BASH Issue 4 Terror in Bath

 Terror in Bath

 Page 1/

Chronicle headlines with Martha’s bye line.

Crazy clown and Pantomime gang cause terror at Christmas market.

Pro. Stanley saves baby and disabled lady from terrified mob.

Robot Alfa endangers bystanders.


Page 2/

Since in The Chronicle

There appears to be four super vigilantes operating in the Bath area.

One called Grenade a known criminal, who causes explosions.

Another called Alfa a robot of some sort,

Another called Stretch who can stretch his body into odd shapes

and lastly Air-girl, which no one seems to know much about.

Are they working together?

Are they a threat to us all in the Greater Bath area or even the nation?


Page 3/

The Daily Mirror – there are supers around the South West are they linked to ‘Monarch’ and ‘Captain Britain’ in London?    Do they work together?


The Sun – The supers in the southwest – do they have some long term plan which will threaten the way we live?

What is our government doing about them?

Is Air-girl worth putting on page 3?

Is Alfa a German Euro agent?


Page 4/

Alfa – Has already stopped a mugging and is helping drunks by teleporting them home, he has to take their id out of their wallet or purse to do this.

Air Girl – taking advantage of having done all her work is flying free over the area. Has saved a student from falling into the river and is now enjoying the air waves, flying around.


Air Girl hears, on the wind, the sound of gunfire and alarms.

Alfa sees with his radio hearing the alarms and police call.


Both head towards the postal Storage Warehouse and see a man running from the building and down Manvers street, shouting at the top of his lungs. He is followed by a huge, 10′ tall, metallic robot about 60′ behind. The man is very scared, but tiring, and the robot is catching up.


Page 5/

Air Girl uses her wind whispers ability to listen to what’s going on in the warehouse. There is sounds of gunshots and bullets bouncing off metal. The sound of thumbing footsteps and the sounds and cries of 2 males. She also spots the robot Alfa.


Alfa listens in to the police calls while teleporting behind a pillar.


Page 6/

Air Girl drops behind Alfa and introduces herself.


Page 7-8/

The two heroes chat together and make plans.


Page 9/

The Robot is 100′ away. Air Girl stands on a manhole cover and Alfa holding it teleports to end up 20′ behind the robot.

Air Girl talks to the machine, with no answer.


Page 10/

Air Girl puts a whirlwind around the robot to hold it in place.

Alfa teleports to put the man hole cover back to avoid accidents.

The Exterminator breaks free of the swirling winds and continues to follow Morris.


Page 11/

Air Girl fly’s 10′ to close again to 15′ from the robot and throws another whirlwind around it.

Alfa teleports ahead of Morris.

Exterminator robot, breaks free again and fires a spike from its fist at Air Girl.


Page 12/

Air Girl  Uses a Wind Blast on the robot. [only does minor damage]

Alfa teleports to Morris and grabs him. Morris tries to break free.

Exterminator robot uses its flame thrower on Air Girl, who avoids the cone of fire. However many cars catch fire.


Page 13/

Air Girl fly’s 25′ to the side and uses her wind blast again.


Alfa talks to Morris. ‘What happened?

Morris explains, ‘three of us brook into the Mail warehouse. In searching through the materials stored there, they open a few large crates. Inside they find a number of large, silvery robots (Exterminator’s). Unable to find any way of operating the robots, they search the rest of the building. While their backs are turned, the eyes of the Exterminator s glow and the disconnected robots slowly begin to move. I fled the other two are still there I think, a robot followed me the rest you know’.  Alfa then drops Morris and teleports to land onto the Exterminator robot, however he lands beside it and then grabs it.


Exterminator robot, activates its electrical field the shock of which knocks Alfa 2′ away.


Page 14/

Air Girl, Uses her Wind Blast again doing a bit more damage to the Exterminator robot.

Alfa Moves to the Exterminator robot and touches it, while adapting his healing nanobots to cause damage instead. [power stunt] This causes the robot to smoke a bit.

Exterminator robot eyes glow and it fires its Gamma ray beams at Alfa, which has no effect on him.

Two other Exterminator robots turn up on the road 40′ away from the current scrap.


Page 15/

Air Girl Wind Blasts the robot again, even knocking it back 2′ and to the ground

Alfa kicks the prone robot, taking a electric shock as he does and gets knocked back 2′ falling over

Exterminator robot stands and pummels the prone Alfa but can not damage the tough skin of Alfa.


Page 16/

Air Girl wind blasts again this time the Exterminator robot falls apart as its structure is ripped apart by this final attack.

Alfa stands and retrieves his nanobots and sees the two Exterminator robot 28′ away.

The robots move to 16′ away.


Page 17/

Air Girl, fly’s to within 25′ of the left hand [1] Exterminator robot and wind Blasts it. It is knocked back into the nearby building smashing through the wall.

Alfa teleports to the same robot and therefore into the damaged building. He grabs the robot.

Exterminator robot, 1, causes its electric field to blast Alfa knocking him back 10′ through the inner wall, causing a lot of screaming from the people in the building.

