BASH Issue 5 – Drone Terror

Drone Terror

Page 1/

While Air-girl and Alfa are looking for Simon see last issue

News reports

The Robot Alfa and Air-girl seemed to have formed a group, name unknown, we hope it is for the betterment of all and not their egos. Will the other heroes decide to join them as well?

Martha reports on the damage done around Bath as the ‘heroes’ stopped the rogue robots. Would the robots have done less damage if the ‘Heroes’ had not got involved?  Yes the heroes do good in stopping petty crime but when they get involved with super villains or there activities bad things happen.


Captain Chill has broken out of jail, members of the public are warned to avoid him as he can be dangerous.


Killjoy has been seen around, taking out muggers and other minor criminals, is he a hero or what? Each place he turns up depression, sadness and anger afflict those near by for days.



Page 2/

Saturday  morning

Prof Stuart Stanley, Stretch, is out with Martha,  at the Farmers market in Green Park Station buying fresh food.

Grenade, Doug Macarthur,  is at the gym keeping toned and fit.


Page 3/

Martha has a alert on her phone that the shopping area of Bath is being terrorised by low flying drones, there appears to be more than 10 of them.


Grenade sees it on the gyms TV screen.


Both mention that all police have been called in to help with the disruption and panic. Windows and trash bins are exploding.


Page 4/

Stretch tells Martha he needs the toilet and goes to look, down the road near the cinema he can see a large 3′ drone swooping around.


Grenade heads out of the gym to look and sees a drone flying past shoppers down the road and a flash on a car.


Page 5/

Stretch, stretches his legs and sprints towards the drone, covering 30squaers. While the drone flies towards him. [10sq]


Grenade looks for a controller but does not see anyone obviously controlling the drone.

As he watches he sees a beam come from the drone to hit a parked car as the shoppers flee screaming.


Page 6/

Stretch continues to sprint with his long legs towards the oncoming drone, which stops 30 squares away from him.


Grenade heads towards a tech shop to buy a controller so he can try to gain control of the drone. [this will take a while]


Page 7/

Stretch sprints another 30 squares ending up under the drone, the drone moves upwards to end up 10 squares above him.



Page 8/

Stretch stretches his arms and grabs the drone from above him and smashes it into the wall.  The drone falls to pieces.


Page 9/

Stretch picks up the bits of the drone and heads back to Martha.


The car under attack by the drone explodes.


Page 10/

Drones continue to blow things up and buzz shoppers.



Page 11/

A while later.

Stretch back as Pro Stanley show Martha the bits,  ‘it just flew at me and hit the wall’ he says. She phones Grenade, who she knows, to see what he knows and can do. Stretch talks to him as the Professor and agree to met at Cafe Nero. She then heads off to interview some shoppers.


Grenade gives up on getting a remote and head to met the Professor.



Page 12/

Later at Cafe Nero – the Professor meets grenade

News flash – the drones have gone, police use rubber bullets to shot four down. A few cars have exploded, many trash bins have been set on fire and windows have been broken. No people have been hurt, the object of this attack is unknown and no group has claimed reasonability.


On another news item  – Roughhouse, a known super human, has been seen robbing a bank in Keynsham while the police where distracted.



Page 13/

Together they discuss the attack and the drone parts. Both of them wish that Alfa was around with his computer knowledge as they are both out of their depth, although they can see that the drone has a camera, a heat sensor as well as a low powered laser. It seems to have been transmitting data to the internet.


Grenade says he will contact John from MI5 to see if they can see where the data has gone, he says ‘give us a day or so.’


Page 14/

The Professor and Grenade wonder if this was to see super heroes in action and was the drones linked to the bank robbery.

They head off.



Page 15/

36 hours later.

John tells Grenade that the data was streamed to a password protected site, which they have failed to get into.

John also talks about the robbery and Roughhouse, so Grenade finds out about him.

Background: A low intelligent man he spent years moving up the ranks of the underworld as a super powered leg breaker for hire. For a short time he worked as a super powered Bounty Hunter, working with the man known as Blaster.. The truth is, he’s still a leg breaker, just a high paid one now.


Page 16/

Grenade and Stretch met up again to share knowledge. They agree that the Professor should try to see if he can use his medical links to find out more about Roughhouse. While Grenade will go and look at the robbed bank.

They come to the conclusion that it was unlikely that Roughhouse organised any of this and he is working for someone else.


