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BASH Issue 10 Captured

Issue 10 Captured

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Page 1

Captured by NightHauant our heroes are frozen in ice and put into two clear Plexiglas chambers.

These chambers are hanging from the roof of a room.

Within this room is a steam generator powered by thermal energy from below the volcano.


Page 2

NightHaunt sets the controls to overload, giving him an hour to escape. As he goes he sets internet cameras going so he can watch their demise and send a message when they wake.


Page 3

NightHaunt takes his hidden Jet-copter to the ship Dark Sky


Page 4

The heroes awake

‘Arh you are awake’ comes from the room around. ‘I hope you find your situation amusing? I do.

You are both going to die while I continue with my plans if slightly delayed. I will enjoy watching you die….’


Page 5

The dials on the generator can be seen moving slowly into the red.

[they have 9 pages to get free before the island blows]


Page 6

Airgirl creates a whirlwind around her to heat the ice and melt it

Stretch makes use of his escapology and his ability to stretch his limbs to try to get free of the ice.


Page 7

Stretch gets free of the ice.

Airgirl fires blasts of air at the chamber to fracture it.


Page 8

Airgirl shatters her chamber.

Stretch makes use of his micro sized hands and escapology to release the chamber from the chain holding it to the ceiling.


Page 9

Stretch continues to work on the chain holding his cylinder

Airgirl flys over to look at the generator whose dial is still rising.


Page 10

Airgirl finds the controls to the generator

Page 11

Airgirl creates a cyclone to pull on the control levers of the generator

Stretch at last gets free as his chamber breaks when it hits the floor.


Page 12

Airgirl finishes pulling on the levers.

Stretch takes a look and thinks she has got it right.


Page 13

Stretch looks at the dials as they start to fall back towards normal. [Just in time]

Airgirl looks for a way out and sees a door.


Page 14

Stretch tries to pick the lock door open, while airgirl keeps a over watch


Page 15

Stretch gets the door open after a little while


Page 16

In the corridor beyond is a door opposite with the corridor going both right and left

Airgirl blasts the opposite door with an airblast


Page 17

Airgirl blasts again and the door is blasted off its hinges

Stretch bounces into the room and can see screens on the wall

On one of them he can see guards on the roof working on the helicopter


Page 18

Stretch then checks out the corridor and other doors, one to the left which is unlocked and leads to a empty underground heli pad

Airgirl checks the computers in the room


Page 19

Stretch heads back up the corridor to the other end and what looks like a sliding door

He presses a button and the door slides open reviling a lift


Page 20

Airgirl breaks into the computer system and finds that Nighthaunt has fleed to a ship called the Dark Sky

She then access his secure accounts and empties them by sending the cash to various charities including the RNLI


Page 21

She then hacks the Ship Satellite Tracking System to find the Dark Sky.

The ship is about 100 miles away

Dark Sky    a 5000t 20 year old bulk carrier    54 x8 Sq  4sq depth below water 6sq above water      One cargo hold with power operated doors,

B1; A 1; M 1;    Size 5 +25 Brawn and Soak;   Speed 15kn 1sq;  Hull Steel 100 Hits


Page 22

Stretch uses this time to mediate on his martial art discipline to boost his mental defence against NightHaunts fear attack.


Page 23

Airgirl puts Stretch into a cyclone and fly’s them out towards the ships position.


Page 24

After half an hour of flight they reach the rough position of the Dark Sky


Page 25

Once the ship is detected by Airgirls Air sense they skim in low over the sea

Heading towards the bow of the ship Airgirl causes a one mile square fog bank to rise up and cover them


Page 26

They land on the bow of the Dark Sky, by a helicopter on the forward cargo doors.

Airgirl detects a patrol of two walking and one flying on the deck area.


Page 27

the two heroes discus tactics


Page 28

Shards of ice hit Stretch.

Airgirl fires off an airblast hitting the flying creature, while Stretch takes cover behind the helicopter


Page 29

Airgirl blasts the flyer again knocking it out of the sky and then moves behind the helicopter

the guards turn and run towards the stern of the ship [6sq] they have 34 sq to go.


Page 30

Airgirl moves out to fire again knocking a guard out

the remaining guard runs another 6 sq [28 to go]


Page 31

Airgirl blasts the last guard, with such a powerful blast that he is knocked into the sea unconscious.

He drowns


Page 32

Airgirl picks up Stretch again and flys to the stern of the ship going along its hull.


Page 33

Airgirl finds a open port hole in the rear structure on deck 5


Page 34

Airgirl uses her Air sense to look in the porthole, she can not sense anything due to the distrubted air around the porthole


Page 35

Stretch sticks his head in and sees a crewman with feet on desk watching monitors

He uses a wrestle move, using his long reach, and throttles him.


Page 36

Stretch slips in with some trouble while Airgirl has no such issues

They tie up the crewman and look at the monitors


Page 37

The monitors say Vulcan 1 and Vulcan 2 and show radar and camera pictures

They soon work out that these are a pair of Vulcan Gatling guns on the bridge wings.

