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Gnomam, still invisible, heads down the passageway followed by the rest of the group. He goes slowly checking the passage as he goes. The tunnel winds about 70 feet down into the mountain before Goman is hit my waves of heat, thickening the air and making breathing difficult. He enters slowly and using his infravision he can see little due to the hit of the room. However it does smell of dead and decaying bodies. Gnoman goes back to the others to report, where I inspire them all ready for what the cave challenges us with. We head down into the cave and by the light on James head we see. A small, bowl-shaped cavern floor littered with humanoid corpses. Rats skitter through the sea of bodies within the sunken floor, pausing occasionally to nibble at a choice morsel. A host of their brethren lie nearby on their backs, some of them still twitching with a few remnants of life. A tunnel’s opening is visible in the eastern wall of this chamber and, in the distance, the sound of rushing water can be heard.  As the rats see the light they scatter towards the walls.


Suddenly bodies rise from those on the floor and the heroes are about to be attacked by zombies. Thorn calls on Hombel to turn them away and one stands stunned while another flees. Gnoman stays invisible and waits while James and Thorn prepare to receive the slow zombies.  They soon take the head of a zombie and realise that these hold their undead life in their chests. So they start to aim at the chest and soon have taken down the three remaining zombies. We then hear a warning from Gnoman who says more are coming. Over the next 30 seconds we are hit by a total of four more zombies which are all dispatched along with three of the original four. There is just the one which ran away.


With this area cleared we all realise that our throats are burning and we are suffering from the effects of the plague. This place looks like its incubation place, we need to move on before we all fall to its quickening effects. So we enter the passageway leading deeper underground. Gnoman has to recast his invisibility due to having to defend himself from one of the zombies.  He moves quickly down the passage and then reports back.


He says that he can see a single, jagged pillar of rock lined with glowing blue-green moss emerging from the depths of a pool within the centre of the dark cavern. Water courses down its side from a font near its tip, cascading into the pool below.  The pool feeds a wide stream that flows rapidly along the length of the visible room. An eerie sense of discomfort pervades this place. There is a occupant hiding on the pillar, a large orc Gnoman thinks. In response I sing about us defeating a unknown evil to inspire the group.


James readies his bow, not something he uses often, and the thorn gets his holy mace out. Gnoman goes back in and moves left with James and the rest of us following him.  ‘So you have come for me’ grunts a orcish voice in common tongue. ‘Gahaira will give me my revenge’. Thorn casts detect magic and the water, spire and orc all show as magical. ‘ Detecting magic eh! well two can do that.’


I cast barkskin onto James and Thorn, while Torn casts Silence on the top of the spire. Torns spell goes off, just beating the Orc’s dispell which would have cleared all our support magic.  Jakk, the Orc cleric moves down the path round the spire to get under the silence effect and battle commences.


Gnoman and James both move towards the pool, Thorn drops his pack and also moves forward while Jakk comes down the path a little.

Gnoman, James and Thorn continue to move Jakk fails in a spell.

Jakk gets his Spiritual Fail off. [This is the same as Spiritual Hammer I like the idea that it looks like the deities weapon]


Gnoman, still invisible, prepares his crossbow. James starts to cast Shockwave, this will take him some time as he is wearing armour. Jakk moves his fail to hit James in the back, however it does not get past his armour..

Gnoman fires his crossbow and comes visible, he hits but it bounces off Jakk’s armour as well [he is wearing Mail and a steel helm backed by 3 points of Barkskin]  Jakk uses his fail again on James and tries to trip him.

Gnoman throws his crossbow on the ground as he enters the pool. Jakk hits James again and again tries to trip James. However this time it does slow James’s casting.


Gnoman starts to cast Charm, James continues to cast his spell. Thorn having moved around the pool transfers his slingshot bag to him hand. Jakk misses with his fail attack this time.

Gnoman casts his Charm spell but it has no effect on Jakk, whose will power is more than enough to shake it off. James manages to cast his shockwave and a booming sound fills the cavern, however the shockwave does not push Jakk back and he remains standing. Thorn moves into the pool while Jakk attacks Gnoman with his fail.

Gnoman starts to cast an Audible Illusion of a holy voice saying ‘Crease’ while James readies his bow. Torn moves up the path towards Jakk. Jakk uses his Spiritual Fail on Thorn but again it can not get past the armour.


