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Review of the ‘Athenian Murders’ by J C Somoza

This is a very strange book, it takes some getting into and understanding. It is set in ancient Athens and is about a murder and all the investigation of it. However it is not a classic murder mystery this one has two stories going on the one its supposed to be about and one by the supposed translator of the book. It takes a while to understand what is going on but at the end it becomes clear if you keep going. I will not spoil it by telling you how it works out, just say its a hard book to get started with but worth the effort at the end.


Review of ‘The Lost Victory’ by P Bonnecarrere

A interesting book I got in hospital and read while there. Its all about a WW2 mission to find and extract a German Jewish nuclear scientist. It goes along at a fair pace, with multiple story lines all leading together. The ending is very interesting and a bit of a surprise. It reads like a Bond story with at least one girl, as well as espionage between the USSR, the USA, UK and Germany.

A good read while lying in hospital feeling unwell.

Review of ‘The Last Kingdom’ by B Cornwell

The Last Kingdom, is another series of books like Sharp but this time in the time of the Saxons and Vikings. Very similar to  Sharp in some ways it looks at the story of a boy, Uhtred, captured by the Danes and then later on recaptured by the Saxons of Wessex. It looks at his growing up a Dane but at heart wanting to regain his own home in the Northumbria.

Well written as all his books tend to be, turned into a TV series and full of history around the time of Alfred the Great. I enjoyed reading it having already seen the TV shows. I might well look out the other books in this story as I will be interested to see what happens to Uhtred of Northumbria.

I am not so taken in by the battle scenes as I was by those in Sharp but they work. Some historians cast doubt on the way the Danes fought in a sheildwall. Or whether they fought more like Romans using the shield for protection while using more personal attacks, rather than overlapping shields and standing linked in line just attacking those in front. We will never know the truth of this and the fights work well with the story.

Well worth reading if you come across a copy

Review of ‘Swords for a Dead Lady’ by Jim Webster

‘Swords for a dead Lady’ is a interesting book, at first sight it is a murder hunt but it becomes much more. Each chapter pulls you forward into a new adventure and twist, meeting new heroes and villains and some who are both.

I read this on holiday and found it hard to put down at times. A short book of 180 pages but it packs a great story and kept me interested the whole way.

“Enjoy the quiet life of a middle aged cartographer. Well it was quiet until somebody finds the naked body of a young woman hastily buried in a marsh. The journey to discover her identity and hunt down her killer leads our protagonists across the Land of the Three Seas, through ambush, civil strife and even light opera.” This fully explains the idea of this book, our middle aged hero is not all he seems nor is his love of Roof Running, find out about that and many other interesting quirks when you read this book.

Review of Behind The Throne by M J Dougherty

This book is a roaring run through the life of Alvin and how his honor and word effected his life and the kingdom of Valdir. Political intrigue and multiple wars run through this book as well as jealousy and love between man and woman and between men.

No magic except maybe for White Eagle, but lots of action.

A great read, in fact once or twice I just had to keep reading for another chapter or two to find out what happened.

Well worth reading if you like semi historical action, I had it as an e-book

Review of Farseer Trilogy by Robin Hobb

The Farseer Trilogy by Robin Hobb consists of Assassins Apprentice; Royal Assassin and Assassins Quest.  The three books cover the story of an unusual and unlikely assassin and how he served the Farseer king. A interesting series of stories with a interesting cast. The magic is remote but pushes some of the story, as do various characters  who have there own agenda.  I enjoyed reading the books but found the end a little of a let down, I think that is because it leads into another series of books. I have not felt drawn as yet to read them.

The idea of Forging is great and a interesting hook throughout the books. You do find out what Forging is at the end. I also liked the way dragons came to be a clever idea.

I found it well worth the reading, I had it as an e-book

Review of ‘The Nova Chronicles’ by S J Bryant

‘The Nova Chronicles’ I got the first 5 of these books as a set on Kindle. Once I started to read it took only a week or so to get through all five. I enjoyed reading them and found them a very easy read. They are Sci-Fi in the style of Star Trek in that it seems to take little time to move from place to place and communication is instant. There are food and item replicators and cheep and simple ships, bit like buying a third hand car. However the heroine is bold and rash as well as intelligent and you soon grow to want to know what will happen to her.

There are places you stop and say Err, what the! as the logic seems a bit off but it does not distract from the fun stories, even the vampire one is fun as high tech weapons are replaced with wooden bullets, what a neat idea.

There are more books in the series and I will vet them to see what happens to Nova and if she ever uses her new talent.

Well worth getting.