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The Stories of Errath the Bard Chapter 4 – Part 4

The Stories of Errath the Bard Chapter 4

The Iron Flow River & The Censer of Weal

Earlier Chapters here

————————— Part 4  —————————-

I will add more of James story later for now I will stay with the main group I am with. First Gnoman takes Mackenzie under his wing and lays down a training program for him, he is going to teach him Read Magic bit by bit each day and during the day talk about Arcane Knowledge as they go. Gnoman also goes to the temple to ask what they know about Troglodytes, and finds that they are bigger than humans stronger and mainly use stone weapons. The fact they they have raided a fort means these might have better weapons. The tend not to have armour due to their odd shape, but they do have thick hides and excrete a foul smells when excited, there is no known defense to this other than holding your breath.  I ask Mackenzie if he would like to join our ‘Hammer & Rose’ adventuring group? He is initially not sure as his family as been able to put him into apprenticeship with Ernst which has saved them feeding him and gives him a future although he would rather be a Paladin. So we say that if he joins us he will have enough gold to be independent and go his own way. Also he will see other ways to live, being a cleric or a fighter or a mixture it will be his choice. He decides that this is a good way to go and signs up, however for now he is not going to be much use to us as although big and strong he has no combat experience or armour, he does not even know how to use a shield. As Mackenzie is now a member Gnoman insists that we all work on a training plan. So Mackenzie will have arcane teaching from Gnoman, Religion and combat from Thorn, and healing from me. This will give him a good all-round start and then he can decide which way he wants to go.  [GM – I will use experience rolls to improve Mackenzie’s skills and see where it goes]


While we are doing this a Dwarf comes up to us his name is Rotnik Umkum Moradin Garbrek a temple guard. He tells us that Thorin, the Cleric, has sent him to join them for two reasons. First to keep an eye on the Censer once it is found, second so they can channel there Prayers and Chants to us to gain Moradin’s divine protection over us. [GM – the party will gain +10% to skills and +2 damage] However they can only do this for four days after that they will be blown and that will be that. Rotnik is a Fighter big for a Dwarf and fights with a two handed hammer and a repeating crossbow and well armored in good Dwarf mail with a plate helm.


Next morning we leave for the area of the fort. Gnoman goes ahead of us invisible with the rest of us the pony, with 7 days supplies, and my boar following. Some hours later Gnoman sees a Ogre moving towards us, he runs back and alerts us by throwing 3 stones onto Thorns shield. We and the Ogre see each other at 92′ and we all react.

Gnoman hides at the back of our group, Thorn starts to cast Barkskin on himself, as do I. Rotnik raises his crossbow and aims. The Ogre and my boar charge forward.

Gnoman casts Lesser Illusion of 3 boars to join the real one in its attack. Thorn fails in his calling on his divine magic. I manage to cast my Barkskin ok, while Rotnik hits the Ogre in the right leg with his bolt. The boar also hits the ogres right leg tripping it while being having its head chopped from its body by the ogres massive axe.

Gnoman has his boars prowl around the fallen ogre, while I throw a javelin but miss.


Gnoman moves his illusionary boars towards the fallen ogre, threatening it, Thorn starts to sprint towards the ogre. I cast Shillelagh on my club, Rotnik starts to aim again. The ogre stands growling at the boars.

Gnoman readies his sling, Thorn closes with the ogre at the sprint. I differ unsure of what to do while Rotnik gives up his aiming again and puts a crossbow bolt into the ogres chest. The ogre swings his great axe and hits Thorn in his right arm, ripping through his armour and cutting into his arm.

Thorn hits back hitting the ogre in his right leg causing so much pain the ogre screams. I charge forwards.


Gnoman aim to avoid the gusting winds while Thorn smashes his mace into the ogres right leg again, shattering its knee and knocking it unconscious.


Fight over we finish the ogre off and toss him over the edge into the river, while Thorn heals his own arm with his divine magic. We continue to move towards the caves, which we intend to explore first as it seems as good as place as any to find the Censer.


We get to the point late afternoon where we can see the trail leading up to 3 caves, Gnoman decides to explore the second one first. This cave has jagged, irregular sides. A small branch of the cave twists off at the rear, slanting downward somewhat. A few tiny stalactites hang from the ceiling here as far as he can see without going in. He looks for tracks but not being a tracker this is hard for him, however he finds some wolf like prints. He then moves up further to the furthest cave, the entrance to this wide cave is nearly blocked by several stunted trees. The trees are nearly bare of leaves, and they probably serve as a perch for vultures or other birds. Right now the trees are empty of occupants, but abandoned nests and spoor are evident enough. The area is strewn with dead leaves and small twigs. He then comes back to us to report.


He tries to describe the tracks he found to us but we can not make any sense of what he is saying, so I go up myself to look as I have tracking. I think that they belong to a Hellhound. I then move to the third cave as well and look. I then return back to the group and report before deciding to go and look at the first cave.


I move very carefully to this cave The ledge narrows at this point, slowing your progress. The path eventually dwindles to nothing about 30 feet ahead of me. A large cave opening is visible a few feet above the path; if I was to carefully climb over a rough boulder I could reach it. Beyond the opening I can see only darkness. I look around the boulder as best I can for any traps, then with stealth climb the boulder and enter the cave. I listen carefully and hear breathing. Just inside the cave opening, amidst the many loose rocks, is a small animal skull and a few cracked bones. The cave beyond is rough-walled, with a ceiling perhaps 20 feet overhead at most. The floor of this place is cragged and littered with  many small rocks and round stones. I go and look at the skull it appears to belong to a small animal. I now hear growling. I decide to retire backwards very slowly to avoid falling on the loose stones on the floor, with my shield up.

Suddenly something long and snake like strikes at me, it misses but it looks a good 6-7 feet long. I try to disengage but the creature hits me in the chest and gaps hold of me by my flesh. I swing my club and hit its right wing, stunning it.

The creature worries at my wound with his jaws and I fall unconscious.


My fiends outside see me falling back out of the cave with a mouth around my chest and then me being pulled in. They rush to my help. Gnoman, due to his boots moves faster then the rest and gets up first. He sees blood and equipment along with drag marks going back into the cave. He can hear low growling. Being still invisible he sneaks up to the things tail and casts Burning Hands on it. He is very lucky and manages to badly burn its Forequarters, hindquarters, right and left wings and left hind leg. The Young Wyvern screams in pain and lets go of its food. As the creature cowers Gnoman grabs Errath’s backpack, while I, Errath, stagger to my feet and biting back pain quickly leave before the Wyvern strikes again.


Outside we met the Dwarfs who have just reached the boulder.


‘The Stories of Errath the Bard Chapter 4 – Part 3

‘The Stories of Errath the Bard Chapter 4

The Iron Flow River & The Censer of Weal

Earlier Chapters here

————————— Part 3 —————————-

James decides, against all our advise, to fly to the fort on his own to scout it. Gnoman turns him invisible and off he goes. This is his first flight and so we are anxious. With a flying speed of around 4 miles per hour James could be gone for a while. Later that afternoon he walks back looking rather battered and tells his story. He decided to fly at a height of 80′ following the road, with a flight duration of around 2 hours it would be touch and go if he made the area of the fort. As he flew his sight of the ground was like a hawks. However after an hour or so he hit a massive updraft caused by the tunnel effect of the canyon. This messed up his stability and caused him to start to fall. [James has no flying ability and a very low athletics] James acted quickly and activated his nice Red and Gold Cloak of the Slider and dimension shifted to the ground. However he still hit with the force of his flight, much less than the fall would have been. He was lucky in that he only caused serious injury to his right leg, left arm and chest. [use of 3 luck points] In pain and thinking he could die out here he reached for his potion of extra healing and drank it, restoring his body if still being left bruised. He then dusted himself off and still invisible started to walk back to the town. He had to walk as casting Fly used most of his magic ability when used at the high level he cast it at.


During the day while James was away I went out and prayed to the local animal spirit for the ability to Locate Plants and Animals.  By midnight the next day I had also been granted Command and Detect Evil, I am a blessed Bard. Gnoman took this time to train with the locals and improve his own skills. Gnoman also decides to call his cat familiar Nibber.


