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The Stories of Errath the Bard Chapter 5 The Missing Part 4

The Missing

Part 4

Life and Death

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Guido puts Jonno down by me and the mule, and looks at me and says he is dying. I have a mental battle, should I as a believer in balance allow nature to take its course or should I try to save Jonno for the party, I decide to try my healing skills and leave balance up to the gods. I get out my healing equipment and look at Jonno it is obvious that he needs surgery to seal the gash in his throat. This is not going to be easy but I set to and sow up the gash and apply healing herbs, I am successful and seals the gaping wound. Jonno is unlikely to die now although he is still very weak and his future is still in the hands of the gods. However he might never speak again due to the damage but that will not be known for months as it will take a long time for him to fully heal if he continues to get good care.


While Jonno is being saved James moves the tied up goblins into the cell Jonno was in and hobbles them there with some food and water, Thorn decides to try to save the dire wolf and pulls Guido’s spear from it and casts cure minor wounds on it to stop any further damage. James with the prisoners secure heads over to the mule and the lifesaving action going on there. They talk plans and how to keep Jonno warm, so James casts Warmth onto Jonno and carries him to the cave while keeping the spell up Guido and I come along with the mule.


Now we are all back at the base of the tower we settle Jonno by the fire in blankets and James drops the warmth spell. I heal Arnost’s right arm but can do nothing for the damage to his abdomen so for now he cannot walk anywhere. I then settle down to cast Animal Friendship on the Dire Wolf to make him a companion. While I do that the others decide to deal with the goblins in the roof and form up an assault party Thorn casts Barkskin of Guido who leads the march up the stairs with his shield if front of him and his death to goblins sword in hand.


As Guido reaches the top of the stairs in the roof, he sees two goblins ahead of him which he charges and two more off to his left which he hopes Thorn and James will deal with. Guido’s charge and swing takes a goblins head off. The remaining goblin moves away readying its dagger as it drops its sling the other two also ready their daggers.

The goblin moves back to Guido’s side while the other two move to attack Thorn at the top of the stairs.

The goblin attacks Guido but his dagger has no effect on all his armour reinforced by barkskin. One of the others attacks Thorn who parries the blow and counters with a stunning blow to its head.


The last two goblins soon fall to Guido, Thorn and James and the roof is secured. Guido and co come back down to the basement and set up a guard ready for some rest. Meanwhile I have finished my spell and now have an injured Dire Wolf as companion. I use my healing skills on my new friend and save its leg. I curl up by the wolf near the entrance as we settle down for rest.

The Stories of Errath the Bard Chapter 5 The Missing Part 3

The Stories of Errath the Bard Chapter 5

The Missing

Part 3

The Goblin Raiders

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With Arnost still in combat and enraged our options are slim at the moment.


Thorn falls back outside of the cave while Arnost smashes another goblin into a smaller size. James decides that his paternal passion means he both needs to protect Jonno and Arnost which might be difficult. He calls on the goblin leader to call off his warriors as he starts to cast Magic Missile. The goblin chief says fine but you must call of your giant. As he can’t communicate with James and his men his men continue to defend themselves. The four slingers let lose two hit Arnost one hits a goblin and one misses, the dangers of firing into s fight.  The hit on the goblin has the most effect. Guido falls back outside the cave.

Thorn starts to cast Hold Person, Arnost splats another of the goblins leaving just one in the group he is fighting. James continues to cast and the goblin leader calls out ‘stop or else’. The last goblin in front of Arnost falls back while the slingers start to reload and the spears stand.

Guido advances back towards the goblin leader.

Thorn continues his casting and holds it, James also holds his spell while the goblin chief puts his knife into Jonno’s throat and shouts ‘your choice’.


Thorn advances back to the cave mouth alongside Guido. Arnost moves to engace the other block of 4 goblin spear. James who is still invisible has his line of sight blocked by Thorn and Guido. The goblin chief finishes the cut and slices Jonno’s throat open. The 4 slingers release at Arnost again with 2 hitting him in the right leg and right arm both areas being stunned by the blow. The four spear thrust at him and he takes impales to his right leg and right arm. Arnost now has 5 spears in him. Guido moves to engage the goblin chief.

Thorn casts his hold spell on the goblins holding one of them holding a spear. Arnost can do nothing with his arm and leg numb. James releases his magic missile at a slinger and spear taking down the spear. The goblin chief stabs at Guido with his dagger which is swatted away by Guido’s shield. The 2 goblins with spears in Arnost pull but fail to extract the spears while the other one stabs at him but fails to do anything. Guido uses his Delian blade for the first time in anger and hacks the goblin chief down.

Thorn starts to cast cure serious wound while James now visible activates his slider cloak and moves behind the goblin spear in a puff of grey smoke.  The goblins continue to attack Arnsot with yet another impale in to his right arm. Guido picks up Jonno and moves quickly to Thorn.


Thorn forces his cure spell as he fails at it’s casting to stop the boy Jonno bleeding out. However he is very weak and appears as good as dead. Arnost decides to throw his hammer left handed as his right is still out of action.  It misses the goblin in front of his and fly’s past James to clatter on the wall behind. James draws and readies his sword as the Goblins try to pull spears from Arnost failing while the other goblin stabs at him with his spear which Arnost tries to parry with his arm. Instead he ends up with the spear stuck in his left arm that is now 7 spears stuck into him. Two of the slingers turn to face James and draw their daggers. Guido starts to run back to the mule with Jonno.


Thorn readies his mace and Arnost readies a axe in his left hand. James hits a goblin chopping it’s leg off and prepares to counter any impale attempt with a damage weapon move. The last two spear goblins try again to pull their spears free and fail, the two slingers attack James with their daggers but James parries the only attack which gets close.


