Theban V Macedonian DBA

A battle report from a DBA Big Battle between my Theban’s and Stuart’s Macedonian’s.

My Theban’s [left side of pic] had a Thessalonian ally on the right with my CiC on the left with 3 of the four deep spears, while the Theban sub general  also a deep spear unit commanded the center from his position up with the other deep spears. The Macedonian’s keep all there horse as a reserve with Thracian’s in the far wood and Hypisats on his right with some light infantry. His center was deep pike with generals.

I had decided to push my deep spears quickly into contact while threatening both flanks with my cavalry although the terrain made that hard and his reserve would counter any move.

After the first couple of moves the lines looked like this. My Thessalonian’s had pushed their light foot into the wood and been routed, but had slowed down that part of the Macedonian army.


The next few turns brought advantages to both sides. My deep spear CiC was pushing its way through the pikes, however both Macedonian generals where breaking through my lines.


The end is in sight, my Theban’s are about to break as the Macedonian generals and support infantry punch through and start taking out my flanking units.








The battle ends with my army broken as the left flank breaks leaving the CiC isolated and the Sub General separated from the rest of his command by the Macedonian general and pikes which are breaking through the spear units. The unbroken Thessalonians, pull back and ride away leaving the Theban’s to die.












The next few hours are a little strange. After we pick up our used ammo we sit down among the dead Kobolds while James talks to our new friendly Kobold in Goblin, which only they know, if not well. James asks if his friend would like to replace the Kobold chief? Which he would. James then talks with him about the way in and any traps. It turns out that the main dwarven stone doors  are trapped and alarmed with a bell and deadfall. Behind that are 4 guards with a boar and then a crossbow trap before the main living area where they will be a lot of Kobolds. The chief and his personal guard are off to the right, with some acid pits traps protecting them, with some dwarves held as captives deeper in. James works out that the chief must be a wizard as he has a Pseudo-dragon  familiar, James describes him as a poor hedge wizard but I say a cave wizard. The 4 guards have a shaman with them a worshiper of Wohoon who also has another boar with him.


It turns out the Kobolds came here from the mountains around Whitefang fort after being driven out by much bigger scaly creatures like themselves.  They entered the mine through a small, 2′ tall and wide, tunnel from deeper in the mountains. The chief now has the dwarfs widening it, although he does not know why, maybe to bring some bigger creatures through. James says maybe they could shove the gnome up the watery passage, although Gnoman was not happy with that idea.  We then spent the next hour trying to work out a plan to get into the mine without having to fight so many Kobolds, James talked with friend, Kobold, to see if there was any way of drawing the chief out of the mine, he didn’t think it was likely.


Eventually after a few hours we decided to move on after dinning the Kobold bodies. Although I had the gruesome task of skinning one so Gnoman could wear it to pass the Boars, as he would smell like the Kobolds it was to ignore. James got his ‘friend’ to choice the one he hated most. James gives Gnoman the summon monster scroll he has and Gnoman uses read magic to decipher it so he can use it to summon help once he gets into the mines. He is to go invisible and shrouded in the Kobold skin get past the front area to free the captives. Gnoman now has a cunning plan and he believes the stars favour it.


James asks the Kobold to take them to the mine then we change our mine and head onwards to the hamlet of Tarifel instead.  Knowing that entering with a Kobolds would be a bad idea, just Gnoman and Thorn towards the high walls of the primarily Dwarven hamlet. Tarifel is defended by a stone wall and we are shouted at by a dwarf guard on a gate tower, he wants to know what we want. Gnoman introduces himself and Thorn, making the guard chuckle at the idea of a Dwarf being introduced by a Gnome, Gnoman says he has lost his voice. and can they see the person in charge as they have come to clear the mine. Tarifel isrun by a grim dwarven captain Lady Grida, she agrees to see them. They find out from her that the hamlet has good marble quarries and a iron ore mine which also produces rubies. It is the mine which has been occupied by the Kobolds. She wonders what just a couple can do to help but Gnoman says they have come from Lord Senders of Duvik’s Pass and there are some more outside. ‘We would like her to send some of the locals to cover the entrance to the mine when they go in.’ After a little discussion she agrees, even though her people have taken a lot of damage from the incursion which they tried to fight back against. She does tell us that there are some other adventuring types in the tavern who might sign up to help, so we head there.


