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BASH Issue 11 Oil Baron

Issue 11 Oil Baron

 Page 1

Air-Girl and Grenade learn about a mysterious crime wave in which gas stations discover their underground unleaded patrol tanks have somehow been emptied.

Air-Girl goes to watch the nearest petrol station, while Grenade goes to talk with Martha the reporter.


Page 2

Grenade is told by Martha that this has been going on for some months and the police have no clues. The tanks just end up empty not long after a delivery.


Air-Girl uses her investigation skills, on the immediate area. She notices a hole in a nearby road with fuel spurting out of it. She also sees a car skidding on the fuel and some people looking into the hole.


Page 3

Air-Girl heads home to do some computer investigation.

Grenade and Martha head to the hole., after Air-Girl informs him of it.


Page 4

There are 3 crashed cars in the area now. Martha runs towards the cars and slips on the fuel.

Grenade does some flips and catches Martha before she hits the ground. He puts her down and then vanishes [uses his stealth to slip away]


Page 5

Grenade hears a cry from nearby.

He goes to investigate

The petrol station casher is being menaced by dog-sized creatures with muzzles like a giant conical screw.

Grenade calls for help from Air-Girl


Page 6

Air-Girl fly’s in and hovers above.


Page 7

Air-Girl blasts one of the creatures with her air blast. The blast of wind knocks the mole like creature backwards.

The four moles all start to spin their screw muzzles.

Grenade throws a charged marble at a mole but does not appear to do any damage.


Page 8

Air-Girl blasts the mole again with her air blast knocking it into a wall and breaking the robot creature apart.

The three remaining moles burrow just under the ground towards Grenade.

Grenade Touches one of the moles with explodes into bits as its kinetic energy is released.

There is a big ooh from the bystanders, who are using their phones to catch the action.


Page 9

Air-Girl blasts another mole to pieces, and calls on the civilians to stand back.
Grenade breaks the last of the mole bots

That’s 2 each.

The crowd cheer.


Page 10

Air-Girl investigates the bits and finds some clues.

The parts were made by the Oji Koji Roboto Corporation from Japan and carry serial numbers.

She goes off to investigate this company.

Grenade also leaves.


Page 11

Martha reports on the action and condemns the heroes for not helping to deal with the fuel leak which has caused contamination in the local area.  [gain 1 infamy]


Page 12

Air-Girl hacks the servers of the Japanese company and finds that these bots had been sold to a Mr Chapman, who likes to be known as Lord Chapman.


Page 13

Air-Girl now investigates Lord Chapman.

Chester Chapman came from a high-society family.

His brother Lewis inherited the family title and the lion’s share of the wealth.


Page 14

The young men fell in love with the same upper-class lady, and when she chose Lewis over Chester, he chose to believe it was because of Lewis’s money and title.


Page 15
Worried that their envious son would cause trouble, Chester’s parents packed him off to Harbor Business
College in America. He discovered his accent and social class were a ticket to instant popularity. He made a small fortune through risky stock gambles, and he used the money to buy gas stations, uniting them into a company called CheapCo.


Page 16

He has now started to operate in the UK in conflict with the family firm, which is now part of BP.

His first stations are along the M4.

He always starts by under cutting the local price then once he has driven the others away raising the price back up but always less than the average.

His newest station is just off Junction 18.

Chester Chapman, is very normal: a congenial gentleman; a conservative dresser.


Page 17

Air-Girl then investigates any fuel mysteries in the states and if they are near CheepCo stations.

She finds a string of such mysteries.


Page 18

She tries to hack CheepCo servers but finds there defence’s are better than any she has come across before and so fails.

She try’s the UK government Customs and Excise system and finds that CheepCo is paying fuel duty and around about the amount you would expect from a small company with small stations.


Page 19

Doug [Grenade] heads off to ask other small garages where they get there petrol from and where they think CheepCo gets its from.

They have no idea how Chapman manages to undercut even the supermarkets.

They use the spot market and if he does he is running at a loss.


Page 20

Air-Girl fly’s off to watch the CheepCo garage at Junction 18 of the M4, keeping watch to see how things work.

Its a simple garage, with a repair shop and only un-leaded fuel.


Page 21

Doug contacts CheepCo HR for a local job, disguised as desperate for work.

He is told to talk to a local garage as all hiring is done locally.

He goes to the Junction 18 garage and talks to the manager

He lies about what he can do and manages to get a job.

First job is to unblock the loos.


Page 22

Next few days

Grenade gates to do loads of crap jobs as well as work on some cars.

Air-Girl records any cars Grenade works on, so he can make sure they get repaired properly.



Page 23

A CheepCo tanker turns up to offload gas.

Grenade uses his stealth and misdirection to get a sample of the petrol

The two of them recognise that the driver is Lord Chapman himself.


Page 24

Air-Girl follows the truck when it leaves.


Page 25

Early that evening

The tanker stops near a BP garage, about a street away.

She calls for Grenade.

Grenade gets a young lady in a sports car who just happened to be at the garage to give him a lift.


Page 26

Air-Girl sets up her camera phone to record for evidence

Grenade suggests that Lord Chapman might want to tell them what’s going on.



Page 27

I am Oil Baron, a modern Robin Hood if you will. I take expensive fuel and sell it cheep to the normal people. You are the evil ones here trying to stop people having fuel for their daily needs. Now get out of my way and let me finish what I need to do.

As he finishes he squirts, at Grenade, from his fuel nozzle an attack Grenade acrobatically avoids.


Page 28

Grenade reacts fast and flicks a powered up marble at the Oil Baron, although the marble hits the explosion has no effect on the Oil baron

Air-Girl lets fly with an air-burst but Oil Baron sees it coming and she misses

Oil Baron sprays a different mix at Grenade which hits and nullifies his explode object power.


Page 29

Grenade, with no Explode Power, moves to grab the Oil Baron but the Baron slips away.

Air-Girl Wind-Blasts again this time knocking the Baron back 16′ into a wall.

Baron sprays Grenade again, knocking him back 50′ wreaking a car on his way. Grenade is injurded.


Page 30

Grenade hides

Air-Girl blasts Baron again, from out of his spray range, but this time has no effect.

Baron manages to adapt his spray, power stunt, to increase its range by taking away its line effect. However unfamiliar with this spray he misses.


Page 31

Grenade runs to behind Baron, keeping hidden.

Air-Girl hits Baron with her Wind-Blast knocking him back a few feet

Baron uses his modified spray on Air-Girl hitting her, seeing that Air-Girl does not have her force field up Grenade throws himself into the path of the spray. The damage of the chemicals render him unconscious.


Page 32

Grenade lies on the ground unconscious.

Air-Girl Blasts at Baron and moves away hopefully out of range. Her Wind-Blast hits Baron and knocks him back 30′ into another wall, which is smashed by the impact.

Baron stands and looks and gloats ‘is that all you have?’


Page 33

Air-Girl puts up her force-field of swirling air and moves back into range of the Baron. Using her mastery of  air she creates a Mini-cyclone to pick up bricks from the wall and throw them at the Baron. The impact knocks him back into the garden.

Baron tries the nullify trick on Air-Girl to cancel her Air powers, he fails.


Page 34

Air-Girl creates a Whirlwind around Baron to hold him immobilised.

Baron is stuck and trying to free himself from the vortex.


Page 35

Grenade recovers [used hero die]

Air-Girl again uses a Mini-Cyclone to throw bricks at Baron but again this has no real effect.

She realises that as long as he has his armoured suite on she can do no more than hold him.

Baron is still struggling to get free


Page 36

Grenade starts to use his cane to hammer at the Barons suite

Air-Girl chucks more wall bits at him with no effect

Baron continues to struggle.