The other Exterminator robot, 2, moves towards Air Girl.


Page 18/

Air Girl extends the distance to Exterminator robot 2 to 30′ and Wind blasts it knocking it back prone and into the same building as 1.

Alfa teleports to Exterminator robot 2 kicks it smashing it through the ceiling as it falls apart

Civilian fall and Alfa catches them. [uses a hero die]

Exterminator robot 1 stands and flames Alfa the civilian and the room. Alfa covers the civilian taking the flame damage himself, which has no effect. The building catches fire.

Exterminator robot 2 stands and moves off.


Page 19/

Air Girl uses her control of the air to remove the oxygen from the burning building briefly just long enough to put the starting fires out without hurting the occupants.

Alfa puts the civilian down and teleports out.

Exterminator robot 2 flames the building again and moves.


Page 20/

Air Girl hovers over the building and again puts the fires out by removing the oxygen.

Alfa teleports back and then runs at and slams into Exterminator robot. He takes the electric jolt, but the robot takes the impact without moving.

Exterminator robot stands and thumbs Alfa but finds him a heard target to hit.



Page 21/

Air Girl moves into the building to use her wind powers to support the building as the people inside leave.

Alfa grabs the robot and teleports to the river and 300′ up. He takes another weaker jolt from the electric field which has no effect on him this time.

Exterminator robot flames Alfa but it has no effect.


Page 22/

Air Girl is still supporting the building as people slow leave.

Alfa lets go of the Exterminator robot and teleports back to the post office.

Exterminator robot 2, falls 100′ towards the river


Page 23/

Air Girl still holding building together.

Alfa outside of the warehouse, see’s police car and a female officer getting out.

Exterminator robot falls another 100′


Page 24/

Air Girl still holding building together.

Police officer enters warehouse.

Exterminator robot falls the last 100′ and hits the river falling apart in a geezer of water and a big boom.


Page 25/

Air Girl still holding building together

Alfa watches the police officer run out.


Page 26/

Air Girl still holding building together

Alfa enters the main storage area and sees a robot smashing around and asks what it looking for.


Page 27/

Air Girl with the building clear fly’s towards the warehouse.

Alfa Looks for the robots packaging and the two other robbers. Fining them on top of the cases he Teleports to the robot and hits it hard.

Exterminator robot activates his electric field and flames the storage area.


Page 28/

Air Girl detecting the change in temperature uses her Air Mastery to remove the oxygen putting the flames out before they can take hold.

Alfa Hits the robot again knocking it back 6′ into packages, smashing and crashing through them.

Exterminator robot prone uses its flame thrower again.



Page 29/

Air Girl arriving at the scene puts the flames out again.

Alfa hit the last Exterminator robot again and this time it falls apart from the inpact.


Page 30/

Our heroes leave the scene and agree to met up and investigate.


Page 31/

next week.

Using the info Alfa has from scanning the packing crates the two of them use their skills with computers and investigation to back track on the origins of the Exterminator robots.

Boxes posted by J Crowe of Acme suppliers from New York.

Acme suppliers are known to have transported high tech stuff out of the USA before.



Page 32/

L Crowe is part of a Druidic cult in North America called  United Ancient Order of Druids (UAOD) .

This is linked in the UK to a group called Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids (OBOD)

As they find this info out six warriors Dressed in plaid kilt and covered in Woad, attack with great fury and no warning They are armed with spears swords and shields, and look Gallic.

Air Girl gets onto a chair and Alfa teleports them away.


Page 33/

Within OBOD is a small splinter group called ROD [Restoration of the Druids] who want to bring back the control of society by the Druids.   Simon Smith is the leader of ROD having deposed the previous one Philip Gomm, who was killed by wolves while out for a walk in the dales.

Again six Gallic warriors turn up and attack, Air Girl pulls a stunt and gets her whirlwind to effect all six of them, trapping them till the police arrives.


Page 34/

With a picture of Simon from the net they use the internet again to find out more about him.


Simon, a Vet, was a normal druidic sun worshiper often arrested or beaten by the police while occupying Stonehenge. Then one solstice at Stonehenge when as the sun rose shining through a gap in the dark storm clouds while Simon, was leaning against one of the stones, a freak lighting bolt struck. It coursed through the stone and Simon. He was rushed to hospital badly burned and injured, Simon was close to death, however he survived and over the next few days recovered fully and left hospital, much to the confusion of the doctors. He has since sold his practice and disappeared.


Page 35/

Air Girl taking the shape of a cloud follows a Gallic warrior when realised from the police station.


Page 36/

Air Girl follows to a grove in Bathford where a small group has assembled.

Using her ability to hear on the air she listens to them.

They appear to be talking with Simon on Skype, Alfa hacks into the transmission as he can hear radio waves.

Simon is disappointed that the robots did not get the stone in the Roman Baths he needed.

But he will try again, until them they must find out about these heroes.


Page 37/

Air Girl and Alfa hack Skype to find out Simons location. Anglesey where else.










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