Next morning I tell the others that I wish to find a bigger animal companion than the baor I have, one I can ride. James mentions that it had better not mean me sitting out a fight again. He was annoyed with me casting on the Boar during the clearing of the mine. We send Thorn to buy some healing potions from the temple and he gets all six, basic ones, they have. We each take some to use when Thorn cannot heal us himself.


Gnoman and I then head off to scout White-Fang fort by foot, Gnoman turns us both invisible after we have tired ourselves together. While James has decided to return to Duvik pass to see Ernst the Yellow, as he wants to copy some spells, he also does so invisible. He had wanted to go with the Miller’s but they left yesterday, after we had told them it was now clear of plague. That left Thorn at the town with our pony, Panther James familiar and Mackenzie his apprentice. With me leading we move slowly and carefully, we know we are invisible but we still need to avoid making to much noise or disturbance. Having followed the mountainside track for several miles, we notice that the well-used track has varied in width from 20 to 40 feet or more, beyond which is a steep plunge to the bottom of the ravine two hundred feet below. The trek has been grueling due in part to the loose rocks and earth of the trail. The mountainside is adorned with tiny animal trails and bits of scrub, and small rockslides have occurred in a few places. Our only company has been several reddish birds overhead flying in long circular patterns. All is quiet save for the occasional far-away howl or bird cry. I try to see what these birds are, but other than recognizing them as a type of hawk I know no more. After a hard days walking we stop to rest for the night, we eat cold rations and split the watch, sleeping in the hard stones hidden from the trail.


Next morning we tie ourselves together again and Gnoman turns us both invisible. Off we go slow and sure keeping our eyes peeled. As we go I make out horse, human and goblin foot prints along with wagon ruts. Later down by the river we see, the remains of a camp area and the many crude tents would seem to indicate this was a large encampment at one time, perhaps for forty or more individuals, but now all lies in ruins. Some tents have been slashed wide open, and others have been burned. The ground is scarred by long scorch marks and scattered footprints, an ugly testimony to the chaos that transpired here. Looking closer, you can make out broken weapons half-buried in the mud and, more frightening still, the badly burned, near-skeletal remains of at least fifteen individuals. The destruction appears total. We go down the trail to the camp, Gnoman sits by a tree with the rope tied to it and I go into the camp to investigate. It turns out that this was a Hobgoblin camp of at least 40-60, there are distinctive Troglodyte footprints here as well. As I disturb the ground a smell of a strange metallic scent comes up from it. I think it smells like a lighting strike does. I find some weapons but only take the sliver and gold I find. The tents seem to have been ripped either by a claw or weapons.


I go back to Gnoman and we continue towards the fort, wondering about what could destroy a Hobgoblin camp and why. A little later I see smaller paths lead up the mountainside. These narrow paths are steeply banked and littered with fallen bits of rock. Looking above we make out several cave openings dotting the mountainside. There appears to be Troglodyte prints leading up the paths. We turn another tight corner, and ahead of us suddenly looms a huge edifice constructed of grayish-white stone, what can only be the locally famed Whitefang stronghold. The stronghold is an intimidating structure, and twin towers reach upward to the sky. But all is not well here. Huge gaps show in the masonry in places, and the light grey stone of the stronghold is marred by long black marks on the upper levels. Above, the nearest tower is badly damaged, its top floor (or floors) apparently sheared completely away – destroyed by some unknown force. Gnoman uses his Magnify cantrip to look closer and sees, many bricks and larger slabs of stone that could only have fallen from above. The extensive damage to the stronghold could only have been caused by some great battle or mighty foe. The worn dirt track continues directly toward the stronghold.


We decide we have seen enough and turn around and head back to town, rather than stop for the night we wat some of our god given dried fruit and keep going managing to ignore the fatigue.  We reach Lastever winded and after a rest tell Thorn all.


Much later I add James story to this. James also moves carefully while invisible so the short journey takes him two days.  He rests on the first night by the trail in a defendable place and sleeps in his armour. Late in the night he awakes to some noise and sees just 5′ away a group of eight Kobolds. As he wakes they throw their javelins, getting two hits which fail to get through his armour. He uses his cloak again and shift 100′ back up the track and then runs. After running for about 15 minutes and starting to feel the exertion he stops, casts Invisibility on himself and hides.  The Kobolds approach but do not hear him and pass by. After a while James continues his invisible careful way to Duvik Pass, his stamina holding up. He reaches Duvik late in the afternoon.

The Odyssey of BARYPOS of TEGEA Chapter 1

The Odyssey of BARYPOS of TEGEA

Chapter 1


The adventures in Hellenistic times of four adventurers

[set in 270bc]




Barypos grew up in a small village outside Tegea in Arcadia, but emigrated with father, Diomedes,  and family to Antioch in Asia aged ten, where Diomedes set up a tannery and large leather work business, using slaves, as the middle child he did not wish to go into trade and took to the theatre and the rites of his step mother.  He performed in the chorus and then sought adventure as a mercenary Thureophoui.  Finally, joining travelling performers who mainly play the festivals of Dyanisous (naturally with plays) and Ophius as well as being performing musicians. He enjoys life on the road but hopes to settle in the theatre at home one day. Like many ancient Greeks minding other peoples business is part of Barypus’ make up.


This is the story of his odyssey and those of with whom he travelled.


Barbypos has been entertaining and soldering in a Seleucid force raiding the Galatians for the past weeks acting as a guide in the evenings he entertained General Telesarchus, a fellow Arcadian national, and his staff. You have now arrived at Mazaca in Cappadocia looking for rest before finding further work with the barbarians. You have heard that Satrap Ariarathes II and others are employing good honest Greeks to help develop the kingdom and therefore integrate it into the wilder Greek community, thereby showing that they belong in the Greek world. The king hopes this will allow him to stay semi independent of the Seleucid King.

Mazaca is not a Greek city it is a very old city which used to be a Hattian city long ago. Parts of it are built into the rocks, it is surrounded by twin walls which connect the pretty rocky outcrops around it. It has a new temple to the Olympian gods and a old temple to Zoroaster, as well as a new gymnasium and Greek merchants. It is a mix of old Persian and new Greek in many ways, it is full of colour and activity, strange and familiar smells, it is a bustling and noisy city.


CappadociaAriarathes II,  a Iranian who rules this high plateau land.  The land is over 1000m high with very cold winters and dry summers, a land of farms and horses with many forts and Fairy Towers.  It is ruled by a sort of feudal aristocracy, dwelling in strong castles and keeping the peasants in a servile condition

It is a semi independent kingdom NW part of the Seleucid empire .in the central highlands of the Taurus mountains. This very mountainous and ravine cut land lies north of Cilicia and west of the upper Euphrates river. It is a high plateau, a tableland intersected by lofty mountain chains. The region has had many overlords, from the Medians to the Lydian’s, the Persians and now the Seleucids. It is a remote satrapy. Once extending  northwards to the shores of the Black Sea, Cappadocia now only encompasses the high interior of Asia Minor, with northern Cappadocia now a separate and independent kingdom called Pontus, ‘sea’ after the minor god. It has two main hill-top cities; Mazaca, near Mount Argaeus, the residence of the Cappadocian ruling house and Tyana, with smaller hill top towns of Archelais, Comana, Melitene and Arabissus and many rock villages. Cappadocia is a land of soft-rock cliffs and mountains, eroded over time by wind and water to create a spectacular landscape. In some places cones of soft rock have been hollowed out to create entire villages. A region characterised by steep-sided gorges, all exposing layer after layer of brightly coloured rocks, Cappadocia is also home to wheat, fruit and vine cultivation on a massive scale as it is a very fruitful region, it is also a good place for livestock especially horses.