James releases an arrow at Jakk which hits Jakk’s shield and has no more effect. Thorn attacks with his mace but Jakk parries and splashes water into Thorns eyes blinding him. Jakk drops his Spiritual Fail and uses his own fail to attack Thorn hitting his left leg but not getting past the armour.

James puts his bow away, Thorn stands trying to clear his eyes, while Jakk attacks again trying to trip him but fails to connect.

Gnoman picks up his crossbow, James draws his great sword while Thorn swings his mace wildly.


Gnoman starts to load his crossbow, James moves towards the spire entering the pool. Thorn with his eyes clear attacks Jakk, getting a good hit in which Jakk fails to parry with his shield, Thorn goes for a trip but does not manage to unfoot Jakk. Jakk uses his passion of hating dwarves and hits Thorn with his fail, however Thorn manages a parry with his shield as well.

Thorn attacks again and this time his trip works and Jakk falls off the spire into the water by James feet.


James plunges his great sword into Jakk, finishing him off, ignoring the calls from James and Gnoman not to. His lack of morals overriding his loyalty to the party.




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With the room clear of enemies the heroes look around, Thorn is tempted to search but the others persuade him that the risk of infection is to high. So they bring the pony and  Panther James old dog into the room and wedge the door shut, Thorn then takes Gnomiss with the lantern to look down the passageway and sees another door. Gnoman, still invisible, goes down the passage very slowly to the door, checking for traps etc.  He comes back after a while to tell us its all clear. James casts light on the feather on his helm and we open the door then look inside.


At first we can see little but eventually we find out more about the room.  It is a long, narrow room lined with shelves loaded with foodstuffs and supplies. Heavy burlap sacks are piled atop one another in the corners of the chamber. A few have been torn open, leaving spills of oats and flour along the floor. Several barrels stand in a cluster near the far northern wall.  Infravision allows us to see that there are some flour sacks above the door, held up by a network of ropes. We are not sure what its for but assume that they might be rigged to fall on people coming through the door. We make sure we keep away from it while Thorn and James check out the room. We can no other exit.


I suddenly see something flash past me and then turn to attack again, I however manage to jab my javelin into its head and bring it down. It seems to be a 5 foot long weasel, James says a dire weasel and asks that I do not damage the fur. Him and wanting animals furs. While this was happening Thorn finds a wire linking the flour sacks running down to the barrels.  He then looks at some of the barrels, the first one sloshes and so he pours some out into a jar. Lantern oil, he says as he smells it. Meanwhile I start to examine the weasel.


As I do it’s eyes open and it sinks its teeth into my right arm.

Gnoman behind me starts to shout,  the very large weasel looking creature continues to worry at my arm causing more injury.  James starts to run back up the room, while I try to smash it with my shield but miss and hit my own arm instead. Thorn starts to run towards me.

The weasel mangles my arm and I pass out, I later hear that James reached the creature and swung his great sword and cut the thing in half, well just about. Thorn rips the mouth open to realise its mouth from my arm.


Thorn casts a healing spell on my arm to stabilise it, however it looks like it is going to permently weakened when it eventually heals some time in the future. With me sorted Thorn believes that there are rats or something in two of the barrels. Gnoman prepares his Flaming Hands spell while James watches over Thorn. Thorn tips over a barrel and dried beef jerky falls out along with a swarm of rats, these start to climb over Thorn.

Thorn grabs for his shield, Gnoman’s spell fails and he loses memory of it. The rats scurry all over Thorn.

Thorn runs towards the flour trap, James moves to pull the cord. Gnoman starts to cast an audio illusion of hunting dogs. The rats manage to bit Thorn.

Thorn reaches the flour and James pull the cord. The sacks rip open and flour fills the door end of the room. covering nearly everyone. Gnoman finishes his spell and the sound of angry dogs fills the room. The rats flee, scurrying into bolt holes.


With flour being breathed in, we suspect that we are now all infected with the plague, even if we weren’t before. This means we have at most one day before the effects start to hit us. Leaving this room we head back to where we left the pony and dog, we clean ourselves of blood and flour and then clear the door. Leaving the pony and dog behind we move back down the passage towards the entranceway and the wagons and then down in the other direction.


