BASH Issue 3 Christmas Market

The Christmas Market

Page 1

Chronicle headlines over the past weeks

Robot Alfa and criminal called Grenade cause havoc at Circle area including the hospital.

Patents and staff put in danger as area freezes over, causing life threatening operations to stop.

Are these heroes causing more damage than the criminals they proclaim to stop?


Page 2

Is ALFA a alien scout?

Can we expect a invasion at some point?

Devil robot seen on top of abbey

Teenagers complain about Muslim Air-Girl throwing them about.


Page 3

Super powered vigilantes bring super villains to Greater Bath area like bees to honey, so do we deed them at all?

Old Bath’s best ever Christmas Market to run for longer than before.


Page 4


Prof Stuart Stanley [Stretch]  with his girlfriend Martha Millington  are walking around the annual Victorian Christmas Market around the Abbey in Old Bath. She is taking notes and pictures on her tablet for the Chronicle  while he is wondering what to get her this year, girls are so hard to buy for. The wooden stalls are bright and busy, thousands of people are wondering around the area buying snakes or gifts or just enjoying the joyful Christmas atmosphere.

Doug Macarthur [Grenade] is also out around the market and city centre, palming things from peoples pockets and bags, a man has to make a living after all.

Air-Girl, is wandering around the top of town taking in the sights and smells. Dressed in flowing ropes with a coat over them.

Alfa, is also walking around, in his heavy coat and hat, enjoying the sight of humans enjoying themselves and not expecting trouble in this crowded happy environment around the religious centre of the city.


Page 5

Ayn Rand is also walking around the market he has on his normal Orange clown outfit with mask make up of stark white face paint with bright red spots on his cheeks Juggling Clubs  as he mixes with the crowds.

As he goes he puts his usual dampener on the joy of the people, therefore his name of Killjoy. This causes people to become short tempered, aggressive and angry with each other.

Scenes of people arguing, back biting, becoming short tempered and fighting breaking out.

Alfa and Stuart notice the sudden shift in attitudes around them, more pushing and shoving, arguing with stall holders etc.

Page 6

Screaming mother in crowd where is my child?

Child in pushchair has been moved away from her in the crush.

In danger of being knocked over and crushed. by a swirling mob

Market Stall knocked over and people trapped as a lot of pushing and shoving occurs

Three trapped under stall.


Page 7

Alfa teleports to overturned stall

Stuart and Martha move towards the shouting women, Stuart stretching his neck just a little to see where to go in the crush.


Page 8

Alfa lifts the fallen stall one handed, to the amassment of the crowds,  and frees the trapped people.

Stuart and Martha continue to move slowly through the crowds.


Page 9

Alfa, people crawl out from the stall, while Alfa asks ‘how did it go over?’

Calls from the crowds for his autograph, ‘without heart we are mere machines’ Alfa says as he hears about the crush which tipped the stall over.

Stretch sees the wheelchair and moves to it, extending his arm to it to grab hold and stabilise it. He then slips through the crowd, taking damage from being stood on and pushed around in his extended shape, to the wheelchair. Martha does not notice his move away.


Page 10

Alfa is signing autographs.

Stretch stands by the chair, as Martha calls out ‘where have you gone?’


Page 11

Stuart holds up the wheelchair and asks ‘is this your child?’  ‘Yes’ comes the reply.


Page 12

Stuart with Martha taking pictures returns the wheelchair and baby to its mother.


Page 13

As these things end the sound of a voice calling  ‘All wealth is stolen and we are here for our share’ comes from a Green suited male with a Feather in his cap and a bow in his hands, he is Standing on the wall of the Roman Baths looking towards the market and abbey. Four similar dressed individuals with staffs along with a woman with bow and a giant of a man with a staff  both also in green. are in the Abbey Church Yard as well.

‘Please hand over your cash, jewels and cards to my Merry men, thank you’ Says Robber Hood followed by ‘No one will get hurt if you obey’


Page 14

Alfa teleports to the top of the abbey.

Stuart talks to Martha about the Panto characters around, a clown and now the cast of Robin Hood.

Killjoy leaps over the stalls towards Robber.

Doing so brings him past Stuart and Martha who fall within his despair area. Stuart manages to throw off its effects but Martha doesn’t and starts to get angry with him.

Robber loses a Grapple arrow at the abbey roof and starts to swing that way.

The Maid activates her seduce men power, this effects Killjoy but Stuart resists this as well. However all the males in the crowd near her are now in love with her as well as being depressed by Killjoy.

Little John, moves to hit Killjoy with his staff, but misses.

Merry men will mix with the crowd and start collecting donations,using their stun staffs to cause if needed..


Page 15

Alfa stands watching from the abbey roof.

Stuart watches as Martha starts taking video.

Killjoy attacks Little John but his clubs bounce off the 10′ tall and tough Little John.