After four days relaxing and enjoying Mazaca Barypos decides its time to look for new work. The new Agora of Mazaca is bustling at this time of year. In the early summer morning air, hawkers can be heard loudly extolling their goods for sale; caravans arrive and depart in billowing clouds of dust; and criers announce news, opportunities, and executions to the gathering crowds. Between these sounds come the song and music of entertainers.  Executions – two slaves who ran away; one crazy man for denouncing and prophesying against Ariarathes and Zeus. Employment opportunities are abundant, whether that is the manual labour of unloading or loading wagons, helping build new Greek style buildings, the clearing of animal waste, or accompanying the caravans as they depart the town. Word travels fast that Lydus, the Persian caravan master, is seeking skilled outriders to protect his caravan as it travels northwards. Barypos overhears, from mumbling townsfolk, that Lydus pays very well, but only trusts in the most loyal and competent applicants. Indeed, minutes later, a slave announces Lydus’s employment opportunities, and reveal that he offers 8 Obol’s per day, for the journey he is about to embark upon. Others are only offering 5 or 6 Obol’s a day.
Barypos finds Lydus interviewing candidates as his 4 wagons are loaded by 6 slaves watched over by 2 free Persian labourers, Myrzah & Navied, in a swirl of activity while singing the Prosodion. He questions all of the applicants intently, and many glum young men turn away when it’s clear that they will not qualify for the work. Zai, Lydus’s assistant, stands silently near Lydus holding his bow, eyeing applicants, and nods or shakes his head to answer simple questions. He is quite an imposing figure to behold a Scythian nomad with graphic scars across his face, and a blackened stump for a tongue.


When it is Barypos turn to be interviewed, Lydus asks him a simple question: “I am looking for outriders and scouts to protect my caravan, tell me of your deeds and exploits”. So Barypos does singing of his exploits to date, fighting as a mercenary Thureophoui and entertainer. Then he tells of time spent in the temple of Zeus here helping prepare the festival of Zeus just gone of coming second in the singing contest. Of nearly being beaten up by locals after for being Greek, but hiding from them. Lydus employs him at 8 Obols a day and moves on to the next in the queue.


After a couple more rejections another Greek steps up, Jason of Crete, Barypos has seen him in the Gymnasium once or twice, a short and stocky man with a pock marked face, clear honest brown eyes and a mass of dark curly hair, since he wears the legging’s and sheepskin cloak of a Sheep or Goat herder and is kind to animals and birds he looks like a bit of a county bumpkin. A bout of cow pox as a baby left his with a scar in the shape of a swan, like the symbol of Apollo, he now considers Swans as lucky.  Jason tells of his exploits, he ended up here having been sent to the Antioch temple of Apollo, by the temple of Knossos who owned him, and freed he then worked his way here. He tells of his acrobatic ability and how he can entertain that way, he also tells of his archer ability at which Zai grunts and nods. Jason also helped set up the festival of Zeus and was given a roll in tending the sacrificial  bull on its journey through the city. He is known as the man who stopped the wild escaped horse before it could trample children into the ground, calling on Poseidon to help him. How his quick eyes saw a cut purse before he lost his purse.  This time Lydus is very impressed and takes Jason on at 10 Obols a day, he know has two devote scouts.


After Jason Telamon steps forward a tall imposing Macedonian. Telamon has a pleasant tanned complexion with a small but noticeable scar on one cheek, where he was injured fighting in a skirmish, he is also slightly ambidextrous. He is generally well liked and, although not scholarly, people listen to him because of his confidence. Whilst being tutored by Leitus of Antioch he injured another Hippeis, Aster, in unarmed combat due to his shear strength and size. Aster recovered physically but constantly tries to out perform Telamon whenever the opportunity arises.  He has been tutored in some basic strategy and tactics by Leitus.  He worships Hercules but honours the other gods appropriately but is not overly religious preferring to rely on his own abilities.  He hopes to bring honour to his family and dreams of becoming a leader of a small group of warriors. He has arrived here from being part of a small mixed Cappadocian and Seleucid cavalry force chasing down Galatians in the area. His tracking skills were used extensively. Since being here he has writen letters to his family in Macedon, been at the gymnasium practising his very good Pankration fighting, in one fight his partner, Lamus, coughs and falls to the ground after he was hit. He chokes on some blood from the last hit to his face, Telamon saved his life by using his knowledge of first aid. He also trained in his mounted combat skills.  He failed to impress Lydus and was only hired on 6 Obol a day.


The final person in the queue is Archi from Rhodes a very ordinary looking to the point that he goes unnoticed in a crowd, although left handed he is also bland looking. He tends to make up for this by waspish tongue, a verbally aggressive tendency, he is not vicious but tends to speak first and consider the consequences afterwards.  He is particularly concerned with philosophy and will seek to protect this from religious mania or and unsound in his views bigotry. He seeks new knowledge with a passion and will take what some would view as unnecessary risks. He has been working as a architect and part time healer for the Cappadocia court as they build new Greek style buildings in the capital. He also appears to have a double one day, a women run up to him and in very bad and broken Koine and hand waving, indicates she wanted him to follow. She leads him to a large home, and is bided to wait. Quickly nibbles and un-watered wine is brought for him, which he just played with rather than taking any off. Some time after that, a Persian, Lord Haski, came up to him and asked who he was in reasonable Koine. ‘ You are not Komas, even though you look like him’ ‘How is my Lady to get home now?’  Archi says he will take her home and gets directions and one Obol and finds out that the woman was a household slave who had been told to find a person who looks very much like Archi.  A very young and very beautiful girl enters covers herself in a hooded cloak and leaves with him. He takes her to a poor home and leaves her there, then he went and asked about her locally in the nearest tavern. He did not go to the festival or even talks about faith which puts Lydus off of him. However his ability to repair wagons and heal means that Lydus takes him on anyway at 8 Obols.


Barypos now has others to bring into his songs, and hopes they will supply lots of interesting themes.



Day One


The caravan consists of four ox-drawn wagons, each pulled by a pair of Oxen. The wagons are covered and loaded with a variety of trade goods: dyed textiles, ground herbs, honey, and medicinals, tanned leather, and forged metalwork (ploughs, tools, Xiphos swords). The wagons are driven by a 6 slaves with 2 Persians [Myrzah, Navied] overseeing them, Lydus and Zai ride behind the lead wagon, and the remainder follow in single file the last and last wagons have the Persians on them. The characters are instructed to act as outriders under Telamon on the roadway. At times, they need to cluster close to the wagons, guiding the caravan through treacherous ground or obstructions, and providing protection from bandits, if necessary. Pairs of guards are asked to ride ahead – on “point” – to spot potential threats and survey the land and road ahead. Lydus supplies all but Telamon with a horse to ride, he has his own. Telamon in charge of the four outriders, puts himself and Brypos on point while Archi with his dokey and Jason bring up the rear.


The caravan departs that morning the procession heads out of Mazaca’s eastern gate, following the road through the abundant farmland that surrounds the town. The eastern road is busy during the daylight hours, the caravan passes many travellers making their way to and from Mazaca, they also see many farms and small villages. After 10 Stades, the caravan veers onto the northern road. It becomes clear, over the next hour, that there is far less foot and horse traffic travelling this road as it climbs and twists and turns among the mountains and rocky outcrops. The wagons stop when the van fails to spot a rock which gets stuck under a lead wagons wheel, this takes a few minutes to remove. Jason falls of his horse trying to avoid a low branch, Archi heals him of his sprained arm.


The caravan proceeds at a steady pace, slowing at times to navigate sudden twists in the road. When there is clear visibility of the path ahead, perhaps at the rise of a small hill, the caravan picks up the pace. At intervals, side trails lead off from the western side of the road, leading down to the raging River Halys below. They become commonplace after a few hours of travel. Each time the van rides quickly 50 paces down them just to check there are no ambushers. Then back ahead of the caravans, this starts to tire there horses.


