The Odyssey of Telamon and Friends Chapter 3 Part 15


Athens in Autumn & Winter AG47

Archi arriving safely in Alexandria decides to see Prince Perseus [son of general Menelaus, brother of Ptolemy I father of Ptolemy II] on his own rather than with the admiral. Archi says he came back due to his love of the library here, to report on the mission, he praises Jason and myself.  He tells about how mystified he is over Telamon’s recovery from his fatal injuries, ‘I have no idea how he did, after all we buried him’ he tells the Prince. ‘Others say that the gods brought him back, I do not believe that in any way’ Archi says ‘but I can’t explain it either’. He brings the Prince up to speed with our operations, the capture of Agena, the suppression of the rebels and delivery of the sliver. He also tells the prince that we have stayed in Athens having been made Aristoi and been given land and a wife.  The Prince tell Archi what the current status of Ptolemaic empire, the Seleucids are raising forces and we expect an attack next year, they have been raising ships from the cities along the east of the sea and encouraging pirate attacks on our shipping.

The Prince has been given the task of raising more sailors for the fleet along with the Admiral while Ptolemy II is raising an army from his military colonies and making sure they are ready for next year. Archi is asked to work with the admiral on finding new weapons for the fleet. Archi points out that he feels the admiral is too timid to really progress the war against Macedon. He also wishes to look into multi weapon fire for artillery, 10 Minae stone thrower self-cocking with hopper for 10 stones, and a ship borne movable shield wall on a frame which can be raised and lowered as needed. That will keep him busy for some months.

Telamon is married to Dione daughter of Ajax, father of Iris priestess of Athenia. I gain one of Ajax’s homes, some slaves to run it and the title of Aristoi. The lands are outside the walls and are worth two talents a year to me. Jason is married to Leda daughter of Creon. He gains one of Creon’s homes, some slaves to run it and the title of Aristoi. These lands are also outside the walls and worth two talents a year to him. These titles, lands and wives are given to us in a ceremony at the temple of Athena by Chremonides and Iris [who has recognised her error in reading the gods will at this time]. Unfortunately are wives are not happy about this and are cold shouldering us as are the nobility. However Chremonides has a solution, we attend and host social events for the nobles, and this will happen over the autumn and winter but will still allow us to do other things.

GM note – to get the characters in good stead with the nobles and their new wives I have set up a extended social conflict. This is a chain event with each turn one month, if you hold out then you are accepted into the ranks of the nobles as an equal by most and your wives will accept you as well.

Skills used –

Offensive – Customs; Music or Singing; Oratory

Defensive – Customs; Music or Singing; Insight; Oratory

The players decided to take separate combats against a group of nobles who gain the initiative and start by attacking the characters.

Over the first two months Jason, considering his past as a slave, starts to fit in well and by third month is accepted for his faith, musical ability and ability to fit in. I on the other hand find it harder to fit in, maybe it’s the fear of me dying and being reborn but I struggle to fit into their mundane lives of rulers of Athens, partying while Athens suffers. I get there in the end but it takes all of the six months of autumn and winter but get there I do. Meanwhile there is news coming in and Jason and I have jobs to do.

News comes in of the fall of Corinth to Macedon, Antigonus army won a decisive and crushing victory over the Spartan and Allied forces outside Corinth during which the Spartan King Areus I was killed. The city defenders then surrendered, forced by the populace, once they realised that neither Athens nor Sparta could or would save them. This pushes Chremonides to ask me to be part of the committee planning for the next season of campaigning. He wants to train up the militia to mercenary standard so they can take the field next year. He is hoping that part of the Spartan army can be brought over to join them once the fleet comes back, but even the fleet we have left can do some work.

Jason and I work with the other militia and mercenary leaders to organise a training regime, with my knowledge of tactics and the support of Jason we drill the unit leaders.  I struggle to get them to listen and do but with Jason I get there eventually. With the leaders trained we then get them to work on their units with us supervising. Over the winter we see an improvement in the discipline of the units and a small increase in their weapon use. All this training causes’ disquiet amongst the militia, complaints from the traders over lost workers etc. build but we persist and people accept that it needs doing even if it is disruptive of their lives. I am sure that Jason will want to use this force as part of the attack on the port in the spring.

Xenophon, one of the Cretan file leaders, decides to try to infiltrate the spy ring and maybe kill some more leaders. He goes and finds Pelasgon and gets onto his good side by complaining about Jason and me. He makes good use of deceit and is convincing, Xenophon talks to Pelasgon and offers to poison us. Pelasgon says although his bosses would love to see us dead they would not want any blame to lay at their feet. As Chremonides has said to us it’s important that politics are seen to be civil even if they are not. Xenophon wonders about finding a good roof hiding there and letting a few arrows lose.

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