BASH  Issue 13 The Professor

 Issue 13 The Professor’s house


Page 1

Next afternoon, Grenade, Airgirl, Stretch and Alfa join up and talk about the evenings visit.

Grenade collects two mutant suppression collars from Agent John.


Page 2

1950 in the evening.

Alfa goes to scout the grounds of Prof Avery’s home using his enhanced infra-red vision.

Alfa spots two hot area’s where two people/ are hiding he also finds a zone he can not see through, a dark area.

It looks like villains watching the front of the house from its large front garden.


Page 3

Alfa reports and waits on the roof of the house while he waits for the others to arrive

The others arrive 20 minutes later


Page 4


Grenade and Stretch arrive at the front gate while Airgirl fly’s above.


Page 5

Airgirl moves to get in range of the dark zone and try’s her cyclone on the area. All se gets is bits of plants, leaves, sticks etc. It is not powerful enough to pick up any bodies in the area.


Page 6

Airgirl fly’s up; Grenade starts to run towards one of the villains; Stretch also starts to move towards the villains while Alfa teleports to Wyvern  to hits with his fists, Wyvern fires his tail venom at Alfa immobilizing him by scrambling his neural system.

The other villains, Panda and Raccoon move together while Armadillo starts to burrow.


Page 7

Airgirl gets to within 150′ of Wyvern and hits him with a air blast, meanwhile Grenade and Stretch continue to close. Armadillo pops up out of the ground and fires his electric arc at Alfa but the electric force has no effect. Alfa manages to reboot his systems while Wyvern fly’s 200′ up.


Page 8

Airgirl flys towards Wyvern and again hits him with her air blast. Grenade, Stretch and Raccoon and Panda all sprint. Armadillo starts to swing his fists at Alfa, who teleports up beside Wyvern and hits him as he starts to fall. Wyvern strikes back with his tail venom at Alfa again disrupting his system again.


Page 9

Airgirl holds Alfa up with a whirlwind, otherwise he will fall. Grenade now in range flicks an exploding marble at Armadillo to no effect. Panda taunts Grenade while Raccoon hits Grenade knocking him back. Wyvern retreats.


Page 10

Airgirl lowers Alfa to the ground, tries to attack Panda but can’t see due to raccoons darkness. Panda and Raccoon hit grenade.


Page 11

Airgirl uses her wind sense to find Panda but her attack misses. Grenade uses his explosive power to turn of the darkness again and then attacks Panda but still misses. Panda and Raccoon attack Grenade with Raccoon grabbing and crushing him. Stretch tries for a grab on Raccoon as well. Alfa reboots again as Armadillo moves in on him.


Page 12

Airgirl still can’t get a hit on the dancing Panda, while Grenade manages to break free of Raccoons grab. However the darkness does return shrouding Panda and Raccoon making it nearly impossible to see them. Stretch tries again for Panda while Alfa and Armadillo exchange blows.


Page 13

Airgirl manages to hit Panda as Grenade moves out of the darkness. Panda and Raccoon go after Grenade again, while Stretch grabs Armadillo who tries to breaks free straight away. Alfa tries to punch Panda but finds seeing her difficult.


Page 14

Airgirl air blasts Panda again as her and Raccoon move towards each other and away. Stretch loses his grab on Armadillo while ALfa teleports to Armadillo and hits him hard.


Page 15

Airgirl hits Panda knocking her out, as Raccoon picks her up and runs. Grenade hits Armadillo with no effect. Stretch gets himself wrapped around Armadillo again and Alfa hits him knocking him out as well.


Page 16 – 20

Airgirl follows Raccon trying to hit him through the darkness. Alfa follows with the mutant collars. Stretch stays with Armadillo stripping his armour off. Meanwhile Grenade heads up to the house.


Page 21

Raccoon falls to the ground as eventually Airgirls blasts have a final effect. Alfa quickly puts the collars on him and Panda.


Page 22

2020, Grenade reaches the house and is told by Donnah to come back in 30 minutes as he is early and her grandfather isn’t ready.


Page 23

Grenade contacts MI5 for collection of captured villains, as the all meet up in the grounds again.


Page 24

2035, Two squads of 4 troops turn up.


Page 25

Grenade uses his persuasion power to get the truth from them. He finds they are not MI5 but army.


Page 26

He calls MI5 to check if they are legit. MI5 says they sent troops under a Cpt Johns, the troop leader’s ID says he is Cpt Johns.

The troops put the villains into a truck and drive away


Page 27

2040, Dark storm clouds come in and thunder and lighting starts up along with heavy rain.


Page 28

2050, to the house to see Prof Avery and Donnah.

Side Picture of a smiling face in darkness





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