Lydus strikes up conversations with each character at different points in the journey. He naturally inquires about their backgrounds from where they hail and where their lives have taken them thus far. He asks them to go into more detail about their exploits and accomplishments. He also asks what plans they have for the future. With Telamon Lydus’s ‘opens up’ and discusses more personal topics. He asks him of his family and friends. He, uncomfortably, asks how he is able to maintain his relationships with the distance that their travel and activities involve. Lydus does not come out directly and ask for advice for his own unrequited love, but he vaguely describes his troubles if an character enquires for details. He has fallen in love with a Tavern owners daughter, named Gisal, in the city of Sinope. He longs for her but his social brusqueness forces a barrier between them. This unrequited love frustrates him no end, and he has found it hard to accept that this obstacle isn’t as easily resolved as a trade negotiation. Telamon says that it is not easy but letter help and one day he will settle and see more of them. Lydus is very obvious about his worship of the gods. He fills pauses in dialogue with short phrases, such as: “Surely Zeus guides our actions”, or “Oh, this is fortuitous; praise be to Hermes” Lydus distances himself from Archi becauseof his distain and rejection of the wisdom of the gods.


The caravan’s first stop on the north road is the town of Thordvin, famed for its pig herders, which they arrive at around mid afternoon. This small community, of a few hundred inhabitants, is bound by a crude stone wall. A cluster of buildings stand at the core of the rock town. They include an tavern, tanners, metalworkers, butcher’s, and a number of smaller leather craft shops. Dozens of rock hovels radiate out from the town centre, each with an attached pen crowded with swine.
A foul stink hangs over this town – it can be nauseating to travellers, but locals have become inured to it. all of the caravan find the smell overpowering. When the caravan is admitted through the gates of the town, a great commotion is raised and a large group of locals congregate around the wagons. The caravan pushes through the growing crowd until they reach the north end of the town core and its open market area. The wagons halt, and Lydus’s slaves work to unpack trade goods and deal with the stabling of the animals.
Lydus informs the characters that he, the Persians and slaves will be occupied for much of the afternoon in trade negotiations with local shop owners and local folk. He will not need their services during this time, and he suggests that they brush off the road dust and relax at the Hog’s tavern with some wine. He’ll send one of his men if he has any need for them. Otherwise, he’ll meet them at there later and settle their accommodation.


Archi decides he wants to find any local herbalists so goes off to enquire about any in the town. The others go into the tavern. The Hog’s Trotters is the sole Tavern of the town. It is a multi-story structure with a tavern on the first floor and private rooms and a common room on the floor above all built into a rocky outcrop. The tavern isn’t frequented much during the afternoons and so the owner Darius leaves the running to his wife and two female and 2 male slaves. But, at noontime, and in the evenings, it gets packed full of pig farmers and random travellers and Darius makes sure he is there.  There is one regular patron present a depressed pig farmer, by the name of Glun, he is drowning his sorrows in beer. Glun shares with anyone who pays him any attention, the characters do, that his brother, Daek, sister-in-law, Mathilde, and a good friend left town yesterday. They had plans to settle north in the hamlet of Ayldvin, and Glun is quite unhappy with their decision. Glun’s mood brightens when he learns that the characters are travelling north and he asks them to share his best wishes if he encounters the group in Ayldvin.


A little while later a wild-haired, wild-eyed and toothless women enters. Her hair is caked in bird droppings and her rags barely conceal her emaciated form beneath. Apparently this is Zoona, shortly after Archi comes in having found out that she is the one he needs to see and tracking her here. She looks at the four of them and says “For a Obol I’ll reveal your fate as the spirits of the water see it,” she declares. ” and for two Obols I will brew you a potion of Good Fortune.” Zoona is highly revered by the locals and Telamon who says no upsets them, but Archi calms them down. Archi buys a potion, which he gives to Archi to see what happens, Jason also buys and drinks, Brypos says no to the fortune but buys a potion. She looks into their eyes I see long years of prosperity ahead, but days of hardship and doubt. She sees love and comfort, but also nights of loneliness and heartache.  To Brypos and Telamon she says “The spirits are offended! They tell me of misfortunes in your path and the wrath of the dead! I see the raggedy man waiting for you with pain in his mind and blood on his hands. I see your suffering and fear. I hear the lamentations of your loved ones and many graves to be dug!”  Zoona then takes a pouch from within her rags and empties the contents into the Archi’s, Jason and Brypos’s drinks. The smell is obscene: sickly sweet, like rotten chicken. She stirs the drink with her finger, spits into it, and declares it ready. “Pour this into a flask. When you consume it, you will be assured Good Fortune for a day and a night. No harm will come to you. The water spirits have spoken!” Jason, Brypos and Telamon drink their potions, dearly throwing up at the vile smelling and tasting wine.


BASH Issue 11 Oil Baron

Issue 11 Oil Baron

 Page 1

Air-Girl and Grenade learn about a mysterious crime wave in which gas stations discover their underground unleaded patrol tanks have somehow been emptied.

Air-Girl goes to watch the nearest petrol station, while Grenade goes to talk with Martha the reporter.


Page 2

Grenade is told by Martha that this has been going on for some months and the police have no clues. The tanks just end up empty not long after a delivery.


Air-Girl uses her investigation skills, on the immediate area. She notices a hole in a nearby road with fuel spurting out of it. She also sees a car skidding on the fuel and some people looking into the hole.


Page 3

Air-Girl heads home to do some computer investigation.

Grenade and Martha head to the hole., after Air-Girl informs him of it.


Page 4

There are 3 crashed cars in the area now. Martha runs towards the cars and slips on the fuel.

Grenade does some flips and catches Martha before she hits the ground. He puts her down and then vanishes [uses his stealth to slip away]


Page 5

Grenade hears a cry from nearby.

He goes to investigate

The petrol station casher is being menaced by dog-sized creatures with muzzles like a giant conical screw.

Grenade calls for help from Air-Girl


Page 6

Air-Girl fly’s in and hovers above.


Page 7

Air-Girl blasts one of the creatures with her air blast. The blast of wind knocks the mole like creature backwards.

The four moles all start to spin their screw muzzles.

Grenade throws a charged marble at a mole but does not appear to do any damage.


Page 8

Air-Girl blasts the mole again with her air blast knocking it into a wall and breaking the robot creature apart.

The three remaining moles burrow just under the ground towards Grenade.

Grenade Touches one of the moles with explodes into bits as its kinetic energy is released.

There is a big ooh from the bystanders, who are using their phones to catch the action.


Page 9

Air-Girl blasts another mole to pieces, and calls on the civilians to stand back.
Grenade breaks the last of the mole bots

That’s 2 each.

The crowd cheer.


Page 10

Air-Girl investigates the bits and finds some clues.

The parts were made by the Oji Koji Roboto Corporation from Japan and carry serial numbers.

She goes off to investigate this company.

Grenade also leaves.


Page 11

Martha reports on the action and condemns the heroes for not helping to deal with the fuel leak which has caused contamination in the local area.  [gain 1 infamy]


Page 12

Air-Girl hacks the servers of the Japanese company and finds that these bots had been sold to a Mr Chapman, who likes to be known as Lord Chapman.


Page 13

Air-Girl now investigates Lord Chapman.

Chester Chapman came from a high-society family.

His brother Lewis inherited the family title and the lion’s share of the wealth.


Page 14

The young men fell in love with the same upper-class lady, and when she chose Lewis over Chester, he chose to believe it was because of Lewis’s money and title.


Page 15
Worried that their envious son would cause trouble, Chester’s parents packed him off to Harbor Business
College in America. He discovered his accent and social class were a ticket to instant popularity. He made a small fortune through risky stock gambles, and he used the money to buy gas stations, uniting them into a company called CheapCo.


Page 16

He has now started to operate in the UK in conflict with the family firm, which is now part of BP.

His first stations are along the M4.

He always starts by under cutting the local price then once he has driven the others away raising the price back up but always less than the average.

His newest station is just off Junction 18.

Chester Chapman, is very normal: a congenial gentleman; a conservative dresser.


Page 17

Air-Girl then investigates any fuel mysteries in the states and if they are near CheepCo stations.

She finds a string of such mysteries.


Page 18

She tries to hack CheepCo servers but finds there defence’s are better than any she has come across before and so fails.

She try’s the UK government Customs and Excise system and finds that CheepCo is paying fuel duty and around about the amount you would expect from a small company with small stations.


