Review of Gardens of the Moon by S Erikson

Review of ‘Gardens of the Moon’

from the Malazan Book of the Fallen

By Steven Erikson

This is a interesting book, written in the modern style of multiple view points with no  outline of the story or characters early on. It is part of a big series however I am not sure I would read any more.

The general outline is a war between the Malazan Empire and various cities with various other groups involved as well. It took a while before I could work out who I was supposed to be cheering for and even then I had doubts. At one point I thought it would be a military book then a political based one then a small group based one down to an individuals story. However it is all and none of these, the reason I say all and none is that each of those story lines drew me in and then left me flat.

I wanted a story I could hold on to in the mix, but the story kept moving and leaving the line it was on. The end does make sense even if it only uses up the last 20 pages of a other 700 page book. As a person who likes detail in weapons, spells ect I was disappointed. Some mages unleashed terrific power which would, apparently level  cities, but nothing much happened. We had a division which seems to consist of only 6 or so men and a girl, a civil war within the empire which is hinted at only. Swords which dampen magic so a mages city destroying power has no effect and so on. I found it all quite strange and with no explanations it was difficult to work out what was going on at time. Gods which seemed to be all powerful at one point and nearly useless at others.

This book has good reviews however I would only rate it average. It tries to be like Lord of the Rings but fails to explain background and context.