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BASH Issue 16 The Lair of the Black Enchantress

Issue 16

The Lair of the Black Enchantress

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  • With Grenade needing to go and do something else, Stretch back from work joins Air-Girl to investigate the Cattery. She fly’s over to the roof and looks in the windows, all seems deserted. In the grounds she see’s the cattery buildings seemingly empty and tiger sized household cats roaming the grounds in two prides.


  • Air-Girl flys back to Stretch and they discuss plans for getting in, they know that the Enchantress uses people transformed into monsters to defend areas so are thinking that the cats are one and the owners might be another. Air-Girl then fly’s both of them to the roof.


  • Stretch removes some tiles and drops into the attic while Air-Girl finds the chimney. Once in the attic Stretch looks around, finding a normal attic area with old items dust and spiders.


  • Stretch opens the floor hatch and drops down to the top floor, this has a light amount of dust, the rooms are all empty and it looks like a couple and their adult child lives here.


  • Air-Girl floats down the dirty chimney to the ground floor, where she finds a open plan kitchen, dinning room and louge with a covering of dust and mouldy food.


  • While Stretch makes his way down stairs, Air-Girl notices air movement coming from behind a office door. She looks under the door and see’s three horrors in the smashed up office. They are vaguely humanoid with a tail, claws and wings.


  • She finds Stretch and they decide what to do


  • Air-Girl sucks all the air out of the office until the horrors pass out from lack of oxygen. While Stretch finds stuff to tier them up with.


  • Stretch ties the horrors up as Air-Girl allows the air back in.


  • Air-Girl finds the office laptop and manages to get it to work and get into its files.


  • She investigates the files and finds that the cattery was built over a underground WWI ammo dump, there must be a covered way in they think. She then sends a email to MI6 to update them.


  • Air-Girl uses her air senses to find the entrance to the underground area. However the breathing of Stretch and the monsters are interfering.


  • Air-Girl sends Stretch and the monsters out of the office are so make it easier to follow any air currents.


  • Slowly filtering the moving air she finds that a small amount of air is coming from around a trapdoor below the carpets. The trapdoor is steels set into concrete with a small hole in one edge.


  • The hole is the access point for a mechanical lock which stretch opens by stretching and turning his finger into a key to fit.


  • The trapdoor opens to show a sloping corridor heading down into the darkness. Air-Girl floats downwards.


  • She floats down 50′ and sees some soft coloured light ahead, she rounds a left bend and sees that the area ahead is bathed in this soft coloured light. She can see two doorways ahead on the left.


  • Air-Girl goes back and picks up Stretch and fly’s him down to the area of light. as they enter the area they feel very sleepy and fall to the ground sleeping.


  • A whole day comes and goes with the heroes sleeping chained to the wall in a small room with a steel wall and door in it.


  • Next day comes and they wake chained to the wall in a large cavern with water running past its furthest part. The Black Enchantress is standing near by and there are 4 others chained down by the water, one of them is Donna Dr Avery’s granddaughter. The Enchantress tells them they have woken just in time. She knew they would come, heroes always have, but they are to late all they can do now is see the fruits of her work. I have the scrolls and I have the subjects now I will make the beings which will give me control of Air, Fire, Water and Earth.  Watch and see your doom.


  • The Black Enchantress heads towards the other prisoners and the scrolls on a table. She picks up the scrolls and power flows from her into the scrolls.


  • Stretch tries to free himself using his escapology, while Air-Girl tries to activate her powers, both find their powers do not work but skills do.


  • The scrolls emit power at the other prisoners, the coloured energy swirls round each of them.


  • Air-Girl and Stretch both try again to get free or activate their powers and fail.


  • The two heroes try again, stretch gets his shrinking to start working but that will not free more than his arms and legs. Air-Girl gets his air control working but it will be a while before it is at full power.


  • Just then Doctor Arcane appears in shimmering form before them and frees their shackles and restores their powers.


  • Stretch reacts fast, thanks to his martial arts training, he extends his arms and grasps the B/E. Doing so causes pain to him as her defence field around her activates.

Air-Girl activates her powers and creates a air wall  around the now screaming prisoners shrouded in mystic energy.

Living Fire attacks the air-wall with a stream of fire.

Terra moves through the rock floor and appears in front of the heroes, she then calls forth a massive rock to throw. Stretch pulls the B/E back in front of him as protection as the rock smashes into the area. Air-Girl only takes a glancing hit as does Stretch while the Enchantress’s force field takes all of the impact for her.

The Enchantress uses her mind powers to take control of Stretch who lets her go.


  • Stretch tries to grab Air-Girl but she is a difficult person to hold onto.

Air-Girl uses an Air-blast on the Enchantress.

Living Fire smashes the Air-Wall down with more streams of fire.

Hydro who had moved into the stream sends a Tidal Wave roaring into the cavern, smashing into all and putting Living Fire out.

Terra throws another bolder at Air-Girl and Hydro, Air-Girl again avoiding a serious hit while Hydro just lets the rock go through him.

The Enchantress puts her force field back up as the wave took it down.


  • Stretch again tries to grab Air-Girl but she is still to flitting for him to get a hold of.

She blasts the Enchantress again.

The Enchantress waits and watches.

Terra throws another rock at Air-Girl with no effect.

Living Fire reignites and lets Hydro have a jet of living fire, this has little effect.

Hydro lets another wave lose which finishes Living Fire for good and smashes into each of the others.


  • Stretch again tries to grab Air-Girl and fails again.

Air-Girl blasts the  Enchantress again.

The Enchantress again puts her force field up again as Air-Girls last blast took it down.

Hydro lets another wave go, hitting all.


  • Suddenly the air in the cavern swirls and a insubstantial figure appears vaguely looking like Donna, with a rending scream of the air she lets go a blast of Air, Lighting and Heat at the Enchantress. The Enchantress disappears in the maelstrom.