Page 19

Doug [Grenade] heads off to ask other small garages where they get there petrol from and where they think CheepCo gets its from.

They have no idea how Chapman manages to undercut even the supermarkets.

They use the spot market and if he does he is running at a loss.


Page 20

Air-Girl fly’s off to watch the CheepCo garage at Junction 18 of the M4, keeping watch to see how things work.

Its a simple garage, with a repair shop and only un-leaded fuel.


Page 21

Doug contacts CheepCo HR for a local job, disguised as desperate for work.

He is told to talk to a local garage as all hiring is done locally.

He goes to the Junction 18 garage and talks to the manager

He lies about what he can do and manages to get a job.

First job is to unblock the loos.


Page 22

Next few days

Grenade gates to do loads of crap jobs as well as work on some cars.

Air-Girl records any cars Grenade works on, so he can make sure they get repaired properly.



Page 23

A CheepCo tanker turns up to offload gas.

Grenade uses his stealth and misdirection to get a sample of the petrol

The two of them recognise that the driver is Lord Chapman himself.


Page 24

Air-Girl follows the truck when it leaves.


Page 25

Early that evening

The tanker stops near a BP garage, about a street away.

She calls for Grenade.

Grenade gets a young lady in a sports car who just happened to be at the garage to give him a lift.


Page 26

Air-Girl sets up her camera phone to record for evidence

Grenade suggests that Lord Chapman might want to tell them what’s going on.



Page 27

I am Oil Baron, a modern Robin Hood if you will. I take expensive fuel and sell it cheep to the normal people. You are the evil ones here trying to stop people having fuel for their daily needs. Now get out of my way and let me finish what I need to do.

As he finishes he squirts, at Grenade, from his fuel nozzle an attack Grenade acrobatically avoids.


Page 28

Grenade reacts fast and flicks a powered up marble at the Oil Baron, although the marble hits the explosion has no effect on the Oil baron

Air-Girl lets fly with an air-burst but Oil Baron sees it coming and she misses

Oil Baron sprays a different mix at Grenade which hits and nullifies his explode object power.


Page 29

Grenade, with no Explode Power, moves to grab the Oil Baron but the Baron slips away.

Air-Girl Wind-Blasts again this time knocking the Baron back 16′ into a wall.

Baron sprays Grenade again, knocking him back 50′ wreaking a car on his way. Grenade is injurded.


Page 30

Grenade hides

Air-Girl blasts Baron again, from out of his spray range, but this time has no effect.

Baron manages to adapt his spray, power stunt, to increase its range by taking away its line effect. However unfamiliar with this spray he misses.


Page 31

Grenade runs to behind Baron, keeping hidden.

Air-Girl hits Baron with her Wind-Blast knocking him back a few feet

Baron uses his modified spray on Air-Girl hitting her, seeing that Air-Girl does not have her force field up Grenade throws himself into the path of the spray. The damage of the chemicals render him unconscious.


Page 32

Grenade lies on the ground unconscious.

Air-Girl Blasts at Baron and moves away hopefully out of range. Her Wind-Blast hits Baron and knocks him back 30′ into another wall, which is smashed by the impact.

Baron stands and looks and gloats ‘is that all you have?’


Page 33

Air-Girl puts up her force-field of swirling air and moves back into range of the Baron. Using her mastery of  air she creates a Mini-cyclone to pick up bricks from the wall and throw them at the Baron. The impact knocks him back into the garden.

Baron tries the nullify trick on Air-Girl to cancel her Air powers, he fails.


Page 34

Air-Girl creates a Whirlwind around Baron to hold him immobilised.

Baron is stuck and trying to free himself from the vortex.


Page 35

Grenade recovers [used hero die]

Air-Girl again uses a Mini-Cyclone to throw bricks at Baron but again this has no real effect.

She realises that as long as he has his armoured suite on she can do no more than hold him.

Baron is still struggling to get free


Page 36

Grenade starts to use his cane to hammer at the Barons suite

Air-Girl chucks more wall bits at him with no effect

Baron continues to struggle.


Page 37

Grenade keeps trying to damage Barons suite while Air-girl renews her Whirlwind around the Baron each time he gets free.


Page 38

Eventually Grenade breaks the Oil Barons suite and starts to hit him instead, however without his exploding power it will be a long job.

Air-Girl continues to hold the Baron in her Whirlwind.

Baron continues to try to get free and stay free.


Page 39

While Air-Girl and Grenade are still fighting Baron ARG, Police Armed Response Groups, turn up armed with Auto Assault Pulse Rifles. Oil Baron soon sees that further resistance is pointless and gives in to be taken off by the police.

Air-Girl shares the video onto the cloud so it can be used against him in court along with the other info they have on him.


Page 40

Air-Girl and Grenade leave, Air-Girl carrying Grenade.

While Martha turns up to interview locals and using clips from the video makes a report which is picked up nationally.

‘The Stories of Errath the Bard Chapter 4 – Part 2

‘The Stories of Errath the Bard Chapter 4

The Iron Flow River & The Censer of Weal

Earlier Chapters here

————————– Part 2 —————–

James tells us that before we left Duvik Pass he charmed a messenger gave him 10 gold and sent him off to the High Elf King and Queen of Loreddell, this is a over 200 mile teak through forest. He send a letter to the King and Queen along with the dragons heart, he also gave the messenger a safe pass. It said “the bear of this letter is taking a time limited gift and a request for help from Duvik Pass to their Majesties the King and Queen of Loreddell. Please allow the messenger fee passage and provide all the help and guidance which may be required to allow delivery to their majesties.” Sigen James de Gil-sthind [Knight of Shalloenoi]. The letter explains that they killed a red dragon a few days ago and the back story to the haunting in Duvik Pass, he asks for a pious cleric to come and  deal with it or send a scroll. He continues that the temple of Hombel in Duvik has some Elven art they might like, including a crescent moon to Lumiya.  He then explained about the censer and how Elven help might increase their influence in the area. We are all annoyed that he did not discuss this with us first, after all it is a party item and not his, Thorn is particularly angry as he does not want elves messing dwarf issues. He defended his decision saying he can do what he wants. [GM reduces James Party passion and raises the others] We are also concerned for the messenger send off on his own into the wilds to find a elf city in the forest.

We reach the dwarf town of Lastever late that day, mid month of the Spiner, the road passes along various valleys and across hills always following the Iron Flow river. The road eventually heads into the mountains of the Iron Kingdom around 10-15 miles from Duvik Pass. Lastever – is a small underground mountain town entered through a guarded gate house with 10′ and 10′ wide doors. Its Rules – Non Dwarfs are only allowed to carry a small weapon while in the town. Non-Dwarfs must pay a entry fee of 1gp per person or animal.

We ask about accommodation and the guards say that there is only the Last Ever Retreat run by the Drakebrew family. The guards also tell us about the is a big Temple to Moradin here, ‘Rebril Moradin’ is the High Priest all first contact is with a lower priest ‘Aruron’  known for his geniality and long red beard. The town leader is Thorin who has a long grey beard, he has the respect of his clan and will treat all non clan members well as long as they do not go against the clans interests. At the inn we pay 2 gold each for a couple of nights B&B plus dinner, we also have to pay for our animals. After dinner we each go to talk to the other patrons here, trying to find out more about them. Thorn talks to Pike, while James gambles with the guards and I talk to the Millers. Gnoman talks to the gnomes and then the elf.


Human’s [merchants and guards], waiting for the road to be opened to Orden for his 20 mule caravan carrying various mixed high value goods. Edward Miller, merchant, sliver haired, tall with blue eyes from Greymoor. Impatient to get going as delay is costly happy to share stories over drinks.  Edward Miller jnr, looks like his dad but with dark hair, always looking around taking it all in, getting bored with being stuck here for more than a month. he pester his dad to be allowed to go with us. I tell the story of my damaged arm to put him off. Francine Pie, cook, Niece to Edward snr. Young pretty dark haired woman. Sgt Pike, Caravan guard leader. Tall well built introverted disciplinarian.  Joe, Hawk, Zac, Richard, Mat, Herman, Lomeli, Zoe & Hatie the twins.  Guards tall and beefy, the twins use crossbows the others Spear Shield and Darts.

