Games I play

 CURRENT  Role Play Games’s

Hellenistic Story posts here  Using MYTHRAS System Link here

Super Hero using BASH see story’s posts here &  Link to BASH website

Mythras Classic Fantasy Story’s here


OLD Role Play Games’s

Legend [] running a 14th century game

D&D 3.5 [];

Warrior-Rogue-Mage  & Knight-Cleric-Rogue a 14th Century mod by me

The Fantasy Trip  [ or or ]

The Agency [].

Marvel Super Heroes

Traveller [];    Game Links –


Ancients and Medieval using DBMM or DBA 3 [] []

Full Thurst space ship combat; Dirtside and Stargrunt Sci-fi ground combat [].

Heroclix [];


Victory at Sea  WWII naval.  [A Mongoose game]

Computer games

Civ IV & Fall from Heaven mod; CIV V; CIV VI; Neverwinter Nights; Total War series; Deus Ex; Space Empires IV;   Steal Panthers WWII; Mech Warrior; Starfleet Command;

Boardgames – various.

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