  • As this happens Doctor Arcane appears again and says save her.

Has the Enchantress been destroyed or just teleported away?


  • The Living Fire is dead, her name was Anglia, her family will need to know that she has been found dead.

Hydro and Terra both disappear into the water of ground.


  • Back at the mansion they find a dead Doctor Arcane, it looks like his heart has given out.

Next to him is a note. ‘To the heroes known as SAGA please find and save my granddaughter. While you do I leave my house and funds in trust for you to use. If Donna is found then she will regain control of the trust otherwise the trust remains for the use of the SAGA group for enable their fight against evil of all types.”


  • A somber group stand around a grave, the stone says here lays Professor Avery also known as Doctor Arcane. He died fighting for justice as he had for most of his life.


BASH Issue 15 The Hunt for the Black Enchantress

Issue 15

The Hunt for the Black Enchantress


Page one 

The heroes question the professor about Ch’andarra hideouts in the past. However he is in shock and does not answer.


Page 2

Grenade contacts MI5 contact John and asks the same question.

John has no idea but the captives might if you want to question them.


Page 3

Deciding that Armadillo is the most mercenary, Grenade and Airgirl go to where he is being held leaving Stretch to watch over the Prof.


Page 4

Questioning Armadillo, Grenade uses his suggestion power on him. ‘Tell me where the Enchantress base is.’


Page 5

‘Urh Ug what sorry over there’

Armadillo seems to be confused, maybe from the beating he just had.

Eventually he says no.

‘How where you contacted by the Dark Enchantress?’ asks Grenade.

‘I was contacted by Panda and Raccoon and paid direct into my Swiss bank, he gives details.


Page 6

Grenade uses suggestion on Raccoon.

Base is a farm, at Hinton Charterhouse, paid into a Swiss back account known to Panda.

We then paid the others.

He is not aware of any defences at the farm.


Page 7

‘How did the Dark Enchantress contact you?’

‘Social Media’ Raccoon answers. and gives details of the page on the dark-web.


Page 8

Grenade asks Raccoon to list all the other crimes they have been involved with.

The list is long and includes work for Dr Destroyer, various foreign countries, inculding Russia and China.


Page 9

Air-girl hacks into the dark-web to the social pages.  The Dark Enchantress put aid on villains for hire page from a computer at a student block in Widcome in Bath


Page 10

Hack student computer and find that it is based in flat 2b of the student block.


Page 11

Air-girl picks Grenade up in a whirlwind and flys with him to the block.


Page 12

Land on student block roof

Grenade opens up the roof lift door


Page 13

Accessing the lift on the next floor, the 4th, they take it down to the second floor.

They then find flat 2B

Page 14

Outside Flat 2B; Grenade listens and hears scratching and funny noises from inside.

Grenade knocks on the door


Page 15

Knocks again loader, head pokes out of door behind them ‘its late, she’s out’. the young lady says before disappearing.


Page 16

Try door which is locked

Grenade quietly opens the lock and they enter the flat


Page 17

As Grenade and Air-girl enter the central area of the flat, which has a kitchen and common area and four doors off of it, three vaguely humanoid horrors fall from the ceiling to attack them.

Air-girl with her wind-sense moves as they drop and raises up to hover above the floor, as she does she air-blasts one of them knocking it away.

Grenade also reacts quickly and flicks a marble at another also knocking it away.

The remaining horror attacks as do the other two once they have moved back, however all fail to make contact with the hard to hit heroes.


Page 18

Air-girl uses her air-blast again this time knocking out the horror.

Grenade throws another marble hitting another and killing it, as it dies it turns back into a young university female student.

The remaining horror attacks and again fails to hit.


 Page 19

Air-girl blasts the last horror followed by Grenade using his stick while pulling his blow the combined attack knocks out the horror.

The two unconscious horrors turn back into female students.


 Page 20

Air-girl senses with her airpowers if there are any more in the flat, she doesn’t think so.

They tie the two girls up.


Page 21

After Grenade has contacted John in MI5 they search the 4 rooms and common area.

They find a part of a page on a Cattery ending in ant.


Air-girl hack’s the laptop in Andrea’s room, but finds nothing of use.


Page 22

Air-girl uses computer to investigate Catteries ending in ‘ant’

Limiting the search to around Bath she finds no matches in Bath and Hinton Charterhouse area.

She then tries to hack the Swiss banking system but fails to get past their firewalls.


Page 23

Grenade contacts John to get MI5 to clean up the flat and see to the injured and dead.

John tells them off for killing innocents and damaging property.


Page 24

Air-girl flies them both to the farm at Hinton Charterhouse.


Page 25

The farm has a barn and a house, they move to check out the barn first.

Grenade goes to the door and Air-girl lands on the roof and enters through the air vents door


Page 26

They both enter, Grenade enters the doors and Air-girl through the roof.

The Barn is 10x4sq  within it is a Monstrosity of Limbs a blob of large size with limbs appearing and disappearing around it.

It attacks Grenade and knocks him back out of the door.


Page 27

Air-girl air-blasts the monstrosity but it has no effect.

Grenade moves back in  and tries to attack a weak point in the monster.

The monster fails its limbs at Grenade but does not hit.


Page 28

Air-girl taking the idea from Grenade attacks for a weak spot with her Air-blast which catches a retracting limb and knocks the monster out and it disapears.


Page 29

Air-girl investigates the barn and finds another clue, part of a one page guide to with Saint George  ……

They search the internet and find a church called Saint George in Fovant which also has a cattery called Cattery @ Fovant.

This must be where the Enchantress is based.


Page 30

They go home to rest and see which of the others will be available for a attack.







BASH Issue 14 The Professor’s house Part 2

 Issue 14 The Professor’s house Part 2


Page 1

Next afternoon, Grenade, Airgirl, Stretch and Alfa join up and talk about the evenings visit.

Grenade collects two mutant suppression collars from Agent John.