Arnost swings his axe at the goblin but with all the pain and spears in him make it very hard to continue fighting. James chops another goblin down while the two with daggers fail to hurt him as his armour is two tough. The other goblins manage at last to pull their spears free causing more injury to Arnost. James asks the goblins to surrender which the last six do.


With no enemies Arnost drops out of his rage and collapses to the ground with 5 spears in him. They are in his left arm, right arm, chest, right leg and head. James finds rope to tie up the goblins while Thorn uses his first aid to remove the spears in Arnost. After all the spears are removed and Arnsot’s wounds patched he has serious wounds in his right leg and right arm with minor wounds all over him. As Gnoman sees Guido running past he heads to the cave still invisible while I see Guido coming and await him.


James having finished tying up the goblins uses his pearl of power to recall and cast locate object focusing on the jade the children found, even though he does not have it with him. He senses that the rest is below a flagstone in a cell next to the one Jonno was in. He pulls up the flagstone and can see a worn old satchel, he draws his dagger and rips it open throwing up a cloud of dust and mould. As he does a bunch of coins roll out and he can see a mouldy cloth which seems to be wrapped around something. Again he uses his dagger to pull it slightly open releasing more spores into the air however he can see what looks like a necklace with jade fittings. James retrieves the necklace and then the coins, 30sp and 10gp of general type he thinks the necklace might be elven but is not sure so shows it to Gnoman who has dropped his invisibility. Gnoman has no real idea about the necklace.


The Stories of Errath the Bard Chapter 5 The Missing Part 2

The Stories of Errath the Bard Chapter 5

The Missing

Part 2

The missing Shepherd boy

Earlier Chapters here

Thorn, James, Errath and Gnoman are in Greymoor city having wintered here. With thoughts of a new year of adventure they buy items and a mule and think about what to do with spring coming. Were will adventure take them this year the last two have been eventful. Thorn receives a message in the Month of the Wave week four via the temple in Greymoor from Arnost their companion of old.



To Thorrie Oakenleg Cleric of Hombel of the Hammer and Rose in Greymoor.

I am in Longreed in the Blue river valley, Duchy of Betheny.

It would be good if you could join me here I came north looking for adventure I will wait for you till the month of the Rose then I  will head further north.

The Blue River valley is kind of a hidden gem: the farming here is really good, and the trade in Whitesand is really good and Longreed, too. These valley-folk have it easy, but that doesn’t mean life is perfect – there’s plenty of strange happenings here, too, mostly down in that Great Marsh. There have been some strange deaths of late in the town. I am working with the sheriff and the local blacksmith at the moment.  Sir Poldark is also interested in seeing you.

Hope to see you soon Arnost.

Thorn is happy about going there as it might allow a side trip to see his family in Boskenland after visiting Sir Poldark in the Whitesand area where he can explain about Ron to his patron.  We can get a ship which will take a couple of weeks or walk which will take more than a month. We decide to take a ship cheaper and faster. We join a merchant ship going that way from Greymoor city @ a cost of 100gp sleeping in a common covered area with rations and drink served by a steward. We will also be expected to defend the ship if needed. The journey will take one to two weeks depending on wind and stop offs. We leave Greymoor by sea on Herday week 1 of the Satyr heading towards the Northern Borderlands to meet up with Arnost. The spring voyage is fast due to good winds and uneventful.


We arrive in Longreed midmorning on Bleday of week 3 of the Satyr and wonder where we will find Arnost. We unload our mule and gear onto the quayside and look around. Longreed seems to be an unwalled town although we can see a walled building near the centre of the town. The harbour area seems to be full of mainly small fishing boats with ours and another merchant ship docked.


James eventually asks around and hear that the sheriff and his men are to be found at the sheriffs weekly court as most locals will be there dealing with town business. So we head off to find the court and Arnost.


Thorn, James, Gnoman and Errath enter the sheriff’s court along with and older man and what looks like his son. They appear to be farmers. You recognise Arnost standing intimidatingly by the sheriffs chair, with another big human sat the other side keeping records. There are also a couple of other guards in the hall and two at the door checking people as they come in.


The Greybark’s, Timson Greybark and his eldest son Pengle, ask for a hearing before the lunch break and are given it. They report to the Sheriff and all assembled, that three days ago their son Jonno disappeared: he was out walking the extent of their grazing pastures, and did not come home. The family mounted a search, and did not find Jonno; what they did find was the head of one of their sheep on a stake at the edges of their farm. The Greybarks took this as a sign that Jonno had been made off with by raiders or bandits, and came immediately to personally request the assistance of the Sheriff in finding and returning his son. ‘ I am sorry’ the sheriff say’s ‘I just does not have the men to send so far from town on a wild sheep chase as they are busy looking for a missing person in the town.’ However he asks the assembled people if anyone will go and help the Greybark’s. There is a stunned silence as all heads turn to look at the Graybarks and the strangers, obviously adventurers as the four consist of two mages a cleric and a bard and two of them also seem to be members of the fighters guild,  stood near them.


With no one saying anything, the tall man by the sheriff stands and asks the sheriff to let him go as his honour requires him to help people against bandits. The Sheriff, Sir Viktor Haag, looks over at Arnost and says you had better go with Guido as well. Thorn says ‘what is the payment?’ as James says ‘the company of the Hammer and Rose will go as well.’ Timson Greybark offers you all the coin he has it comes to 20gp, ‘this all we have as a family I hope it will do?’ James says ‘only if we succeed will you have to pay’.


