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John 21 Jesus on the beach video talk for church

Today [17th May] I did a video talk for Ascension church for their online service. This is it it’s on John 21 Jesus on the beach


‘He Never Lets Go’ Youtube video

May 4th 2020 Thoughts on Philippians 4 ‘do not be anxious’

Review of ‘Heretic’ ‘The Grail Quest’ by B Cornwell

Heretic from the Grail Quest series is a easy book to read full of adventure and tension. It is set in the 14th century and is about Thomas a English archer and his adventures around a mission to find the Grail. It is based in history and the beliefs of the time but is mainly fiction. I have read the first and last books in this series and enjoyed them, not sure why I have ended up reading them out of order though. However it is easy to get into the swing of the story even if you have missed a bit.

Well worth reading the series especially if you have an interest in the times of the 100 years war.

‘What do I need to do for Jesus today?’ Youtube thought for 21st April 2020

My thought from spending time with Jesus this morning

Hope it is helpful to you

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Isolated lonely? Reflections on Psalm 139

While praying this morning I had the thought about how people in the bible dealt with hardships and such. Psalm 139 came to mine so here is my refections on it.  Sorry for the ending

Reflections on Galatians 5 V1 16th April

HI this is my second video for Youtube some thoughts on being enslaved and how to deal with it.


Youtube video – Reflections on Easter Day

This is my first ever video

Please let me know your thoughts and any feedback