This tunnel inclines down and we follow it into the darkness only lit by the light on James feather. On and on it goes and then it starts to get steeper. With the invisible Gnoman ahead we stop when he tells us that he has seen the end of the tunnel ahead.  He goes back towards the end and falls down a pit trap he has set off injuring his right leg. He climbs out and locks the trap so we can all pass, or so he says. He then enters a large cavern which is dimly illuminated by glowing blue-green lichens. It seems to be around 100 feet tall,  and a rough 100 by 70 feet rectangle, which has stalagmites protruding from the ground. Gnoman does a full circle of the walls and can see by his infravision that there is a recessed ledge to the cavern on which there are Kobold sized heat sources, as well as a exit in the far side of the cavern.


Gnoman goes back to the rest of us and explains what he has seen. We decide that we all need get to the exit and see what’s down that way without having to deal with more Kobold’s. So Thorn cats Silence on himself and we all group around and moving around the walls head to the exit. We expect that the Kobolds will be able to see our light and us so James covers it and we move by the light of the lichens. It takes a while as we move slowly but at least in is in silence. We reach the start of another descending tunnel and wonder what we will find down there.

The Stories of Errath the Bard Chapter 3 – Part 2

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The Stories of Errath the Bard Chapter 3 – Part 2

Duvik’s Pass

We spend the next ten days heading roughly south stopping each night and buying enough supplies each morning for that day, double rations on the last morning which James preserves. As we go we learn more about Duvik’s Pass from the locals. It is a small boom town nestled within one of the valleys that cross through the lower mountains  to the South West of the Iron Forge Mountain range, to the west of Kasar. It has long been a way stop for travellers and adventurers, on their way to Kasar and the mountains. Moreover, it has also gained attention recently as a potential flash point of power in the area’s commerce, due to a discovery of substantial silver deposits buried in the hills nearby, about a mile or so into the hills. The town sits in a valley of the Ironflow river with the snow topped mountains the East, the valley is full of farms and tree’s. The town is the main habitation in the area with the road from it climbing up into the mountains and to Kasar.  In places this road is bounded by nearly sheer cliffs, particularly between the towns of Lastever and Orden. There is a fort along this road to provide protection to the merchant convoys from Orcs,  Goblins etc. This is the fort Whitefang between the towns of Lastever and Orden. The town exports food into the Iron Kingdom and acts as a clearing place for the produce of the Dwarfs. Over the past three years, the men and Dwarves of Duvik’s Pass have burrowed into the ground seeking the wealth therein. Able-bodied folk from neighbouring human villages and Dwarven clans have flocked to the town, hoping to lend their strength within the mines and garner some share of the prize. So far any tensions have been local and dealt with by Lord Sendars, the local human lord.
Eventually we can see the town ahead, the land around it is quite with untended fields and crops dying. The town is fortified with many new homes outside the walls as it has expanded. The gates are shut and it is flying a flag saying it is infected. We sit down to decide how to proceed, I think about how to deal with an infected town and people. Don’t touch the dead; Watch what we eat and drink; Watch what we breathe. James starts to look around for food to hunt, and sees lots of dead birds and cattle as well as some very sick ones. It looks like the plague has hit the animals as well. I decide to examine one of the dead cows to see if it gives any insights into this plague. James casts deflect on me first and I get to work. I slowly and carefully cut open the cow and eventually find something. The throat of the animal is swollen, burnt and blistered. I would say that the disease effects the throat causing it to burn and swell so making breathing difficult and leading slowly and painfully to death in some cases. With this knowledge I start to look for herbs ect which might help reduce the swelling and blistering so increasing survival rates.


While I look for herbs with James, Gnoman and Thorn head into the town. The gates are shut but they find the postern open and push through, as they do they are challenged by a guard. They ask the guard for directions to Father Samuel priest of Hombel, saying that they are looking for family. With directions they head through the quite town heading for the temple. Samuel explains to Torn a fellow cleric of Hombel what he knows about the plague and the effect on the town.


Hope and industry turned to despair and potential ruin with the advent of the Fiery Throat two months ago. It began quietly enough, with the miners returning home from their work at nightfall complaining of blistering sores and an unbearable thirst. Shortly thereafter, the town’s livestock was decimated by an  unknown illness and the crops began to wither.


The elders of Duvik’s Pass declared that the well water had been soured by an unknown disease, but by then the Fiery Throat had already begun claiming the young and the sickly. To make matters worse, the last few miners still strong enough to plumb the wealth of the mine, where the well waters flow, disappeared  just over half a month past.