Page 37

Grenade keeps trying to damage Barons suite while Air-girl renews her Whirlwind around the Baron each time he gets free.


Page 38

Eventually Grenade breaks the Oil Barons suite and starts to hit him instead, however without his exploding power it will be a long job.

Air-Girl continues to hold the Baron in her Whirlwind.

Baron continues to try to get free and stay free.


Page 39

While Air-Girl and Grenade are still fighting Baron ARG, Police Armed Response Groups, turn up armed with Auto Assault Pulse Rifles. Oil Baron soon sees that further resistance is pointless and gives in to be taken off by the police.

Air-Girl shares the video onto the cloud so it can be used against him in court along with the other info they have on him.


Page 40

Air-Girl and Grenade leave, Air-Girl carrying Grenade.

While Martha turns up to interview locals and using clips from the video makes a report which is picked up nationally.


BASH Issue 10 Captured

Issue 10 Captured

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Page 1

Captured by NightHauant our heroes are frozen in ice and put into two clear Plexiglas chambers.

These chambers are hanging from the roof of a room.

Within this room is a steam generator powered by thermal energy from below the volcano.


Page 2

NightHaunt sets the controls to overload, giving him an hour to escape. As he goes he sets internet cameras going so he can watch their demise and send a message when they wake.


Page 3

NightHaunt takes his hidden Jet-copter to the ship Dark Sky


Page 4

The heroes awake

‘Arh you are awake’ comes from the room around. ‘I hope you find your situation amusing? I do.

You are both going to die while I continue with my plans if slightly delayed. I will enjoy watching you die….’


Page 5

The dials on the generator can be seen moving slowly into the red.

[they have 9 pages to get free before the island blows]


Page 6

Airgirl creates a whirlwind around her to heat the ice and melt it

Stretch makes use of his escapology and his ability to stretch his limbs to try to get free of the ice.


Page 7

Stretch gets free of the ice.

Airgirl fires blasts of air at the chamber to fracture it.


Page 8

Airgirl shatters her chamber.

Stretch makes use of his micro sized hands and escapology to release the chamber from the chain holding it to the ceiling.


Page 9

Stretch continues to work on the chain holding his cylinder

Airgirl flys over to look at the generator whose dial is still rising.


Page 10

Airgirl finds the controls to the generator

Page 11

Airgirl creates a cyclone to pull on the control levers of the generator

Stretch at last gets free as his chamber breaks when it hits the floor.


Page 12

Airgirl finishes pulling on the levers.

Stretch takes a look and thinks she has got it right.


Page 13

Stretch looks at the dials as they start to fall back towards normal. [Just in time]

Airgirl looks for a way out and sees a door.


Page 14

Stretch tries to pick the lock door open, while airgirl keeps a over watch


Page 15

Stretch gets the door open after a little while


Page 16

In the corridor beyond is a door opposite with the corridor going both right and left

Airgirl blasts the opposite door with an airblast


Page 17

Airgirl blasts again and the door is blasted off its hinges

Stretch bounces into the room and can see screens on the wall

On one of them he can see guards on the roof working on the helicopter


Page 18

Stretch then checks out the corridor and other doors, one to the left which is unlocked and leads to a empty underground heli pad

Airgirl checks the computers in the room


Page 19

Stretch heads back up the corridor to the other end and what looks like a sliding door

He presses a button and the door slides open reviling a lift


Page 20

Airgirl breaks into the computer system and finds that Nighthaunt has fleed to a ship called the Dark Sky

She then access his secure accounts and empties them by sending the cash to various charities including the RNLI


Page 21

She then hacks the Ship Satellite Tracking System to find the Dark Sky.

The ship is about 100 miles away

Dark Sky    a 5000t 20 year old bulk carrier    54 x8 Sq  4sq depth below water 6sq above water      One cargo hold with power operated doors,

B1; A 1; M 1;    Size 5 +25 Brawn and Soak;   Speed 15kn 1sq;  Hull Steel 100 Hits


Page 22

Stretch uses this time to mediate on his martial art discipline to boost his mental defence against NightHaunts fear attack.


Page 23

Airgirl puts Stretch into a cyclone and fly’s them out towards the ships position.


Page 24

After half an hour of flight they reach the rough position of the Dark Sky


Page 25

Once the ship is detected by Airgirls Air sense they skim in low over the sea

Heading towards the bow of the ship Airgirl causes a one mile square fog bank to rise up and cover them


Page 26

They land on the bow of the Dark Sky, by a helicopter on the forward cargo doors.

Airgirl detects a patrol of two walking and one flying on the deck area.


Page 27

the two heroes discus tactics


Page 28

Shards of ice hit Stretch.

Airgirl fires off an airblast hitting the flying creature, while Stretch takes cover behind the helicopter


Page 29

Airgirl blasts the flyer again knocking it out of the sky and then moves behind the helicopter

the guards turn and run towards the stern of the ship [6sq] they have 34 sq to go.


Page 30

Airgirl moves out to fire again knocking a guard out

the remaining guard runs another 6 sq [28 to go]


Page 31

Airgirl blasts the last guard, with such a powerful blast that he is knocked into the sea unconscious.

He drowns


Page 32

Airgirl picks up Stretch again and flys to the stern of the ship going along its hull.


Page 33

Airgirl finds a open port hole in the rear structure on deck 5


Page 34

Airgirl uses her Air sense to look in the porthole, she can not sense anything due to the distrubted air around the porthole


Page 35

Stretch sticks his head in and sees a crewman with feet on desk watching monitors

He uses a wrestle move, using his long reach, and throttles him.


Page 36

Stretch slips in with some trouble while Airgirl has no such issues

They tie up the crewman and look at the monitors


Page 37

The monitors say Vulcan 1 and Vulcan 2 and show radar and camera pictures

They soon work out that these are a pair of Vulcan Gatling guns on the bridge wings.

Just as well they came in low


Page 38

Airgirl finds the controls and switch them off, Stretch pulls some wires out to make sure they can not be quickly turned back on.


Page 39

They listen at the one door in this room, all they can hear is the normal sounds of a ship.


Page 40

Stretch opens the door and checks the corridor going left and right

There are other doors along this passage and stairs at each end.


Page 41

They go left to the stairs and listen.


Page 42

They head up the stairs, towards what they hope will be the bridge.


Page 43

at the door marked bridge they listen

they hear two voices taking about the fog which they have entered.


Page 44

Stretch opens the door.

‘Whose opened the door and let the fog in’


Page 45

Stretch grabs one crewman snapping a arm bone, which causes a scream, as he goes unconscious

he then grabs the other crewman doing the same


Page 46

On the bridge rapidly filling with fog, they close the door.

The captain and First officer are on the floor


Page 47

Looking at the controls Airgirl works out how to set a course for Iceland.

A plaque tells them that the ship has a crew of  Captain; first officer; 2 seamen; Chief Engineer; Ast Engineer; 2 Engineer’s


Page 48

A room check shows a ship plan shows that accommodation is on decks 3 and 4


Page 49

With the radio room by the bridge they enter and send a message to their government contact

they are told that if they do not report in an hour the ship will be bombed to make sure that NightHaunt can not regain control. Even if it causes local contamination.


Page 50

The two of them head down to decks 3 and 4 and start to check rooms looking for NightHaunt.


Page 51

on deck 3 they run into a patrol of 2 men and a flying demon


Page 52

Airgirl blasts the demon knocking it back

Stretch ‘Are you ready to rumble?’ then using his long wrestling manoeuvres he bone snaps  the two guards and uses the second one to smash into the demon, which goes boom and falls into dust.


Page 53

They shove the guards into one room and pick up the guns to put into another.