3 Gnomes – the Clorkig family [two brothers and a cousin]  of gem-smiths here to buy. They have links to Gnomans clan. Now they know that Duvik is clear of plague they will head back there.

1 Elf – Elred travelling to Kasar.  non-descript – Outgoing, Listener, will start conversations and then listen asking questions to keep the talk going. Gnoman wonders if Elred is a spy of some sort.

James goes over to talk with a fellow elf, Elred, I Errath sing a ditty to help him as he tries to get to know about Elred. However Elred just glares and rises to leave, as he does I use Druid cant on him to apologise, I am just ignored, Elred leaves the dinning area. Thorn goes to visit the local dwarfs spending some sliver at each home on ale as he talks with them. Only a Gnome or fellow dwarf would ever be invited into a home to drink. He finds out that there biggest concern is the Censer it means a lot to there faith in Moradin. Thorn eventually heads to bed where the rest of us already went. James had to cast Calm on himself to be able to sleep underground.

Next morning over breakfast we catch up and discuss the suspicion that Elred is a Drow Spy in disguise. We decide that Thorn needs to go and talk at the  temple to find out more about the Censer. He puts on his clerical robes and goes to see Aruron to ask if he can see Rebril.  Aruron asks waht he want and Thorn says he has three questions to ask; 1- What they know about Elred, 2- for help dealing with a ghost at Duvik Pass, 3- about White fang Fort. Aruron says he can answer the first, they do not know much other than he is an elf in a dwarf-old, which is unusual, he has not caused any trouble. For 2 he says he will need to talk to Rebril and for 3 to Thorin the clan leader. Aruron goes to see Rebril and comes back and says Thorn can have lunch with him. Thorn and Rebril talk over lunch and then mediate and pray in the temple. Rebril wants the censer back before anything else. He also believes that our group is the answer to his prayers.  He is worried about letting a large group go to find the Censer as he does not want to drive its holders away, assuming they have found it.

During the afternoon while waiting to see Thorin Thorn, Gnoman and myself go to look around the market. Thorn is looking for a magical mace which he does not find but does buy a nice new plate helm. Gnoman and I look for magical sling’s, which the market does not have. However we do find that these dwarfs do have sling steel shot with a lead core for using with slings. Not only does it make them more reusable it also increases there damage, so we buy a bunch of it.

Later on Thorn and Gnoman head off to speak with Thorin for dinner. Thorin has a long grey beard, his only interest at the moment is the Censer and fort. During our conversation we find that Thorin would like to send a large forse to recover the fort and Censer, but Rebril is worried that will mean the loss of the Censer. The Dwarfs do not care who garrisons the fort just that it is so there is safe passage for caravans. The only information they have is that the fort fell just after the Censer arrived there on its way here. There have been reports of Goblins and Bugbears in the area but no one has got close to the fort.. The fort was garrisoned by human soldiers who are assumed all dead. There is history of a Brass Dragon being in the mountains in the past. The fort covers the road to Ordin with two gates, it has two towers close to the rock face for accommodation over a main hall. The plans are held in Kassar and he has only visited it once or twice. Thorin offers a 1,000gp contract for this work, finding the Censer and clearing the fort,  payable by the Dwarfs of the Iron Mountains, mainly the towns of Laetever, Orden and the City of Kasar. He will want oaths sworn on guild or other binding passions. We manage to talk him round to 1,000 of gold for the Censer with an extra 500 gold if we can sort out the fort as well.

We agree that we will do this job and all make the required oaths. With the fort only 5-8 miles from Lastever so we can use it as a base as we scout and explore to decide what we can do. Thorin agrees that we can have rest and accommodation here will we work..

Who has attacked the Fort?

Who has the Censer?

Can we recover it and the fort?

‘The Stories of Errath the Bard Chapter 4 – The Iron Flow River & The Censer of Weal

‘The Stories of Errath the Bard Chapter 4

The Iron Flow River & The Censer of Weal

Earlier Chapters here

While spending the next day with Gari and the dwarfs at Grundbar, we contemplate on our last days, the killing of a dragon, dealing with goblins and encaging with the dwarfs.  Next morning we start talking about how we divide up the loot. Eventually as James wants wagons to transport the cut up dragon as well as being to talk to Ernst the Yellow about new spells, now he has reached the level of Adept mage having learnt the spell Fly, and also in identifying our loot. He goes with Gnoman with the pony and familiars and heads back to Duvik Pass. While they are there Thorn starts work with my help on making slings from dragon gut. During the next day Thorn makes three slings two of which are effective improving the damage of the shot. He keeps one giving his owl bear one and the others away.

First stop after being welcomed at the gates is to Ernst the Yellow, the conversation ends with Ernst saying to sell dragon parts they would properly have to go to Greymoor city, at least for the heart. Other parts might well be of use in other ways as he and James gathered with the following knowledge they shared, mostly from James reading of an old Elvin guide when he was younger. [James’s players input]


The Elric Guide to Cooking & other uses for Dragon Bodies

 MEAT……Some say Dragon meat is toxic others (mostly fire giants) that it offers a unique taste experience and is the ultimate gift to any Jarl. The Guides position is that only the Dragon’s blood and bile is toxic and acidic so Chef’s need to take great care with their preparation and remove all trace of blood and bile from the meat or they will probably kill any diner without the constitution of a Fire Giant and themselves if they fumble.

Certain very brave or mad individuals and Fire Giant Shaman are known to eat parts of the Dragon raw or “blue” and served with magic mushrooms in order to see visions and enter the dream world. Even Elric the Mad considered this as a dangerous hobby. Sells for about 2sp per lb, it does need Purify Food at one Intensity per 5lb needed, cast on it before cooking to remove toxins from the meat

HIDE …….Can he used to make shield covers and some of the finest scale armour in the world but shortage of raw material means it is normally limited to Elite Fire Giants, Hero’s and the very rich. Scale armour made from Dragon hide increases in armour protection and weight with the age of the Dragon but on average it is lighter and stronger than metal scale armour. Plus depending Dragon hide used the armour/shield will offer superior protection against the particular attack type that Dragon is immune too ie Black Dragon Armour protects against acid, Red Dragon armour offers superior protection against fire etc.

– Major disadvantage of Dragon armour is that it produces a negative reaction in Dragons. Even a Dragon type hostile to the type of Dragon being worn like a Silver Dragon viewing Red Dragon Armour is likely to view it as being in very poor taste.

– Cost of Dragon Scale Armour varies as normally the buyer has to provide the raw materials and will want a discount based on provision of the raw material. While the armour maker will claim cost of time & difficulty of dealing with unusual material more than makes up for any saving due to having raw material supplied & will want a premium price. Can be made into armour with ENC equal to 2 per area of body covered. Each 5lb of hide is needed to cover one body area.  The Hide will give an Amour value of 4, similar to metal armour. Plus there is a 40% chance of any of its immunities working each time they are needed a good quality hide ups this to 60%. It takes a week or more to prepare hides for use. The hide sells for around 5gp per ENC

DRAGONS & MAGIC …….Being creatures of pure magic Dragon blood & body parts are valuable to Magical & Alchemist Guilds esp since many spells & potions may call for specific raw materials like eye of frog, virgins blood, skin of toad etc which may not always be too hand. However, it has been found that blood & parts from a creature of Magic will work just as well. One Dragon will therefore keep a whole guild from running out of raw materials for decades while certain Dragon parts have specific uses. Blood fresh sells for around 2gp per pint; clotted blood for around 1gp per pint; while other organs might go for 1gp per ENC

DRAGON BONES…….The very best Rune Sticks for Diviners are made out of Dragon Bones. 99% of so called Dragon Bone Rune Sticks are fake or from very large Lizards rather than Dragons but correctly enchanted Dragon Bone Rune sticks will made divination spells easier. While a full Dragon Skeleton combined with a high intensity Animate Dead spell can greatly enhance the protection of a town, guild, forest, tomb or sacred store. While many are uncomfortable with anything to do with Necromancy some Dragons Skeletons now have honoured internment’s awaiting a summons to defend in death the forests etc they defended in life.

