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DIADOCHI WARLORDS [DW] is a historical fantasy setting for the MYTHRAS Roleplaying Game.  Player characters are tough and rootless mercenaries, or wandering fortune hunters seeking a rich patron or perhaps rumour of a lost treasure hoard. The world they inhabit is dominated by huge and powerful kingdoms, massive fragments of Alexander the Great’s short-lived world-spanning empire. His generals spawned a number of dynasties which now make interminable war on one another. All wish to be the next ‘Alexander’ – and the hoplite armies pay for these fruitless ambitions in blood … DW gives you a way to mix the vividly historical with the monsters and magic of Greek myth. We get both halves of Greece – as long as you enjoy a little ‘imaginative interpretation’ at the expense of rigorous historical accuracy. The aim of this booklet is firstly to map out the amendments and rules additions needed to convey the Greek setting. Read the rest here DIADOCHI WARLOARDS V5.2


Characters at end of first session

Barypos Alan Greek PC 1.2

Jason Stuart Greek PC V 1.2

Telamon Stephen Greek PC V 1.2

Archi Mat Greek PC V 1.2

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Chapter 7 

DW is based on Warlords of Alexander changed for RQ6/Mythras