They open the door and see a large occupied suite


Page 54

The large plush room has NightHaunt and 3 demons in it.

A wave of fear hits Airgirl and Stretch, she is unaffected but even with his mental preperation Stretch is pushed back out the door by his fear.

Airgirl tries to create a whirlwind around NightHaunt but catches a demon. instead [he uses a demon to protect himself]


Page 55

Airgirl drops the whirlwind and attempts to hit NightHaunt again and again catches a demon.

Stretch breaks the fear.

NightHaunt causes the area to fall into total darkness moves slightly and fires his laser at Airgirl but misses.


Page 56

Airgirl uses her whirlwind again and again catches a demon, she then moves back into the corridor.

Stretch tries to find a minion to attack by using touch but fails.

NightHaunt Hits Stretch with his laser and knocks him into the wall.


Page 57

Airgirl  moves back in and throws a whirlwind put again catches a minion

Stretch finds a minon and kocks it out with a boom.

NightHaunt hits Airgirl with fear and she is repelled out the door again.


Page 58

Airgirl breaks free of her fear

Stretch grabs Nighthaunt

NightHaunt uses fear on Stretch for no effect, while the demons attack Stretch for no effect.


Page 59

Airgirl airblasts a demon knocking it back.

Stretch restrains NightHaunt to stop him using his fear attack

NightHaunt helped by a demon hits Stretch with his Laser


 Page 60

Airgirl blasts the last demon out of the air.

Stretch restrains NightHaunt to stop him using his laser

NightHuant summons 3 more demons


Page 61

Airgirl blasts NightHaunt hitting his forcefield

Stretch attacks a demon with the grabbled NightHaunt but misses

NightHaunt demons attack Stretch but miss. NightHaunt says ‘Ok I give up’


Page 62

They restrain NightHaunt and wait for the navy after letting the government know they have it all under control


A successful conclusion to the mission.




BASH Issue 9 Darkness

Issue 9


Based on the Adventure ‘Threat of the Nighthaunt’ for Superworld

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Page 1 –  Airgirl and Stretch are patrolling the streets of Greater Bath, keeping an eye out for trouble they are the only members of S.A.G.A around at this time. The city streets seem oddly tense tonight.


Page 2 – Local police seem to be searching for something or someone and are ignoring less important crimes.


Page 3 – Airgirl and Stretch deal with some small scale crime.


Page 4 – They hear that the police are searching for some freaked out bat dude.  Apparently a dangerous criminal who escaped a few days ago. [show escape] Stretch tries to contact DC Fox but he is busy.


Page 5 – Sirens blast out and police cars speed down the street. Airgirl and Stretch ignore them and continue their crime busting.


Page 6 – Later that evening. Stretch gets hold of Fox and asks about the escapee.

‘Listen to this’ he says it just came in over all channels.

Just then the night sky turns black with no stars, moon or other light.


Page 7 – Stretch listens ‘People of the world, hear me now. I am nighthaunt, future ruler and beneficent leader of this planet. I speak to you now of a choice: submit to the power of the One True Faith or live in darkness forever.! To show that I have the might to act, look to the sky and prepare yourselves.’


‘This is when the sky went out’ says Fox,  ‘Nighthaunt is the one who escaped, he must have had a plan ready to go’.


Page 8 – The streets are full chaos as people panic and the criminal class take advantage by looting.


Page 9 – The evening sky comes back and the message continues live this time.

‘The choice confronts you. Submit to the faith of super-naturalism as your sole religion and to me as its one true priest, or suffer the consequences of folly. You have one day to pay me a fitting tribute of good faith. This tribute is to be an offering of ten billion in gold, five pounds of fissionable material, and a division of crack troops, enough for your leader to have the wealth and power befitting him. You have 24 hours before I blot out the sun finally and irrevocably. If you have not submitted to my leadership by that time, the blame rests upon your shoulders. Hear and obey.’


Page 10 – Stretch and Airgirl met up and discuss the situation, while they are a call comes in from DC Fox.

‘You are requested to met a government at the cabinet office from where you will be taken to met up with the PM.



Page 11 – Airgirl fly’s the two of them to London, at 200mph it takes two hours to reach the cabinet offices of government.


Page 12 – Meeting up with the government official he takes them to a secret conference room where they are introduced to the PM of the UK. She asks them to sit and plays the message again.


Page 13 – ‘My science aid’s believe that Nighthaught has created a giant sized version of his Light Dampening field generator. If he has it seems that it might black out the world. The military have managed to pick up the transmission quickly enough to get a partial location. It came from somewhere in the North Atlantic but we are not sure quick where.’ She continues, ‘it is up to you two to find out where and stop him, the clock is ticking and we have under 22 hours remaining. Unfortunately Captain Britain is busy and no one else is available, I have been told that you are capable heroes who can get this job done. ‘ ‘The military have a high speed long range Helicopter and pilot for your use.


Page 14 – ‘We also believe that a bat like creature which was part of a robbery this evening in Bath is linked to this man. The creature  disappeared in a smoke and ash, it was wearing a belt which we have here it held a couple of grenades.’

Airgirl and Stretch take a look at the belt and Airgirl notices a small leaf hooked on the belt.

Stretch knows from his wide knowledge of biology that it comes from only one plant from only one place a small island near Iceland.


Page 15 – With the where worked out they head for the helicopter for a 3 hour flight to the island.


Page 16 – With time to work Airgirl hacks the satellite control system at NASA. to use a satellite to view the island. With the sensors they can see a volcano to the west and signs of a building to the east, surrounded by forest.


Page 17 – Airgirl uses her talent with computers to see if there is any trace of internet communications from this island but fails to break the encryption.


Page 18 – 80 miles out Airgirl and Stretch leave the copter. Airgirl fly’s on the winds and uses wind to push Stretch who has taken on a sail shape.


Page 19 – Reaching the island they land on the volcano.

Airgirl fly’s off on her own to recon towards the building using her stealth ability as much as possible.


Page 20 – Flying east she comes across a road going roughly north south. Then still flying east she comes across a three way junction with one heading the way she want to go. This leads to what she takes to be the HQ.


Page 21 – There is a large roughly square one story building with two helicopters on the eastern side of the roof.

Outside the front is a small car park with some buggies.



Page 22 – Airgirl decides to disable the helicopters. To do this she tries to open a hatch and pull out cables.

However as soon as she touches the hatch she receives an electric shock which throws her back.

She decides to go back to Stretch.



Page 23 – Stretch has been looking around the volcano, but not found anything except plants and insects to interest him.


Page 24 – Airgirl carries Stretch in a whirlwind to the HQ, getting close she uses her air control to whip up a mist to cover them from cameras.

Stretch stretches up to the roof and making his arm micro sized goes through the copter exhaust to reach the fan blades, being careful not to touch the outside surface.



Page 25 – He touches the fan and receives a shock, however he rides it out and crushes the fan blade.



Page 26 – He does the same to the second helicopter again receiving a shock as he does so.



Page 27 – Stretch moves to the roof door and listens.

He uses hi micro size to get into the lock and open the door.

However an alarm goes off when the door opens.


Page 28 – The two of them leave the roof and go round to the front door, assuming guards will be heading for the roof.

Stretch reaches the front door and is caught by a area icy blast and caught in a prison of ice.

‘Not those Chill guns again’ thinks Stretch.


Page 29 –  Airgirl takes out the guard post hidden in the trees by the car park.

Stretch breaks free of the ice prison.


Page 30 – Stretch opens the front door, and pears into the entrance.

A blast of ice shards come towards him and he uses the door as cover.

The door is riddled by small ice shards.



Page 31 – Airgirl goes to the roof and starts to air blast the big radio dish up there. [Assuming it is the method of transmitting the dark]


Stretch reaches out to grab the guard 10′ away and knocks him out.