Timson says we will need to head back to Three Roads village and stop the night there and continue to his farm in the morning arriving around midmorning. The party of eight walk mainly in silence until Pengle gets close to me, next morning, and says he believes that Jonno may have disappeared around “the old tower”, a place where all local farmers forbid their children to go, because it’s an old ruin and thus dangerous. Pengle believes that Jonno may have done this because he saw Jonno hiding a treasure in his things: a piece of worked jade. Pengle has brought this with him as proof of Jonno’s activity, but has yet to reveal it because he’s afraid of how his father will react. He shows me the jade and it looks like such as might appear in a necklace, this one might even be elven. I tell the others and we continue on our journey.


We arrive at the farm and are welcomed and given hospitality by a worried but conscientious family, wife her parents and their daughter and 2 neighbours, a couple from nearby. They are all happy to have Timson and Pengle back home but, all the same, everyone’s attention is focussed on Jonno’s fate. The Greybark’s graze sheep and have around 200 and 2 sheepdogs on the moorland.

The farm is a walled enclosure with all the windows facing in towards the courtyard and only a double farm gate as access.  After a good midday meal Guido and I give 3sp to them to cover it. ‘You do not need to’ she says, Guido says ‘we want to’.


With the meal over Timson says I will show you where the sheep head is and he and a neighbour leads us onto the moors. It takes about an hour to reach the site of the gruesome marker. It is at the edge of the Greybark’s grazing land, in a nearly direct line between the farmstead, and a line of hills. The sheep is undeniably one of the Greybark flock – the left ear of the sheep is tattooed with a Greybark mark – while the stake is, in fact, a short, roughly made Dagger Spear. Guido recognises the dagger spear as a cheap goblin weapon a dagger tied onto a spear shaft. Gnoman and James look for tracks and find quite a lot I then help Arnost to id the tracks and we see where they lead. The tracks are of a bunch of Goblins and a human presumably Jonno the tracks lead towards the hills. I ask, without thinking, is this the way to the tower and Timson says, ‘Yes’. He tells us that In ages past, the tower lay at the top of a round hill, but sometime in the past (before the time of any local, or their memory) a seismic event tore a rent through the top of the hill, causing a ravine to appear along the part of the ridgeline that stretches down to the lower lands where the farmsteads are. A shallow creek bed now runs at the base of this ravine; the creek runs during and after heavy rains, but for the most part is intermittent or dry. The earthquake that split the hill top also caused the collapse of one side of the tower; a full third of the roof collapsed into the ravine, and a fifth of the first floor.


We follow the tracks in a line with Arnost and I in the middle following the tracks, leaving Timson to go back home. The tracks lead towards the hills, the ground is soft from spring snow melt and rain and so the tracks are easy to follow. We walk for about 4 hours always getting closer to the foothills of the mountains in the distance.  As we get closer to the hills the moorland changes to a more hilly terrain and the grass gets much longer about 2-3’ high there are also small groves of thick thorn trees with nasty barbs.  Eventually we can see the broken hill with the broken tower on it.


We can see smoke coming from the building, and we think we can see movement around the roof area. Gnoman casts invisibility on himself and says he will scout ahead and into the gully. We move up close to the gully mouth and he goes off, at first we can see him moving through the tall grass then he must enter the rocky gully and we can no longer follow his progress.


Gnoman moves up the stream bed and once level with the tower he can see a cave like hole in the gully wall. Keeping away from it he climbs the gully way and enters the ground floor of the tower.  He sees smoke coming from what he assumes is a chimney the smoke slowly curls up and out the roof. There is a stair case in the far corner leading up to the roof area; there are some high barred windows in here 2 each side. These are high being 5’ up, but let light into the interior. The ground floor has rubble from the roof and other rubbish, bones, bird nets ect, lying around. The front gates are iron bound and shut. Gnoman moves quietly across the floor to the stairs and slowly goes up them, as he pops his head over the top step he can see four goblins sheltering in the shadows with one popping its head out to see every so often.


Gnoman goes back to the ground floor and climbs back down the gully side, dislodging some stones as he goes. He then hears a low growling like from a wolf coming from near him. He casts an illusion of a rabbit and has it run past the hole which brings more growling and then a small voice says something and the growling stops. Carefully he returns to the group and throws 3 stones to announce his arrival.


He explains to us what he saw and heard we then start to plan what to do. This seems to take a while and suddenly four sling stones fall around Guido, not close but in his area. It seems he has been seen by the goblins in the roof. So with no more planning we have invisibility on all of us and James, Arnost, Guido, Thorn and Gnoman head off well I think they do as I can’t see what they do. I stay with the mule.


Gnoman stops at the beginning of the gully to cover the rear in case the goblins in the roof come down. Arnost, James, Thorn and Guido mange not to trip over each other getting to the cave entrance, not easy to move as a group when you can’t see each other. I will take the story on for each of them separately as they explained it to me later as they could not see each other enter until they became visible.


As they reached the cave Thorn, James, Guido and Arnost can see a fire with what looks like a sheep roasting but little more in the gloom of the cave.

Arnost went straight into the cave and the wolf growled as it scented him as the goblins started to scatter one with the wolf heads off to the side towards a cell. Arnost goes into a rage and although he would like to have charged them he goes slower due to the rubble on the floor and heads towards the main goblins in front of him.


Guido went in and seeing the goblin and very large wolf, looked where they were going an saw a child in a cell and assuming it was Jonno throw his spear at the wolf. The spear lodges into the wolfs left front leg smashing it and the wolf falls. He then starts to advance on the quickly organising goblins that are forming groups of four in front of him and Arnost. He does hear James cry and starts to back away.


