to eat.


Next morning we break our fast while Thorn asks about Cariwin, Korec says he is their holy man and does as good a job as any and that he and Harold seem to get on well. After all ‘Hernun’ is close to the ‘Old Ways’ even if different. Harold and him talk a lot about these things. As we pack stuff onto the mule and get ready to head into the Lonely Wood Arnost goes off to see his friend Jord at the smithy. As we approach this stone building, we see smoke coming from a chimney and a sign hanging above the door reading “Jords Forge”. Inside we see a large dark-skinned man hammering away on an anvil near a fire pit. He glances up you and says “One minute Arnost”. He then carefully grasps a horseshoe with tongs and dips it in a tub of water. The horseshoe hisses and pops as steam rises from the tub. Jord places the now finished horseshoe into a box beside him and walks towards you. “Hello Arnost Can I help you?” he asks. Arnost talks to him about Harold going missing and his relationship with others but finds nothing more out than we already know. Jord does say to Arnost, ‘when are you going to tidy up your armour it doesn’t look good for a smith?’ Arnost says, ‘When I have the time and sliver Jord and you can help me.’


We then head to the Temple of Hernun and Priest Cariwin, he is also worried about his friend Harold but knows nothing much more that what we already know. Arnost does ask him about the talking skeletons around Harolds. Cariwin smiles and says that that is unlikely as skeletons do not have any flesh. Guido points out that many things seem to do unnatural things and Cariwin agrees yes it could be demon possessed I suppose. He does ask us to make sure that we find his friend. It looks like finding Harold will make us a lot of friends in this place.


James then drags Gnoman to the bookshop, again we cry! Minter welcomes James and his child until he realises that it’s a Gnome not a small elf. ‘Sorry Sir James’, he says, ‘I should have known that it was your master you were bringing in to look at the books before he lets you buy them’. James does not look happy at this comment and is even more put out when Minter gives Gnoman his chair and a glass of wine while he waits on James. Gnoman tells James to buy the books if he wants but James is still differing. After an hour minter says ‘if he can’t make his mind up I must ask you to leave so I can allow others in, social distance you know. I have offered to allow you to put a deposit on them and pick them up later or I will buy them back at 1/3 price when you have done with them but I can’t just have to standing there thinking about it and reading them.’ So Gnoman and James leave the shop.


Three hours after breakfast we eventually leave Rastan and follow the road into the Lonely Wood which is clear and well-travelled. The ground is packed hard and we move freely along the dirt track. Every once in a while we pass what looks to be an old guard station that is now abandoned. After a few hours we enter the Lonely Wood, it is a dark old wood and the track is only a bit wider than one cart so if they come in two directions one will have to push over into the wood for the other to pass. The wood seems thick with lots of trees and thick undergrowth of bushes and such. We form up with an invisible Gnoman leading then James and Guido 20’ behind where they think he is. Occasionally they see a splash and know that he has jumped into a puddle. Bringing up the rear is Arnsot and Thorn with me in the middle with Alice and the mule.


A hour or so into the Lonely Wood Alice grows and Gnoman hears movement in the area around them. Just then three people step out of the forest along with a big black bear, Well what have we here? A city dweller, one underground dweller, 2 abominations and a human what a mixed bag. Bet they do not get on well at all, I wonder what they think they are doing in the wild.” These are Wild Elves and appear to be Druids They have popped out between us and Gnoman, handy he is invisible. One of the elves continues, ‘we see you have animals with you are they free? Do they have the right to wander off if they feel like it? That poor mule loaded and bridled doesn’t look that free. He then turns his attention to Alice, ‘how did you get the wolf? Compulsion or?’ I start talking to them in Druid Cant and explain while the elf looks at Alice and talks to him. ‘He is not found of what you call him’ says the elf, but is happy to be with you as you healed him and rescued him from being ridden. Now the mule seems to me to be a different matter, he is obviously not free tied and bound as he is.’