The townspeople, who continue to await the return of their missing sons and husbands, while praying  with Kordin and Samuel for an end to the sickness that continues to spread within their homes.


With no way of checking out the mine and the fountain there the town has been waiting for help to appear. Samuel akes Thorn to go into the mine and see what has happened there and to the missing miners. Gnoman asks about his sister and is given directions to the Quaner family home. Going there Gnoman gets Thorn to use the scroll of cure disease on his sister and then they take her out of the town and feed her some of the fruit pieces they had, from Hombel, to restore her health.


With time against them, they now know that it takes about a day for any infection to show and then each day the infected get weaker so they head to the mine.  The mine is about a mile from the town in the side of a hill. A cool breeze drifts down from the towering peaks of the Iron Forge Mountains as we behold the entrance to the caverns. The ground is littered with tools, picks and shovels, some of which protrude from soft banks of spoil.  A single darkened shaft leads into the depths of the mine ahead. The dirt path beneath its wooden support structure is covered with stone debris, a few pieces of which occasionally glint with the slightest hint of ore. No light issues forth from the tunnel. Burnt-out torches are strewn across the floor, their brackets torn from the shaft walls. Behind you, the worn road leads back through the crags to the valley below. Aside from the quiet whistling of the wind, complete silence fills the small clearing within the mountains.


I first send Lauanna into the cave, she comes back and fly’s around me for a while and then heads back into the cave. She has found some occupants and so we will have to be careful. I take the lead and we enter the cave mough with Thorn, James Gnoman and Gnomiss following about 18′ behind, Gnomiss carries the lantern. The Tunnel is 15′ wide and 10′ tall and heads into the mountain. The tunnel opens into a small, roughly rectangular chamber. With the lantern we can see scattered chunks of silver ore surround an overturned pair of wooden carts along with some books. The lower half of what appears to be a human body juts out from beneath one of the cart’s edges. It shows no signs of movement. Dried blood is smeared across the northern wall in several places. Exits lead to the west and the east.


Gnoman takes over and checks out the room, he soon see the trap of a line attached to the body which will pull a small stone out of the ceiling.  We decide to leave the body alone. However we do look through the three books we find there. They are mining logs and show that Ron had been here but moved on to visit a dwarf mine at Tarifel. There appears to be two passages from this area one west and the other east, we take the west one.


With Gnoman leading we follow a short passage to a door. Gnoman checks it out and says its not locked or trapped. He pushes it open with Thorn read to enter, while Gnomiss shines the lantern in. The room is occupied and we both react to each other. This large, square room houses four long wooden tables, each with a bench on either side. On top of the tables lie a number of wooden bowls and eating utensils. In the southeast corner of the room, a small stewpot steams over a fireplace carved into the floor. A pungent odour hangs in the air



Gnoman reacts fastest add starts to cast his invisibility spell, the Kobolds go next and each grabs for there crossbow. James starts to cast a shield spell and I move up, while Thorn having entered the room moves to the right.

Gnoman’s spell fails, Thorn is the target of all ten crossbow bolts from the Kobolds. Two hit his helmet causing some bruising, the others hit his large shield or miss. I throw my first javelin and kill one of the Kobolds. Thorn continues to move in the room heading for the other exit.

Gnoman starts casting his spell again, while the Kobolds grab up their spears and shields. I throw my second javelin but miss this time. James forces his shield spell while Thorn watches.


Gnoman casts his spell properly this time and goes invisible, the Kolbods take up defensive postures, while I start to cast barkskin. James readies his bow and Thorn continues to move.

Gnoman, being invisible, starts to cast another spell this time flaming hands. my spell goes off hardening my skin. James releases a arrow and hits the table the Kobold is behind.

Gnoman holds his spell, and I ready my club as James reloads.


The Kobolds charge us, James releases again but misses the charging Kobold. Thorn smashes his mace into one of the Kobolds in front of him and drops him.

The Kobold attack, two go at Thorn and miss, one is blinded by his parry, one goes at me and hits but has no effect, two attack James and miss one tripping over his own feet as James parries him.

Kobolds attack again, two on me they totally mess up as I parry both and then stab each other. Two other attack James and another two Thorn having no effect. James readies his great sword while Thorn smashes his mace into another Kobold.


The last four Kobolds go down to Thorn and James, leaving a room full of dead and dying Kobolds and smeared with blood.