The Golden Purse, is a typical Dwarven tavern, made just tall enough for taller people and warm and cosy. It is run by Sveigga a female dwarf, she welcomes us and shows us the menu. We see a locked cabinet behind her with a array of weapons, her previous trade she says. We soon find the four non locals and we go and talk with them. Thorn goes to talk to Mera a Halfling cleric and Orid a dwarf warrior. Gnoman talks to Ripa a dwarf entertainer, if there can be such a thing, and Khatelch a willowy female dwarf.


Mera Midge turns out to be a cleric of Merrithrawn who is waiting for a group to join and help clear the mine for gold. She brings the ability to withstand heat and cold, know what the weather will be as well as order people and heal wounds. She wears dark robes with her holy sysmbol of a lyre on a sliver chain, and appears to be armed with a short sword and carries a lyre, I would play much better than her. Orid is a overweight blonde dwarf with bright hazel eyes. He says that he hates Kobolds and loves gold and brings his trusty long sword and bow to the fight, he seems to wear mail and carries a target shield along with his weapons. His robes are stone coloured. Both of them seem happy to join us and bring some good skills.


Riba the dwarf entertainer seems to be just that an entertainer  he is more interested in telling the story of what we manage than joining us. Khatelch turns out to be a member of the thief’s guild but she is not very forthcoming as to her skills and she seems to be under some sort of family curse which she is trying to lift, she will not say what nor does she think that joining us will help her.  She might have been useful with her staff and darts as well as her skills but never mind we do have two recruits.


Having talked to these people in the tavern we move over to the seeming potion shop Sveigga house. The conversation with her goes very strangely as she seems to only ask questions of Gnoman, he does get her to give one healing balm and Thorn buys another. A very odd character she is. With some help arranged our slightly bigger party heads to the nearby mine with six old and young dwarfs armed with crossbows.



Earlier parts Here


We head back to Duvik leaving the militia to start cleaning up the place and dealing with the bodies. We also make sure they remember about the other locked door so no one else gets killed by a trap. Back in the town James, Thorn and Gnoman spend some time reflecting on their small adventure. Thorn goes to the temple and prays for a new spell from Hombel, he gets two one free, as a thank you he gives the cold iron quarterstaff he has which is good against Fey to the temple. Gnoman buys a scroll of Know Lang and scribes it into his spell book. James spends some time star spotting, noticing that some stars seem to be missing, he tries to think if he has heard of similar occurrences but none come to mind. Still it is odd. James and Gnoman both want to send messages to Greymoor, however there seem to be no travelling merchants at the moment coming from the towns of Orden or Lastever further up the Ironflow river.



Gnoman goes to find the thieves guild to see if they have any idea what is going on with the caravans. He follows the trail of thieves cant markings to a contact, he pays one gold and introduces himself. The guild leader has heard of Gnoman and sits and talks with him about the merchant trade. It seems no caravans have come since the plague was curried. This is odd as both them and the Censer should have been here by now. The guild has heard that there is more Kobold activity and there are fears that Whitefang fort might have had a problem as it should have stopped any attacks on caravans. The guild will keep him updated if they hear anymore.


Late in the Month of Flail [first month of autumn] – Errath is at long last fully healed, even though his arm will never be quite the same. There is a chill in the air as the mountains get colder and snow starts to appear further down them. To find Ron they need to go to Tarifel, Lord Sendars also wants them to go there to clear the mine of Kobolds and get them to accept his lordship. At the moment the dwarf hamlet and mine are independent.  Tarifel is 10 miles NE of Duvik’s Pass further into the mountains.  It will take around 12 hours to get there with no delays, following the trail. Collecting supplies for a couple of days from the town we set out, the four of us plus pony, dog and cat.


Late in the afternoon as it is getting dark and overcast we stop as Gnoman is tired. Just as we do a patrol of eight Kobolds come round the bend 75′ ahead..

The Kobolds break into a run and start to close, cover 25′. Gnoman moves behind some rocks for cover, while James starts to cast his Shield spell, it takes a while due to the armour he wears. Thorn walks forward 10′ toward the Kobolds. While I start to cast Entangle, a slow spell to cast but one which might stop the Kobolds dead in their tracks.

Kobolds move again, covering another 20′. Gnoman tries to cast Invisibility but fails due to being tired. James continues to cast while Torn moves another 5′ forward, leaving him 15′ from the Kobolds. I cast my Entangle spell successfully and it area cover all the Kobolds but also Thorn, Thorn and three Kobolds avoid being totally halted and entangled but can only move slowly now.