Page 2

1950 Alfa goes to scout the grounds of Prof Avery’s home using his enhanced Infra-red vision

He sees nothing

Page 3

2050 PC’s turn up to visit Donnah and the Professor, leaving Alfa on watch as a storm breaks


Page 4

They talk in the Professors study.

Donnah is worried for her grandfathers safety  but he is dismissive and says it will be fine.

The heroes ask why and what he knows about the dig and the scrolls.

Professor Avery decides before he can trust them they need to prove they are trustworthy, so he asks that they share their secret ID’s.


Page 5

Grenade starts but the Prof interrupts him by telling him his normal name, ‘Doug Macarthur, you are known to me as is your chickened history’. Stretch goes next telling the Prof that he works in the Uni with him and his name is Stuart Bailey, ‘ah yes you are in the science area aren’t you?’

Airgirl can’t revel her name so just puts her hand through the coffee table, the Professor understands and smiles at her.


Page 6  – 8

The Professor tells the story of the dig and his past as the heroes asked.

The dig in Turkey found a 2000 year old tell and amongst the items in it was a golden cask, in it was 5 scrolls and although the casket was kept in Turkey the scrolls where sent here to the UK one to me. However you already know all of this, I am not a linguist so I can not decipher the scroll however I do not think it is a record I suspect that it is a spell or part of a spell and that is my area of expertise.

I had better tell you a bit about me and why I know this scroll is safe.

Years ago I was the 1930’s mysterious occult adventurer Doctor Arcane, I encountered a evil sorceress known as Ch’andarra I beat her time and time again. AT last she hit back at my most vulnerable point, my family. She murdered my son and daughter in law and took my 3 year old granddaughter to an extra dimensional plane. I followed and after a seemingly timeless struggle I regained my granddaughter after surrendering part of myself, which is why I am wheelchair bound.  for the last 15 years we have lived quietly here having given up my old life.


Page 9

2115 the door bell goes Donnah goes to open it with Airgirl keeping an eye on her

Its Andrea Crusoe, Donnah’s friend, turns up wet from the raging storm. She has been joking and has got caught in the massive thunder storm as she was nearby she came here to escape the storm and get dry.


Page 10

Donnah and Airgirl take Andrea upstairs to have a shower and change clothes.


Page 11

The remaining heroes and the Prof continue to talk, wondering about the scroll and why the Black Enchantress wants them and if she is Ch’andarra come back.


Page 12

2130 – Alfa reports that he is being attacked by Wyvern and a dark area has appeared in the back garden.


Page 13

Stretch wants to get the Professor upstairs and safer.

He asks the Prof to go to his lift but instead the Prof clicks his fingers and utters a word and disappears, saying ‘I can do it myself thanks’.

Airgirl is asked to join him in his study while the rest of us have a look into the issue, expecting to find Panda and Raccoon.


Page 14

Airgirl moves to the balcony opens the door and manages to hit raccoon with her Airblast

Grenade moves to join Airgirl and flicks a marbel at Raccoon but misses.

Panda taunts and hurts Airgirls ego.

Stretch goes to the rof’s study knocks and goes in when he is asked.


Page 15

Airgilr flys up keeping in airblast range and fires at Panda but fails to hit.

Grenade also misses Panda

Panda taunts Grenade and hurts his ego

There is a smashing sound from below as Armadillo comes up through the ground floor from below.


Page 16

Airgirl fires a airblast at Panda this time modifying it to be a long line of wind trying to get Raccoon as well. This works and the darkness moves away from Panda as Raccoon gets knocked back.

Armadillo burrows to the outside.

Grenade throws a marble to cancel out the darkness.

Panda taunts Grenade and hurts him again.

Stretch smashes the window in the Prof’s room and tries to grabs Armadillo

Raccoon tries to grab Stretch’s arm


Page 17

Airgirl blasts Raccoon; Armadillo fires an arc of lighting at Grenade and Stretch.

Grenade touches Armadillo’s armour to cause it to explode.

Padna has another go at Grenade who is now wise to her attacks and refuses to fall for the taunts.

Stretch grabs Panda and restrains her mouth..


Page 18

Airgirl blasts Armadillo who responds with another arc attack on her and Grenade but this time he misses.

Grenade moves away as Armadillo’s armour explodes with no visible effect on his armour.

Panda tries to break free from Stretch but isn’t strong enough.

Stretch tries to use Panda as a weapon against Armadillo.


Page 19

Airgirl blasts Armadillo and trips him.

Armadillo fires a arc attack at Grenade and Stretch as he stands which misses as he staggers up.

Grenade throws a marble at Armadillo again

Panda tries to break free again while Stretch puts a lock joint onto Armadillo with his other arm.


Page 20

Airgirl keeps blasting Armadillo who tries to hit Stretch with his fists.

Grenade fails to have any effect on Armadillo again.

Panda tries again to break free as Stretch restrains Armadillo’s arms.


Page 21

Airgirl hits Armadillo with another windblast, while Armadillo starts to burrow into the ground stretching Stretch’s arm as he goes down 30′.

Grenade puts a anti-mutant collar onto the knocked out Raccoon

Panda breaks free and taunts Stretch, while he pulls Armadillo back up and into the swimming pool.


Page 22

Airgirl targets Panda while Armadillo struggles to break free from Stretch.

Grenade hits Panda with a marble and Stretch joint locks Armadillo.


Page 23

Airgirl tries to pick up a stone staue but can’t lift it with her cyclone power.

Armadillo fails again to break free as Stretch continues to joint lock him.

Grenade puts a anti-mutant collar on to the knocked out Panda.


Page 24

The 3 heroes finish off Armadillo.


Page 25

Grenade calls for MI5 to come and collect the villians


Page 26

They all return to the Professor in his room.


Page 27

There they see a scene of tension.

The Black Enchantress is stood by the Prof, with Donna holding a gun to her own head nearby.