Page 32 – Stretch moves in and opens the door on the left.

Airgirl continues to blast the dish



Page 33 – Stretch sees that the room is a machine shop and sees three people working there.

Airgirl sees two small winged demon like creatures approaching her. She moves away from them to 150′ and hits out at one of them with a air blast knocking it back.


Page 34 – The demons fly closer and Airgirl again moves away. [she seems to be faster than them]

Stretch leave the room and moves over to the door on the right and opens it.


Page 35 – Airgirl attacks the demon again this time it goes boom and vanishes in a puff of smoke and dust. She then moves back away from the second demon.

Stretch Picks the lock of the door and enters. Instantly he is encased in ice again. [He really does hate these chill guns.


Page 36 – Airgirl takes out the second demon.

Stretch escapes from the ice prison and avoids a hail of ice shards from the two guards.


Page 37 – Stretch takes out both guards with his long arm reach using his wrestling.

Airgirl gets back to blasting the dish, which is very tough.


Page 38 – Stretch having dealt with the guards interrogates the scientist in the tool room.

Airgirl keeps up her air blasts on the dish.


Page 39 – Stretch retrains the scientist and makes him talk.

He finds out that Nighthuant is in the next room and that he has no chance.


Page 40 – Airgirl comes under attack by two guards who miss with their ice shards.

Her air blast back kills on and knocks out the other.


Page 41 – Stretch ties up the scientist with his own coat.

Airgirl goes back to blasting the very tough dish.


Page 42 – Airgirl al last finishes off the dish wich is bent out of shape.

She then takes up a air patrol.

Stretch moves back outside


Page 43 – Stretch calls to Airgirl who fly’s down to him


Page 44 – They go back into the HQ together

Airgirl blasts open the door to the control room.



Page 45 – They move to the open door and see a control room, with many panels of controls, a computer and five scientists. Naghthaunt, two guards and three demons.


Page 46 – Nighthaunt starts his monologue.

‘Why fight the inevitable, just submit and join me’

‘You lackeys of the state why suffer for those weaker than you?’

‘I will black out the world if they do not recognise me as its ruler’

and so on



Page 47 – Waiting for him to finish Airgirl lets go with her airblast, but he seems to avoid it.

Stretch kills one guard and knocks out the other, he also causes a demon to go boom.

Nighthaunt does two things, one he activates his fear which dazes Stretch. Then he puts the room into darkness.


Page 48 – Airgirl blasts another demon which goes boom, using her air sense to target.

Stretch breaks free of his fear.

Nighthaunt fires his laser at Airgirl, using his radar sense for targeting. Airgirl not being built to take hits suffers from this blast.


Page 49 – Airgirl fires up her wind wall [force field] to protect herself

Stretch manages to feel out a demon and squash it.

Nighthaunt uses his laser on Airgirl again and knocks her out. [one down]


Page 50 -Stretch searches with his limbs for another target.

Highthaunt blasts him with his invisible laser


Page 51 – Stretch finds Nighthaunt [hero die]and grabs him. Highthaunts force field protects him from harm for now.

Nighthaunt uses fear on Stretch again.


Page 52 – Stretch is dazed and Nighthaunt blasts him with his laser and knocks him out as well.


Page 53 – Nighthaunt has his men carry off the heroes.

What will he do to them now that his plan is thwarted by the damaged dish?


BASH Issue 8 Ho Ho Ho

Issue 8

Ho Ho Ho

Based on the Free BASH! Ultimate Edition Adventure By Chris Rutkowsky & Michael Mikulis

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This story takes place during the Greater Bath Annual Holiday Parade, being held Christmas Eve. S.A.G.A have been invited by police chief Alvin Walker to ride in a float along with several of the cities ‘Finest’. Their presence is not purely for fun– Chief Walker always wants a super powered presence as these functions… just in case. And tonight it is a good thing he did!
Martha Millington – ‘Local reporter’ and Stretch’s secret ID fiancée, is reporting live on TV on the parade as well as being the voice those watching hear over the tannoy system.


“Well folks, it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas here in Bath this evening. As you can see behind me, snow is gently starting to fall. Thank you for joining us at the 27th annual City Holiday Parade this Christmas Eve. For those just joining us, we have seen some local superheroes and some everyday heroes– officers representing the city Police Department. Coming now is the finale of our Parade, the Fifty foot-tall Nutcracker. Our Nutcracker is being pulled along by a troop of tin soldiers. The soldiers are from Bath University Drum & Bugle Corps. Weren’t they swell folks. Now the moment we’ve all been waiting for. That’s right boys & girls, Santa Claus is coming to town. The animatronic reindeer pulling Santa’s sleigh are provided by Yamashita Robotics. And now… What’s this?!! It appears there is an unscheduled event– someone has just appeared on the parade grounds…


Looking round the crew can see a husky young man, with long hair tied in a pony-tail, wearing a trenchcoat. They can just make out his T-Shirt which says, “All your base are belong to us!”.  Martha latrer hears that Air-Gril realised that it was ‘The Game Master’ a nigh-omnipotent extradimensional being who loves to make problems for superheroes and others, and causes mischief in general. The only way to stop him is to beat him at whatever “game” he devises!


Suddenly; the Games Master waves his hand and everyone but the heroes, The Games Master and myself are frozen the parade stops.

The Game Master bellows, “What’s the matter with you people? You call this entertainment? Its even more depressing that this holiday has become entirely too commercial! This isn’t what your holidays are all about! They’re all about the spirit of giving! But not to worry folks! The Game Master is going to give you a wonderful gift– the gift of lively entertainment. What do you say to that?


A moment of silence is followed by thunderous applause He continues, “Well, Heroes, I have to give the people what they want! The rules of this game are simple: You must complete three Christmas challenges. As you pass each test, I will release one third of the crowd from my gentle control! Pass all three, and I’ll be gone like a flash! Agreed? Good! For your first test, you must… SURVIVE!”
At that moment, the Fifty-Foot Nutcracker comes to life as a giant, clockwork robot! Picks up the float and tosses it into the air.  The Drum & Buglers dressed as Tin soldiers are turned into real Tin Soldiers– armed with muskets and bayonets! All of them begin to converge on the Heroes’ position! “Remember Heroes– its not the look of what you get– its what’s inside that counts!”


The Heroes respond quickly with Stretch grabs the four police officers in his arms and legs and glides with them to the ground and away from the nutcracker.  Alfa teleports to the head of the nutcracker and starts to punch it while Air-Girl gains height. The nutcracker ignores Alfa on its head and grabs the float and throws it at Stretch and the police, however Air-Girl fly’s in the way and blasts the float away smashing it up in the process. Hooray thinks Martha maybe this will be over quickly after all.

Unfortunately she was to quick and a long battle follows between the nutcracker the heroes and the tin soldier’s. Alfa takes damage from the tin soldiers until Stretch manages to clear them away, unfortunately killing one of the band members in the process even though he pulled his flurry of blows. Once the tin soldiers where out of the way it didn’t take long for the three heroes to take down the nutcracker and the first test was over and my crew along with a 1/3 of the spectators where freed from control.

The Game Master then says:
“Well Done, Super-Zeroes! It looks like I’ll be able to give these poor saps a show after all! But
what sort of show would it be with such lousy decorations?” Pointing to the city Christmas tree by the guild hall, the Game Master makes it grow to be hundreds of feet tall, dwarfing even the nearby buildings. “And what would our tree be without some ornaments?”  I suddenly disappear and reappear in an Angel costume on top of the tree. I am hanging on for dear life, and will lose my grip quickly, I try not to scream remembering that I am still broadcasting. Commenting about how every tree should have a choo-choo going around, the Game Master rips up the nearby rail tracks and puts them in a circle around the base of the tree– an unfinished circle! With a two car train full of passengers on it.