Page 17/

The Professor uses his Science /Biology; Medicine /Research skills to work through medical papers to see if he can find out about Roughhouse. It takes him a few days and he avoids being found out. He finds out that Howard Brooks as a child, had trouble controlling his great strength, and was unable to attend school because of it. It was hard to take blood tests due to his hard skin , he was also very heavy for his size. It didn’t take long for him to fall in with the wrong crowd. This seems like Roughhouse and the psychological reports talked about a boy with low education due to his lack of schooling, but when he had a task he was relentless in pursuing the aim no matter what.



Grenade goes to see the scene of the bank robbery, the bank is a mess. Walls where just smashed through and the vaults door ripped off its hinges, however there is little he can see that the police reports hadn’t already shared on the news.



The Professor and Grenade met up again and exchange info.

The Professor tell Grenade that he is Stretch and they agree to work together and join the group Alfa and Air-girl have set up.

News Flash – Roughhouse is robbing a bank in Batheaston armed police are on route.

Stretch and Grenade head there.


Page 20/

As Stretch and Grenade arrive so do two police cars.

One car contains two ARG offices armed with Pulse rifles the other has two beat coppers who are unarmed.

Roughhouse walks through the banks wall with bangs of loot while two Cyborg’s stand by the front entrance.  They appear to be with Roughhouse.


Page 21/

Stretch forms into a ball and starts bouncing between two walls.


Grenade uses his stealth to move behind the police and flick a marble at a Cyborg. The explosion knocks the Cyborg over and unconscious.


The other Cyborg leaps into the air aiming to land on the police behind the car. Grenade acts very quickly [Hero Die] to throw a marble at the Cyborg which knocks it 5′ short of the police.


Roughhouse picks up a rock from the rubble of the bank and throws it as a area attack at the police. Again Grenade acts quickly [another hero die] and pushes the officers out of the way.


The two armed Police recovering from the surprise fire at the Cyborg in front of them and  put it down.


Page 22/

Stretch continues to bounce.


Grenade hides again.


Roughhouse walks towards the police, ‘well what have we here? Two heroic cops! Why don’t you run?’


The police respond with a salvo of pulse rife fire on auto. Multiple shots hit him and knock him back 20′ towards the bank where he falls.  However he takes no damage from the blasts.


Page 23/

Stretch keeps bouncing.


Grenade flicks a marble at Roughhouse, while he is laying on the ground. Although he hits he also does no obvious effect to the tough Roughhouse.


Roughhouse stands, then claps his hands together to create a shockwave. This knocks the police car into the two officers and takes them and the  car flying into the other side of the road.



Page 24/

Stretch keeps bouncing and uses his momentum to smash into Roughhouse. Roughhouse stands and takes it and Stretch bounces off of him.  His density and brawn keep him safe.


Grenade throws a marble at the ground below Roughhouses feet. This opens a 8′ crater into which Roughhouse falls.



Page 25/

Stretch, decides to use his wrestling skills to work and staying 10 squares away extends his arms to grabble Roughhouse around his neck.


Grenade uses his personality to call on Roughhouse to give in, Roughhouse just laughs.


Roughhouse tries to escape from the neck lock but fails. Although he is massively stronger than Stretch, Stretch has the skill.



Page 26/

Stretch uses his grip to crush, inflicting some effect on Roughhouse.


Grenade uses his cane to attack Roughhouses head [called shot] but misses.


Roughhouse tries again to break free from Stretches grasp.



Page 27/

Stretch crushes again bringing a Arhhhhhh from Roughhouse.


Grenade tries the cane to the head attack again and although this time he hits it appears to have no effect.


Roughhouse tries again to break free from Stretches grasp.



Page 28/

Again Stretch crushes Roughhouses neck.


Grenade puts his hands to the sides of the hole, Roughhouse is in, and uses his power to collapse the sides over Roughhouse even covering  his head with a couple of inches of soil.


Roughhouse tries again to break free from Stretches grasp.



Page 29/

Stretch continues to crush the buried Roughhouse.


Grenade goes to check on the police officers.


Roughhouse tries again to break free from Stretches grasp.



Page 30/

Stretch fails to have any effect with his crush this time.


Roughhouse breaks free and pulling himself out of the ground tries to hit with his double punch to Stretches arms, but fails to hit the thin target.



Page 31/

Stretch grabbles again and getting a grip starts crushing again.


