BASH Issue 14 The Professor’s house Part 2

 Issue 14 The Professor’s house Part 2


Page 1

Next afternoon, Grenade, Airgirl, Stretch and Alfa join up and talk about the evenings visit.

Grenade collects two mutant suppression collars from Agent John.


Page 2

1950 Alfa goes to scout the grounds of Prof Avery’s home using his enhanced Infra-red vision

He sees nothing

Page 3

2050 PC’s turn up to visit Donnah and the Professor, leaving Alfa on watch as a storm breaks


Page 4

They talk in the Professors study.

Donnah is worried for her grandfathers safety  but he is dismissive and says it will be fine.

The heroes ask why and what he knows about the dig and the scrolls.

Professor Avery decides before he can trust them they need to prove they are trustworthy, so he asks that they share their secret ID’s.


Page 5

Grenade starts but the Prof interrupts him by telling him his normal name, ‘Doug Macarthur, you are known to me as is your chickened history’. Stretch goes next telling the Prof that he works in the Uni with him and his name is Stuart Bailey, ‘ah yes you are in the science area aren’t you?’

Airgirl can’t revel her name so just puts her hand through the coffee table, the Professor understands and smiles at her.


Page 6  – 8

The Professor tells the story of the dig and his past as the heroes asked.

The dig in Turkey found a 2000 year old tell and amongst the items in it was a golden cask, in it was 5 scrolls and although the casket was kept in Turkey the scrolls where sent here to the UK one to me. However you already know all of this, I am not a linguist so I can not decipher the scroll however I do not think it is a record I suspect that it is a spell or part of a spell and that is my area of expertise.

I had better tell you a bit about me and why I know this scroll is safe.

Years ago I was the 1930’s mysterious occult adventurer Doctor Arcane, I encountered a evil sorceress known as Ch’andarra I beat her time and time again. AT last she hit back at my most vulnerable point, my family. She murdered my son and daughter in law and took my 3 year old granddaughter to an extra dimensional plane. I followed and after a seemingly timeless struggle I regained my granddaughter after surrendering part of myself, which is why I am wheelchair bound.  for the last 15 years we have lived quietly here having given up my old life.


Page 9

2115 the door bell goes Donnah goes to open it with Airgirl keeping an eye on her

Its Andrea Crusoe, Donnah’s friend, turns up wet from the raging storm. She has been joking and has got caught in the massive thunder storm as she was nearby she came here to escape the storm and get dry.


Page 10

Donnah and Airgirl take Andrea upstairs to have a shower and change clothes.


Page 11

The remaining heroes and the Prof continue to talk, wondering about the scroll and why the Black Enchantress wants them and if she is Ch’andarra come back.


Page 12

2130 – Alfa reports that he is being attacked by Wyvern and a dark area has appeared in the back garden.


Page 13

Stretch wants to get the Professor upstairs and safer.

He asks the Prof to go to his lift but instead the Prof clicks his fingers and utters a word and disappears, saying ‘I can do it myself thanks’.

Airgirl is asked to join him in his study while the rest of us have a look into the issue, expecting to find Panda and Raccoon.


Page 14

Airgirl moves to the balcony opens the door and manages to hit raccoon with her Airblast

Grenade moves to join Airgirl and flicks a marbel at Raccoon but misses.

Panda taunts and hurts Airgirls ego.

Stretch goes to the rof’s study knocks and goes in when he is asked.


Page 15

Airgilr flys up keeping in airblast range and fires at Panda but fails to hit.

Grenade also misses Panda

Panda taunts Grenade and hurts his ego

There is a smashing sound from below as Armadillo comes up through the ground floor from below.


Page 16

Airgirl fires a airblast at Panda this time modifying it to be a long line of wind trying to get Raccoon as well. This works and the darkness moves away from Panda as Raccoon gets knocked back.

Armadillo burrows to the outside.

Grenade throws a marble to cancel out the darkness.

Panda taunts Grenade and hurts him again.

Stretch smashes the window in the Prof’s room and tries to grabs Armadillo

Raccoon tries to grab Stretch’s arm


Page 17

Airgirl blasts Raccoon; Armadillo fires an arc of lighting at Grenade and Stretch.

Grenade touches Armadillo’s armour to cause it to explode.

Padna has another go at Grenade who is now wise to her attacks and refuses to fall for the taunts.

Stretch grabs Panda and restrains her mouth..


Page 18

Airgirl blasts Armadillo who responds with another arc attack on her and Grenade but this time he misses.

Grenade moves away as Armadillo’s armour explodes with no visible effect on his armour.

Panda tries to break free from Stretch but isn’t strong enough.

Stretch tries to use Panda as a weapon against Armadillo.


Page 19

Airgirl blasts Armadillo and trips him.

Armadillo fires a arc attack at Grenade and Stretch as he stands which misses as he staggers up.

Grenade throws a marble at Armadillo again

Panda tries to break free again while Stretch puts a lock joint onto Armadillo with his other arm.


Page 20

Airgirl keeps blasting Armadillo who tries to hit Stretch with his fists.

Grenade fails to have any effect on Armadillo again.

Panda tries again to break free as Stretch restrains Armadillo’s arms.


Page 21

Airgirl hits Armadillo with another windblast, while Armadillo starts to burrow into the ground stretching Stretch’s arm as he goes down 30′.

Grenade puts a anti-mutant collar onto the knocked out Raccoon

Panda breaks free and taunts Stretch, while he pulls Armadillo back up and into the swimming pool.


Page 22

Airgirl targets Panda while Armadillo struggles to break free from Stretch.

Grenade hits Panda with a marble and Stretch joint locks Armadillo.


Page 23

Airgirl tries to pick up a stone staue but can’t lift it with her cyclone power.

Armadillo fails again to break free as Stretch continues to joint lock him.

Grenade puts a anti-mutant collar on to the knocked out Panda.


Page 24

The 3 heroes finish off Armadillo.


Page 25

Grenade calls for MI5 to come and collect the villians


Page 26

They all return to the Professor in his room.


Page 27

There they see a scene of tension.

The Black Enchantress is stood by the Prof, with Donna holding a gun to her own head nearby.


Page 28

Avery ‘So I should have sensed the power behind this evil long ago’

Enchantress ‘But you didn’t!

You’ve failed Doctor. You and your kind are always the same, all wrapped up in sickening goodness and wishful thinking to such an extent that any mask will bind you to the truth.’

‘Now hand over the scroll or your Granddaughter dies at her own hand.


Page 29

Heroes thinking and wondering if they can get the gun from Donna without here shooting.


Page 30

Avery clicks his fingers and the scroll appears and he hands it over to the Enchantress.

She clicks her fingers and she Donna both vanish into a swirling vortex.


Page 31

Grenade contacts MI5 and talks to John about what has happened.

The Enchantress similes as her second plan has worked out perfectly.




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