Gnoman trys to cast invisibility again and fails again while James’s spell fails to go off after all the time spent casting. I ready a javelin.


The three Kobolds who can throw their javelins at Thorn, one will hit but he parries with his shield. Gnoman decides to just wait behind the rocks for now, James readies and starts to load his longbow. Thorn advances towards the Kobolds and I move to be able to get a clear line of fire.

The three Kobolds ready their spears and Thorn moves into engagement range. I throw my javelin but miss, they are so small they are hard to hit.

The Kobolds stab at Torn he parries one and the another bounces of his right arm armour. I ready another javelin.


The three Kobolds stab at Torn again two hit and they manage to trip him up. James having readied and loaded his bow starts to aim at the small Kobolds. Thorn stands back up and I aim as well.

Kobolds attack again and manage to trip Thorn again, still no attack has got past his defences so not all bad. Gnoman decides to use his hand crossbow so moves to be able to see and starts to load it. Thorn tries to stand but fails as the Kobolds keep pushing at him.

The three Kobolds attack Thorn again, one hits himself as Thorn uses the break in the attacks to stand.


Three Kobolds attack again, one gets a good hit which although parried takes Thorn to the ground again. James releases a arrow and kills a trapped Kobold. Thorn attacks from the ground and hits a Kobold who parries the blow. I throw my last javelin and kill a held Kobold as well. Two down.

Two Kobolds attack Thorn one manages to get its spear into Thorns abdomen sticking it in there. Thorn tries again to stand but with the spear stuck in him he fails. I start to sing to try to inspire my friends.

Two Kobolds attack and one impales into Thorns left leg. James releases again killing another Kobold. Thorn again fails to regain his feet.


One Kobold attacks, others have their spears in Thorn, and both its attack and Thorns parry are unsuccessful. Thorn attacks from the ground and the parrying Kobold tries to disarm him but fails. I fail in my inspiring song.

Two Kobolds attack Thorn again but both miss, Thorn misses his counter attack. I start to sing again.

The Kobolds attack Thorn again but can not get past his armour, Gnoman fires his hand crossbow and kills a Kobold. James releases another arrow but misses while THorn manages an attack from the ground killing a Kobold and standing at the same time. Good work for a Dwarf with two spears in him.


One Kobold attacks Thorn, who uses his mace to parry, he then attacks back and his blow is parried.

The Kobold attacks again and misses, while Thorns counter also misses.

James releases another arrow but misses, while Thorn attacks and stuns the last free Kobold.


While Thorn slowly backs out of the entangling plants, James and Gnoman shot down the rest of the Kbolds. Once Thorn is free we rush over to remove the spears from him and help him heal himself. We keep one Kobold alive and interrogate it, it soon start to talk, between us we can speak both Orc and Goblin which it knows. We find out that there are more than 40 Kobolds in the mine, lead by a leader with a small dragon so possibly a wizard. They also have a Shaman and some boars to help them. That is a lot for us to deal with so James casts Charm Person onto the Kobold so that he will join us. He will be able to guide us and advise us.


After we pick up our used ammo we move onwards to the hamlet of Tarifel. Tarifel is a small primary dwarf mining place, run by a grim dwarven captain Lady Grida. It has good marble quarries and a iron ore mine which also produces rubies. We will see what we can do to help these people.



Earlier parts Here

James, still invisible, scouts out the ledge using Levitate and the wall to get above it and look in. He moves with stealth and spots the Kobolds leader. He then slowly moves back to the rest of the group, letting them know he is there. With new info they remake their plans, while James Levitate spell runs out.


Thorn gets the militia to move their siege cube to cover the fire, he sends four militia. As they push the thing into position they come under crossbow fire and one of the militia is killed. With the fire covered the plan goes into action. James takes a crossbow and some bolts from a militiaman and then casts Levitate on Thorn. Gnoman then casts Invisibility onto Thorn. Thorn then use the cave wall to pull himself up past the ledge. While the still invisible Gnoman moves around the cave to watch the exit and centre, while James also moves through the cave.


Thorn reaches above the ledge and moves along the wall into the alcove and see the barrels, James told them about.  He then lowers himself behind the barrels, trying to keep the noise of his movement down. Thorn waits behind the barrels, unsure of what James will do. James casts Levitate once on the far side of the ledge. Gnoman starts to cast a audible illusion of quite movement at the bottom of the cave.


Thorn looks out from the barrels to see if he can see the leader, he does and it seems he is casting a spell. James starts to cast Shield, before pulling himself up to the ledge. Gnoman then casts Lesser Illusion of a second siege cube with crew coming from the bottom of the cave.


