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Review of ‘How to be a Tudor’ by Ruth Goodman

‘How to be a Tudor’  A Dawn to Dusk Guide to Everyday Life    by Ruth Goodman

This turned out to be one of the best books I have read on daily life in the late medieval early Renaissance period. Ruth has many years of living and researching this period, you might have seen some of her TV shows about life in different periods.

Although she only deals with one day the depth of information is massive.  From getting up and wither to wash or not and how to dress to breakfast, education, dinner, work, play, supper and then to bed. It covers so many things, from brewing, sex, faith, dancing and games.

This has to be a must read for anyone wanting to understand the mindset of the people living in the Tudor age. How they thought, their daily concerns ect. This is a good source book for all fantasy Role Playing games set in this type of period.

I have really enjoyed reading this book and collecting new information on Tudor people. Finding out that people washed more often that is often thought and that clean under clothes was very important to them. Why men spent so much time ploughing the fields leaving the women to do so much else around the home and farm. How important it was to have a wife and family to help with the work on the fields and around the home.

Well worth getting and reading, a classic.