Thorn stopped and cast Barkskin on himself but arrives in time to see the goblin entering the cage and attacks him with his mace. The goblin parries with his spear then strikes back but Thorn parries as well. Thorn then attacks again misses and the goblin parries and trips him down. The goblin then goes into the cage and holds his spear over the boy, calling in goblin stop or he dies. However none of those in the cave speak goblin. Thorn stands and sees the goblin with his dagger at the boy’s throat and backs off.


James reached the area of the cave and stopped to cast Shield on himself then enters the cave to see the goblins an injured wolf Arnost moving to engage 4 goblins and Guido also moving towards 4 goblins. He starts to cast Colour Spray but when he hears the goblin say stop or the boy dies, he knows goblin, and calls out to the others in common to back off he drops the spell. Her calls out 5 sheep for the boy and we will help your wolf.


Meanwhile Arnost and the four goblins in front of him exchange blows, he hits one a glancing blow with his mighty hammer which knocks it out however at the same time two of the goblins hit him with their spears. He parries one but takes the other in his head; the spear gets past his armour and catches in his cheek. The other two both thrust again getting a spear stuck in his right arm and abdomen. None of the blows are life threatening, mainly due to his raze, but he is in trouble with 3 spears impaled into him and another group of 4 spear armed goblins nearby along with 4 more nearly ready to release their sling shot at him.


End of session

Guido, Thorn and James are just inside the cave facing the goblin leader with the boy. Arnost deeper into the cave has 3 spears stuck into him with another four goblins with spears and 4 more with slings nearby while he is still in a rage.

The Stories of Errath the Bard Chapter 5 The Missing Prequel


The Stories of Errath the Bard Chapter 5 

The Missing  Prequel

Earlier Chapters here

I was told this story by Arnost and Guido when we joined up with them.

Arnsot and Guido find themselves on the road between the town of Longreed and Thale Castle, during the month of the Wolf; acting as extra guards and customs inspector for a trade caravan, nobody expects any trouble on the five day journey through scattered farms and rocky hills but historically this has always been a risky route. Being as they were following the coast a lot the weather isn’t too bad for winter.

The first two days travel passes without note as we moved through the swamp lands. There isn’t much out in these lands. Early in the third day, while in the foothills again there is not much here but a few scattered elven ruins hint at a more prosperous age centuries past.  We noticed that the weather was changing.


Strangely warm winds carried a subtle scent from the west. A hazy orange light suggests sunset is near, but it’s not even midday as dark clouds twist over the hills. Thiago, the Caravan Master, orders all the wagon drivers to push on in the hope that shelter isn’t too far ahead. A cheer goes up from the lead wagon, and word soon spreads through the caravan that a stead-hold has been spotted.

A small cluster of buildings comes into view in the valley ahead. As the caravan approaches you can pick out a large barn, several two story houses, and some out buildings. Simple plank walls connect the buildings to create a large protected courtyard.

The caravan pulls up to the large gates at the front of the compound and a helmeted head peeks over the walls. You can’t quite make out what Thiago is saying to the person but his dramatic gestures toward the coming storm are unmistakable. After a few minutes of discussion the caravan lurches forward into the courtyard. Wagon drivers quickly get horses loose from their traces and into the barns or any sort of shelter they can find. The homesteaders are in the middle of their own preparations but they take a few minutes to direct the caravaners to the houses. Arnost and Guido, along with Thiago and the higher ranking merchants are ushered toward the largest house.


Inside, the furnishings are simple but well built. The family members are in worn but clean clothes. The man who seems to be in charge of the stead-hold approaches Thiago “We don’t have much, it’ll be a while before the spring crops come in so we’ve just got what’s left of our winter supplies, but we’ll try to keep your folks comfortable while the weather passes.” He says apologetically.

The stead-hold is home to two principle families, the Mabbetts and the Treharne. Elias Mabbett, elderly grandparent, is the patriarch of the stead-hold and his extended family lives in the largest of the houses. The Treharnes live in the other large house and are cousins to the Mabbetts. There are about 20 people who live and work on the stead-hold. They mostly grow food crops for themselves. Surplus beans and ale are cash crops and provide the stead-hold with its limited income. Elias Mabbett is the primary contact between the caravan and the farmers. He is reserved and protective, but has very little to offer.


They overhear Elias directing the younger family members to help prepare for the meal and to gather things their guests might need. The main farm house is well stocked with mundane farm items; baskets, rakes, tools. There is a sword and a mace crossed above the mantle; souvenirs of an ancestor who joined the army. They are of average quality and old in style.


Arnost and Guido begin to smell the food being prepared and the work of securing the caravan for the storm is going well. Everyone has started to gather back at the farmhouses for dinner when Maja, Elias’s eleven year old granddaughter bursts into the main room in a panic.

“They took Peter! Some monsters came and they took Peter!”

Everyone gathers around as Elias tries to calm Maja down and find out what happened. He’s able to learn that Maja and Peter went outside of walls to pick herbs for the visitor’s dinner. They were near the bee hives when some huge monsters jumped out and took Peter. Maja was a short distance from Peter when she heard him scream in surprise, and was able to run away. Although she describes them as ‘huge’, she eventually describes them as big, but not as big as a grown up. Maja doesn’t know what they were, but remembers pointy teeth and weapons. If pushed she says they look like the sword on the mantle. Elias quickly starts shouting for the young men of the stead-hold to gather torches and weapons.


