Review of Seapower States by A Lambert

Seapower States is a book about states whose whole culture is bound up in the sea. Many states have a navy but only a few where tired to the sea. The book looks at Athens, Carthage, Venice, Dutch and English. How these states grew into being a Seapower state and how they dealt with continental states who had sea power like Persia and Rome.

This was a good read even if it took a while to get my head around the core idea and how the author was integrating ideas. Seapower states are those who live by trade and the protection of trade routes, who are not big enough to deal with empires who have a big core land area with lots of resources. The book looked at how these Seapower states fell and how they held off bigger states. It finishes by looking at the USA navy and the challenge from Russia and China. None of these three are Seapower states although the USA is a sea power superpower because although it has a big navy its core is continental not sea based.

It got me to a point where I could see the USA, Russia and China’s navy’s in a different light.

As I said an interesting book and well worth reading.

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