Claws and Heads are often wanted for display by various inns etc. Whole Claws  – sell for around D6+4gp;  Head – sell for 3d6 +6gp

DRAGON HEARTS………A Dragon Heart less than a month old is vital to a Master Alchemist wanting to create a control Dragon potion. Older Hearts are normally smoked, spiced and traded to Giants for the blood used in potions of Giant Strength. They sell for around 80gp if a week old losing 20gp per week after that

DRAGON TENDON…….Used to make the very best (sometimes magical) slings, sling staffs, bow strings, musical instrument strings, ropes, bolas and bull roarers. Sells for 1gp per ENC

DRAGON TEETH………For reasons unknown if used as a focus for a summon monster spell the spell will always summon Skeletons. Dragon teeth can be enchanted with this spell and a permanent spell. Dragons have about 60 teeth each. Sell for 1gp each – when thrown on the ground as part of a summoning it creates a skeleton warrior, however no more can appear than the spell would allow with a max appearing roll. Maybe the only way a summoning will bring a specific creature.

DRAGON EYES……..Sought by diviners who use them as a scanning tool also if used as a focus for a Wizard Eye spell the spell will have a better chance of seeing the invisible and hidden.


Ernst tells James that now he has reached the next level of mage knowledge he will be expected to train an apprentice, or lose guild access. Ersnt says I have just the apprentice for you ‘ Mackenzie Fox’ a 6’7″ 250lb human male. Mackenzie is a strange apprentice, big and strong, his family of potters had the chance to put him into training as a mage and did. He is not sure he really wants to be one, his fancy is to be a Paladin, maybe one day for now he tries to help others as best as he can.’ Ernst says. He goes on, ‘he is very gentle and helpful to all, as well as hating bullies who have often felt the end of his staff, welded with a lot of power but little skill. He knows the Cantrips – Appraise, Calculate, Cleanse, Dry, Extinguish, Ignite, Magic Tricks, Magnify, Tidy, Warmth and you James will need to finish his learning of Read Magic and bring him up to Journeyman’. James agrees, after all this plays to his paternal nature.


Next they go to see Lord Sendars, his aide tells them they might need to get new clothes as there’s are looking very tatty and the same ones they were wearing last time. James casts Cleanse and Polish Cantrips on them both to  make them look better.  Lord Sendars is pleased to see them and listens to there tale of the dragon and mentions that they still have the ghost problem, James says that He might be able to get a scroll from the elves to the south for a cleric to cast, otherwise they need to get a message to Greymoor City. Lord Sendars also mentions he has some work needing doing in the town. 1- Needs help in repairing homes ready to receive new tenants. 2- There is a pack of wolves which have settled in the woods during the plague and are now a threat to restoring the livestock.. 3- Adverts are out for a new Militia and guard leader, as well as a few trained warriors as town guards and to be the core of the militia. Pay before taxes a house and 200gp a year. Lord Sendars hopes that at least one of the party will take the job.


James offers the use of his apprentice and thinks he can get another form Ernst to help with the homes as they will be able to use Tidy, Cleanse and Repair on them. Ersnt agrees and James gives them 26gp for any extra expenses’. Lord Sendars says he will take the Dragon head and claws in leu of any of the other items as per Kingdom policy. James also asks if he would like the group to get Grundbar to join his growing fiefdom, Lord Sendars says yes and offers to pay 100gp if they can do so. Lord Sendars also lends James two wagons with drivers to bring the dragon parts back.  Then James and Gnoman go an buy some new clothes, then Gnoman talks to Ernst about his journey to Adept and access to spells.


Next day the two of them plus wagons head back to Grundbar, which takes most of the day with the slow wagons. Once there the met up with the rest of us and tell us what they have been up to. Thorn then goes to talk to Gari, they talk about the local situation and somehow Thorn convinces the sceptical  Gari to sign up with Lord Sendars. Amazingly we have now added two dwarf mining hamlets to Lord Sendars mainly human town in the past week or so. We then get to work chopping up the dragon and adding the parts to the wagons, casting Preserve on those parts which need it. We add the Head, Hide, Claws and Bones, along with a load of meat, we leave the rest for the dwarfs, they give us two drink barrels which Gnoman Cleanses and we fill with 100 pints of preserved blood.


Next day we leave the dwarfs and escort the wagons back to Duvik Pass. Once there we give the Meat, Claws and Head to Lord Sendars and collect our 100 gold for adding to his domain. He is very pleased as he can now host dragon meat parties for other nobles. We than take the Blood to Ernst and ask him to indentify the Cape, Hammer and Paints for us along with the four potions. Normally this requires a expensive pearl to do this each time, instead James and Ernst hope that dragon blood will do. So with me, Gnoman and the apprentices watching Ernst with James’s aid starts casting Identify on the object one at a time.


Ernst finds he needs a couple of pints of blood for each casting by the end he thinks that drying the blood thereby taking the water from it would leave a magical powder which will replace a lot of items for casting magic.

The War Hammer is a simple well balanced plus one weapon which goes to Orid.

Mera ends up with the Marvellous Elvin Paints, these pigments allow you to create three-dimensional objects by painting them in two dimensions. The paint flows from the brush to form the desired object as you concentrate on its image. She has many thoughts about what she can use these for.  A door into another room or to escape for a start others she keeps to herself..

James persuades us to let him have the red and gold cape, which turns out to be a cape of the Slider. This will allow him, once a day, to open a dimension door and slide up to 100′, when he disappears, he will leave behind a cloud of harmless gray smoke, appearing in a similar fashion at his destination up to 100′ away. The potions turn out to be Bronze looking Potion of Climbing which will cause a burning sensation with drunk. Taken by Gnoman.

Clear acidic smelling Potion of Greater Healing. Taken by me.

Clove smelling Potion of Hill Giant Strength. Taken by Thorn.

Blue Looking Potion in a faceted phial etched with geometric patterns of Fire Resistance. Taken by me.

Crystal Crescent Moon holy symbol of Lumiya encased in Brass kept to give to elves.

Sliver Buckle inlaid with fine steel Elfish symbols kept by Thorn for his belt.

Marble figurine of a Flaming Sword set with Red Onyx Sacred to Firinna given to Father Samuel for his temple.

Each also gets 16 gold and 5 sliver from our payment from Lord Sendars.


Orid once he hears about the job as guard commander in the town says that he will be happy to take it on, the rest of us think it is a good idea as it will give us a friendly ally in the town. He says, ‘I will train the best of the militia as archers and pass on my own training.’ Mera says, ‘As Ron needs to get home to his father, maybe I could escort him home?’ ‘After all I would like to leave the group now and enjoy my new wealth, Gnoman also gives her his armour as he has decided to just use invisibility and speed as defence, it will also mean he casts his spells quicker without the armour. The group think about this and try to have some insight into to why she has volunteered, we decide she has wants to gain the praise for returning him. We deal with this Thorn gives him a letter to his father to report the adventure to rescue him. Gnoman also gives him a letter for his family to explain what happened to Gnomiss. James writes a letter to Slivas the Wise about noticing missing stars.  Thorn gives Ron 15 gold to cover his travel costs, and James gives him 15 gold to give to Fenald at Gramby for his cloak.


So Ron sets out on his horse with Mera behind him, with 55 gold of his own and 65 from us to head home with letters and instructions. Mera has her second hand studded leather armour, a Owl Bear sling from Thorn, Elvish paints, Extra Healing Potion and 150 gold, a good payout for a few weeks work. It will keep her able to work as a cleric until the Spring. Orid takes up his post as guard commander having gained, a Extra Healing Potion along with the War-hammer and over 100 gold, with a steady income and access to other dwarfs he seems happy. The rest of us have a long discussion about our next direction, we have three options. 1- Go with Ron back to Greymoor city doing all the things we had given him letters to do. 2- Go to see the Elves, which is James favourite, who might have more info on the Censer and should have a scroll to deal with the ghost. 3- Head to Lastever to find out about White Fang Fort and the Censer. We decide to go with the last option and prepare to head to Leastever town about 10 to 15 miles away from Duvik Pass. So mid month of the Spinner we load up and head out, with a couple of supply wagons and driver for Lastever. The wagons have cheeses and such and will bring back some dwarf gold.