As farmers assemble Caravan Guard Captain Water, Arnost and Guido join them as Elias and a few of the braver farmers, Dale, Zac and Fred lead the party out to the hives where Peter was taken. A rising wind whips over the fields and there’s a damp smell in the air. A misty sleety rain is falling as they approach the hives, which sit at the far end of the fields. Further on are hills with snow on and we could see the tops of dark trees in the distance. The basket that Peter was carrying lies on the ground near the hives. Matted grass shows that a struggle took place, and footprints show that whatever took Peter headed toward the woods.


It doesn’t take us long to work out that the tracks belong to Goblins and maybe a Bugbear as well. The trail enters the Boar Woods and winds through the trees. The soft group makes tracking the goblins easy. It starts to get late and the woods get dark. As the storm gets more intense and snow starts to fall we started to have a hard time making progress and we heard branches or maybe boars crashing in the forest. We decide pushing on to save the boy is more important than resting.


Eventually the trail we’ve been following leads to the remnants of an old road that runs north to south. The tracks clearly head north along the road and soon lead out of the Boar Woods into open rocky hills. We spot a ruin on a hill not far off. The tracks veer off the road and toward the ruins.


The evening is dark and gloomy. The only structure left standing in the ruin we can see is a small stone built dome with an entrance.  We notice two goblins about 50’ away walking around with crossbows in their tiny hands.

We discuss what to do, Arnost want to rage and charge the Captain isn’t sure about this and the archers would rather lose arrows at them.


Our load discussion comes to an end as a bolt wizzes past Arnost while the other one hits his left arm slicing across it. We charge.


Arnost reaches the first goblin but his frenzied charge means his hammer blow misses. He is followed by Guido and the Captain who also all miss as they charge into contact.  The goblins have drawn and readied their fails by now but fail to contact the attackers.


Arnost smashes the goblin in front of him with his big hammer, while Guido shield bashes the goblin in front of him stunning it.


With a captured Goblin, Arnost shakes off his rage before he kills it and they take a 15 minute break to recover and interrogate the goblin. Fred spends the time trying to summon his sheep dogs it takes him a while but he gets there in the end, maybe they were too far away and took a while to get here, 3 sheep dogs turn up. Zac heals Arnost’s arm or at least bandages it. The goblin eventually tells them that the child is to be sacrifice in the tomb and that there are more than his hands and feet inside. Arnsot thinks he is lying about the numbers. We also ask about the nature of the sacrifice but all the goblin knows is that the priest needs it.


We move other to the domed building the heavy stone doors to the tomb have been broken and shoved aside. The stink of sweat and filth wafts up with the dry air from inside the tomb. We enter and go down the steps, darkness awaits down the stairs into the ruins. Faded carved script, in elvish, is barely visible in the stone above the entrance. From below we hear the occasional sound of goblins talking to each other. We go down 10 steps then forward 5’ before the passage turns right, were we can see a slight glow and the sound of talking is loader, then 5’ then right again. Arnost is in the lead with Guido behind him and the rest following.


From further inside the area you hear chanting or goblin song?
Inside this Offering Room are two large copper bowls. The goblins are using one as a brazier for their campfire and the other as a toilet by the smell. The walls of this room are made of finely crafted pale grey stone. One wall is covered with carvings depicting Elven knights of the Delian Order of Brith fighting chaotic creatures including goblins and their kin.

There are 5 Goblins around the fire cooking and playing bones.

Fred responds and sends the dogs to harass them; Arnost moves in and engages a goblin while Guido moves to the side as he enters. The goblins draw their fails and ready them.


The dogs attack a goblin trying to bring it down; Arnost attacks with his hammer turning it to a bloody paste on the floor; Guido moves up to engage another goblin. The goblins attack Guido missing with his flailing fail Guido parries and knocks the flail 10’ away.

Arnost spats another goblin.


The dogs continue to harass while Arnost move up to the next goblin as does Guido. A goblin manages to hit a dog while another one attacks Arnost missing and Arnost’s parry forces it’s surrender.

The dogs manage to get on top of the goblin pinning it down and Guido stabs it with his spear killing it. The last goblin attacks Arnost again misses and his parry kills it.


Arnost is winded from this fight; he really needs to up his endurance.


The sounds of chanting are clear now. They filter through the ruins of a heavy stone door leading deeper into the ruins. The most perceptive characters in the party can also make out the sounds of a sobbing child. It is clear that the door was broken through recently and that it’s heavy stone construction would have required more strength than a human has to break.


The group led by Guido move past the shattered door and moves into the corridor. Guido steps on a floor slab which moves a little under his weight, this causes a large curved blade to scythe out and hit him full in the chest. Lucky for him he has heavy armour there and although the cut gets through and he starts to bleed it is not too bad. I could do with better perception if I am going to lead he thinks, and where is a scout when you need one.


The passage quickly turns and opens into another room. The walls of this room are made of finely crafted pale grey stone with 6 pillars down the sides. Small niches line the walls. At the far end of the room stands a beautifully crafted statue of an elf paladin in full plate armour but with no sword.
At the foot of the statue is a crude iron cage, which holds the sobbing child Peter. Near the statue at the far end of the room are 3 goblins and one goblin priest. They have their backs to us and are chanting and singing with the priest by the statue.


Arnost, Guido and the Captain move into the room and within 5’ of the goblins Arnost then takes a throwing axe and chucks it at the priest. However his aim is off and he hits one of the goblins in the way killing it dead. The captain moves behind another goblin while Zac lets loose an arrow and drops another goblin. Fred sends his dogs after the priest as Guido throws his spear at the priest ripping his arm off and killing him. The bugbear they have not seen in the corner strikes at Arnost, but not before Dale lets loose an arrow at it which bounces off its helm. The bugbears mace hits Arnost in the back and stuns him with the shock.