The Stories of Errath the Bard Chapter 3 – Part 1

The Stories of Errath the Bard Chapter 3

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 Part 1

Time out


The ‘Hammer & Rose’ company are visiting Gnomans family in South Borough after there last adventure. While halflings are otherwise found interwoven in most human communities, North and South Borough are predominately halfling domains. The common cultural unit for halflings is the riding, an area bounded by three shires, which makes the size of each riding vary considerably. A borough is formed of three ridings. Along with the Halflings Gnomes live in the Borough, there are also a few small human villages. We are using this time to train and learn from our last adventures, meeting up with Gnomans family the Gemstones and his friends.  We have noticed that the night’s seem darker and there appears, to us, to be less stars than normal. As only Gnoman is small enough is fit in the family home, the rest of us have to stay at a human run local inn ‘The Giants Den’ about a mile outside the small Halfling village. This costs us two gold each. Most of the time we spend telling stories over meals to the locals when not training.


Trumpton, the Halfling village is small only about 100 inhabitants, is where Gnoman grew up with his family. All the homes are built into the hills overlooking the stream.  The Gemstone family consists of  :-

Father – Carrot Gemstone, balding and old;  Step Mother  – Pink Gemstone, young and pretty for a gnome; Brothers in order – Carrot Jnr; Tinthony; Wilwood, Gnoman; Sisters in order – Berika; Winky; Gnomiss. The nearest small town is 5 miles away and called ‘The Prancing Pony’s’ after the well trained small ponies they sell there. It is a mixed, although many human town which supplies to the locals and passing trade.


During our time here James uses his magic to repair Thorn’s shield and we all help the locals in many ways. One evening when myself, James and Thorn arrive back at the inn, we realise that some things are missing. James’s Travelling Spell Book; my Lyre; Thorn’s vestments seem to have been mislaid, as we search around for them we each find some black cat hairs. I go ‘arrh Brigid, she has a black cat familiar’. James spends some time down in the main room of the inn seeing if anyone noticed a tall woman around, streetwise. However it appears no one has seen a person answering Brigid’s description, she might have been invisible of course. We all head back to Gnoman’s to tell him what has happened, when we get there we knock and wait. After a while Gnoman appears with a chicken leg in his hand, it appears the family where at meal and he had to think twice about coming out to us.


After talking with Gnoman who has more local knowledge, he thinks this sounds more like his elder brother, Carrot Jnr, and Dado Rumblebelly a rival from the thieves guild. After all Carrot has been listening to our stories and so know about Brigid and Gnomes are renowned for pranks. We decide to wait for the next day while Gnoman goes back to his meal and chats with his dad. Dad does not believe that Carrot Jnr would have done such a thing and things Gnoman is just envious but if this has happened then he does not want it to stain the families name so no blame must be placed. Gnoman agrees to keep any result on the quite.


Next morning the group head to the ‘Wonderful Pie Shop’ run by Rumblebelly the cook. I sing on the way there to inspire our early morning endeavour. Gnoman decides hw will be recognised and hides in sight of the pie shop while the rest of us go in. A small female halfling is by the counter, Kathy. We ask about the pies and find that one of the specials is a Boar Venison and Rhubarb. The pies are small about halfling hand sized so normal sized people would need more than one. Thorn asks about rat pie and if Dado can make some for him and Kathy  says she will get him. Thorn asks him about making a couple of rat pies for lunch, and Dado says he could manage that if he gets someone to go get some rats. James meanwhile casts charm and talks to Dado about business and then the theft. Dado says that yes he stole the items and left the hair as Carrot asked him to. He handed the items over to Carrot after taking them at the back of the shop.


Off to see Carrot Jnr, they get him to see them by saying That Thorn wants to sell a gem to him and as he can not enter there workshop/home can he met with him. Gnoman delivers the message and his brother comes with him. Thorn shows the gem and asks for 10 gold for it, Carrot looks and after some haggling pays the 10 gold. Meanwhile Gnoman has cast charm on his brother, useful spell for mages and clerics. With Carrot charmed he tells all, used to being fathers favourite, he has been annoyed at your tales and so hooked up with Dado who doesn’t like Gnoman anyway to cause some trouble. Asked where the items are he says he put them in a oak tree in the woods but can’t remember which one.


