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Review of ‘A Nearly Infallible History of the Reformation’

A Nearly Infallible History of the Reformation

by Nick Page

Although I have been a Christian for 20 years and spent 3 years at Church Army college I was never that interested in church history other than the early church as seen in the bible. However I have now read a few of Nick’s books on church history and decided that this would be the next one.

I had no idea how many different people came up with the need for the church to change. Popes might have felt the need but never quite got there to priests and normal people, not that I am saying priests aren’t normal. This book looks with humor where that is possible at how the reformation came about and the differences between those who wanted reform and how as always with human interaction it often led to violence on all sides.

Many knew that the church as it had become needed to change from what it had become, a kind of super state, sucking in money for lavish living for a few to what Jesus had shown and what it had started out as. As the bible, thanks to printing, became more accessible to all, in their own language, so more people came to see that what it was was not what it should be.

This book is a easy, humorous read through a span of history which made the modern world. Brought forth the idea of free thinking and having a personal relationship with God rather than one controlled and by a few. As I read it some of my own idea made sense as I could see them in others, I also understand where my conflict with some of the main organised denominations comes from.  From small beginnings of reform has come constant bickering which keeps splitting Christs body the Church. As far as I can see the reformation was right but we Christians need to stop arguing over ever small point and keep the the main point of being a follow of Christ. Jesus as a body the church of Christ will often need reform as its human run and open to human failings but it is also the Bride of Christ and needs to act like that much more often than it does.

A good book well worth reading if you want a easy read to understand the reformation, I also recommend the other books by Nick Page