Page 28

Avery ‘So I should have sensed the power behind this evil long ago’

Enchantress ‘But you didn’t!

You’ve failed Doctor. You and your kind are always the same, all wrapped up in sickening goodness and wishful thinking to such an extent that any mask will bind you to the truth.’

‘Now hand over the scroll or your Granddaughter dies at her own hand.


Page 29

Heroes thinking and wondering if they can get the gun from Donna without here shooting.


Page 30

Avery clicks his fingers and the scroll appears and he hands it over to the Enchantress.

She clicks her fingers and she Donna both vanish into a swirling vortex.


Page 31

Grenade contacts MI5 and talks to John about what has happened.

The Enchantress similes as her second plan has worked out perfectly.




BASH  Issue 13 The Professor

 Issue 13 The Professor’s house


Page 1

Next afternoon, Grenade, Airgirl, Stretch and Alfa join up and talk about the evenings visit.

Grenade collects two mutant suppression collars from Agent John.


Page 2

1950 in the evening.

Alfa goes to scout the grounds of Prof Avery’s home using his enhanced infra-red vision.

Alfa spots two hot area’s where two people/ are hiding he also finds a zone he can not see through, a dark area.

It looks like villains watching the front of the house from its large front garden.


Page 3

Alfa reports and waits on the roof of the house while he waits for the others to arrive

The others arrive 20 minutes later


Page 4


Grenade and Stretch arrive at the front gate while Airgirl fly’s above.


Page 5

Airgirl moves to get in range of the dark zone and try’s her cyclone on the area. All se gets is bits of plants, leaves, sticks etc. It is not powerful enough to pick up any bodies in the area.


Page 6

Airgirl fly’s up; Grenade starts to run towards one of the villains; Stretch also starts to move towards the villains while Alfa teleports to Wyvern  to hits with his fists, Wyvern fires his tail venom at Alfa immobilizing him by scrambling his neural system.

The other villains, Panda and Raccoon move together while Armadillo starts to burrow.


Page 7

Airgirl gets to within 150′ of Wyvern and hits him with a air blast, meanwhile Grenade and Stretch continue to close. Armadillo pops up out of the ground and fires his electric arc at Alfa but the electric force has no effect. Alfa manages to reboot his systems while Wyvern fly’s 200′ up.


Page 8

Airgirl flys towards Wyvern and again hits him with her air blast. Grenade, Stretch and Raccoon and Panda all sprint. Armadillo starts to swing his fists at Alfa, who teleports up beside Wyvern and hits him as he starts to fall. Wyvern strikes back with his tail venom at Alfa again disrupting his system again.


Page 9

Airgirl holds Alfa up with a whirlwind, otherwise he will fall. Grenade now in range flicks an exploding marble at Armadillo to no effect. Panda taunts Grenade while Raccoon hits Grenade knocking him back. Wyvern retreats.


Page 10

Airgirl lowers Alfa to the ground, tries to attack Panda but can’t see due to raccoons darkness. Panda and Raccoon hit grenade.


Page 11

Airgirl uses her wind sense to find Panda but her attack misses. Grenade uses his explosive power to turn of the darkness again and then attacks Panda but still misses. Panda and Raccoon attack Grenade with Raccoon grabbing and crushing him. Stretch tries for a grab on Raccoon as well. Alfa reboots again as Armadillo moves in on him.


Page 12

Airgirl still can’t get a hit on the dancing Panda, while Grenade manages to break free of Raccoons grab. However the darkness does return shrouding Panda and Raccoon making it nearly impossible to see them. Stretch tries again for Panda while Alfa and Armadillo exchange blows.


Page 13

Airgirl manages to hit Panda as Grenade moves out of the darkness. Panda and Raccoon go after Grenade again, while Stretch grabs Armadillo who tries to breaks free straight away. Alfa tries to punch Panda but finds seeing her difficult.


Page 14

Airgirl air blasts Panda again as her and Raccoon move towards each other and away. Stretch loses his grab on Armadillo while ALfa teleports to Armadillo and hits him hard.


Page 15

Airgirl hits Panda knocking her out, as Raccoon picks her up and runs. Grenade hits Armadillo with no effect. Stretch gets himself wrapped around Armadillo again and Alfa hits him knocking him out as well.


Page 16 – 20

Airgirl follows Raccon trying to hit him through the darkness. Alfa follows with the mutant collars. Stretch stays with Armadillo stripping his armour off. Meanwhile Grenade heads up to the house.


Page 21

Raccoon falls to the ground as eventually Airgirls blasts have a final effect. Alfa quickly puts the collars on him and Panda.


Page 22

2020, Grenade reaches the house and is told by Donnah to come back in 30 minutes as he is early and her grandfather isn’t ready.


Page 23

Grenade contacts MI5 for collection of captured villains, as the all meet up in the grounds again.


Page 24

2035, Two squads of 4 troops turn up.


Page 25

Grenade uses his persuasion power to get the truth from them. He finds they are not MI5 but army.


Page 26

He calls MI5 to check if they are legit. MI5 says they sent troops under a Cpt Johns, the troop leader’s ID says he is Cpt Johns.

The troops put the villains into a truck and drive away


Page 27

2040, Dark storm clouds come in and thunder and lighting starts up along with heavy rain.


Page 28

2050, to the house to see Prof Avery and Donnah.

Side Picture of a smiling face in darkness





BASH Issue 12 Dead Professors


Issue 12 Dead Professors

 Page 1

Airgirl and Grenade are shown being heroes in a local context. Saving cat’s stopping minor crimes.


Page 2

Aeron, Airgirl, decides to go to a advertised lecture by Dr Shirley Southland on a dig in Turkey and what it found in the 2,000 year old  Hittite Tell. Aeron is interested in history and thinks this will give her new insight into human civilisation development. Looking up about the Prof she finds that she is a female middle aged archaeologist with grey hair and a bit over weight, more interestingly is that she was one of 5 UK professors given scrolls from the Tell. Three of them have already died, one of old age; one of a heart attack; and the last by falling down stairs.