Robber reaches the abbey roof and loses a stun arrow at Killjoy having no real effect.

The Maid also uses a glue arrow but misses the area Killjoy is in and sticks a load of shoppers to the ground.

Little John swings his fists at Killjoy hitting lightly.


Page 16

Alfa teleports to stand next to Robber, and warns about standing on roofs. ‘its very dangerous on roofs you know you ought to get off’

Stuart and Martha continue to be part of the crowds.

Killjoy tries to leap away but fails and does not hit Little John either.

Robber Hood uses a grabble arrow and swings to the roof of the restaurant north west of the abbey.

The Maid releases another glue arrow at Killjoy missing again.

Little John hits Killjoy knocking him back into the crowd of people and the glue area.


Page 17

Alfa, teleports behind Robber again, ‘this horse play is getting out of hand, theft ect is wrong that’s number 161, 162, 163…..’ he says.

Stuart provides a shoulder for Martha to cry on, as she runs through the list of things getting her down. lack of promotion, problems with friends and so on.

Killjoy, tries to break free of the glue and fails.

Robber Hood, ‘you are just getting annoying, leave me alone.’ He says and then swings back to the abbey roof.

The Maid, releases a glue arrow at Alfa’s feet and sticks him to the roof.

Little John, picks up a stall to throw but ends up dropping it on himself.



Page 18

Incidents happening as fight goes on

Stampede – Disabled woman in chair in the way of a running mob.

Lots of screaming about robots, villains and calls for help.



Page 19

Alfa breaks free of the glue and teleports to The Maid, gabbles and picks her up.

Stuart is taking photos with Martha.

Killjoy tries and fails to break free of the glue.

Robber Hood hits Alfa with a electric stun arrow, Alfa is glad its not a EM pulse one.

The Maid tries to wriggle free of Alfa but fails to break his iron grip on her.

Little John, picks up a stall and throws it at Alfa but misses and it lands in the Roman Baths.

The adjacent Food Stall catches fire there is a danger of gas bottles exploding.


Page 20

Alfa teleports with the Maid over the Baths. As he reappears he takes her bow and lets go of her.

Stuart moves Martha away from the stall fire.

Robber, shoots two arrows at Alfa. One Glue and one Stun, the Glue misses and the Stun has no effect.

The Maid does a forward flip as she falls to land on the Bath walls.

Little John moves to attack Alfa supported by a minion both using their staffs, both miss.


Page 21

Alfa teleports  and attacks Little John with his iron fists. Little John takes no damage from the attack but is knocked back into the empty space where stalls used to be.

Stuart moves to the lady in the wheelchair, again using a little neck and leg stretch to see over the crowd, Martha is still following taking video of the scene.

Killjoy, manages to break free of the glue at last.

Robber Hood hits Alfa with a glue arrow sticking him to the ground, his Electric Stun arrow misses.

The Maid decides its time to leave and heads away.

John attacks Killjoy with his fists but misses the hard to hit clown again.

With the maid gone all the men fall out of love with her, including Killjoy.


Page 22

Alfa, breaks free of the glue and teleports to the on fire stall and picks up the gas canisters.

Stuart protects the wheelchair bound lady from the fleeing mob.

Killjoy, uses his two clubs to hit Little John. The blows only knock him back 10′.

Robber Hood, hits Alfa with a Glue arrow, but misses with the Stun one. Alfa is stuck to the ground again.

John tries to hit Alfa but misses.

The gas canisters are hissing.


Page 23

Alfa breaks free again.

Stretch, tell Martha to escort the lady in the chair away from harm. Then he stretches his legs and arms to pull himself up onto the abbey roof.

Killjoy, uses his hiding ability to merge into the background.

Robber Hood, Again fires a Glue and Stun arrow at Alfa. The Glue misses and the Stun has no effect.

John hits Alfa and knocks him back with the canisters stuck to his arms.


Page 24

Alfa, teleports to Robber Hood, on the abbey, and tries, with his hands full of canisters to grabble him.

Stretch now in super mode, tries to wrap his arms around Robber Hood but fails to get a firm grip.

Killjoy, moves away quickly.

Robber Hood swings towards the Christmas Tree and away from the abbey.

John with no one to hit moves away.

Merry Men start to leave as well


Page 25

Alfa, teleports to slam into the swinging Robber Hood.

Robber hood uses his amassing ability and swings away and vanishes. [Villain Die]


Page 26

The Merry band join up with their loot and go.

Killjoy goes home after a interesting evening fighting crime and making people unhappy.

Stuart heads off to find Martha while Alfa watches over the city.

Stuart and Alfa gain Fame, Stretch does not.



Page 27

Chronicle headlines with Martha’s bye line.

Crazy clown and Pantomime gang cause terror at market.

Pro. Stanley saves baby and disabled lady from terrified mob.

Robot Alfa endangers bystanders.




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