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Battle report Kushan Vs Roman using DBMM

The report of a battle between the Kushan’s and the Romans under Caesar.

For a change we thought we would try 400points on our 5×3 table rather than the normal 350 we play.

If this worked it would allow a bit more flexibility in army make up and choice.

We had decided on book 2 dates and this is what happened.

I was using Marian Roman under Caesar 50bc while Stuart brought a Kushan of 380AD

Kushan army    [76]

CiC Irr El (O); 2 El(O); 4 Irr Bw(O); 4 Irr Bd (I); 4 Irr Ps(O)    [18]

Sub 1 Irr Kn(X); 3 Kn(X); 8 Irr Lh(F); 4 Irr Ax(O)     [20]

Sub 2 Irr Kn(X); 4 Kn(X); 10 Lh(F)     [22]

Hun Ally Irr Lh(S); 12 Lh(S)     [16]

Feigned Flight; Betrayal.

Caesar’s army  [84.5]

Caesar CiC Cv(O) Brilliant; X Leg 8 Bd(S); 2 Ps(S); 2 German Cav Cv(O) high die           [27]

Cato Sub Cv(O); 2 German Irr Ps(S); VII & VIII Legions each 8 Bd(I) + 1 Art (O)  Low die         [27]

Labinus Sub Cv(O); III Legion 8 Bd(O); 4 German Irr Ps(S)    [18]

Train 6 Bg(O); 7 TF; 1 Ps(O)    [12.5]

Caesar decided to head out to deal with the threat of the Kushan’s in the winter to catch them off guard. He was the attacker.

Deployment after 2 sets of die rolls, all tied, was 18 hours after midnight on a moonless night after the first hour.

The rules do not seem to allow winter night attacks so we started at 6.30 next morning.

This was a shame as Caesar expected a night attack to prove to his advantage.

I chose 2 1 size SF but could not fit one, the Kushan’s went for a field; gentile hills and a road.

He then deployed first facing East and I followed facing West

See picture below

Battlefield at start

Battlefield at start

 As can be seen only the hills and my scrub ended up on board.

The Kushans deployed with a centre of elephants and infantry with flanks of horse archers and armoured nobles each side.  With on his left flank the Hunish allies ready to move over the hill and Picture2envelope my flank.

The Romans deployed with Cato in the centre formed in a Triple line with Art in the centre. Labinus was on my left with the Germans out front and then the legion in a triple line behind. Caesar was in reserve but offset towards the more open flank where the camp was.

My initial plan with the army was to use Cato to pin the enemy while Caesar marched round one flank with Labinus holding the other. This was not going to work in this case as the Kusans were going to move first and so I would not get to pin the faster moving troops.

SO what would happen?

Picture3As can be seen by this picture the Kusans rapidly moved forward with their light horse across my front, while his light infantry moved to cover his centre, he had become aware that his CiC was in danger from my battery of bolt throwers.  Caesar moved his command to protect the right flank from the Huns.

End of turn 3

Picture4By now the Kushan CiC had retired and some of his light infantry had fled from the bolts, as had a horse archer.

Caesar had organised a good flank cover based on the camp and felt quite secure.

He had also moved the German horse with light Legionary support to cover the centre.

While Labinus moved after the retiring horse archers in front of him. With part of Cato’s command covering him.

This was looking like it would become a scrap on my right.

Picture5Turn 4

The Huns have a surprise for Caesar, they have a traitor in his camp. That was comes of allowing locals in.

Close up of Camp area

Close up of Camp area

They open a gate and allow an impetuous unit in. the rest of the Huns hit the X Legion in an impetuous charge..

They throws the unit by the camp back but the rest hold.

The bolt throwers flee more light horse, while the Kushan centre advances to protect the flanks of his flanks.

Labinus now has his German light infantry ready to charge into the Horse archers in front of them.

Picture7Turn 5

The unit in my camp destroys a baggage and advances again.

Caesar moves more of his elite legion in to cover the Huns.

Labinus Germans get recoiled back through the supporting legionaries, expect one who had support from some of Cato’s troops.

More horse archers flee from bolts.

Picture8Turn 6

The camp managed to eject the Huns before losing any more, however there are fires and one baggage was destroyed and one spent.

Caesar’s men continue to engage the Huns pushing them back, but now the Kushan’s have also joined in.

In the centre the Main line of Foot and elephants have moved into range of the bolt throwers and a unit of elephants enraged by the bolts flee from the field out of control.

Picture9Close up of my right.

The end

The end

Time up

We have played for over 3 hours nearly 4 with set up and its time to stop.

The battle is not decided and it will take many more hours before it would be.


Mine – 1 Baggage lost 1 Spent; I Ps lost

Kushan – 1 El lost 5 Lh Spent. Plus 5me bribe.

Conclusions –

400 points on a 5×3 table will work.

We need to get more used to the rules and have quicker moves.

My plan of a big centre with 2 good quality flanks was fine and the bolt throwers were a good investment.

I thought that the Kushan’s would have been better off flanking the Huns and he thought that he should have had his CiC delayed which would have allowed him to be where he could be of use.

As usual a good game. I never got to use my brilliant as my move die were always enough and never got to combat. Maybe next time.