Page 3

Airgirl hakes into the national police computers for more info on these deaths. She finds that the old age man looked 70 but was only in his early 50’s; the heart attack was caused by a bursting heart and the stair fall looked like she had broken all her limbs. She thinks this is odd and contacts Grenade as the others are unavailable.


Page 4

The Lecture in the Guildhall Bath, is in the Banqueting Room which is 24x12m and holds 360 in theatre style. This room is used for many things including weddings and is very beautiful. Aeron is near the back, looking like a old lady.  The lecture tells about how they found the Tell in Turkey.


Page 5

Doug Macarthur, Grenade, arrives late and is stopped at the door by security and recognised.


Page 6

Grenade, uses his ability to suggest to get security to let him pass, “You do not want to arrest me, I am here to protect the Professor”. He enters and stands near one of the side entrances.


Page 7

The lecture continues and mentions a Golden Box which was found.


Page 8

The side doors are banged open interrupting the lecture and two groups of four armed and camouflaged men enter the room.


Page 9

Aeron instantly changes into Airgirl and floats upwards, while Grenade touches a door to blow it back into the intruders face. Four of the intruders cover Airgirl while the others demand the Professor.


Page 10

Airgirl makes a whirlwind to hold the professor, to stop her being taken. The door blows up taking out two intruders and seven civilians with splinters and blast. The intruders hit Airgirl with multiple Electro Magnetic Stun Rifle   blasts dazing her, Grenade is also hit but the blast has no effect.


Page 11

Airgirl clears her head free of the electro stun, Grenade leaps and attacks two intruders knocking one out and injuring the other. The intruders manage to daze Airgirl again, then two new villains join in casting aside their disguises. One who looks like a Raccoon, 6’2″ tall light brown hair, green eyes, ringed tail. Costume is light brown with dark green trim an boots with black raccoon mask,. jumps and hits Grenade with his claws to no effect. However a billowing cloud of Darkness that shuts down normal and IR vision surronds the area he is in meaning Grenade will find it hard to see him. The other looks like a Panda, her head looks like a panda with big eyes and ears.5’8″ tall; 100lb; short red hair; auburn eyes, her costume is white with black sleeves and boots. Panda taunts Airgirl to no great effect, but Airgirl does feel her mind being attacked by the taunts.


Page 12

Raccoon fails in his attack on Grenade as they dance in the darkness as does Grenade. Airgirl breaks free of the stun effect again as Panda continues to taunt her this time causing her physical harm from the anxiety it causes.  The soldiers move away from the big guns.


Page 13

Raccoon hits and hurts Grenade who tries to grabble Raccoon but the darkness is messing his vision up so he fails to find him. Airgirl activates her wind sense to aid in her defence and then unleashes a windblast at where she thinks the Raccoon is.  Panda taunts Airgirl some more and the soldiers run for it.


Page 14

Raccoon fails to hit Grenade who leaps to protect the Professor. Airgirl releases a wind-blast at Panda but misses the dancing Panda, meanwhile Panda continues to hurt Airgirl with her taunts.


Page 15

Raccoon leaps at Grenade and misses with his raking claws. Airgirl windblasts at Panda again but still can’t hit. Grenade meanwhile smashes the nearest windows with his exploding marbels as he stands by the Prof.


Page 16

Raccoon hits Grenade and slams him into the crowd who are trying to get out. Airgirl smashes panda with her wind-blast and Panda disappears. Grenade adjusts his powers and causes the darkness to fade, leaps to the Professor and hits Raccoon.


Page 17

Raccoon tries to re-establish his darkness cloud while attacking Grenade but missing. Airgirl and badly blasts Panda, while Grenade grabs the Professor and jumps to the back of the hall by the entrence.


Page 18

Raccoon Grabs Panda and leaps out of the window with his injured Panda. The air swirls and out of the mystic light steps….

A woman covered in dark robes.

Grenade hands the Professor to this newcomer. Airgirl lets rip with a wind-blast at this new incursion  and knocks her back.


Page 19

Airgirl blast her wind-blast at the dark clothed female, but misses.  The Black Enchantress, the intruder, tells Airgirl to attack Grenade who is just standing there under control of the Black Enchantress.


Page 20

Airgirl attacks Grenade as the Black Enchantress and Professor disappears in a flash of colour.


Page 21

Airgirl and Grenade recover their senses and leave the Guildhall. They leave behind a scene of death and injury as well as damage. [both gain infamy when the aftermath is shown on TV


Page 22

They head to a cafe in normal attitude and talk, while hearing the security services response.

They lost the professor and some civilians died not a good days work.


Page 23

They use the internet to research the villains. Raccoon is a mutant born in the USA, he is known to work with the Animals Four group consisting of Panda, Ayvern and Armadillo or just with his wife Panada. He has a weakness to fire and electricity and is hunted by various groups.  Panda another mutant was sent to kill Raccoon by PSI but married him, she is venerable to mutant dampening devices. The Black Enchantress seems to have powers similar to a very old mystical villain Ch’andarra who used to fight  against a Doctor Arcane decades ago, until she targeted his family spiriting away his 3 year old granddaughter. Nothing is known about the Dark Enchantress herself.


Page 24

Prof Stuart Stanley is called upon by Donnah Hannah who is worried about her grandfather Prof Avery after the death of other archaeologist’s.  She knows that his girlfriend Martha reports on the local heroes and hopes she can contact them to protect her grandfather. Stuart contacts the other heroes and the agree to go and see Prof Avery at his home outside Bath at 2050 the next day


Page 25

Grenade contacts MI5 John for help, MI5 could lend them a mutant gene suppression device. The device is a collar which fits around the persons neck.


