The Odyssey of Telamon and Friends Chapter 3 Part 8


Rebellion and navies clash

I am feeling a bit under the weather and let Archi take the lead in sorting out how we send the surrendered troops down to our forces without them realizing how small we are and then moving them to the city to ship out. Archi gets Jason to join him and they arrange to send the troops down one hundred at a time. They will then stack there weapons and be guarded by some of our men. As Archi and Jason feel that they need to organize the transfer so they leave me behind to send down the groups at hourly intervals. Archi and Jason reach our camp to find that the Athenians have left, Archi does some enquiries and finds out that Sthenelus has taken his men to gain control of the city and claim it for Athens and more importantly take claim for the victory and become governor.  So Jason and Archi plan for how to regain control tomorrow, as evening is coming and it’s too late to go and sort this mess out now. We set the files of Xenophon and Lycaon , from the Cretans, to watch over the piled arms and equipment of our prisoners.

Next morning we head towards the city, bringing all our remaining force with us as well as the prisoners. The journey there is easy with the locals keeping their distance from our large force, even if half of them are prisoners.  By midday the city is in sight so Archi and Jason take the Hippeis and head into the city leaving the rest of the force under my control, I am still under the weather. They enter the city, which is subdued and has a lot of Athenian’s hanging around with the locals staying indoors. They talk to some of the Athenian’s and find out that Sthenelus has set himself up as governor and the troops support him in that after all we drove the garrison out and won the city in the first place didn’t we.

Archi and Jason make their way to the agora to find Sthenelus and deal with this situation. Finding him isn’t difficult and we arrange to see him. We intend to explain to him the situation and that we control the island not him and he needs to hand the city back, we are even prepared to bribe him if needed. {this is dealt with by using an extended social conflict. Using Influence and Power]

As it turns out Sthenelus concedes straight away [critical by Jason, then using force surrender and max damage.]. He takes the bribe of 3 talents and hands over the city and control of his men excepting that without our access to the fleet he will be stuck here. We accept that he will play up his part in this mission when back in Athens but those who need to know will know the truth. We finish the conference just as a soldier comes in saying there are ships on the horizon to the north and south.

Archi and Jason head to the temple of Apollo to look, Archi is put off by the temple followers but they inspire Jason who can make out both forces.  It looks to him as if the Macedonian fleet is coming from the north while our fleet with its scouts out is coming from the south. Jason sends our forces to the beaches to control them and deal with any ships beaching if there’s a battle.

Now down on the beach it is impossible to tell what is going on, but then we see a scout ship heading towards the harbor. Archi goes to meet it and finds out that the admiral with his whole force is coming behind the scouts.

About an hour later the admiral lands and tells us that the Macedonian force turned and retired at the sight of our fleet scouts and there was no way to catch them. That means that any idea of a Macedonian counter attack has failed. We explain to  the admiral what has happened here in the last 3 days including Sthenelus part. He says he will talk to the city elders over supper and for us to arrange it, tomorrow over lunch I will talk with you all and the commanders of the various units as well as the Macedonian commander.

That evening over supper the admiral talks to the city elders with us there as well. He says to them that he will be dropping the Athenian’s back to Attica, and wants the locals to feel that they are free within the Ptolemaic empire. In lieu of the damage they have suffered from the Macedonians and Athenian’s they will have two years free of tax and will only need to support the garrison left to protect them and also train up their own militia. The elders are pleased they will not be under hated Athenian control and thank the admiral for freeing them. The admiral tells them that with his fleet based here they will be safe and will have plenty of trade opportunities.

At lunch with the army commanders and Iolaus the Macedonian commander, the admiral says that he intends for Periander of Thermum and his mercenaries to stay on the island under Ptolemaic control and with the orders to train up the Aeginan’s militia so they can help defend their own homes. The mercenaries will be encouraged to bring their families over as well and to settle to increase the local population. Periander of Thermum says he is fine with that as he is sure his men will be, after all all mercenaries want a home in the end. However, he will need to be realised from his Athenian contract as well, although as he is on this island and the Athenian’s can’t get to him he doubts this will be an issue.

Theophrastus the Macedonian mercenary commander and Iolaus both decide that they want to go back home and the admiral will drop them off to the Macedonian fleet under a flag of truce but that will take a week or so to arrange. Thankfully that is not our job as we seem to have done what we said we would do, so all we want is for the admiral to drop us and the Athenians back near Athens as soon as he can. The admiral takes 15 Talents of the shipping money from us and we are left with 12 after taking out the bribe for the Athenian’s. That means we have 26t 2850dr in cash now. I expect we can pay a bonus to our troops and still have some left over.

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