Stretch stretches his limbs and climbs up the tree to save his beloved, as he does the fairy lights start shooting laser flak at him and four giant birds fly out from the tree to protect their nest. Stretch is such a cool hero, even if a bit heavy handed some times she thinks as he avoids these dangers to get to her.  Taking hold of me he glides down to the nearest roof and gently puts me down. While Stretch was saving me Alfa teleported to the gap between the train carriages and tries to un hitch them. Air-Girl seems to make the air around the train thicker to slow it down and then creates a wall of wind to stop the second carriage which Alfa has now separated.  Alfa I am then told teleported into the carriage and told the passengers to leave by the doors while he teleported to the cabin and applied the brakes.


Then he teleported to the front carriage drivers cabin and lifted the driver out so the dead mans brakes would come on, only they didn’t.. Stretch meanwhile had become a set of bumpers at the end of the track to stop the rest of the train. However in the end he hadn’t needed to as Air-Girl with the second carraige stopped used her air wall to stop the first as well.  Second game won…


Furious that his challenge has been bested again by the Heroes, the Game Master frees the second part of the crowd from his control. Then he says: “Well, Heroes, it seems that I have not been making these challenges difficult enough! Your special gifts give you too much of an “unfair advantage”. But, as they say, it is better to give than receive.” At that moment, I see the Game Master disappear, reappearing in the place of Santa Claus from the Parade, wearing a red Santa suit. The sleigh has become a tricked-out rocket sled, and the animotronic reindeer come to life with a look of menace in their artificial eyes. A nearby snowman is also brought to life, taking on the icy appearance of Jack Frost! At that point, the Game Master speaks again, “And this reminds me of one of my favourite Christmas Traditions– the old Secret Santa gift exchange!” He waves his hand, and suddenly, you all feel very strange… “There– doesn’t it feel good to exchange gifts? Now that that’s out of the way, if you want to trade back, you’ll have to beat me, my reindeer, and my Frosty friend over here!” Air-Girl says he has swapped our bodies round and she was right. She now had Alfa’s powers and he had Stretch’s  and Stretch had hers.


The crowd and I now get to watch a super powered fight between the three heroes and Santa, Frosty and the sleigh. Air-Girl or Alfa gets confusing knocks the sleigh while The other two get caught up with Frosty who freezes them both. Then it gets confused as a giant Star turns up in the sky and the heroes struggle with the ice and snow caused by Frosty. Then Santa starts throwing parcels at Air-Girl which explode. Anyway after a short very confusing time I am told by Stretch that he got the hang of Air-Girls powers and used her air control to direct hot air at Frosty which got past his ice armour and melted him. Then it was all thee of them against Santa in a pummelling fight. Once Santa lost he disappeared and the Games Master reappeared.


Now defeated three times, the Game Master frees all the rest of the people of his mind control and disappear. The heroes breath a sigh of relief that it is done, and it was a close run thing they say. Then Alfa remembers he still has Stretch’s powers and shouts out hey you, the Game Master’s disembodied voice says, “Oh Yeah, I almost forgot– Merry Christmas” and switches their bodies back..  What a Christmas parade this reporter says, next year will have a lot to live up to. Heroes wherever they are trouble follows, its almost as if they are a magnet.  Well Happy Christmas to all our viewers from me and all those here.





BASH Issue 7 – Druid Cornered

Issue 7 Druid Cornered

Page 1

Our heroes met and decide until they can come up with any other idea to call themselves S.A.G.A [ Supervillian Apprehension Group Anonymous]


Page 2

Air Girl and Alfa have tracked Simon AKA Druid to Anglesey see issue 4.

They find that Druid  has a coastal  farm in Anglesey which he has turned into a Druid centre. This is not far from the RAF air station.

With a bit of research they find that there is a stone circle near to the farm near to a wood.


Page 3

Alfa carrying Air Girl teleports to the wood.

Alfa then listens for radio signals but only finds mobile signals and they appear to be encripted.


Page 4

Alfa then uses his keen senses to look around using both his normal and infrared  vision both in black and white.

There is always a lot of wildlife around the farm. The farm has a main house with converted barns around the yard a few hundred meters from the coast. A large wooded area which runs up towards the air station has wolves, boar and deer in it.  The farm has fields of crops, animals [Cows, Sheep, Pigs and Chickens] and bee hives.

One barn appears to be the vets lab with various animals inside as well as 3 humans

One barn appears to be a dorm with six bodies lying down on beds.

The house has four humans in it and he can see a blacksmith at work along with two farm hands.

He also thinks the walls are protected as he had to work hard to see the heat through them.


Page 5

They move to the Stone Circle by the edge of the wood.

It is very old and seems to be in use as there are some blood stains on it.

There are gaps in the circle for more stones.


Page 6

The Farm as a HQ has animal acting as lookouts [Sensors] Alfa and Air Girl  have been seen and the alram raised.

Air Girl looks at the circle and wonders if it is a computer or device of some sort. She thinks it might or might not be she does not have enough information.


Page 7

Alfa check’s to see if there is any druidic activity scheduled for these stones, apparently none for a while.


Page 8

Alfa teleports into what he thinks is a lab.

He does a quick 360 degree scan and jumps out again however before he leaves he is attacked by hundreds of insects which fail to harm him.


Page 9

Once back with Air Girl Alpha reruns the pictures from his scan, helped by his photographic memory.

He sees a veterinary lab with Simon and two others along with open cages of animals.


Page 10

Alfa then watches some ROD warriors training in their kilts and woad fighting with spear sword and shield in a training areas.



Page 11

Alfa teleports into and out of what he thinks was a dorm.

He is right it has a kitchen smaller rooms and a common area. Lots of pictures of druidic symbols and Celtic warriors, god etc on the walls.


Page 12

Air Girl notices, by a chance in the air around her, the approach of a insect swarm approaching on the ground and in the air.


Page 13

Air Girl picks up a quarter of the swarm using a cyclone.


Page 14

She fly’s towards the farmhouse with the rest of the swarm trying to keep up.

She is faster than the swarm and keeps ahead of it as she moves it away from Alfa and towards the farmhouse.


Page 15

Air Girl reaches the farmhouse.

She pulls the cyclone up over the chimney.

And then drops the swarm down it.


Page 16

Air Girl floats over the farmhouse and waits.


The insects drop down the chimney and head off in different directions ignoring those inside.


Page 17

Air Girl and Alfa see the Druid and 18 ROD warriors heading towards the wood and Alfa.


Page 18

Alfa teleports up 1,000′ and watches.


Page 19

Druid and his group stop and he chants and summoned a Spirit Eagle.

As the huge eagle appears Druid also calls together hundreds of pigions.


Page 20

Alfa teleports to Air Girl and then home.


Page 21

The two of them now get down to some more research to work out where the missing stones might be.

This takes a while but they find that they can trace down from Roman times five power stones. One is part of the Roman Baths of Bath, another is in the British Museum, another is part of the foundations of Bath Abbey while the fourth is at Stonehenge and the last is part of the stone Circle they saw at the farm.


Page 22

A time of discussion and reflection.


Page 23

Air Girl using her amassing intellect and ability to research pounders on whether any Stone Circle would work  and comes to the conclusion that as long as it was on a Ley-Line junction it might well do.


Page 24

They decide to check one of these stones out and being in Bath they decide to check out the one in the Roman Baths.

Air Girl is recognized and uses that as a distraction by air dancing and then allowing selfies and such.

Alfa finds the stone in the Baths and scans it.


Page 25

Back with Air Girl Alfa shares what he saw and they think about it.