Page 26

News of the attack appears in the media, phone video of the carnage and the fact that Grenade and Airgirl allowed people to be killed,  Martha comments in the Chronicle that it is more than possible that so called heroes are just more disturbed people who are law breakers. There are also reports of the head of by Dr Shirley Southland floating down the river Avon on a raft made of her body.

This professor definitely didn’t have an accident. like the others, we know their is one more scroll out there somewhere.






BASH Issue 11 Oil Baron

Issue 11 Oil Baron

 Page 1

Air-Girl and Grenade learn about a mysterious crime wave in which gas stations discover their underground unleaded patrol tanks have somehow been emptied.

Air-Girl goes to watch the nearest petrol station, while Grenade goes to talk with Martha the reporter.


Page 2

Grenade is told by Martha that this has been going on for some months and the police have no clues. The tanks just end up empty not long after a delivery.


Air-Girl uses her investigation skills, on the immediate area. She notices a hole in a nearby road with fuel spurting out of it. She also sees a car skidding on the fuel and some people looking into the hole.


Page 3

Air-Girl heads home to do some computer investigation.

Grenade and Martha head to the hole., after Air-Girl informs him of it.


Page 4

There are 3 crashed cars in the area now. Martha runs towards the cars and slips on the fuel.

Grenade does some flips and catches Martha before she hits the ground. He puts her down and then vanishes [uses his stealth to slip away]


Page 5

Grenade hears a cry from nearby.

He goes to investigate

The petrol station casher is being menaced by dog-sized creatures with muzzles like a giant conical screw.

Grenade calls for help from Air-Girl


Page 6

Air-Girl fly’s in and hovers above.


Page 7

Air-Girl blasts one of the creatures with her air blast. The blast of wind knocks the mole like creature backwards.

The four moles all start to spin their screw muzzles.

Grenade throws a charged marble at a mole but does not appear to do any damage.


Page 8

Air-Girl blasts the mole again with her air blast knocking it into a wall and breaking the robot creature apart.

The three remaining moles burrow just under the ground towards Grenade.

Grenade Touches one of the moles with explodes into bits as its kinetic energy is released.

There is a big ooh from the bystanders, who are using their phones to catch the action.


Page 9

Air-Girl blasts another mole to pieces, and calls on the civilians to stand back.
Grenade breaks the last of the mole bots

That’s 2 each.

The crowd cheer.


Page 10

Air-Girl investigates the bits and finds some clues.

The parts were made by the Oji Koji Roboto Corporation from Japan and carry serial numbers.

She goes off to investigate this company.

Grenade also leaves.


Page 11

Martha reports on the action and condemns the heroes for not helping to deal with the fuel leak which has caused contamination in the local area.  [gain 1 infamy]


Page 12

Air-Girl hacks the servers of the Japanese company and finds that these bots had been sold to a Mr Chapman, who likes to be known as Lord Chapman.


Page 13

Air-Girl now investigates Lord Chapman.

Chester Chapman came from a high-society family.

His brother Lewis inherited the family title and the lion’s share of the wealth.


Page 14

The young men fell in love with the same upper-class lady, and when she chose Lewis over Chester, he chose to believe it was because of Lewis’s money and title.


Page 15
Worried that their envious son would cause trouble, Chester’s parents packed him off to Harbor Business
College in America. He discovered his accent and social class were a ticket to instant popularity. He made a small fortune through risky stock gambles, and he used the money to buy gas stations, uniting them into a company called CheapCo.


Page 16

He has now started to operate in the UK in conflict with the family firm, which is now part of BP.

His first stations are along the M4.

He always starts by under cutting the local price then once he has driven the others away raising the price back up but always less than the average.

His newest station is just off Junction 18.

Chester Chapman, is very normal: a congenial gentleman; a conservative dresser.


Page 17

Air-Girl then investigates any fuel mysteries in the states and if they are near CheepCo stations.

She finds a string of such mysteries.


Page 18

She tries to hack CheepCo servers but finds there defence’s are better than any she has come across before and so fails.

She try’s the UK government Customs and Excise system and finds that CheepCo is paying fuel duty and around about the amount you would expect from a small company with small stations.


Page 19

Doug [Grenade] heads off to ask other small garages where they get there petrol from and where they think CheepCo gets its from.

They have no idea how Chapman manages to undercut even the supermarkets.

They use the spot market and if he does he is running at a loss.


Page 20

Air-Girl fly’s off to watch the CheepCo garage at Junction 18 of the M4, keeping watch to see how things work.

Its a simple garage, with a repair shop and only un-leaded fuel.


Page 21

Doug contacts CheepCo HR for a local job, disguised as desperate for work.

He is told to talk to a local garage as all hiring is done locally.

He goes to the Junction 18 garage and talks to the manager

He lies about what he can do and manages to get a job.

First job is to unblock the loos.


Page 22

Next few days

Grenade gates to do loads of crap jobs as well as work on some cars.

Air-Girl records any cars Grenade works on, so he can make sure they get repaired properly.



Page 23

A CheepCo tanker turns up to offload gas.

Grenade uses his stealth and misdirection to get a sample of the petrol

The two of them recognise that the driver is Lord Chapman himself.


Page 24

Air-Girl follows the truck when it leaves.


Page 25

Early that evening

The tanker stops near a BP garage, about a street away.

She calls for Grenade.

Grenade gets a young lady in a sports car who just happened to be at the garage to give him a lift.


Page 26

Air-Girl sets up her camera phone to record for evidence

Grenade suggests that Lord Chapman might want to tell them what’s going on.



Page 27

I am Oil Baron, a modern Robin Hood if you will. I take expensive fuel and sell it cheep to the normal people. You are the evil ones here trying to stop people having fuel for their daily needs. Now get out of my way and let me finish what I need to do.

As he finishes he squirts, at Grenade, from his fuel nozzle an attack Grenade acrobatically avoids.