Arnsot turns to face the bugbear, even though he can’t attack due to shock. The captain finishes the last goblin with his spear. Fred moves back into the corridor to keep out of the way. Guido moves to attack the bugbear while drawing his sabre as the bugbear attacks Arnost again who manages a parry.

Guido attacks the bugbear catching its right leg and nicking a blood vessel and causing a bleeding wound.


Guido swings his sabre but the bugbear parries with his shield and counters with its mace which Guido blocks with his shield.

Guido now gets two hits on the bugbear without it responding taking off its right leg and killing it.


At the end of this combat Arnost is tired, Guido winded and Fred and Zac winded as well. Dale rushes over to free Peter and calm him down and after a short rest the check the room out. They see that a line of elvish text is carved into the dais that the statue stands on. It reads in each person’s tongue “To keep this, you must first give it to me.”


It takes a few minutes but Guido eventually works out he has to give his ‘Word’. Thinking about the history he knows he decides to say, ‘I will fight for and champion Law and Justice’.  As he does he feels a holy power gather around him, sinking through his skin and flesh and wraps itself around his bones. Guido feels a new obligation to champion Law and Justice in the world. [Passion to Law and Justice] As this happens a door behind the statue slides open and cool stale air spills out of a dark doorway.


Guido walks into the dark and enters a room light by a slight glow. A shining Longsword rests on a weapon stand in the centre of the room. Five stone sarcophagi are arranged around the room. The sarcophagi are ornately carved with scenes of the victories of the Delian Order. Guido recognizes this room as a holy place and understands that plundering the room is an act of desecration. He also understands that he is free to take the sword, but nothing else. Guido picks up the sword and feels it talk to him; he knows it is a Delian Edict Blade of Goblinoid Slaying. With this in his hand he leave the room and they all leave to escort Peter home.


As the party approaches the farm they see a large group gathered at the head of the path near the bee hives. Peter rushes ahead of the party into the arms of his family and a cheer goes up. The heroes are welcomed back with great fanfare and a feast is soon cooked up in their honour.

The Odyssey of BARYPOS of TEGEA Chapter 7

The Odyssey of BARYPOS of TEGEA

Chapter 7

Part 1


Earlier parts of the story can be found here 

Late Spring AG44 [268bc]

We head home with the 225dr each Zeno pays us and think upon what each of us will do next, reflect on what we have learnt and enjoy a rest.

Telamon heads to the temple of Hercules to sacrifice and spend time working for them.

I head to the temple of Dionysus to do the same, we both want to become acolytes and help the people in their worship.

Archi, heads to the Museum to learn.

Jason, makes use of many different places to learn, including the temple to Apollo.


AG47 [265bc]

Over the last 3 years we have each been doing different things, only meeting up at our joint home or at the gymnasium. Most of this activity has been supported by Prince Perseus, who has become a friend over time; Emenes is not happy and has become an enemy of ours at the same time.

I have been active with the cult of Dionysus working as a singer; I am in demand particularly with people knowing that I helped Prince Perseus out and I also occasionally entertain his quests.

Telamon works at the temple of Hercules also acting as an escort to various nobles. He is still trying to decide how or if he will do the geas upon him and if we can help him.

Archi is employed designing and making fancy things for nobles or working with Zeno and the prince.

Jason works with the temple of Apollo acting as a diviner and also joins the prince on hunting trips, he also entertaines using his lyre.

Our income is enough to pay for the joint house, food and essentials but leaves little over to save, however we do all live as rich freemen.


Early in AG47 we are called to the place to see the prince, we are welcomed in and offered nibbles and wine. The prince comes in to talk with us his friends. ‘Friends’ he says, ‘I hope we are that now? I have need of you and your expertise. As you may know our allies are at war, Athens, Sparta and other smaller cities have allied with each other and have, under the Stoic Chermonides attacked the Antigonid forces in Greece. Last year they did well for themselves and removed Antigonid forces from other cities bringing them into the coalition, these actions have been helped by a number of our ships working with them under Patroclus our admiral.  The main capture was of Corinth, which now supplies more ships to the fleet.

This year we want to help them take the war forward and although we cannot yet send military support other than some ships, as our military is not ready for a mayor war effort at this time. I did say to the pharaoh that I had some friends who would be a good forward scout force, able to help the coalition and feed us intelligence on the forces Antigonus is deploying in Greece.’

‘You are that force, or at least its commanders. I can offer you enough sliver to hire mercenaries to take with you, not a big force but enough to show our support and be of use in your role. Telamon will be the commander with the title of Hipparchus [commander of 500 cavalry]. I can give you enough sliver to hire around 100 infantrymen for 6 months, or less if you include some cavalry [Cavalry count as 2 foot for cost], after that you will have to get the coalition to pay or do it some other way. Six talents should do it with another 1/2 talent for the 4 of you, plus another 1 ½ talents for bribes and other expenses. You will also be the escort for the land transport of 30 talents of sliver for the coalition; you are to deliver it to Chermonides.  What do you think?’

‘You can travel with our fleet, of 20 ships, when it leaves, at the start of spring in a month or so, to go to Athens. Patroclus will liaise with you about your shipping needs. So you have around a month to organise your force and get ready yourselves. Good luck.’


Decisions to be made:-

  • Do we recruit here or in Greece?
  • Do we go for heavy foot, skirmishers or horse?
  • What do we need to bring with us?
  • What are our orders and how do we intent to execute them?