He saw a rock with many symbols on it, his science skills told him it was from a meteorite and not terrestrial.

Air Girl tells him that she thinks that the symbols and its organic make up means that a bunch of them used together will work a bit like a computer circuit opening up a portal to another realm where a being could come from.

This links with what they found before that Simion is trying to bring back the Celtic war god Cicouis.


Page 26

Although Alfa and Air Girl do not know where the others are they leave messages for them bringing them up to date on the investigation.


Page 27

Now with a plan the two of them check the internet for a picture of the Anglesey stone, although Alfa has seen it he has no idea of color seeing only in black and white,  having found one they work together to create a replica of the stone from normal stone.


Page 28

Alfa teleports Air Girl to Anglesey where she produces a sea fog to cover the circle.

Alfa then teleports to the stone circle.


Page 29

Alfa feels around for the right stone in the fog while being attacked by thousands of ants.


Page 30

Finding the stone he grabs it and heaves.

Ripping it from the ground with his super human strength.


Page 31

With ants crawling all over him he teleports back to Bath and puts the stone down, the ants not being able to get inside his body crawl away. [no longer under control]


Page 32

Alfa picks up the replica rock and teleports back to the fog covered circle.


Page 33

Alfa plants the replica stone into the place the place the original stone came from and tucks the earth back around it.


Page 34

The Druid in the farm yard opens up and gateway to the circle and Alfa falls through and into the farm yard.


Page 35

Alfa says, ‘destroy me and you will never find the stone again’

Druid – turns his body to oak and then transforms into a bear, and attacks Alfa. His claws fail to get past Alfa’s armour but do knock him over.


Six of the ROD warriors then throw spears at Alfa but all also fail to get past Alfa’s armour.


Alfa stands, teleports to Druid and attacks but a flock of birds fly in the way taking the effect of his punch.


Page 36

Druid summons a huge spirit bear  behind Alfa and attacks. Again he fails to do much but the massive bear batters Alfa to the ground.


The ROD warriors manage to get a couple of spears to hit and punch through Alfa’s armour.


Alfa decides that this is a no win contest and teleports back home.


Page 37

Alfa teleports and gets Air Girl and teleports both of them home.


Page 38

After a short discussion of what to do with the stone they decide the only way to keep it out of druids reach is to put it into space drifting towards the sun.

So Alfa teleports 1,000 miles up towards the sun and away from the moon with the stone and kicks it on its way.


Page 39

Alfa teleports back and he and Air Girl decide job well done and no one knows about it at all.


Page 40

Rock spinning slowly towards the very distant sun, with the ISS [International Space Station] a small dot to the side.

BASH Issue 6 A Frozen City

Issue 6 A Frozen City


Page 1

Media reports Martha has done a in-depth report about Doris Dagger a wheelchair bound politician of the Women’s Equality Party, a Bristol counselor, who is running for Bristol city mayor she is accusing her male rivals of Sexism as well as  disabilityisam. She claims that they are saying she is not up to the job and incapable of coping.  She says she has multiple degrees and is appealing to the female vote, her views on men are well known, anything they can do females can do better. She has desires to be the UK first WEP Prime Minister at some point.

Her rivals say this is all made up or taken out of context,  Of course they do as men would never do anything so underhand.

This reporter thinks Doris is a breath of fresh air, and just maybe a woman leader will do something about this rash of male heroes and villains who are causing so much havoc, men just seem to be in awe of them.



Page 2

A fine Spring day light cloud and bright sunshine.


Professor Stuart Stanley, Aka Stretch, is fishing on the banks of the river Avon in Bath on his own. He has taken a day off work to just relax.


Air Girl is practicing her dance moves on the roof of a building near to where she lives.


Page 3

They feel the air get colder and can see their breath in the air, frost starts to from on surfaces and then ice starts to cover the ground. A sudden cold snap?

Stuart starts to see the river freeze over trapping barges and boats and his fishing line. He starts to pack up his tackle, seat, and over boxes with his lunch away.


Over radio’s, text alerts and TV screens comes the update that Bath City centre is under ice the river is frozen  and people are falling over. Boats are trapped, cars have crashed, where has this sudden cold come from?


Page 4

Slightly later media reports –  Shops and shops and banks are also being robbed as someone takes advantage of the situation.

Stuart not having a radio with him has not heard any of this and is heading home to put his stuff away, have a warm drink and then go for a walk.

Air Girl fly’s over towards a bank to see what is going on.

She sees Ice minions collecting cash from the bank and shops and putting the cash onto drones.


Page 5

Air Girl decides to follow a drone rather than stop the robbers.


The Pro phones his contact Chief Detective Brain Fox to find out what is going on with this cold snap. Fox brings him up to date on the situation, in fact he sounds quite agitated and anxious about the number of car accidents as well as the number of reports of injured people falling on the ice. The ice seems to cover most of the city centre around one square mile in area.


Page 6

Stuart changes to Stretch and heads for the centre of the problem the Abbey Church Yard phoning the only other hero he knows is around at the moment Air Girl they arrange to met at the abbey.


Air Girl gives up following the very slow drone and heads to the abbey.




Page 7

Captain Chill and two Cyborg’s are stood in the Abbey churchyard stopping all police interference. A few drones are flying around them as well as each group of minions collecting cash recording everything, or collecting the cash.


Page 8

Once Air Girl and Stretch arrive they see a strange sight, a few police are trying to keep the crowds of shoppers back from Chill. However a lot of the shoppers are trying to get selfie’s with the escaped villain.

Others are lying on the ground or on benches with injured limbs. There are also crashed vehicles around the shopping area. The whole area is ice covered.


They discuss options.


Page 9

Air Girl decides to use her air control to grab a drone and throw it at a Cyborg. This hits and the drone is smashed into bits but it does knock the Cyborg off its feet and 17′ backwards.


Page 10

Captain Chill starts into a verbal tirade, telling them how point less it is for them to face off against him. How they have no grounds for attacking him and are they feeling the chill dude.


Page 11

Air Girl manages to let him finish his verbal assault and then fires a wind blast at him, which chips bits off ice off of his icy caprice.


Stretch had started bouncing, having formed a ball while Chill was speaking, between buildings.


Chill skates 120′ on his skates which create a 3′ high slide of ice and fires his Chill gun at Air Girl. The cone of cold envelopes her as she tries to avoid it. she is stuck in a icy block.


The Ice Warrior, Chill created out of the ice, stands still.


The two Cyborg’s both jump upwards, they ascend 50′. Air Girl works out that they will go up to around 400′ before they start to come back down, presumably to land on one of them.


Page 12

Air Girl fighting falling out of the sky as her mass increased when the ice formed around her. She tries to head towards the hot Roman baths which will melt this cage off of her.


Stretch bounces into Chill, knocking him 50′ towards the abbey walls and onto his back.


Chill stands and towards Stretch who has bounced away.


The two Cyborg’s continue to go up.


Page 13

Air Girl drops into the hot waters of the Roman Baths and the ice melts from around her.

The Baths have not frozen due to the constant flow of natural very hot water into it.


Stretch bounces away from Chill.


Chill Skates after Stretch.


Cyborg’s continue upwards.



Page 14

Air Girl fly’s up  level with the Cyborg’s staying at range and blasts one of them with her wind blast.


Stretch continues to bounce around avoiding Chill and bystanders.


Chill skates back to the Abbey yard.


Cyborg’s reach 200′ up.


Page 15

Air Girl wind blasts the Cyborg again this time knocking it out, however its motion is still up.


Stretch Continues to bounce.


Cyborg’s reach 250′


Page 16

Air Girl still keeping level with the Cyborg’s hits the other one with her wind blast


Stretch tries to see where Chill has got to.