Thorn is still behind the barrels, waiting. James is on his way up the wall. The Kobold leader, m’dok, finishes his spell and dispels Thorns Invisibility and Levitate spells and he becomes visible.


As combat starts Gnoman although the fasted has nothing to do but control his illusion. The Kobolds go next and M’dok orders his back rank of crossbow to turn and fire on Thorn. He casts Colour Cascade at Thorn which has no effect on the tough dwarf.  Thorn pushes through the barrels and engages M’dok. James fires a blt at a Kobold and kills it, failing to spot M’dok.

Gnoman keeps his illusion moving, while the Kobolds let lose with their crossbows. Four bolts hit Thorn, none of which get past his shield [passive block. Five of the bolts streak towards M’dok but luckily all miss [that’s 5 luck points used. Three bolts hit the now visible James all bounce off the magical shield. Nine hit the illusion of the cube, which Gnoman lets fail.

Kobolds pick up spears and move on Thorn or shields and face James, or start to reload.  Thorn Strikes out with his mace at M’dok, however M’dok trys to dodges out of the way fails and takes the hit which is so weak as to not hurt him. James starts to reload.


Gnoman casts an Illusion of a elf that looks like James but with a two handed sword to the other side of the ledge than James is. Kobolds, nine spear attack Thorn. One kills himself, eight hit but cause no damage. Thorns passive bloke and armour protect him. Thorn Hits out at M’dok again, he misses and M’dok uses his ill aimed swing to pull away from engagement. James spots the pulling back M’dok and loses a bolt, which hits M’dok in the chest. James calls on his star sign and makes the wound effect worse and M’dok falls screaming to the ground.

Gnoman uses the illusion to attack, however as he can not see any Kobolds it is just generalised swinging. The eight Kobolds attacking Thorn manage to trip him. Thorn try’s to stand, but fails. James start to cast Light.

The Kobolds manage to impale Thorn with their spears. James changes the spell he is casting to Levitate.


Kobolds get another two impales, while Thorn drinks a potion of invisibility, however with spears in him they still have a good idea of where he is.

Kobolds two withdraw their spears causing more damage to Thorn, while others fire at James and again they fail to reach past his defences. James cats his levitate spell and raises Thorn 5′ pulling the last spear out as he does so, yet more damage. Thorn is now hanging invisible on his back dripping blood  5′ in the air.

The Kobolds thrust with their spears and hit but just can not punch pass Thorns armour.


The Kobolds say they will go if left alone, James agrees, worried about Thorn. The Kobolds collect their young from a hidden cave and taking their dead leader climb down and out of the mines. Much to the dismay of the militia who want to kill them all. James stops them. Thorn is injured but all his wounds are minor so he is in no danger and he can call upon his deity later to heal him.


The whole group go back to town carrying the three dead townsmen with them.

Review of ‘Ardennes 1944’ by A Beevor

Review of Ardennes 1944 by A Beevor

I have read a few accounts of the German attack in 1944 in the Ardennes, ‘The Battle of the Bulge’, over the years. This is a really good one.

It looks at both sides day by day, it looks at the build up and the aftermath of the battle. It has a full order of battle and good maps. It shows the brutality of both sides and the heroics of many men. It shows the dissension in both command structures which lead to more deaths than needed. It also shows the loss of civilian life from both sides actions.

A very good read with lots to learn from reading it. It highlights the fighting ability of the common soldier on both sides and also the hell they had to endure. Well worth reading.

The best book I now have on the whole campaign.

‘The Gifts’ Talk notes for 31st Dec 2017

The Gifts

Talk for 31st Dec 2017

Readings   1 Cor 12: 1; 4-27; 29-31  13: 1-8    Psalm 72

Link to church website with recording of talk on it for a few months

  • What did you get for Christmas?


  • Have you stopped using it yet?


  • Why do we return gifts?


  • Gifts are to be used not left unused

Model car and its lack of use


  • God also gives us gifts,

Firstly His Son Jesus  which showed His love for us


Then Jesus died for us, to give us the gift of new life


Finally we are each given personal gifts to use in loving service to Jesus and in love to others.


4 There are different kinds of spiritual gifts, but the same Spirit is the source of them all. 5 There are different kinds of service, but we serve the same Lord. 6 God works in different ways, but it is the same God who does the work in all of us. 7 A spiritual gift is given to each of us so we can help each other.


