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The Silver Pigs by Lindsey Davis

Although this is the second book of Lindsey’s I have read, first one here, it is the first in her run of books on investigations in Rome. As it was the first I can forgive the fact that I found some of it quite boring, however it was an interesting story line and I enjoyed reading it. The story goes from Rome to Britain and back again looking for the reason a young lady died. There are some interesting twists and turns in it. It also like the other book shows up the political dynamics in Rome and how it affected all strands of life. You can even see links to how USA politics work.


Review of ‘The Ides of April’ by Lindsey Davis

‘The ides of April’ is a detective story set in Rome in 98AD, it is an enjoyable read. Lindsey knows her background so as you read you get taken back to Rome under the emperor’s with the terror of the state as well as how the normal people lived. The hero, Flavia Albia, is a woman which makes for an interesting story as women had few rights in ancient Rome. The plot is neat and convoluted, even if I had worked it out before the conclusion.  As I got further into the story I found I just wanted to keep reading to find out what was happening next.  This is Lindsey’s new adventurer book after 20 novels about Marcus Falco, I must leek for some of those as well as I expect they are equally as good to read.

A book well worth reading I think most people will enjoy it.