Just as well they came in low


Page 38

Airgirl finds the controls and switch them off, Stretch pulls some wires out to make sure they can not be quickly turned back on.


Page 39

They listen at the one door in this room, all they can hear is the normal sounds of a ship.


Page 40

Stretch opens the door and checks the corridor going left and right

There are other doors along this passage and stairs at each end.


Page 41

They go left to the stairs and listen.


Page 42

They head up the stairs, towards what they hope will be the bridge.


Page 43

at the door marked bridge they listen

they hear two voices taking about the fog which they have entered.


Page 44

Stretch opens the door.

‘Whose opened the door and let the fog in’


Page 45

Stretch grabs one crewman snapping a arm bone, which causes a scream, as he goes unconscious

he then grabs the other crewman doing the same


Page 46

On the bridge rapidly filling with fog, they close the door.

The captain and First officer are on the floor


Page 47

Looking at the controls Airgirl works out how to set a course for Iceland.

A plaque tells them that the ship has a crew of  Captain; first officer; 2 seamen; Chief Engineer; Ast Engineer; 2 Engineer’s


Page 48

A room check shows a ship plan shows that accommodation is on decks 3 and 4


Page 49

With the radio room by the bridge they enter and send a message to their government contact

they are told that if they do not report in an hour the ship will be bombed to make sure that NightHaunt can not regain control. Even if it causes local contamination.


Page 50

The two of them head down to decks 3 and 4 and start to check rooms looking for NightHaunt.


Page 51

on deck 3 they run into a patrol of 2 men and a flying demon


Page 52

Airgirl blasts the demon knocking it back

Stretch ‘Are you ready to rumble?’ then using his long wrestling manoeuvres he bone snaps  the two guards and uses the second one to smash into the demon, which goes boom and falls into dust.


Page 53

They shove the guards into one room and pick up the guns to put into another.

They open the door and see a large occupied suite


Page 54

The large plush room has NightHaunt and 3 demons in it.

A wave of fear hits Airgirl and Stretch, she is unaffected but even with his mental preperation Stretch is pushed back out the door by his fear.

Airgirl tries to create a whirlwind around NightHaunt but catches a demon. instead [he uses a demon to protect himself]


Page 55

Airgirl drops the whirlwind and attempts to hit NightHaunt again and again catches a demon.

Stretch breaks the fear.

NightHaunt causes the area to fall into total darkness moves slightly and fires his laser at Airgirl but misses.


Page 56

Airgirl uses her whirlwind again and again catches a demon, she then moves back into the corridor.

Stretch tries to find a minion to attack by using touch but fails.

NightHaunt Hits Stretch with his laser and knocks him into the wall.


Page 57

Airgirl  moves back in and throws a whirlwind put again catches a minion

Stretch finds a minon and kocks it out with a boom.

NightHaunt hits Airgirl with fear and she is repelled out the door again.


Page 58

Airgirl breaks free of her fear

Stretch grabs Nighthaunt

NightHaunt uses fear on Stretch for no effect, while the demons attack Stretch for no effect.


Page 59

Airgirl airblasts a demon knocking it back.

Stretch restrains NightHaunt to stop him using his fear attack

NightHaunt helped by a demon hits Stretch with his Laser


 Page 60

Airgirl blasts the last demon out of the air.

Stretch restrains NightHaunt to stop him using his laser

NightHuant summons 3 more demons


Page 61

Airgirl blasts NightHaunt hitting his forcefield

Stretch attacks a demon with the grabbled NightHaunt but misses

NightHaunt demons attack Stretch but miss. NightHaunt says ‘Ok I give up’


Page 62

They restrain NightHaunt and wait for the navy after letting the government know they have it all under control


A successful conclusion to the mission.




BASH Issue 9 Darkness

Issue 9


Based on the Adventure ‘Threat of the Nighthaunt’ for Superworld

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Page 1 –  Airgirl and Stretch are patrolling the streets of Greater Bath, keeping an eye out for trouble they are the only members of S.A.G.A around at this time. The city streets seem oddly tense tonight.


Page 2 – Local police seem to be searching for something or someone and are ignoring less important crimes.


Page 3 – Airgirl and Stretch deal with some small scale crime.


Page 4 – They hear that the police are searching for some freaked out bat dude.  Apparently a dangerous criminal who escaped a few days ago. [show escape] Stretch tries to contact DC Fox but he is busy.


Page 5 – Sirens blast out and police cars speed down the street. Airgirl and Stretch ignore them and continue their crime busting.


Page 6 – Later that evening. Stretch gets hold of Fox and asks about the escapee.

‘Listen to this’ he says it just came in over all channels.

Just then the night sky turns black with no stars, moon or other light.


Page 7 – Stretch listens ‘People of the world, hear me now. I am nighthaunt, future ruler and beneficent leader of this planet. I speak to you now of a choice: submit to the power of the One True Faith or live in darkness forever.! To show that I have the might to act, look to the sky and prepare yourselves.’


‘This is when the sky went out’ says Fox,  ‘Nighthaunt is the one who escaped, he must have had a plan ready to go’.