I follow Carrot to see his tracks and then go with the others to the back of the pie shop to follow his tracks. James finds his prints in the mud by the back of the shop which I then follow into the nearby woods. I lose the tracks where I can see six big oak trees.  We decide to check them out one at a time but as we close can see four of them have holes in them two at ground level, one two foot up, and one ten foot up. We start at the first ground level tree hole, I and Gnoman check for traps, but can’t see any and do not find anything in the hole.  Moving to the next tree we check again and see no traps Gnoman puts his hand in and comes out with a book, James’s spell book. He hands it to James and they see little black tthings dropping off at the same time as James feels biting on his arms.  Ants swarming up his and Gnomans arms. I  cast Barkskin on Gnoman and myself while James casts repel on himself. With the ants dealt with James casts dry and preserve on his damp book.


The next tree hole is 2′ off the ground so we expect less trouble, again we see if its trapped but suspect more natural problems again. I reach in but can’t see much, my infravision shows me what I think is a puddle of water with something in it. Gnoman helps by lighting his lantern and shinning it in. I can see my lyre in a pool of dark water in the bottom of the hole, I pull it out and inspect it.  James helps me by casting dry and preserve on it, I will still need to tune it later. The final tree has its hole ten foot up and we expect to find Thorns vestments there. Gnoman climbs up the tree with a little help and checks for traps, finding none again.  As he can not see far into the hole he asks for the lantern to be passed up. So I tie it on the end of a staff and carefully pass it up.  As he shines the light into the hole he scares an owl which charges past him nearly knocking him lose. With that drama sorted he reaches in and pulls out a flour sack.  In the sack are the vestmants.


Gnoman gets us all to swear that we will just treat this as a family prank and take no further action, even though some of us would like to.


One day, a few days later, late in the Month of the Firedrake, Summer. The Gemstones receive news of Gnomans sister Gnomiss, she is in Duvik’s Pass and says ‘I and many others have gone done with some plague. Many have died over the past weeks. Can you send help?’ Carrot Snr asks Gnoman to see what he can do. Thorn also receives a weeks old letter from Sir Poldark the same day. ‘Dear Thorn my son Ron has not been heard off for more than a month. In fact since he went to Duvik’s Pass with hopes of financing his own mining venture there. Could you put together a small group and go and see what has happened to him.  When you do send him home and do not forget to sent a letter about how you are keeping with him. Poldark’


Thorn knows of Duvik’s pass which is over 200 miles south of South Borough. We need to follow the main road south and then south east when it turns north east to Thorin go south towards the Elf lands following a minor trail. There should be a Inn either in a large village or small town every 30 miles.

Duvik’s Pass is a small boom town nestled within one of the valleys that cross through the lower mountains  to the South West of the Iron Forge Mountain range, to the west of Kasar. It has long been a way stop for travellers and adventurers, on their way to Kasar and the mountains. Moreover, it has also gained attention recently as a potential flash point of power in the area’s commerce, due to a discovery of substantial silver deposits buried in the hills nearby, about a mile or so into the hills. This town being on the edge of trhe Kingdom of Greymoor, The Iron Kingdom and Loreddel could lead to possible conflict with the declining Dwarven and Elven clans there. Both King Edward and the Dwarves of Kasar have laid claim to the town the Elves have remained silent.


James blames the dwarfs for this outbreak, Thorn blames the humans lack of proper mining ability, I blame elven magic and Gnoman holds his thoughts to himself, no doubt worried about his young sister. Before we leave Carrot Snr gives us a bag with 20 gold to help us on our way to find his daughter. We stop at the Prancing Pony’s to buy said pony to replace our last mule. we get a very good one for 112 gold and 5 sliver. We also swap the potion of boar control for a scroll of remove disease. We stop each night on the way and buy food for that days snacks, Again it looks like doing the right thing is costing us money, just as well we still have some from our last adventure. I wonder what this one will bring.

The Stories of Errath the Bard Chapter 2 Part 8

Part 8

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With a decision to now move on we make a travelling hammock from the boar spear and the iron quarter staff and the tent parts. In this Gnoman will travel along with excess equipment carried on the shoulders of James and myself.  while Thorn uses the map and guides us out of the forest. After some hours following the map and the hidden trails it shows we reach the end of the wood. As we reach open country the map disappears, ‘so they are happy to see us go but not to come’. James and I argue on the way to town about many things.  After a few more hours we reach the town gates.