Page 28

Grenade reacts fast and flicks a powered up marble at the Oil Baron, although the marble hits the explosion has no effect on the Oil baron

Air-Girl lets fly with an air-burst but Oil Baron sees it coming and she misses

Oil Baron sprays a different mix at Grenade which hits and nullifies his explode object power.


Page 29

Grenade, with no Explode Power, moves to grab the Oil Baron but the Baron slips away.

Air-Girl Wind-Blasts again this time knocking the Baron back 16′ into a wall.

Baron sprays Grenade again, knocking him back 50′ wreaking a car on his way. Grenade is injurded.


Page 30

Grenade hides

Air-Girl blasts Baron again, from out of his spray range, but this time has no effect.

Baron manages to adapt his spray, power stunt, to increase its range by taking away its line effect. However unfamiliar with this spray he misses.


Page 31

Grenade runs to behind Baron, keeping hidden.

Air-Girl hits Baron with her Wind-Blast knocking him back a few feet

Baron uses his modified spray on Air-Girl hitting her, seeing that Air-Girl does not have her force field up Grenade throws himself into the path of the spray. The damage of the chemicals render him unconscious.


Page 32

Grenade lies on the ground unconscious.

Air-Girl Blasts at Baron and moves away hopefully out of range. Her Wind-Blast hits Baron and knocks him back 30′ into another wall, which is smashed by the impact.

Baron stands and looks and gloats ‘is that all you have?’


Page 33

Air-Girl puts up her force-field of swirling air and moves back into range of the Baron. Using her mastery of  air she creates a Mini-cyclone to pick up bricks from the wall and throw them at the Baron. The impact knocks him back into the garden.

Baron tries the nullify trick on Air-Girl to cancel her Air powers, he fails.


Page 34

Air-Girl creates a Whirlwind around Baron to hold him immobilised.

Baron is stuck and trying to free himself from the vortex.


Page 35

Grenade recovers [used hero die]

Air-Girl again uses a Mini-Cyclone to throw bricks at Baron but again this has no real effect.

She realises that as long as he has his armoured suite on she can do no more than hold him.

Baron is still struggling to get free


Page 36

Grenade starts to use his cane to hammer at the Barons suite

Air-Girl chucks more wall bits at him with no effect

Baron continues to struggle.


Page 37

Grenade keeps trying to damage Barons suite while Air-girl renews her Whirlwind around the Baron each time he gets free.


Page 38

Eventually Grenade breaks the Oil Barons suite and starts to hit him instead, however without his exploding power it will be a long job.

Air-Girl continues to hold the Baron in her Whirlwind.

Baron continues to try to get free and stay free.


Page 39

While Air-Girl and Grenade are still fighting Baron ARG, Police Armed Response Groups, turn up armed with Auto Assault Pulse Rifles. Oil Baron soon sees that further resistance is pointless and gives in to be taken off by the police.

Air-Girl shares the video onto the cloud so it can be used against him in court along with the other info they have on him.


Page 40

Air-Girl and Grenade leave, Air-Girl carrying Grenade.

While Martha turns up to interview locals and using clips from the video makes a report which is picked up nationally.

BASH Issue 10 Captured

Issue 10 Captured

 Other BASH stories here

Page 1

Captured by NightHauant our heroes are frozen in ice and put into two clear Plexiglas chambers.

These chambers are hanging from the roof of a room.

Within this room is a steam generator powered by thermal energy from below the volcano.


Page 2

NightHaunt sets the controls to overload, giving him an hour to escape. As he goes he sets internet cameras going so he can watch their demise and send a message when they wake.


Page 3

NightHaunt takes his hidden Jet-copter to the ship Dark Sky


Page 4

The heroes awake

‘Arh you are awake’ comes from the room around. ‘I hope you find your situation amusing? I do.

You are both going to die while I continue with my plans if slightly delayed. I will enjoy watching you die….’


Page 5

The dials on the generator can be seen moving slowly into the red.

[they have 9 pages to get free before the island blows]


Page 6

Airgirl creates a whirlwind around her to heat the ice and melt it

Stretch makes use of his escapology and his ability to stretch his limbs to try to get free of the ice.


Page 7

Stretch gets free of the ice.

Airgirl fires blasts of air at the chamber to fracture it.


Page 8

Airgirl shatters her chamber.

Stretch makes use of his micro sized hands and escapology to release the chamber from the chain holding it to the ceiling.


Page 9

Stretch continues to work on the chain holding his cylinder

Airgirl flys over to look at the generator whose dial is still rising.


Page 10

Airgirl finds the controls to the generator

Page 11

Airgirl creates a cyclone to pull on the control levers of the generator

Stretch at last gets free as his chamber breaks when it hits the floor.


Page 12

Airgirl finishes pulling on the levers.

Stretch takes a look and thinks she has got it right.


Page 13

Stretch looks at the dials as they start to fall back towards normal. [Just in time]

Airgirl looks for a way out and sees a door.


Page 14

Stretch tries to pick the lock door open, while airgirl keeps a over watch


Page 15

Stretch gets the door open after a little while


Page 16

In the corridor beyond is a door opposite with the corridor going both right and left

Airgirl blasts the opposite door with an airblast


Page 17

Airgirl blasts again and the door is blasted off its hinges

Stretch bounces into the room and can see screens on the wall

On one of them he can see guards on the roof working on the helicopter


Page 18

Stretch then checks out the corridor and other doors, one to the left which is unlocked and leads to a empty underground heli pad

Airgirl checks the computers in the room


Page 19

Stretch heads back up the corridor to the other end and what looks like a sliding door

He presses a button and the door slides open reviling a lift


Page 20

Airgirl breaks into the computer system and finds that Nighthaunt has fleed to a ship called the Dark Sky

She then access his secure accounts and empties them by sending the cash to various charities including the RNLI


Page 21

She then hacks the Ship Satellite Tracking System to find the Dark Sky.