  • Do you ever wonder ‘Am I needed?’; ‘Do I have anything to offer?’; ‘Is what I do of any value or significance?’

In Nehemiah 3 we see that everyone was needed. Everyone went to work shoulder to shoulder, side by side, rebuilding, restoring and repairing. Each was given a portion of different lengths. The key is not to compare, but simply to get on with whatever God calls you to do.


  • During Advent and into the new year we at Ascension have been praying about

How we connect with new people, those He sends to us

New ways of Worship

Raising up a new generation of leaders


We pray because we know that God supplies all we need and He will supply people with the gifts we need


12 The human body has many parts, but the many parts make up one whole body. So it is with the body of Christ.


18 But our bodies have many parts, and God has put each part just where he wants it. 19 How strange a body would be if it had only one part! 20 Yes, there are many parts, but only one body. 21 The eye can never say to the hand, “I don’t need you.” The head can’t say to the feet, “I don’t need you.”

22 In fact, some parts of the body that seem weakest and least important are actually the most necessary.


  • So What is your gifting?


8 To one person the Spirit gives the ability to give wise advice[b]; to another the same Spirit gives a message of special knowledge.[c] 9 The same Spirit gives great faith to another, and to someone else the one Spirit gives the gift of healing. 10 He gives one person the power to perform miracles, and another the ability to prophesy. He gives someone else the ability to discern whether a message is from the Spirit of God or from another spirit. Still another person is given the ability to speak in unknown languages,[d] while another is given the ability to interpret what is being said. 11 It is the one and only Spirit who distributes all these gifts. He alone decides which gift each person should have.


This is not a full list

In Exodus some were given the gift of craftsmanship, the ability to make things, some have been given the ability to make music or sing.


Some to help others with their resources.


Some to clean, some to cook.


Some to care for others some to listen to others.


What is your gift?


We all have at least one.


However we need God to show us how to use it properly.

That was true in my case, I had gifts but was not making good use of them because I did not know Jesus once I became a follower then my gifts started to kick in and work as they where supposed to do.


They appointed Levites twenty years old and older to supervise the building of the house of the Lord (Ezra 3:8) – a good example of appointing young leaders. They were willing to sacrifice their money and possessions. According to their ability they gave to the treasury for this work 61,000 drachmas of gold, 5,000 minas of silver and 100 priestly garments’ (Ezra 2:68-69).

Giving is an essential part of your worship and service to God. Your gifts should not be grudging or forced, but generous ‘freewill offerings’. Do not compare your giving to that of others, but give what you can afford. The wonderful thing about this offering was that as each gave according to their ability, they raised all the money that was needed.

If everyone in the church gives sacrificially, generously, each according to their ability, God’s kingdom will advance rapidly and his name will be honoured.


  • How do we get gifts if we do not think we have one?

We ask for them.


fan into flames the spiritual gift God gave you when I laid my hands on you. (2 Timothy 1:6).


Existing leaders pray on you and the Spirit gives to you.

We than try using the gift we feel we have received.



  • We are to keep using those gifts.

There might be times when we put our gifts on hold, in the bank but they are gifts from God to use as needed.


In Nehemiah we see the whole of the people using their different gifts and skills to rebuild the city and temple.

Everyone worked from the highest born to the lowest not pulling rank or wealth.


Matthew 25

29 To those who use well what they are given, even more will be given, and they will have an abundance. But from those who do nothing, even what little they have will be taken away.


This is from the story of the three servants who their lord had entrusted his gold.


God gives us gifts to use not just bury.


When we use our gifts in love we help the Kingdom grow.



  • The greatest gift is Love


God greatest gift to us is Love shown in the gift of Jesus


Our greatest gift to others is Love, shown in what we do for them


It was through Jesus I found what love meant and how to share it with others.

He showed his great love with me and helps me to love others.


You might not think you have much in the way of gifts to help the kingdom grow but you have the gift of love and can use that to serve Jesus.  All the other gifts depend on the gift of Love.


I was watching Wonder Woman and she said this about how to help the world.

And now I know… that only Love can truly save the world. ”


God gives us our gifts to use in love for Him and others

Like Wonder Woman, Doctor Who and many others we have to fight hard to show our love to all and our love of God in all we do.