The Odyssey of BARYPOS of TEGEA Chapter 6 Part 12

 Part 12  Home

Earlier parts of the story can be found here 


After a short rest I look into the sarcophagi, I see a horde of golden looking snakes each about a foot long inside and step back. With the rest of us covering him Archi hooks one of the snakes out, with our grappling hook. Archi examines it and realizes it is a hollow gold snake just like the ones we opened the pyramid with so we take 6 of them. We get Zeno to check the writing on the second tomb; it is different but similar so might be the name of another priest. We decide not to open it at this time as we are not feeling up to another fight. We do however need to see if there is another way out or a hidden room here so we split up and search the walls for an hour but find no hidden exits.


We have a heated and long discussion about what to do next, go back to our camp, sleep in this room, sleep somewhere else or go back to the temple area and rest there.  We decide to rest in the annex area and decide on what to do after we have all rested. As we go back down we check out the stairs looking for a hidden exit, then we do the same for the room with the boat in. The search finds no hidden exits or rooms so we move on down back over the pit with the pillars in, now half filled with sand, then using the planks again move around the edge of the sand snake room back to the entrance. The door is open which is odd and it should be shut by now. Outside in the temple area there are no longer any guards or priests just piles of bones. Zeno wants the pyramid door shut to stop others getting in which Archi does, we suspect that it will need to be smashed open as without the gem it might not open to a snake again.


We move to an annex and sleep or rest for 16 hours, two of us on guard at any time for two hours. By the time we are rested and ready to move again it is day 20 early in the morning. Zeno talks to us about him coming back here again for a couple of months for a fuller examination, we decline thinking it is more a job for lesser men as they will be sitting around a lot. We head back down to the camp, I scout ahead but Megisthus, our guide, saw me. All seems to be ok and he says the prisoners are still tied.  We have a good meal and prepare to leave next morning. We intend to keep the prisoners hands tied during the journey home so prepare that we also ask Zeno about payment, something we had forgotten to do before. He explains that we will get 5dr a day each for the month and a bonus of 300dr, if all goes well.  Over supper Zeno boats to Emenes about his finds, rubbing his nose into his failure.   We are not sure that is a good idea, but what can you do.


Day 21 we break camp with Telamon out in front scouting as our guide directs our path. At night we have a guard of one of us and a slave in 2 hour shifts. Day 24, our guide warns of an incoming storm which looks like it will hit us soon. We ask how long it might last and he says if lucky up to a day if no up to a week. He helps us prepares a camp with the tents for us to shelter in with the camels resting around the tents to support them, Once the tents are up we get in and Telamon calls on his god Hercules to fortify Jason, himself and me so we can endure the high heat of the storm. The storm hits and howls around us for most of a day, the temperature causes us problems but at least we are not having our skin stripped from our bones outside. The storm passes and other than being tired from the heat no one of our extended party is injured.


Day 32, we reach Alexandria and home at last, with sand in places I do not wish to share we head for our house. Zeno wants to go home and Telamon and I stay with him to keep him safe. We release our prisoners after getting them to swear not to cause us harm. Zeno says he will pay us tomorrow once he is rested and settled.


Day 33, as assemble at Zeno’s for payment. We are disturbed by guards telling us to come with them to see Prince Perseus at the Museium. Telamon asks the commander for details but gets nothing from him, just that he was tasked to bring you in. So we are marched through the city surrounded by guards, at least no trouble with pickpockets or crowds.


We arrive at the court and are lead into a hall where Emenes is stood beside the prince. The prince speaks to us; I gather you have attacked and disrupted the work of my agent Emenes here, I need to get to the bottom of this, if you are guilty you will give up all items and notes from your exploration to me and pay a fine of 500dr each for assault.

Social conflict [this is the first time we have tried the companion rule out]

We respond first attacking the princes view by using Greek custom against him, he knocks that aside with his insight. He responds with an attack of his own using his standing as a member of the royal house, we try to counter using Archi’s oratory, he fails to counter the argument but we manage to stand up to the verbal blast.


We use customs against the prince again; Telamon getting an amassing blow in, explaining about our freedoms and rights, the prince has no response and capitulates to our position. [Our first use of this rule turns out to be good fun, the PC’s winning with a critical attack allowing them to use force capitulation on the prince] Zeno gets to keep all he found and is made the princes advisor instead of Emenes, we do not get fined and have a new contact in the prince.


We head home with the 225dr each Zeno pays us and think upon what each of us will do next, reflect on what we have learnt and enjoy a rest. Telamon heads to the temple of Hercules to pay off his debt and spend time working for them. I head to the temple of Dionysus to do the same, we both want to become acolytes and help the people in their worship.

The Odyssey of BARYPOS of TEGEA Chapter 6 part 11

More Riddles

Earlier parts of the story can be found here 


Having rested a while Archi checks the stairs going up to the next level, there is a faint red light coming from above. Not more spirits we hope. Archi finds no traps and sneaks up to take a peak. The room above cast a faint red light on the stairs. Inside you see three bronze statues standing 5’ in front of a railing. The statues stand about seven feet tall. One has the head of a jackal, the second a hawk, and the third a vulture. “On the other side of the railing are 2 steps leading up to a platform, with a mummified giant snake around it, on the platform is a pillar supporting a glowing red gem. He then came back and told us what he could see. We all go up the steeps with Zeno holding the last golden snake. Nothing attacks us the statues stay silent. The walls around this part of the room have pictures of the three god, there are also lots of Egyptian hieroglyphics around each god statue.