The gate guard stop us and want to search for stolen goods, they have been warned about the activities of Gnoman and want to make sure that our group have no stolen goods. I try to convince them that we have been out in the wilds and not robbing locals but they are having nothing of it. Suddenly he changes his tack and becomes very friendly and helpful telling the others that we are all right.  It turns out that James cast Charm Person on him. As we pass under the gate James tells the guard to keep on eye out for Bridgid a half orc wererat.  Having entered the town we head for the Crones Cradle to speak to Yathlanae about Lady Moonsong. Is it a good idea to take the letter, which we show her, to her or just leave it with someone to take for us. Yathlanae says, ‘either way she is not going to be a happy lady, if you want to see if she will still pay you then take it yourself’. We ask a bit more about Lady Moonsong before asking about getting healing for Gnoman’s sight, Yathlanae directs us to the temple of Galendaar and Cleric Stagfoe.


We reach the temple and I talk to Stagfoe giving him the back story of Gnoman’s loss of sight. We are told that he can ask Galendaar to heal Gnoman’s sight, however a donation would be required. After a little conversation we decide to give the crown, chalice and sickle to the temple as a local history artefact, in exchange Gnoman’s sight is restored in a service and I am given a wooden shield  the temple has, this shield is magical and grants me more protection against missiles. [+1 +4 Vs missiles]


With evening coming on we head for the Red Boar and take two double rooms for the night and I entertain the locals by singing during the evening. It is good to have a comfortable bed under me and the security of civilisation to have a peaceful sleep. We wake to a tasty breakfast and prepare to go and see Lady Moonsong.


The guards at Moonsong manor are surly and aggressive but let us in to see her ladyship. Lady Moonsong is not a happy person she talks softly but is very angry. She wants to know where her son is, why they have not brought him back and why they failed to see past the Fey deceptions. Each time we try to explain she talks over us asking where is my son. We do not realise that within her questions she cast a spell to read our thoughts until later when we recall that she stopped us and said so I now see that you where deceived by an illusion of my son rather than meeting my son and bringing him home. ‘Just go you are not the heroes I thought you where or Thedwell lead me to believe you where, in fact where is my aid? Thedwell where are you hiding? what do you have to say for yourself? Go on go I will not forget what you have caused me to suffer this day’.


We leave wondering what she will do to us in the future but knowing there is not a lot we can do about it.  As we head back to town storm clouds roll quickly in and a thunder storm starts. A bolt of lightening hits the ground ahead of us and from the smoke steps a very tall figure. A very shadowy Storm Giant, we all assume a illusion and try to disbelieve however it is unaffected by our unbelief. The shock of this massive giant shocks us all giving it time to move to engage us with its great sword.


I am fast in reacting one after the shock and throw a javelin at the giant but somehow miss the big target. James starts to cast a spell and Thorn throws a vail of holy water at the giant, which although it hits seems to have no effect. The Giant then swings its sword in a sweeping attack against all 3 of us, Gnoman is behind and therefore out of reach and has gone invisible. The sword hits me and smashes my arm, it then hits James injuring his leg we both are knocked down. The sword then hits Thorn, Thorn blocks with his shield which takes the hit losing a chunk out of it in the possess. [Passive block by a large shield]

James manages to continue to cast his spell while Thorn moves back into range of the giant having been knocked back as does the giant.

Thorn awaits the blow which the giant delivers, this time he parries with his shield.


James finishes hi spell and goes invisible [it takes extra time due to him wearing armour]. Thorn moves to a hedge to try to hide and get behind the giant, while the invisible Gnoman casts the sound of a Charging Bull behind the giant.

James drinks a potion of major healing restoring his leg, Thorn crawls along in the hedge. The Storm Giant turns away from us, the only one he can see is me bleeding out on the ground,  heading towards the town.


As the giant approaches the town it is hit by many arrows and then disappears. As it does we see Lady Moonsong on her walls.


We go back to the temple and have my wound dealt with and then we decide to revisit Gnoman’s family and stay with them for a while.


The Stories of Errath the Bard Chapter 2 Part 7


Part 7

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Very Early Yoday,  As the dark of the night fads we are grouped around the entrance to the shrine, we get into a long discussion about the half orcs. Where they send to follow us, are they the remnants of the earlier party the lady sent, are they linked to Bridget? We have no easy answers, so we look for tracks to see if that gives us any information.  Thorn finds the tracks of twelve large warriors, which we assume are the half orcs. I then study these for signs we can use. The tracks are some weeks old and headed around the mound some of these tracks seem to be similar to the ones we found around our dead mule. So maybe those two who attacked us later where survivors of the early search party.  We then talk about what to do next, however our thoughts where interrupted by a crashing sound.


