BASH Issue 15 The Hunt for the Black Enchantress

Issue 15

The Hunt for the Black Enchantress


Page one 

The heroes question the professor about Ch’andarra hideouts in the past. However he is in shock and does not answer.


Page 2

Grenade contacts MI5 contact John and asks the same question.

John has no idea but the captives might if you want to question them.


Page 3

Deciding that Armadillo is the most mercenary, Grenade and Airgirl go to where he is being held leaving Stretch to watch over the Prof.


Page 4

Questioning Armadillo, Grenade uses his suggestion power on him. ‘Tell me where the Enchantress base is.’


Page 5

‘Urh Ug what sorry over there’

Armadillo seems to be confused, maybe from the beating he just had.

Eventually he says no.

‘How where you contacted by the Dark Enchantress?’ asks Grenade.

‘I was contacted by Panda and Raccoon and paid direct into my Swiss bank, he gives details.


Page 6

Grenade uses suggestion on Raccoon.

Base is a farm, at Hinton Charterhouse, paid into a Swiss back account known to Panda.

We then paid the others.

He is not aware of any defences at the farm.


Page 7

‘How did the Dark Enchantress contact you?’

‘Social Media’ Raccoon answers. and gives details of the page on the dark-web.


Page 8

Grenade asks Raccoon to list all the other crimes they have been involved with.

The list is long and includes work for Dr Destroyer, various foreign countries, inculding Russia and China.


Page 9

Air-girl hacks into the dark-web to the social pages.  The Dark Enchantress put aid on villains for hire page from a computer at a student block in Widcome in Bath


Page 10

Hack student computer and find that it is based in flat 2b of the student block.


Page 11

Air-girl picks Grenade up in a whirlwind and flys with him to the block.


Page 12

Land on student block roof

Grenade opens up the roof lift door


Page 13

Accessing the lift on the next floor, the 4th, they take it down to the second floor.

They then find flat 2B

Page 14

Outside Flat 2B; Grenade listens and hears scratching and funny noises from inside.

Grenade knocks on the door


Page 15

Knocks again loader, head pokes out of door behind them ‘its late, she’s out’. the young lady says before disappearing.


Page 16

Try door which is locked

Grenade quietly opens the lock and they enter the flat


Page 17

As Grenade and Air-girl enter the central area of the flat, which has a kitchen and common area and four doors off of it, three vaguely humanoid horrors fall from the ceiling to attack them.

Air-girl with her wind-sense moves as they drop and raises up to hover above the floor, as she does she air-blasts one of them knocking it away.

Grenade also reacts quickly and flicks a marble at another also knocking it away.

The remaining horror attacks as do the other two once they have moved back, however all fail to make contact with the hard to hit heroes.


Page 18

Air-girl uses her air-blast again this time knocking out the horror.

Grenade throws another marble hitting another and killing it, as it dies it turns back into a young university female student.

The remaining horror attacks and again fails to hit.


 Page 19

Air-girl blasts the last horror followed by Grenade using his stick while pulling his blow the combined attack knocks out the horror.

The two unconscious horrors turn back into female students.


 Page 20

Air-girl senses with her airpowers if there are any more in the flat, she doesn’t think so.

They tie the two girls up.


Page 21

After Grenade has contacted John in MI5 they search the 4 rooms and common area.

They find a part of a page on a Cattery ending in ant.


Air-girl hack’s the laptop in Andrea’s room, but finds nothing of use.


Page 22

Air-girl uses computer to investigate Catteries ending in ‘ant’

Limiting the search to around Bath she finds no matches in Bath and Hinton Charterhouse area.

She then tries to hack the Swiss banking system but fails to get past their firewalls.


Page 23

Grenade contacts John to get MI5 to clean up the flat and see to the injured and dead.

John tells them off for killing innocents and damaging property.


Page 24

Air-girl flies them both to the farm at Hinton Charterhouse.


Page 25

The farm has a barn and a house, they move to check out the barn first.

Grenade goes to the door and Air-girl lands on the roof and enters through the air vents door


Page 26

They both enter, Grenade enters the doors and Air-girl through the roof.

The Barn is 10x4sq  within it is a Monstrosity of Limbs a blob of large size with limbs appearing and disappearing around it.

It attacks Grenade and knocks him back out of the door.


Page 27

Air-girl air-blasts the monstrosity but it has no effect.

Grenade moves back in  and tries to attack a weak point in the monster.

The monster fails its limbs at Grenade but does not hit.


Page 28

Air-girl taking the idea from Grenade attacks for a weak spot with her Air-blast which catches a retracting limb and knocks the monster out and it disapears.


Page 29

Air-girl investigates the barn and finds another clue, part of a one page guide to with Saint George  ……

They search the internet and find a church called Saint George in Fovant which also has a cattery called Cattery @ Fovant.

This must be where the Enchantress is based.


Page 30

They go home to rest and see which of the others will be available for a attack.







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