BASH Issue 12 Dead Professors


Issue 12 Dead Professors

 Page 1

Airgirl and Grenade are shown being heroes in a local context. Saving cat’s stopping minor crimes.


Page 2

Aeron, Airgirl, decides to go to a advertised lecture by Dr Shirley Southland on a dig in Turkey and what it found in the 2,000 year old  Hittite Tell. Aeron is interested in history and thinks this will give her new insight into human civilisation development. Looking up about the Prof she finds that she is a female middle aged archaeologist with grey hair and a bit over weight, more interestingly is that she was one of 5 UK professors given scrolls from the Tell. Three of them have already died, one of old age; one of a heart attack; and the last by falling down stairs.


Page 3

Airgirl hakes into the national police computers for more info on these deaths. She finds that the old age man looked 70 but was only in his early 50’s; the heart attack was caused by a bursting heart and the stair fall looked like she had broken all her limbs. She thinks this is odd and contacts Grenade as the others are unavailable.


Page 4

The Lecture in the Guildhall Bath, is in the Banqueting Room which is 24x12m and holds 360 in theatre style. This room is used for many things including weddings and is very beautiful. Aeron is near the back, looking like a old lady.  The lecture tells about how they found the Tell in Turkey.


Page 5

Doug Macarthur, Grenade, arrives late and is stopped at the door by security and recognised.


Page 6

Grenade, uses his ability to suggest to get security to let him pass, “You do not want to arrest me, I am here to protect the Professor”. He enters and stands near one of the side entrances.


Page 7

The lecture continues and mentions a Golden Box which was found.


Page 8

The side doors are banged open interrupting the lecture and two groups of four armed and camouflaged men enter the room.


Page 9

Aeron instantly changes into Airgirl and floats upwards, while Grenade touches a door to blow it back into the intruders face. Four of the intruders cover Airgirl while the others demand the Professor.


Page 10

Airgirl makes a whirlwind to hold the professor, to stop her being taken. The door blows up taking out two intruders and seven civilians with splinters and blast. The intruders hit Airgirl with multiple Electro Magnetic Stun Rifle   blasts dazing her, Grenade is also hit but the blast has no effect.


Page 11

Airgirl clears her head free of the electro stun, Grenade leaps and attacks two intruders knocking one out and injuring the other. The intruders manage to daze Airgirl again, then two new villains join in casting aside their disguises. One who looks like a Raccoon, 6’2″ tall light brown hair, green eyes, ringed tail. Costume is light brown with dark green trim an boots with black raccoon mask,. jumps and hits Grenade with his claws to no effect. However a billowing cloud of Darkness that shuts down normal and IR vision surronds the area he is in meaning Grenade will find it hard to see him. The other looks like a Panda, her head looks like a panda with big eyes and ears.5’8″ tall; 100lb; short red hair; auburn eyes, her costume is white with black sleeves and boots. Panda taunts Airgirl to no great effect, but Airgirl does feel her mind being attacked by the taunts.


Page 12

Raccoon fails in his attack on Grenade as they dance in the darkness as does Grenade. Airgirl breaks free of the stun effect again as Panda continues to taunt her this time causing her physical harm from the anxiety it causes.  The soldiers move away from the big guns.


Page 13

Raccoon hits and hurts Grenade who tries to grabble Raccoon but the darkness is messing his vision up so he fails to find him. Airgirl activates her wind sense to aid in her defence and then unleashes a windblast at where she thinks the Raccoon is.  Panda taunts Airgirl some more and the soldiers run for it.


Page 14

Raccoon fails to hit Grenade who leaps to protect the Professor. Airgirl releases a wind-blast at Panda but misses the dancing Panda, meanwhile Panda continues to hurt Airgirl with her taunts.


Page 15

Raccoon leaps at Grenade and misses with his raking claws. Airgirl windblasts at Panda again but still can’t hit. Grenade meanwhile smashes the nearest windows with his exploding marbels as he stands by the Prof.


Page 16

Raccoon hits Grenade and slams him into the crowd who are trying to get out. Airgirl smashes panda with her wind-blast and Panda disappears. Grenade adjusts his powers and causes the darkness to fade, leaps to the Professor and hits Raccoon.


Page 17

Raccoon tries to re-establish his darkness cloud while attacking Grenade but missing. Airgirl and badly blasts Panda, while Grenade grabs the Professor and jumps to the back of the hall by the entrence.


Page 18

Raccoon Grabs Panda and leaps out of the window with his injured Panda. The air swirls and out of the mystic light steps….

A woman covered in dark robes.

Grenade hands the Professor to this newcomer. Airgirl lets rip with a wind-blast at this new incursion  and knocks her back.


Page 19

Airgirl blast her wind-blast at the dark clothed female, but misses.  The Black Enchantress, the intruder, tells Airgirl to attack Grenade who is just standing there under control of the Black Enchantress.


Page 20

Airgirl attacks Grenade as the Black Enchantress and Professor disappears in a flash of colour.


Page 21

Airgirl and Grenade recover their senses and leave the Guildhall. They leave behind a scene of death and injury as well as damage. [both gain infamy when the aftermath is shown on TV


Page 22

They head to a cafe in normal attitude and talk, while hearing the security services response.

They lost the professor and some civilians died not a good days work.


Page 23

They use the internet to research the villains. Raccoon is a mutant born in the USA, he is known to work with the Animals Four group consisting of Panda, Ayvern and Armadillo or just with his wife Panada. He has a weakness to fire and electricity and is hunted by various groups.  Panda another mutant was sent to kill Raccoon by PSI but married him, she is venerable to mutant dampening devices. The Black Enchantress seems to have powers similar to a very old mystical villain Ch’andarra who used to fight  against a Doctor Arcane decades ago, until she targeted his family spiriting away his 3 year old granddaughter. Nothing is known about the Dark Enchantress herself.


Page 24

Prof Stuart Stanley is called upon by Donnah Hannah who is worried about her grandfather Prof Avery after the death of other archaeologist’s.  She knows that his girlfriend Martha reports on the local heroes and hopes she can contact them to protect her grandfather. Stuart contacts the other heroes and the agree to go and see Prof Avery at his home outside Bath at 2050 the next day


Page 25

Grenade contacts MI5 John for help, MI5 could lend them a mutant gene suppression device. The device is a collar which fits around the persons neck.


Page 26

News of the attack appears in the media, phone video of the carnage and the fact that Grenade and Airgirl allowed people to be killed,  Martha comments in the Chronicle that it is more than possible that so called heroes are just more disturbed people who are law breakers. There are also reports of the head of by Dr Shirley Southland floating down the river Avon on a raft made of her body.

This professor definitely didn’t have an accident. like the others, we know their is one more scroll out there somewhere.






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