Cyborg’s reach 300′



Page 17

Air Girl continues to blast the Cyborg


Stretch bounces upwards to see over the crowds, hero die, he sees Chill and bounces at him.

As he does the Ice Warrior gets in his way and its icy sword thrusts into him. Stretch is stopped in his tracks with a bleeding wound where the sword hit him.


Cyborg’s reach 350′



Page 18

Air Girl continues to blast the Cyborg


Stretch wrestles the Ice warrior and throws it 42′ into a wall.


Chill Skates towards Stretch to freeze him with his chill gun.

As he does two ARG police [Armed Response Group] open fire on him with their Pulse rifles.  The impact of these blasts knock Chill sideways 42′ onto the ground and away from Stretch. [Hero Die from Air Girl]


Cyborg’s reach 400′


Ice Warrior stands and skates towards Stretch.


Page 19

Air Girl eventually knocks out the second Cyborg


Stretch, stretches his legs and arms to grabble Chill.


Chill tries to struggle free.


Cyborg’s drop to 350′ as they fall


The Ice Warrior swings its icy sword at Stretch.


The ARG fire on the ice warrior but the blasts have no real effect on its icy armour.



Page 20

Air Girl uses her master of the air to take hold of one of the Cyborg’s and put it safely on the ground by the police.


Stretch starts to choke Chill


Cyborg drops to 300′


Ice Warrior stabs at Stretch again, luck for Stretch his elastic body allows him to keep moving out of the way.


The ARG fire at the warrior again this time their blasts shatter its ice sending sharp shards in a 60′ radius.

These shards cut into bystanders, injuring many.



Page 21

Air Girl gives the second Cyborg a soft landing by the police.

She has stopped them both and saved their lives.


Stretch manages to choke Chill into unconsciousness and gives him to the police as well.


Page 22

Air Girl and Stretch pose for pictures and then leave the area, Stretch knowing he can talk away the couple of wounds as caused by the flying ice as the Pro was watching the action.


Page 23

The Ice starts to melt once Chill is taken away and as it does the emergency services arrive to help the injured.

The Chill minions disappear as has nearly a million in cash from across the city.


Again it turns out that the Cyborg’s are men who have been drugged and been fitted with advanced Cyborg implants.


Page 24

The media has a field day on the heroes who did not stop any of the robberies but faced off against a super who was doing nothing till they cam and started a fight.

No one yet knows what to call this group of heroes however quite a few like ‘The Destroyers’ due to the amount of damage which follows them around.


BASH Issue 5 – Drone Terror

Drone Terror

Page 1/

While Air-girl and Alfa are looking for Simon see last issue

News reports

The Robot Alfa and Air-girl seemed to have formed a group, name unknown, we hope it is for the betterment of all and not their egos. Will the other heroes decide to join them as well?

Martha reports on the damage done around Bath as the ‘heroes’ stopped the rogue robots. Would the robots have done less damage if the ‘Heroes’ had not got involved?  Yes the heroes do good in stopping petty crime but when they get involved with super villains or there activities bad things happen.


Captain Chill has broken out of jail, members of the public are warned to avoid him as he can be dangerous.


Killjoy has been seen around, taking out muggers and other minor criminals, is he a hero or what? Each place he turns up depression, sadness and anger afflict those near by for days.



Page 2/

Saturday  morning

Prof Stuart Stanley, Stretch, is out with Martha,  at the Farmers market in Green Park Station buying fresh food.

Grenade, Doug Macarthur,  is at the gym keeping toned and fit.


Page 3/

Martha has a alert on her phone that the shopping area of Bath is being terrorised by low flying drones, there appears to be more than 10 of them.


Grenade sees it on the gyms TV screen.


Both mention that all police have been called in to help with the disruption and panic. Windows and trash bins are exploding.


Page 4/

Stretch tells Martha he needs the toilet and goes to look, down the road near the cinema he can see a large 3′ drone swooping around.


Grenade heads out of the gym to look and sees a drone flying past shoppers down the road and a flash on a car.


Page 5/

Stretch, stretches his legs and sprints towards the drone, covering 30squaers. While the drone flies towards him. [10sq]


Grenade looks for a controller but does not see anyone obviously controlling the drone.

As he watches he sees a beam come from the drone to hit a parked car as the shoppers flee screaming.


Page 6/

Stretch continues to sprint with his long legs towards the oncoming drone, which stops 30 squares away from him.


Grenade heads towards a tech shop to buy a controller so he can try to gain control of the drone. [this will take a while]


Page 7/

Stretch sprints another 30 squares ending up under the drone, the drone moves upwards to end up 10 squares above him.



Page 8/

Stretch stretches his arms and grabs the drone from above him and smashes it into the wall.  The drone falls to pieces.


Page 9/

Stretch picks up the bits of the drone and heads back to Martha.


The car under attack by the drone explodes.


Page 10/

Drones continue to blow things up and buzz shoppers.



Page 11/

A while later.

Stretch back as Pro Stanley show Martha the bits,  ‘it just flew at me and hit the wall’ he says. She phones Grenade, who she knows, to see what he knows and can do. Stretch talks to him as the Professor and agree to met at Cafe Nero. She then heads off to interview some shoppers.


Grenade gives up on getting a remote and head to met the Professor.



Page 12/

Later at Cafe Nero – the Professor meets grenade

News flash – the drones have gone, police use rubber bullets to shot four down. A few cars have exploded, many trash bins have been set on fire and windows have been broken. No people have been hurt, the object of this attack is unknown and no group has claimed reasonability.


On another news item  – Roughhouse, a known super human, has been seen robbing a bank in Keynsham while the police where distracted.



Page 13/

Together they discuss the attack and the drone parts. Both of them wish that Alfa was around with his computer knowledge as they are both out of their depth, although they can see that the drone has a camera, a heat sensor as well as a low powered laser. It seems to have been transmitting data to the internet.


Grenade says he will contact John from MI5 to see if they can see where the data has gone, he says ‘give us a day or so.’


Page 14/

The Professor and Grenade wonder if this was to see super heroes in action and was the drones linked to the bank robbery.

They head off.



Page 15/

36 hours later.

John tells Grenade that the data was streamed to a password protected site, which they have failed to get into.

John also talks about the robbery and Roughhouse, so Grenade finds out about him.

Background: A low intelligent man he spent years moving up the ranks of the underworld as a super powered leg breaker for hire. For a short time he worked as a super powered Bounty Hunter, working with the man known as Blaster.. The truth is, he’s still a leg breaker, just a high paid one now.


Page 16/

Grenade and Stretch met up again to share knowledge. They agree that the Professor should try to see if he can use his medical links to find out more about Roughhouse. While Grenade will go and look at the robbed bank.

They come to the conclusion that it was unlikely that Roughhouse organised any of this and he is working for someone else.


Page 17/

The Professor uses his Science /Biology; Medicine /Research skills to work through medical papers to see if he can find out about Roughhouse. It takes him a few days and he avoids being found out. He finds out that Howard Brooks as a child, had trouble controlling his great strength, and was unable to attend school because of it. It was hard to take blood tests due to his hard skin , he was also very heavy for his size. It didn’t take long for him to fall in with the wrong crowd. This seems like Roughhouse and the psychological reports talked about a boy with low education due to his lack of schooling, but when he had a task he was relentless in pursuing the aim no matter what.



Grenade goes to see the scene of the bank robbery, the bank is a mess. Walls where just smashed through and the vaults door ripped off its hinges, however there is little he can see that the police reports hadn’t already shared on the news.



The Professor and Grenade met up again and exchange info.

The Professor tell Grenade that he is Stretch and they agree to work together and join the group Alfa and Air-girl have set up.