Now the Mule belongs to Gnoman who is very attached to it, for some reason, and he is not happy about the threat to free his mule. So he sneaks up behind the distracted elves and prepares his nasty little sword. The other two elves continue to talk about the mule as the first one turns his attention onto Panther James’s dog familiar. James had been replying to their comments in elvish but they always replied in common. This annoyed James as a elf and drew their attention onto his dog. The main elf started t stare at Panther and we realised that he was casting Animal Friendship on it. This was too much for Gnoman who stabbed his sword into the groin of one of the other elves and pushed through his leather and bark armour to flesh. The other two elves stopped at the scream and grabbing their compatriot carried him into the forest with the bear covering them. This happen so fast that the rest of us took a while to realise it had happened so didn’t react till it was over.


As the druids disappear Thorn shouts after them with a cleric oath that he will heal the elf if they make an oath not to interfere with them again. He gets back, ‘We can heal as well you know, and we will have justice for this, you started the violence first we will balance it out. We resume our journey and a few hours later reach a junction where Arnost say’s ‘Wait’. This is the path to Harold’s however it is getting late and it is still some hours to go. This path is more an animal track and would be hazardous at night so it’s camp here or carry on.’ We decide to camp for the night we move a little away from the junction and decide to have Alice guard the west while the rest of us in two groups keep watch over the rest. So James, Gnoman and Guido first followed by Thorn, Arnost and myself. We will get some rest but not a good sleep due to having to be half awake in case the elf’s come back.

The Stories of Errath the Bard Chapter 5 The Missing Part 8

The Missing

Part 8

Investigating the Manor

Earlier Chapters here

Thorn asks Marta if he can take the book Thalia is reading, The Clan of the Owlbear, to study, she says he can. James picks up the two vials and sniffs the Light Blue one first, after all it showed up as magical. This reeks of brackish, dirty water, so he is not sure what it is or what it does. There’s less than a drop of liquid left in the other vial, however it smells to James just like healing potions do. So maybe this is all what remains of a healing potion, this vial didn’t show as magical so must be all herbal. We also ask Marta if you can take the recipe book and the cloth as part of investigating, we have ways of tracking which we might be able to use on these. Again she lets us take them.


Next we are taken to the guest rooms that Thalia is converting for her use. The guest bedrooms being renovated are on the second floor, across the hall from Esmerelda and Thalia’s rooms.

These two rooms are located on the opposite side of the hallway from Esmerelda and Thalia’s bedchambers. The furniture has been removed from both rooms, and new shelving has been installed in one of them. Where there was once a solid wooden wall between the two bedrooms, a door has been installed to connect them.

Thalia told everyone that she needed more space for her studies and planned to use these rooms for that purpose. Neither she nor Esmerelda ever hosted visitors, so the loss of two guest rooms wasn’t a big deal. She’d sent for her books and her supplies, intending to make one room a library the one with shelves and the other a workroom. No one can seem to recall what, exactly, Thalia studied, though the books in her bedroom would suggest that she was an herbalist of some kind. The furniture for these rooms is being stored elsewhere in Longreed. The shutters are open and there is an obvious wet floor, Marta explains that the servants have tried to dry this out but without success they thought it might be a leak or the builders had left the windows shutters open or even that they had a leak. However all those do not explain why the wet keeps coming back. They are quite sure there is no leak. Gnoman has a look around and confirms that there is no sign of leaking water from the ceiling or through the wall.


We ask if we can look under the floorboards Marta says yes as long as we do not do to much damage. Arnost stamps his foot snaps a floorboard and picks the parts up. James looks at it and then casts magnify on himself to get a better look. He can make out small algae on the wood which seem to ooze water. Arnost says that he thinks it means a sea creature has been here and left the algae which try to create their own environment. Maybe the story of walking Octopi isn’t so farfetched after all. Thorn gives the rooms a good looking over looking for hidey holes but finds nothing but unfinished work on walls doors and shelving.


James then starts some sort of demand of payment and contract of hire which Marta turns around and says as you say we are mates so how about around half the going rate for mercenaries and I pay you 2gp a day for the group. Guido takes over and agrees but also gets permission to use his knowledge of tax and such to get supplies from the merchants in lieu of taxes. Marta also agrees that would be fine within reason. James is not happy as being a young elf who likes to flash others money wanted much more. We leave the mayor with a job and lots of mysteries to solve and earning around 3sp each a day.