For the next hour or so Zeno tries to understand what it all says, in the end he thinks that the pictures and hieroglyphics mean. It seems the gods are receiving offerings. Anubis receives all the dead; Horus receives things of the sky, birds, rain, clouds etc. While Nekhbet receives things of Egypt, water, sand, reeds etc. the rest seems to be the recipes he was looking for to change the fabric of the natural world. So it seems we need three offerings to these statues, we have no idea what will happen if we do not but we are not going to take a chance. We discuss what we need and decide a bone of some sort will do for something dead, water will do for rain and sand should do for the last. We know we have bones down in the boat room and the pit room and sand down at the entrance room we just do not have water, but remember that there is the fountain in the temple courtyard, along with the bones of the priests we killed. So we need to leave the pyramid and come back in, probably using up our last snake in the process.


We head down to the boat room to look at what is there in the pots and chests, for an offering. However all of it is decaying quickly and none of us fancied putting our hand into the gooey mess to take out a bone.  So we continued down towards the entrance. At the slope Telamon went down first with Jason following once he was down. As Jason got about halfway there was the sound of stone moving and a part of the roof moved and sand poured into the sloping passage. Jason held on tight to the rope while Telamon jumped sideways out of the way of the sand. As Telamon moved away from the door it closed locking the sand into the sloping passage and Telamon into the pitch dark of an unlighted room.


With Jason having his head just above the sand once it stops falling, the rest of us dig him out enough to bring him up to the top of the steps again. We have no idea what has happened to Telamon. We will find out a little later. For now we wonder how we are to get out as there is 25x10x10’ of sand blocking the door below. As we sit and wait we wonder how Telamon faired.


Telamon, gets up from the floor, in total darkness, the floor has sand on it now and feels rough to his hands as he rises. Feeling along the wall he finds the area of the door and with a prayer to Hercules flexes his muscles and try’s to pull the door open again. Slowly it moves as he pulls, as the door opens the sand starts to flow around his feet. Then the door gives and slides fully open and the sand roars through sweeping him off his feet. In the darkness Telamon can see nothing all he knows is that he is moving and being tossed about, banging into things as he goes.  He keeps trying to find something to grab and stop his movement, eventually his fingers find an edge and hold on as the sand continues to push and pull at him. As the sand stops moving Telamon finds his feet and realises he is on some steps, he has been swept across the room and nearly down to the pit.


The rest of us decide we need to do something and try to clear the sand so we can get to the door. We manage to clear the top of the door from the remaining sand and Archi triggers the catch to open it again. As the door slides open Archi is caught by the sand he is standing on and starts to be swept away. Jason reacts fast and jumps and grabs Archi holding on to the door as he does so. Telamon hears the door open and feels more sand sliding past him. With Archi safe, we go and find Telamon, we find him on the steps.


With us all back together, we continue to head back out the pyramid, back over the pit by the pillars using the wood again, then past the sphinxes and using the wood around the room of sand to avoid disturbing any more snakes.  Archi looks for the mechanism which controls the door and opens it. We then go and collect a skull and some fountain water and re-enter the pyramid.  We cross the sand room again using the planks again to do so. When we met the sphinxes again they block our path and say ‘You must answer three riddles to pass’.  We answer each riddle quickly and move on we cross the pit again and re-enter the room with the statues and pit, however the pit is now full of sand so no collecting anything from there. We do need some sand though so take some with us.


It must be around midday now as we make our way up the sloping passage, Archi checking it first, but it seems the trap is one use. We reach the area of the gem again and Telamon places the skull by the Jackal statue, while I put sand by the Vulture and Jason pours water by the Hawk. Nothing seems to happen, although we have no idea if something should. Archi and Zeno look on, not believing in Godly stuff but that this should cancel any trap set to catch the unwary.


Archi gets Jason to cover him with his bow and a special arrow, with Jason and I do the same with a Akon. Archi then steps over the rail and the snake starts to uncoil towards him.

As Archi falls back Jason loses his arrow and hits the monster, the arrow disappears, and the snake is dead, although I suspect it was already dead


Zeno rushes past us and grabs the gem, even as we shout for him not to. Lucky for him there are no more surprises waiting. With the gem in his possession we look around and notice the golden tombs, Archi checks the right side one out for traps and it seems clear so he opens it. Inside a figure stirs and a priest like mummy stands, holding a bronze mace.

Archi falls back as the figure mouth starts to move with no sound coming from them. I ready an akon as does Telamon and Jason starts to load arrow.

Archi re-crosses the railing while the mummy puts its coffin between it and us still noiselessly mouthing. I followed by Telamon throw our Akon’s Telamon misses but I get it in the right arm. However this doesn’t seem to faze it.

Archi starts to load his sling, I ready my next Akon.


As Archi continues to load and ready his sling the priest points at him and nothing seems to happen. I throw my second Akon hitting it in the head, again with no effect. Telamon readies his second Akon.

The mummy starts to mouth again, while I prepare my Dory. Telamon throws his Akon hitting the creature in the chest, but again not slowing it. Jason also is ready with an arrow again and loses and hits the chest. Trouble is all these attacks are impaling and just go through the fleshless body.

Archi at last loses his sling shot, now this smashes so should be of more use, he hits the abdomen of the monster.


Archi starts to reload, the mummy still is mouthing off with no noise. I wait with my spear while telamon readies his sword and Jason reloads.

The priest points his mace again this time at Telamon. Telamon starts to vomit, something has disturbed him, I wonder why it hadn’t effected Archi in the same way. Jason loses again putting another arrow though its abdomen.

The monster starts to mouth again while Jason and Archi reload.


Archi and Jason are both now breathing heavily [tired] but Archi still manages to hit the priest in the chest with a sling shot. This seems to be enough to to finish the creature off and it falls to the ground a pile of bones and rags.


Another combat over and only Telamon affected by the creature, we rest for a few minutes before going to look into the golden sarcophagi and find what’s inside.