BASH Issue 11 Oil Baron

Issue 11 Oil Baron

 Page 1

Air-Girl and Grenade learn about a mysterious crime wave in which gas stations discover their underground unleaded patrol tanks have somehow been emptied.

Air-Girl goes to watch the nearest petrol station, while Grenade goes to talk with Martha the reporter.


Page 2

Grenade is told by Martha that this has been going on for some months and the police have no clues. The tanks just end up empty not long after a delivery.


Air-Girl uses her investigation skills, on the immediate area. She notices a hole in a nearby road with fuel spurting out of it. She also sees a car skidding on the fuel and some people looking into the hole.


Page 3

Air-Girl heads home to do some computer investigation.

Grenade and Martha head to the hole., after Air-Girl informs him of it.


Page 4

There are 3 crashed cars in the area now. Martha runs towards the cars and slips on the fuel.

Grenade does some flips and catches Martha before she hits the ground. He puts her down and then vanishes [uses his stealth to slip away]


Page 5

Grenade hears a cry from nearby.

He goes to investigate

The petrol station casher is being menaced by dog-sized creatures with muzzles like a giant conical screw.

Grenade calls for help from Air-Girl


Page 6

Air-Girl fly’s in and hovers above.


Page 7

Air-Girl blasts one of the creatures with her air blast. The blast of wind knocks the mole like creature backwards.

The four moles all start to spin their screw muzzles.

Grenade throws a charged marble at a mole but does not appear to do any damage.


Page 8

Air-Girl blasts the mole again with her air blast knocking it into a wall and breaking the robot creature apart.

The three remaining moles burrow just under the ground towards Grenade.

Grenade Touches one of the moles with explodes into bits as its kinetic energy is released.

There is a big ooh from the bystanders, who are using their phones to catch the action.


Page 9

Air-Girl blasts another mole to pieces, and calls on the civilians to stand back.
Grenade breaks the last of the mole bots

That’s 2 each.

The crowd cheer.


Page 10

Air-Girl investigates the bits and finds some clues.

The parts were made by the Oji Koji Roboto Corporation from Japan and carry serial numbers.

She goes off to investigate this company.

Grenade also leaves.


Page 11

Martha reports on the action and condemns the heroes for not helping to deal with the fuel leak which has caused contamination in the local area.  [gain 1 infamy]


Page 12

Air-Girl hacks the servers of the Japanese company and finds that these bots had been sold to a Mr Chapman, who likes to be known as Lord Chapman.


Page 13

Air-Girl now investigates Lord Chapman.

Chester Chapman came from a high-society family.

His brother Lewis inherited the family title and the lion’s share of the wealth.


Page 14

The young men fell in love with the same upper-class lady, and when she chose Lewis over Chester, he chose to believe it was because of Lewis’s money and title.


Page 15
Worried that their envious son would cause trouble, Chester’s parents packed him off to Harbor Business
College in America. He discovered his accent and social class were a ticket to instant popularity. He made a small fortune through risky stock gambles, and he used the money to buy gas stations, uniting them into a company called CheapCo.


Page 16

He has now started to operate in the UK in conflict with the family firm, which is now part of BP.

His first stations are along the M4.

He always starts by under cutting the local price then once he has driven the others away raising the price back up but always less than the average.

His newest station is just off Junction 18.

Chester Chapman, is very normal: a congenial gentleman; a conservative dresser.


Page 17

Air-Girl then investigates any fuel mysteries in the states and if they are near CheepCo stations.

She finds a string of such mysteries.


Page 18

She tries to hack CheepCo servers but finds there defence’s are better than any she has come across before and so fails.

She try’s the UK government Customs and Excise system and finds that CheepCo is paying fuel duty and around about the amount you would expect from a small company with small stations.


Page 19

Doug [Grenade] heads off to ask other small garages where they get there petrol from and where they think CheepCo gets its from.

They have no idea how Chapman manages to undercut even the supermarkets.

They use the spot market and if he does he is running at a loss.


Page 20

Air-Girl fly’s off to watch the CheepCo garage at Junction 18 of the M4, keeping watch to see how things work.

Its a simple garage, with a repair shop and only un-leaded fuel.


Page 21

Doug contacts CheepCo HR for a local job, disguised as desperate for work.

He is told to talk to a local garage as all hiring is done locally.