The ship is about 100 miles away

Dark Sky    a 5000t 20 year old bulk carrier    54 x8 Sq  4sq depth below water 6sq above water      One cargo hold with power operated doors,

B1; A 1; M 1;    Size 5 +25 Brawn and Soak;   Speed 15kn 1sq;  Hull Steel 100 Hits


Page 22

Stretch uses this time to mediate on his martial art discipline to boost his mental defence against NightHaunts fear attack.


Page 23

Airgirl puts Stretch into a cyclone and fly’s them out towards the ships position.


Page 24

After half an hour of flight they reach the rough position of the Dark Sky


Page 25

Once the ship is detected by Airgirls Air sense they skim in low over the sea

Heading towards the bow of the ship Airgirl causes a one mile square fog bank to rise up and cover them


Page 26

They land on the bow of the Dark Sky, by a helicopter on the forward cargo doors.

Airgirl detects a patrol of two walking and one flying on the deck area.


Page 27

the two heroes discus tactics


Page 28

Shards of ice hit Stretch.

Airgirl fires off an airblast hitting the flying creature, while Stretch takes cover behind the helicopter


Page 29

Airgirl blasts the flyer again knocking it out of the sky and then moves behind the helicopter

the guards turn and run towards the stern of the ship [6sq] they have 34 sq to go.


Page 30

Airgirl moves out to fire again knocking a guard out

the remaining guard runs another 6 sq [28 to go]


Page 31

Airgirl blasts the last guard, with such a powerful blast that he is knocked into the sea unconscious.

He drowns


Page 32

Airgirl picks up Stretch again and flys to the stern of the ship going along its hull.


Page 33

Airgirl finds a open port hole in the rear structure on deck 5


Page 34

Airgirl uses her Air sense to look in the porthole, she can not sense anything due to the distrubted air around the porthole


Page 35

Stretch sticks his head in and sees a crewman with feet on desk watching monitors

He uses a wrestle move, using his long reach, and throttles him.


Page 36

Stretch slips in with some trouble while Airgirl has no such issues

They tie up the crewman and look at the monitors


Page 37

The monitors say Vulcan 1 and Vulcan 2 and show radar and camera pictures

They soon work out that these are a pair of Vulcan Gatling guns on the bridge wings.

Just as well they came in low


Page 38

Airgirl finds the controls and switch them off, Stretch pulls some wires out to make sure they can not be quickly turned back on.


Page 39

They listen at the one door in this room, all they can hear is the normal sounds of a ship.


Page 40

Stretch opens the door and checks the corridor going left and right

There are other doors along this passage and stairs at each end.


Page 41

They go left to the stairs and listen.


Page 42

They head up the stairs, towards what they hope will be the bridge.


Page 43

at the door marked bridge they listen

they hear two voices taking about the fog which they have entered.


Page 44

Stretch opens the door.

‘Whose opened the door and let the fog in’


Page 45

Stretch grabs one crewman snapping a arm bone, which causes a scream, as he goes unconscious

he then grabs the other crewman doing the same


Page 46

On the bridge rapidly filling with fog, they close the door.

The captain and First officer are on the floor


Page 47

Looking at the controls Airgirl works out how to set a course for Iceland.

A plaque tells them that the ship has a crew of  Captain; first officer; 2 seamen; Chief Engineer; Ast Engineer; 2 Engineer’s


Page 48

A room check shows a ship plan shows that accommodation is on decks 3 and 4


Page 49

With the radio room by the bridge they enter and send a message to their government contact

they are told that if they do not report in an hour the ship will be bombed to make sure that NightHaunt can not regain control. Even if it causes local contamination.


Page 50

The two of them head down to decks 3 and 4 and start to check rooms looking for NightHaunt.


Page 51

on deck 3 they run into a patrol of 2 men and a flying demon


Page 52

Airgirl blasts the demon knocking it back

Stretch ‘Are you ready to rumble?’ then using his long wrestling manoeuvres he bone snaps  the two guards and uses the second one to smash into the demon, which goes boom and falls into dust.


Page 53

They shove the guards into one room and pick up the guns to put into another.

They open the door and see a large occupied suite


Page 54

The large plush room has NightHaunt and 3 demons in it.

A wave of fear hits Airgirl and Stretch, she is unaffected but even with his mental preperation Stretch is pushed back out the door by his fear.

Airgirl tries to create a whirlwind around NightHaunt but catches a demon. instead [he uses a demon to protect himself]


Page 55

Airgirl drops the whirlwind and attempts to hit NightHaunt again and again catches a demon.

Stretch breaks the fear.

NightHaunt causes the area to fall into total darkness moves slightly and fires his laser at Airgirl but misses.


Page 56

Airgirl uses her whirlwind again and again catches a demon, she then moves back into the corridor.

Stretch tries to find a minion to attack by using touch but fails.

NightHaunt Hits Stretch with his laser and knocks him into the wall.


Page 57

Airgirl  moves back in and throws a whirlwind put again catches a minion

Stretch finds a minon and kocks it out with a boom.

NightHaunt hits Airgirl with fear and she is repelled out the door again.


Page 58

Airgirl breaks free of her fear

Stretch grabs Nighthaunt

NightHaunt uses fear on Stretch for no effect, while the demons attack Stretch for no effect.


Page 59

Airgirl airblasts a demon knocking it back.

Stretch restrains NightHaunt to stop him using his fear attack

NightHaunt helped by a demon hits Stretch with his Laser


 Page 60

Airgirl blasts the last demon out of the air.

Stretch restrains NightHaunt to stop him using his laser

NightHuant summons 3 more demons


Page 61

Airgirl blasts NightHaunt hitting his forcefield

Stretch attacks a demon with the grabbled NightHaunt but misses

NightHaunt demons attack Stretch but miss. NightHaunt says ‘Ok I give up’


Page 62

They restrain NightHaunt and wait for the navy after letting the government know they have it all under control


A successful conclusion to the mission.