As we talk before heading to bed Arnost suggests we go and see Harold the hedge mage a friend of a friend who might be able to tell us more about what’s on the plank and in the vials. Arnost tells us that Harold is a retired wizard who has become a druid. I agree as I want to spent some time in meditation of ‘The Old Ways’ and Harold follows those ways. The others agree except James who agrees eventually. We decide we ought to bring him some presents and will buy two bottles of brandy, some sweetmeats and things like collars for any of his companion animals. Gnoman also agrees to write out the two recipes in the back of the book in Common, Gnomish and Thieves Chant to make them easier to follow.


Next morning we get the things we need for the trip, including wrapping the plank parts in seaweed to keep them most. We bring some seawater with us to refresh them with if needed. We join a caravan that is going that way, we wanted to be paid as guards but they would only do that if we went the whole way into Mystamyr and the borderlands. We didn’t want to go that far so just tagged along being allowed to use some spare waggon space to carry our stuff on. It is a three day journey and with such a large party it is uneventful.  We arrive at the staging village of Rashtan late afternoon and Arnost gives us a quick rundown on it.


Rashtan is a small wooden walled village surrounded by farmland and fortified farms on the main trail from Whitesand to Mystamyr and the Borderlands. This is one of the places that Aaron of clan Kujala stays for months at a time when he is in the area as he and Harold are good friends. It is also on the way to the Poldark manor. Arnost has heard that some months ago a skeleton was seen walking near Harold house, what’s worse he spoke out loud. He has also heard that Harold has a large stash of powerful magic hidden somewhere in the forest. As we enter the palisaded village we see it is only a small stop point, on the road, with only seven main buildings laid out neatly on either side of the main street, running through village, surrounded by a few dozen or so small cottages around the sides. It is however also the main urban area in this area serving all the local farms.



The largest is the first building on the right a fortified two storey stone building and above the door hangs a sign that reads “Wayfarers Place”. There are a handful of people walking beside the street going into the various buildings. Arnost tells us that the Wayfarers Place is the local inn and tavern this is the only place for visitors to get a room and meal. It is run by Korec a half-orc ex adventurer.  He does not speak much but we get on well. It is also where Harold sells his potions to passing travellers. Next up the road is Jord’s Forge a small stone building where Jord runs his blacksmith shop, this is another of Harold’s friends in the village says Arnost.


Then there is a shop I have never been in says Arnost, Minter’s marvellous Maps and Things.  Then there is the small stone tower fortified house which is the administration centre of the village Sometime home to Sir Rashtan or his bailiff Talon. The other side has a small cottage where there is Istan’s Extraordinary Elixirs another place I have not been Arnost says. Finally there is the Temple of Hernun qa long single story dark wooden building with a wooden statue in front of a beautiful man wearing a tunic and wielding a bow. The priest Cariwin is a friend of Harold’s and mine says Arnost we have some interesting discussions.


Gnoman quickly dashes off to visit the Istan’s, he enter a dingy and dimly lit room with the smell of burnt hair lingering in the air. At the back of the room is a man in grey robes working at a long table with bubbling beakers and jars. As Gnoman enter he turns and he see a short, thin, middle-aged man with greasy black hair and a pointed downturned nose. He gives you a crooked smile and says “Welcome to my shop. How may I help you traveller? Perhaps you would be interested in an elixir to cure your ills.” Gnoman asks about Harold and gets an earful of how that harebrain can’t make a decent potion. “My elixirs are ten-times what his are. He has convinced all the others in town to tell passers-through to go to the inn and buy his junk. He is conning everyone. He is nothing more than a two-bit hedge mage. I don’t know what has happened to him a frankly I don’t care. As you can see I am also a mage like you and Harold is a failed mage trying to con everyone.” Gnoman than asks more about Harold but gets more bile he then asks about Istan’s potions and is told that Istan’s Wondrous Elixir only 4 in stock will heal a person’s wounds and it’s only 5gp. Istan’s Elixir of Anti-Venom Cost: 25 gp only 3 left in stock this potion will stop any and all natural poisons for up to a week after drinking. Gnoman declines for now but says they sound very good. He then head back to the rest of us. As Gnoman leaves he reflects on all Istan has said and how he acted and decides that part of what he said was lies and bull.


[So Harold is missing? Where has he gone or is it just Istan saying so? Is this yet another missing person in the area?]