He goes to the Junction 18 garage and talks to the manager

He lies about what he can do and manages to get a job.

First job is to unblock the loos.


Page 22

Next few days

Grenade gates to do loads of crap jobs as well as work on some cars.

Air-Girl records any cars Grenade works on, so he can make sure they get repaired properly.



Page 23

A CheepCo tanker turns up to offload gas.

Grenade uses his stealth and misdirection to get a sample of the petrol

The two of them recognise that the driver is Lord Chapman himself.


Page 24

Air-Girl follows the truck when it leaves.


Page 25

Early that evening

The tanker stops near a BP garage, about a street away.

She calls for Grenade.

Grenade gets a young lady in a sports car who just happened to be at the garage to give him a lift.


Page 26

Air-Girl sets up her camera phone to record for evidence

Grenade suggests that Lord Chapman might want to tell them what’s going on.



Page 27

I am Oil Baron, a modern Robin Hood if you will. I take expensive fuel and sell it cheep to the normal people. You are the evil ones here trying to stop people having fuel for their daily needs. Now get out of my way and let me finish what I need to do.

As he finishes he squirts, at Grenade, from his fuel nozzle an attack Grenade acrobatically avoids.


Page 28

Grenade reacts fast and flicks a powered up marble at the Oil Baron, although the marble hits the explosion has no effect on the Oil baron

Air-Girl lets fly with an air-burst but Oil Baron sees it coming and she misses

Oil Baron sprays a different mix at Grenade which hits and nullifies his explode object power.


Page 29

Grenade, with no Explode Power, moves to grab the Oil Baron but the Baron slips away.

Air-Girl Wind-Blasts again this time knocking the Baron back 16′ into a wall.

Baron sprays Grenade again, knocking him back 50′ wreaking a car on his way. Grenade is injurded.


Page 30

Grenade hides

Air-Girl blasts Baron again, from out of his spray range, but this time has no effect.

Baron manages to adapt his spray, power stunt, to increase its range by taking away its line effect. However unfamiliar with this spray he misses.


Page 31

Grenade runs to behind Baron, keeping hidden.

Air-Girl hits Baron with her Wind-Blast knocking him back a few feet

Baron uses his modified spray on Air-Girl hitting her, seeing that Air-Girl does not have her force field up Grenade throws himself into the path of the spray. The damage of the chemicals render him unconscious.


Page 32

Grenade lies on the ground unconscious.

Air-Girl Blasts at Baron and moves away hopefully out of range. Her Wind-Blast hits Baron and knocks him back 30′ into another wall, which is smashed by the impact.

Baron stands and looks and gloats ‘is that all you have?’


Page 33

Air-Girl puts up her force-field of swirling air and moves back into range of the Baron. Using her mastery of  air she creates a Mini-cyclone to pick up bricks from the wall and throw them at the Baron. The impact knocks him back into the garden.

Baron tries the nullify trick on Air-Girl to cancel her Air powers, he fails.


Page 34

Air-Girl creates a Whirlwind around Baron to hold him immobilised.

Baron is stuck and trying to free himself from the vortex.


Page 35

Grenade recovers [used hero die]

Air-Girl again uses a Mini-Cyclone to throw bricks at Baron but again this has no real effect.

She realises that as long as he has his armoured suite on she can do no more than hold him.

Baron is still struggling to get free


Page 36

Grenade starts to use his cane to hammer at the Barons suite

Air-Girl chucks more wall bits at him with no effect

Baron continues to struggle.


Page 37

Grenade keeps trying to damage Barons suite while Air-girl renews her Whirlwind around the Baron each time he gets free.


Page 38

Eventually Grenade breaks the Oil Barons suite and starts to hit him instead, however without his exploding power it will be a long job.

Air-Girl continues to hold the Baron in her Whirlwind.

Baron continues to try to get free and stay free.


Page 39

While Air-Girl and Grenade are still fighting Baron ARG, Police Armed Response Groups, turn up armed with Auto Assault Pulse Rifles. Oil Baron soon sees that further resistance is pointless and gives in to be taken off by the police.

Air-Girl shares the video onto the cloud so it can be used against him in court along with the other info they have on him.


Page 40

Air-Girl and Grenade leave, Air-Girl carrying Grenade.

While Martha turns up to interview locals and using clips from the video makes a report which is picked up nationally.

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