News Flash – Roughhouse is robbing a bank in Batheaston armed police are on route.

Stretch and Grenade head there.


Page 20/

As Stretch and Grenade arrive so do two police cars.

One car contains two ARG offices armed with Pulse rifles the other has two beat coppers who are unarmed.

Roughhouse walks through the banks wall with bangs of loot while two Cyborg’s stand by the front entrance.  They appear to be with Roughhouse.


Page 21/

Stretch forms into a ball and starts bouncing between two walls.


Grenade uses his stealth to move behind the police and flick a marble at a Cyborg. The explosion knocks the Cyborg over and unconscious.


The other Cyborg leaps into the air aiming to land on the police behind the car. Grenade acts very quickly [Hero Die] to throw a marble at the Cyborg which knocks it 5′ short of the police.


Roughhouse picks up a rock from the rubble of the bank and throws it as a area attack at the police. Again Grenade acts quickly [another hero die] and pushes the officers out of the way.


The two armed Police recovering from the surprise fire at the Cyborg in front of them and  put it down.


Page 22/

Stretch continues to bounce.


Grenade hides again.


Roughhouse walks towards the police, ‘well what have we here? Two heroic cops! Why don’t you run?’


The police respond with a salvo of pulse rife fire on auto. Multiple shots hit him and knock him back 20′ towards the bank where he falls.  However he takes no damage from the blasts.


Page 23/

Stretch keeps bouncing.


Grenade flicks a marble at Roughhouse, while he is laying on the ground. Although he hits he also does no obvious effect to the tough Roughhouse.


Roughhouse stands, then claps his hands together to create a shockwave. This knocks the police car into the two officers and takes them and the  car flying into the other side of the road.



Page 24/

Stretch keeps bouncing and uses his momentum to smash into Roughhouse. Roughhouse stands and takes it and Stretch bounces off of him.  His density and brawn keep him safe.


Grenade throws a marble at the ground below Roughhouses feet. This opens a 8′ crater into which Roughhouse falls.



Page 25/

Stretch, decides to use his wrestling skills to work and staying 10 squares away extends his arms to grabble Roughhouse around his neck.


Grenade uses his personality to call on Roughhouse to give in, Roughhouse just laughs.


Roughhouse tries to escape from the neck lock but fails. Although he is massively stronger than Stretch, Stretch has the skill.



Page 26/

Stretch uses his grip to crush, inflicting some effect on Roughhouse.


Grenade uses his cane to attack Roughhouses head [called shot] but misses.


Roughhouse tries again to break free from Stretches grasp.



Page 27/

Stretch crushes again bringing a Arhhhhhh from Roughhouse.


Grenade tries the cane to the head attack again and although this time he hits it appears to have no effect.


Roughhouse tries again to break free from Stretches grasp.



Page 28/

Again Stretch crushes Roughhouses neck.


Grenade puts his hands to the sides of the hole, Roughhouse is in, and uses his power to collapse the sides over Roughhouse even covering  his head with a couple of inches of soil.


Roughhouse tries again to break free from Stretches grasp.



Page 29/

Stretch continues to crush the buried Roughhouse.


Grenade goes to check on the police officers.


Roughhouse tries again to break free from Stretches grasp.



Page 30/

Stretch fails to have any effect with his crush this time.


Roughhouse breaks free and pulling himself out of the ground tries to hit with his double punch to Stretches arms, but fails to hit the thin target.



Page 31/

Stretch grabbles again and getting a grip starts crushing again.


Roughhouse [villain die] uses his density and shockwave to vibrate the ground and fall into it to escape Stretches grip.



Page 32/

Stretch delays to see where Roughhouse has gone.

Grenade thanks the police for their bravery while asking the two unarmed officers if he can help. They are tending to their armed brothers. They reply, ‘Stop it’.



Page 33/

Stretch shrinks his arm to microscopic size to feel around in the ground for Roughhouse.


Grenade explodes the ground to shock Roughhouse up.


Roughhouse pushes up out of the ground18 squares away.



Page 34/

Stretch strides his long legs 15 squares to end up 13 squares away from Roughhouse.


Grenade sprints towards Roughhouse and ends up 8 squares away.


Roughhouse walks up to 3squares away from Grenade and stamps the ground causing a shockwave which throws Grenade 44′ into the air. Grenade hits the ground taking damage as he does.



Page 35/

Stretch grabs again.


Grenade stands 5 squares from Roughhouse and tries the crater trick again with his explosive marble. However this time it only causes a 3′ crater under Roughhouse.


Roughhouse walks towards Grenade and uses his double punch on him. it knocks Grenade 5 squares back and to the ground.



Page 36/

Stretch fails in his crush attempt.


Grenade stands up and using a called shot to avoid Stretches arms throws a marble at Roughhouse, however it has no effect.


Roughhouse uses his ground shacking to escape into the ground again.



Page 37/

Stretch tries his microscopic feeling around again.


Grenade waits


Roughhouse pops up 10 squares away, Grenade throws a marble at him and misses.  Roughhouse then throws the rock he came up with at Grenade, who avoids the smashing rock.



Page 38/

Stretch walks to within 10squares and tries to grabble Roughhouse again, however this time he fails.


Grenade also walks up to Roughhouse and tries to grabble, he fails not being anywhere near as skilled as Stretch or as strong as Roughhouse.


Roughhouse tried to hit Grenade but finds him hard to pin down.



Page 39/

Stretch manages a grabble this time.


Grenade moves 9 squares back and flicks a marble.


Roughhouse tries to break Stretches grabble and fails, he just can not match the skill of Stretch.




Page 40/

Stretch starts his crunching again.


Grenade flicks another marble but misses while trying to avoid Stretch.


Roughhouse again fails to escape Stretches grip.




Page 41/

Stretch crushes again with little effect.


Grenade tries another marble but again misses both Roughhouse and Stretch.


Roughhouse sinks into the ground again.



Page 42/

Stretch delays, waiting to see where Roughhouse reappears.


Grenade also waits.


Roughhouse moves underground, still using his shockwave, to a drain.




Page 43/

Roughhouse moves along the waste drain towards the bank.



Page 44/

Stretch and Grenade think drains and lift a manhole cover.


Page 45/

They borrow a touch from the police.


Page 46/

They get into the smelly dirty drain.


Roughhouse pops up in the bank.



Page 47/

Roughhouse picks up his loot and leaps away.



Page 48/

Stretch and Grenade move along the drain and see a hole where Roughhouse entered.

They follow the drain to the bank.


Page 49/

As they appear in the bank, wet smelly and dirty, the bank staff point and say, ‘he went that way’.



Page 50/

Stretch and Grenade leave the bank, Stretch stretches to his full height and can see Roughhouse leaping away.



Page 51/

Stretch follows the disappearing Roughhouse, but losses him.



Page 52/

Stretch heads home, Grenade leaves the trashed area.

The area around and in the bank looks like a war zone.  There are holes and craters in the road, broken walls in the bank. Smashed police cars and injured policemen, broken water mains throwing water out and a broken sewer discharging waste.

The heroes might have driven Roughhouse off and stopped the two Cyborgs but the cost to the area has been high.



Page 53/

Next day, 09John contacts Grenade and tells him that the Cyborg’s where males with various enhancements to give them a massive leap and increased strength.  Both men seemed to be under some drug control and know nothing about what happened to them.  Both have been sent for treatment to restore them to normal, they will not be held responsible for their actions.



Page 54/

News reports.

More carnage as super ‘Heroes’ take on bank robber. The damage to the road runs into tens of thousands of pounds and will take at least a week to repair. Two police officers badly injured in fight, although other officers where ok.

Robber named as Roughhouse amid calls for registration and control of  super power individuals to protect the public.