BASH Issue 7 – Druid Cornered

Issue 7 Druid Cornered

Page 1

Our heroes met and decide until they can come up with any other idea to call themselves S.A.G.A [ Supervillian Apprehension Group Anonymous]


Page 2

Air Girl and Alfa have tracked Simon AKA Druid to Anglesey see issue 4.

They find that Druid  has a coastal  farm in Anglesey which he has turned into a Druid centre. This is not far from the RAF air station.

With a bit of research they find that there is a stone circle near to the farm near to a wood.


Page 3

Alfa carrying Air Girl teleports to the wood.

Alfa then listens for radio signals but only finds mobile signals and they appear to be encripted.


Page 4

Alfa then uses his keen senses to look around using both his normal and infrared  vision both in black and white.

There is always a lot of wildlife around the farm. The farm has a main house with converted barns around the yard a few hundred meters from the coast. A large wooded area which runs up towards the air station has wolves, boar and deer in it.  The farm has fields of crops, animals [Cows, Sheep, Pigs and Chickens] and bee hives.

One barn appears to be the vets lab with various animals inside as well as 3 humans

One barn appears to be a dorm with six bodies lying down on beds.

The house has four humans in it and he can see a blacksmith at work along with two farm hands.

He also thinks the walls are protected as he had to work hard to see the heat through them.


Page 5

They move to the Stone Circle by the edge of the wood.

It is very old and seems to be in use as there are some blood stains on it.

There are gaps in the circle for more stones.


Page 6

The Farm as a HQ has animal acting as lookouts [Sensors] Alfa and Air Girl  have been seen and the alram raised.

Air Girl looks at the circle and wonders if it is a computer or device of some sort. She thinks it might or might not be she does not have enough information.


Page 7

Alfa check’s to see if there is any druidic activity scheduled for these stones, apparently none for a while.


Page 8

Alfa teleports into what he thinks is a lab.

He does a quick 360 degree scan and jumps out again however before he leaves he is attacked by hundreds of insects which fail to harm him.


Page 9

Once back with Air Girl Alpha reruns the pictures from his scan, helped by his photographic memory.

He sees a veterinary lab with Simon and two others along with open cages of animals.


Page 10

Alfa then watches some ROD warriors training in their kilts and woad fighting with spear sword and shield in a training areas.



Page 11

Alfa teleports into and out of what he thinks was a dorm.

He is right it has a kitchen smaller rooms and a common area. Lots of pictures of druidic symbols and Celtic warriors, god etc on the walls.


Page 12

Air Girl notices, by a chance in the air around her, the approach of a insect swarm approaching on the ground and in the air.


Page 13

Air Girl picks up a quarter of the swarm using a cyclone.


Page 14

She fly’s towards the farmhouse with the rest of the swarm trying to keep up.

She is faster than the swarm and keeps ahead of it as she moves it away from Alfa and towards the farmhouse.


Page 15

Air Girl reaches the farmhouse.

She pulls the cyclone up over the chimney.

And then drops the swarm down it.


Page 16

Air Girl floats over the farmhouse and waits.


The insects drop down the chimney and head off in different directions ignoring those inside.


Page 17

Air Girl and Alfa see the Druid and 18 ROD warriors heading towards the wood and Alfa.


Page 18

Alfa teleports up 1,000′ and watches.


Page 19

Druid and his group stop and he chants and summoned a Spirit Eagle.

As the huge eagle appears Druid also calls together hundreds of pigions.


Page 20

Alfa teleports to Air Girl and then home.


Page 21

The two of them now get down to some more research to work out where the missing stones might be.

This takes a while but they find that they can trace down from Roman times five power stones. One is part of the Roman Baths of Bath, another is in the British Museum, another is part of the foundations of Bath Abbey while the fourth is at Stonehenge and the last is part of the stone Circle they saw at the farm.


Page 22

A time of discussion and reflection.


Page 23

Air Girl using her amassing intellect and ability to research pounders on whether any Stone Circle would work  and comes to the conclusion that as long as it was on a Ley-Line junction it might well do.


Page 24

They decide to check one of these stones out and being in Bath they decide to check out the one in the Roman Baths.

Air Girl is recognized and uses that as a distraction by air dancing and then allowing selfies and such.

Alfa finds the stone in the Baths and scans it.


Page 25

Back with Air Girl Alfa shares what he saw and they think about it.

He saw a rock with many symbols on it, his science skills told him it was from a meteorite and not terrestrial.

Air Girl tells him that she thinks that the symbols and its organic make up means that a bunch of them used together will work a bit like a computer circuit opening up a portal to another realm where a being could come from.

This links with what they found before that Simion is trying to bring back the Celtic war god Cicouis.


Page 26

Although Alfa and Air Girl do not know where the others are they leave messages for them bringing them up to date on the investigation.


Page 27

Now with a plan the two of them check the internet for a picture of the Anglesey stone, although Alfa has seen it he has no idea of color seeing only in black and white,  having found one they work together to create a replica of the stone from normal stone.


Page 28

Alfa teleports Air Girl to Anglesey where she produces a sea fog to cover the circle.

Alfa then teleports to the stone circle.


Page 29

Alfa feels around for the right stone in the fog while being attacked by thousands of ants.


Page 30

Finding the stone he grabs it and heaves.

Ripping it from the ground with his super human strength.


Page 31

With ants crawling all over him he teleports back to Bath and puts the stone down, the ants not being able to get inside his body crawl away. [no longer under control]


Page 32

Alfa picks up the replica rock and teleports back to the fog covered circle.


Page 33

Alfa plants the replica stone into the place the place the original stone came from and tucks the earth back around it.


Page 34

The Druid in the farm yard opens up and gateway to the circle and Alfa falls through and into the farm yard.


Page 35

Alfa says, ‘destroy me and you will never find the stone again’

Druid – turns his body to oak and then transforms into a bear, and attacks Alfa. His claws fail to get past Alfa’s armour but do knock him over.


Six of the ROD warriors then throw spears at Alfa but all also fail to get past Alfa’s armour.


Alfa stands, teleports to Druid and attacks but a flock of birds fly in the way taking the effect of his punch.


Page 36

Druid summons a huge spirit bear  behind Alfa and attacks. Again he fails to do much but the massive bear batters Alfa to the ground.


The ROD warriors manage to get a couple of spears to hit and punch through Alfa’s armour.


Alfa decides that this is a no win contest and teleports back home.


Page 37

Alfa teleports and gets Air Girl and teleports both of them home.


Page 38

After a short discussion of what to do with the stone they decide the only way to keep it out of druids reach is to put it into space drifting towards the sun.

So Alfa teleports 1,000 miles up towards the sun and away from the moon with the stone and kicks it on its way.


Page 39

Alfa teleports back and he and Air Girl decide job well done and no one knows about it at all.


Page 40

Rock spinning slowly towards the very distant sun, with the ISS [International Space Station] a small dot to the side.


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