The Stories of Errath the Bard Chapter 2 Part 7


Part 7

Earlier parts here

Very Early Yoday,  As the dark of the night fads we are grouped around the entrance to the shrine, we get into a long discussion about the half orcs. Where they send to follow us, are they the remnants of the earlier party the lady sent, are they linked to Bridget? We have no easy answers, so we look for tracks to see if that gives us any information.  Thorn finds the tracks of twelve large warriors, which we assume are the half orcs. I then study these for signs we can use. The tracks are some weeks old and headed around the mound some of these tracks seem to be similar to the ones we found around our dead mule. So maybe those two who attacked us later where survivors of the early search party.  We then talk about what to do next, however our thoughts where interrupted by a crashing sound.


A very large boar has just crashed out of the undergrowth 20′ from Thorn. It is remarkably fast and charges towards Thorn. Gnoman starts to cast a spell, invisibility I find out later, James draws his big sword and I start to cast Animal Friendship, this stops the boar dead as I continue to chant. However I soon realise that I do not have the willpower, willpower determines the size of creatures controlled, to hold this beast once the spell finishes. Not being able to tell the others I slowly move to James and Thorn as they form up facing the boar. As I do they move behind me. Not what I wanted but they maybe think standing in front will mess up my casting. Thorn readies his mace and shield with James standing beside him with his two handed sword. I am now 30′ from the boar with Thorn and James 20′ behind me, Gnomans spell failed and he is just staying out of the way, he can not do much as he is still blind.


I drop my chanting and the boar charges at me, Thorn and James move forward and I draw my trusty club.

The boar attacks me and luckily misses [boar rolled a critical but was made to reroll], I also miss my parry. Thorn and James are now 5′ behind me as I attack, using my passion to the party after all I am defending them all, with my club hitting the great boar who tries to block the blow but misses. However my hit has no effect on this big boar.

I then cast Shillelagh on my club.


The boar attacks me again missing again, I parry with my glowing club and overextend and trip the boar. As James and Thorn move beside me I attack with my glowing club but miss.

The boar rises to its feet as all three of us strike at it. Thorn’s mace hits it in its left rear leg, I hit its fore quarter and press advantage and James hits and takes fore quarters as his point of contact.

The boar attacks Thorn this time, not being able to attack me, but misses again. Thorn hits the right rear leg and trips the boar again while James thrusts his sword into its fore quarter again. While I miss again.


The crazed boar stands and Thorn and I miss with our attacks. However James gets a killing strike in the fore quarters again and the poor boar drops to the ground blood pouring from it as it breathes its last.


The poor old boar was unlucky, and I was very lucky as it did not hit me once, if it had I might not be able to tell this story. I cut off some meat for us and laid the carcass of this massive boar in respect. We still need to decide what to do next and quickly this is a dangerous place to hang around.


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