  • Let us pray




Earlier parts Here



After all but myself have recovered we get down to some planning on how we are going to clear the Kobolds from the mine particularly as they are using the high ledge as home.  After a while we, well James, come up with a plan. We decide on 8 crossbow and 8 spear militia along with 4 dwarf miners. James wants a backless, topless 6′ cube made of wood which can be bolted together once in the area of the ledge. It is to be made of 8 parts each 6′ x 3′ with the front to hinged to open and with a couple of vision slots in them. This will come with another 10 parts which will make a wheeled dolly to move it on. Once made and in position James and Thorn will enter it and James will cast Levitate on it so it can be raised above the ledge and then Thorn and James can open the doors and let lose with magic and weapons. The box will protect them from the many Kobold crossbows. James also wants 4 25′ ladders each made in two parts.


After around a month the extended group without me, as I am still recovering from my injuries, head out to the mine. Getting there is no great problem with help from others.


A cold breeze drifts down from the towering peaks of the Iron Forge Mountains as you behold the entrance to the caverns. The ground is cleared of tools, picks and shovels from the last time, but their are many footprints. A single darkened shaft leads into the depths of the mine ahead. The dirt path beneath its wooden support structure is covered with stone debris, a few pieces of which occasionally glint with the slightest hint of ore. No light issues forth from the tunnel. Burnt-out torches are strewn across the floor, their brackets torn from the shaft walls. Behind you, the worn road leads back through the crags to the valley below. Aside from the quiet whistling of the wind, complete silence fills the small clearing within the mountains. The way is blocked, 10′ in, by two wreaked wagons across the tunnel.


Gnoman casts invisibility on himself and his familiar and moves quickly under the wagons and checks for traps. He sees nothing looking like a trap, it seems the wagons are just to delay, even though James keeps saying there must be a trap. He then moves into the tunnel and see’s a crossbow on a barrel ahead. He moves out of the line of fire and trips the tripwire, the crossbow fires and the roof falls down in a large area, he rolls out of the way. He waits and no one comes so he heads back to the outside to report to the others.


Gnoman then goes back in to check for traps up to the first room, this takes around an hour. He then reports back to the group. With James still saying the wagons must be trapped they attached ropes to them and pull them out of the way. James was right, as the wagons move there is a thunderous boom loud enough to be heard a long way. James says ‘there goes that Stun-stone I wanted’  and now everyone knows we are coming. The group enters with the militia and dwarfs carrying all the parts of the cube. We reach the first room which has two doors going West and East, Gnoman has already check it for traps so we look at opening the barred door to the West. James  uses a glue spell to stop the East door being opened at our back.


Using part of the wagons the dwarfs and 4 militia formed a battering ram team and got to work on the door. After a fair time of battering the door breaks open. As it does so it sets off a trap which releases two benches to swing into the doorway and past it. The benches hit James and Thorn who where covering the rammers as well as killing two of the dwarfs.


With the way open we light some lanterns so every one can see and head down the long sloping tunnel. With Gnoman leading we reach the pit trap, however this time the trap is locked open to create a pit 10′ by 10′ for us to cross. There are two wooden planks on the over side, to cross the pit with we suppose. With ladders of just over 12′ we brought one up and Gnoman crossed over by walking on it, he could then scout out the massive cave where the Kobolds should be. He finds a fire in the middle of the cave with just a small flame at its centre, and see’s that the ledge now has a wooden palisade on it. However he could see no Kobolds, we suspected they where behind the palisade. Once Gnoman was back with the rest he reported and checked the pit for traps, he could see none.


So we put ladders down one side and up the other and with Thorn going first to act as a shield we put over  some militia with pavise’s to cover the rest bringing the cube parts over. The cube was then assembled behind the covering militia. With the building work going on just on the edge of sight form the ridge Gnoman went scouting again. This time he checked out the middle and the fire, he cast Extinguish on the flame but it had no effect, which was strange. Gnoman reported this to James and they wonder why. After a few hours hard work the cube and its dolly is built and ready, we all rest for a while.


Gnoman hears the sound of Orc’s coming from the other exit to the cave, the one which lead down to the spring. Reporting to James, James decides that they should both explore the exit and so Gnoman casts invisibility on James as well. They can see nothing, and with James at the entrance Gnoman goes down the tunnel a little way and listens. He can still hear the sounds but they appear to be all around. He heads back to the main force, James follows later once he realises that Gnoman is not around, always hard to work together when all invisible. In discussion they wonder if the Orc’s where also invisible or if it was the ghost of Jakk, anyway there is not much they can do at the moment.  Or maybe its an Audible Illusion? James thinks.


With time moving on they prepare to move the cube forward and attack the Kobolds.