Review of ‘M-Space’ Companion By C Redd

I have already reviewed M-Space and this companion adds to the rules particularly for character creation and the use of robotics and cybernetics.

This is a good edition to the main rules, it brings in a Traveller style character creation based on background and occupation. It allows rolls for events in ones back story and unfortunate accidents.  For example-

Bounty Hunter
66-75. Bring in a bounty. Gain 2000Cr and increase in one Career Professional skill.
76-85. Run into an ambush. Roll Perception. Success: Increase
to a Combat Style and gain an Enemy. Failure: Increase Evade,
gain the Passion Hate (Criminals) and lose a contact.

98-99. A bounty you bring in has some interesting loot. Gain
an advanced weapon or an implant of the GM’s choice.
00. You bring in a famous criminal and get to claim their starship. Gain a starship size 10 or less and gain an Enemy.

As you can see this will give some interesting options in character creation.

I love it and it would be nice to see it in the main Mythras rules as a extra option as well.

The Cybernetic and Robot rules are very good and allow just about any Character or NPC to be created with a few simple decisions.

I am glad to have bought this as it will increase the options I have in running M-Space games in the future.

A good job by Clarence

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