A very large boar has just crashed out of the undergrowth 20′ from Thorn. It is remarkably fast and charges towards Thorn. Gnoman starts to cast a spell, invisibility I find out later, James draws his big sword and I start to cast Animal Friendship, this stops the boar dead as I continue to chant. However I soon realise that I do not have the willpower, willpower determines the size of creatures controlled, to hold this beast once the spell finishes. Not being able to tell the others I slowly move to James and Thorn as they form up facing the boar. As I do they move behind me. Not what I wanted but they maybe think standing in front will mess up my casting. Thorn readies his mace and shield with James standing beside him with his two handed sword. I am now 30′ from the boar with Thorn and James 20′ behind me, Gnomans spell failed and he is just staying out of the way, he can not do much as he is still blind.


I drop my chanting and the boar charges at me, Thorn and James move forward and I draw my trusty club.

The boar attacks me and luckily misses [boar rolled a critical but was made to reroll], I also miss my parry. Thorn and James are now 5′ behind me as I attack, using my passion to the party after all I am defending them all, with my club hitting the great boar who tries to block the blow but misses. However my hit has no effect on this big boar.

I then cast Shillelagh on my club.


The boar attacks me again missing again, I parry with my glowing club and overextend and trip the boar. As James and Thorn move beside me I attack with my glowing club but miss.

The boar rises to its feet as all three of us strike at it. Thorn’s mace hits it in its left rear leg, I hit its fore quarter and press advantage and James hits and takes fore quarters as his point of contact.

The boar attacks Thorn this time, not being able to attack me, but misses again. Thorn hits the right rear leg and trips the boar again while James thrusts his sword into its fore quarter again. While I miss again.


The crazed boar stands and Thorn and I miss with our attacks. However James gets a killing strike in the fore quarters again and the poor boar drops to the ground blood pouring from it as it breathes its last.


The poor old boar was unlucky, and I was very lucky as it did not hit me once, if it had I might not be able to tell this story. I cut off some meat for us and laid the carcass of this massive boar in respect. We still need to decide what to do next and quickly this is a dangerous place to hang around.

The Stories of Errath the Bard Chapter 2 Part 6

Part 6

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 With poor Gnoman unable to see and Thorn needing to rest and pray it was decided that we would rest here in the room with stone beds, which we can use. First we jammed the door shut with some of the iron spikes we picked up earlier. We then slept lightly for the next six hours, we left the still invisible Gnoman on hearing guard with Panther.  We wake later and have a small meal and then leaving Gnoman and Panther behind we head back into the next room. James and Thorn soon find the secret door and I check for traps. I then open it while carrying some holy water just in case.


The door opens into a long snaking narrow natural passage leading downwards. Thorn enters first followed by me and the James at the rear. The passage is lined with vines and flowers which seem to like the dark. After a while we notice a flickering light ahead and faint birdsong. This is odd we think just as the walls and ceiling fall in onto us. Thorn and James seem to avoid being hit by the earth and rocks but I was not so lucky, and end up pinned by my chest and right arm with both areas taking damage from the crushing effect of the rocks. Thorn and James set to digging me out I then lose track of what is going on. Later they tell me that they where shot at or rather James was shot at but all the darts bounced off his armour. The armour may make a less effective mage however it does keep him alive.  They never find out where the darts come from and after digging me out they carry me on down the passage as I sing to encourage them and  myself.


After a while we reach a underground grove, however due to a vow we made I can not tell you much about what happened there and after. What I can say is that James and Thorn defeated some half orc’s and got found a letter for Lady Moonsong. [buy the adventure if you want to know what happens here] Some hours later we are all back in the Alter room, Gnoman is visible again now. We have bits of this area to still explore so do so.


We end up in a odd room with a grooved circle in the floor, we end up putting oil into this and lighting it. We find another secret door and after I have checked it out we enter another room. This one has a fancy fountain in it. Each of us drink of the water to refreshen ourselves and then we head back to the entrance way. We have done all we can here and need to decide on our next steps.

Do we go back and tell Lady Moonsong we failed and give her the letter or what?