————————– Into Danger ———————————


‘Why is Ron being held’ we ask Gari. ‘He has been found guilty of trying to steal some marvellous Dwarven Two Handed Hammers which can melt rock. He was caught leaving the Hold with them in his saddle bags’ Gari says.  ‘He claimed that he was just taking them out into the light to examine them, however as he did not ask permission and was caught it was a open and shut case’ Gari continues. ‘He has been given a minor sentence of 50 to 100 years as he is a human.’ ‘Can we see him’ we ask. ‘No not till you have paid his sentence off. By helping us deal with this problem’ Gari finishes.  Thorn does not see anything wrong in this its within dwarven customs, even if odd to humans, even an elf should see that a short sentence is not out of order.  No matter what we say we can not get him to change his mind so we prepare to send Gnoman, our scout, off to explore. In preparation James casts invisibility on Gnomans cat familiar while Gnoman casts it on himself using the cats magic power.  Thorn then casts Slow Poison on Gnoman and Mera casts Endure heat and Cold on him. All these spells last for at least 4 hours and the invisibility for 12.


Now all prepared and with a crude map, our heroic scout heads off past the door to the area the Goblins hold. We had been waiting for some hours when Gnoman reappears before us all, looking quite shaken and he tells us this tail.


Entering a corridor he goes left and reaches a door to what was a guardhouse, checking for traps on the door he finds none and carefully opens it. With the night sight given to him by his familiar and his Infravision Gnoman can see six goblins in a huddle and hear their voices. Seeing as they are in the middle of this long thin room he goes slowly round the wall till he reaches the exit.  As he goes he see some skeletons on the floor and notices that all the bed and other fittings have been smashed off.  Reaching the exit in the top right of the room he notices that the door has been smashed off its fittings.


Entering another corridor which has four turns in it, he goes carefully checking for traps, but finds none and he doesn’t fall into any. He reaches another doorway with no door and can see into a big room, what he has been told was a marketplace. It is now a camp site with a few small cooking fires, shanties and tents covering the area along with at least 12 goblins.  Slowly Gnoman moves through the crowded hall, at one point a Goblin looks round to where he is but then goes back to what it is doing. He must have been heard.


He takes the side exit halfway up the west wall, again the door is missing and looks into a square very high room, this should have been a feasting hall but now.  It has now sounds of dwarven parties or full of light. Now it seems to be home to another 12 goblins, all grouped around a small fire in one of the 3 heaths or playing King on the stone throne cut from the rock. Gnoman avoids the goblins and heads north a few feet to another doorway, this leads into what seems have been a room of statues however they are now all broken and 4 goblins are playing with the stone heads. Crossing slowly to the other side of the room he exits through another doorless doorway and into another short corridor with turns.


This short corridor leads him into another massive room with daylight coming from above where the ceiling has collapsed. Gnoman stands in shock at the sight before him. On a small pile of sliver with odd hints of gold and other things is a Red Dragon. As he stands in shock the dragon moves its head and says, in common, ‘I smell goblin no it isn’t its a Gnome, now what are you doing sneaking around here’. At this Gnoman turns and goes back the way he came to report back to us and Gari.


We spend the rest of the day in discussion with each other and Gari. James wants to find the roof opening and come in from that way, bypassing the goblins but eventually we decide that that would not be very easy with a dragon 150′ below us as we came down on ropes or using the Levitate spell. Gari also is not happy with any idea which requires the dwarves to attack the goblins while the dragon is still a threat. He says  it seems to him that the goblins just full back to the dragon when attacked and that is what happened to his earlier attacks. In the end we decide to do what Gnoman did with three of us, me, Thorn and James. James is also quite animated about the reward for doing this, not really thinking that freeing Ron is enough. However Thorn puts Ron first and the rest of us support him as a member of the party [otherwise our party passion would suffer]. First we decide to have a good nights rest to recover magical energy.


Next morning  all rested and with James having practised with Gnomans hand-crossbow and I with James’s darts, the new dragon slaying ones, we are ready to go. First we have a load of magical protection put onto us. Mera, Thorn and Gnoman cast Invisibility, Silence, Endure Heat and Barkskin on us. Silence, cast by Thorn on himself, is the shortest lasting and gives us just around 1/4 of an hour to get to the dragon, the other spells will last at least 20 minutes and up to 12 hours for invisibility.


Being silenced we hold hands and jog through the areas the goblins hold, following Gnomans directions from before. We quickly find that holding hands and jogging means that goblins get in the way, but with some luck we avoid all contact. It is hard to work as a group when we can not see each other or talk. Anyway after a short time we reach the corridor before the dragon and stop. once the silence has worn off James says he will go in and shoot the dragon with the red dragon slaying bolt in the hand crossbow while we wait at the door way ready to use the dart in my case or in Thorns case charge in with his mace to take the fire on his sheild. With Endure heat and Barkskin we should be able to face the first blast of fire from this dragon.


We enter the dragons lair and stand in awe at the shock of seeing it [luck used to pass test], as we do we all notice that the dragon is showing us its right side and its hindquarters and right wing have a burn scar where its scales have been blasted away.  It is also a young dragon rather than a massive older one. This might be easier than we thought!. James move to within 20′ of the dragon raises the small hand crossbow and fires at the dragon aiming for the damaged area. Again he is very lucky and makes the shot hitting its hindquarters.


The iron core red dragon slaying bolt glides past the damaged scales and into its body. The dragon opens its eyes sees James, his invisibly having fallen as he fired, and as he opens his mouth he jerks and dies. Well that wasn’t so hard after all, one shot and a dead dragon, we were lucky heroes.


James casts invisibly on himself and the three of us head back through the goblins, this time we do not have silence but we are in no rush either.  So we get back to the dwarven area and reappear. Gari and everyone else is overjoyed at seeing us. Gari says now we can deal with the goblins and Thorn and James join a large dwarf force to cut down the goblins who as expected fall back towards the dragon where we cut them down around its body.


With the job done Ron is freed to us along with his horse and gear. Gari then says that we can take the items in the dragon pile leaving all the coin and gems.  It takes some sorting but we are in no hurry and we sort out.:- 3,500sp; 550gp; coins and some gems – Amethyst; Pearl Sliver; Pearl Black; Pink Topaz

Items –

Gilded wooden mask of a Dwarf

Platinum mask of the Dwarf God Moradin

Those above the Dwarfs keep these below we get to keep.

Crystal Crescent Moon encased in Brass holy symbol of Lumiya

Sliver Buckle inlaid with fine Elfish symbols in steel

Marble figurine of a Flaming Sword set with Red Onyx, Sacred to Firinna

War Hammer [Magical]

Cape Bright Red and Gold [Magical]

Small paint box made of hard wood. Elvish symbols mark it. it contains 3 pots of paint, red, blue and yellow along with a fancy brush. Marvellous Elvin Paints the box says in Elvin [Magical]

Potions –

Bronze looking Potion.

Clear acidic smelling Potion

Clove smelling Potion

Blue Looking Potion in a faceted phial etched with geometric patterns of Fire Resistance


We get to take those in bold and even though we know some are magical due to casting a detect magic spell we do not yet know what all do. James also tells Gari that we are taking some parts of the dragon and James has me, Errath, cut out the heart, eyes and some skin to make hid armour for me while collecting some blood in vials the dwarfs had. He thinks that Earnest the Yellow back at Duvik Pass will want them and he wants access to his spell books again. James says, ‘well at least we now have some more idea about why so many mountain groups have been on the move, something out there caused a lighting hit to this dragon and the fort at Whitefang. That will be our next stop going to find the Censer after we have got a contract for it.’  I wonder if he is right and what can cause so much trouble.