Roughhouse [villain die] uses his density and shockwave to vibrate the ground and fall into it to escape Stretches grip.



Page 32/

Stretch delays to see where Roughhouse has gone.

Grenade thanks the police for their bravery while asking the two unarmed officers if he can help. They are tending to their armed brothers. They reply, ‘Stop it’.



Page 33/

Stretch shrinks his arm to microscopic size to feel around in the ground for Roughhouse.


Grenade explodes the ground to shock Roughhouse up.


Roughhouse pushes up out of the ground18 squares away.



Page 34/

Stretch strides his long legs 15 squares to end up 13 squares away from Roughhouse.


Grenade sprints towards Roughhouse and ends up 8 squares away.


Roughhouse walks up to 3squares away from Grenade and stamps the ground causing a shockwave which throws Grenade 44′ into the air. Grenade hits the ground taking damage as he does.



Page 35/

Stretch grabs again.


Grenade stands 5 squares from Roughhouse and tries the crater trick again with his explosive marble. However this time it only causes a 3′ crater under Roughhouse.


Roughhouse walks towards Grenade and uses his double punch on him. it knocks Grenade 5 squares back and to the ground.



Page 36/

Stretch fails in his crush attempt.


Grenade stands up and using a called shot to avoid Stretches arms throws a marble at Roughhouse, however it has no effect.


Roughhouse uses his ground shacking to escape into the ground again.



Page 37/

Stretch tries his microscopic feeling around again.


Grenade waits


Roughhouse pops up 10 squares away, Grenade throws a marble at him and misses.  Roughhouse then throws the rock he came up with at Grenade, who avoids the smashing rock.



Page 38/

Stretch walks to within 10squares and tries to grabble Roughhouse again, however this time he fails.


Grenade also walks up to Roughhouse and tries to grabble, he fails not being anywhere near as skilled as Stretch or as strong as Roughhouse.


Roughhouse tried to hit Grenade but finds him hard to pin down.



Page 39/

Stretch manages a grabble this time.


Grenade moves 9 squares back and flicks a marble.


Roughhouse tries to break Stretches grabble and fails, he just can not match the skill of Stretch.




Page 40/

Stretch starts his crunching again.


Grenade flicks another marble but misses while trying to avoid Stretch.


Roughhouse again fails to escape Stretches grip.




Page 41/

Stretch crushes again with little effect.


Grenade tries another marble but again misses both Roughhouse and Stretch.


Roughhouse sinks into the ground again.



Page 42/

Stretch delays, waiting to see where Roughhouse reappears.


Grenade also waits.


Roughhouse moves underground, still using his shockwave, to a drain.




Page 43/

Roughhouse moves along the waste drain towards the bank.



Page 44/

Stretch and Grenade think drains and lift a manhole cover.


Page 45/

They borrow a touch from the police.


Page 46/

They get into the smelly dirty drain.


Roughhouse pops up in the bank.



Page 47/

Roughhouse picks up his loot and leaps away.



Page 48/

Stretch and Grenade move along the drain and see a hole where Roughhouse entered.

They follow the drain to the bank.


Page 49/

As they appear in the bank, wet smelly and dirty, the bank staff point and say, ‘he went that way’.



Page 50/

Stretch and Grenade leave the bank, Stretch stretches to his full height and can see Roughhouse leaping away.



Page 51/

Stretch follows the disappearing Roughhouse, but losses him.



Page 52/

Stretch heads home, Grenade leaves the trashed area.

The area around and in the bank looks like a war zone.  There are holes and craters in the road, broken walls in the bank. Smashed police cars and injured policemen, broken water mains throwing water out and a broken sewer discharging waste.

The heroes might have driven Roughhouse off and stopped the two Cyborgs but the cost to the area has been high.



Page 53/

Next day, 09John contacts Grenade and tells him that the Cyborg’s where males with various enhancements to give them a massive leap and increased strength.  Both men seemed to be under some drug control and know nothing about what happened to them.  Both have been sent for treatment to restore them to normal, they will not be held responsible for their actions.



Page 54/

News reports.

More carnage as super ‘Heroes’ take on bank robber. The damage to the road runs into tens of thousands of pounds and will take at least a week to repair. Two police officers badly injured in fight, although other officers where ok.

Robber named as Roughhouse amid calls for registration and control of  super power individuals to protect the public.




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