Page 8 – The streets are full chaos as people panic and the criminal class take advantage by looting.


Page 9 – The evening sky comes back and the message continues live this time.

‘The choice confronts you. Submit to the faith of super-naturalism as your sole religion and to me as its one true priest, or suffer the consequences of folly. You have one day to pay me a fitting tribute of good faith. This tribute is to be an offering of ten billion in gold, five pounds of fissionable material, and a division of crack troops, enough for your leader to have the wealth and power befitting him. You have 24 hours before I blot out the sun finally and irrevocably. If you have not submitted to my leadership by that time, the blame rests upon your shoulders. Hear and obey.’


Page 10 – Stretch and Airgirl met up and discuss the situation, while they are a call comes in from DC Fox.

‘You are requested to met a government at the cabinet office from where you will be taken to met up with the PM.



Page 11 – Airgirl fly’s the two of them to London, at 200mph it takes two hours to reach the cabinet offices of government.


Page 12 – Meeting up with the government official he takes them to a secret conference room where they are introduced to the PM of the UK. She asks them to sit and plays the message again.


Page 13 – ‘My science aid’s believe that Nighthaught has created a giant sized version of his Light Dampening field generator. If he has it seems that it might black out the world. The military have managed to pick up the transmission quickly enough to get a partial location. It came from somewhere in the North Atlantic but we are not sure quick where.’ She continues, ‘it is up to you two to find out where and stop him, the clock is ticking and we have under 22 hours remaining. Unfortunately Captain Britain is busy and no one else is available, I have been told that you are capable heroes who can get this job done. ‘ ‘The military have a high speed long range Helicopter and pilot for your use.


Page 14 – ‘We also believe that a bat like creature which was part of a robbery this evening in Bath is linked to this man. The creature  disappeared in a smoke and ash, it was wearing a belt which we have here it held a couple of grenades.’

Airgirl and Stretch take a look at the belt and Airgirl notices a small leaf hooked on the belt.

Stretch knows from his wide knowledge of biology that it comes from only one plant from only one place a small island near Iceland.


Page 15 – With the where worked out they head for the helicopter for a 3 hour flight to the island.


Page 16 – With time to work Airgirl hacks the satellite control system at NASA. to use a satellite to view the island. With the sensors they can see a volcano to the west and signs of a building to the east, surrounded by forest.


Page 17 – Airgirl uses her talent with computers to see if there is any trace of internet communications from this island but fails to break the encryption.


Page 18 – 80 miles out Airgirl and Stretch leave the copter. Airgirl fly’s on the winds and uses wind to push Stretch who has taken on a sail shape.


Page 19 – Reaching the island they land on the volcano.

Airgirl fly’s off on her own to recon towards the building using her stealth ability as much as possible.


Page 20 – Flying east she comes across a road going roughly north south. Then still flying east she comes across a three way junction with one heading the way she want to go. This leads to what she takes to be the HQ.


Page 21 – There is a large roughly square one story building with two helicopters on the eastern side of the roof.

Outside the front is a small car park with some buggies.



Page 22 – Airgirl decides to disable the helicopters. To do this she tries to open a hatch and pull out cables.

However as soon as she touches the hatch she receives an electric shock which throws her back.

She decides to go back to Stretch.



Page 23 – Stretch has been looking around the volcano, but not found anything except plants and insects to interest him.


Page 24 – Airgirl carries Stretch in a whirlwind to the HQ, getting close she uses her air control to whip up a mist to cover them from cameras.

Stretch stretches up to the roof and making his arm micro sized goes through the copter exhaust to reach the fan blades, being careful not to touch the outside surface.



Page 25 – He touches the fan and receives a shock, however he rides it out and crushes the fan blade.



Page 26 – He does the same to the second helicopter again receiving a shock as he does so.



Page 27 – Stretch moves to the roof door and listens.

He uses hi micro size to get into the lock and open the door.

However an alarm goes off when the door opens.


Page 28 – The two of them leave the roof and go round to the front door, assuming guards will be heading for the roof.

Stretch reaches the front door and is caught by a area icy blast and caught in a prison of ice.

‘Not those Chill guns again’ thinks Stretch.


Page 29 –  Airgirl takes out the guard post hidden in the trees by the car park.

Stretch breaks free of the ice prison.


Page 30 – Stretch opens the front door, and pears into the entrance.

A blast of ice shards come towards him and he uses the door as cover.

The door is riddled by small ice shards.



Page 31 – Airgirl goes to the roof and starts to air blast the big radio dish up there. [Assuming it is the method of transmitting the dark]


Stretch reaches out to grab the guard 10′ away and knocks him out.



Page 32 – Stretch moves in and opens the door on the left.

Airgirl continues to blast the dish



Page 33 – Stretch sees that the room is a machine shop and sees three people working there.

Airgirl sees two small winged demon like creatures approaching her. She moves away from them to 150′ and hits out at one of them with a air blast knocking it back.


Page 34 – The demons fly closer and Airgirl again moves away. [she seems to be faster than them]

Stretch leave the room and moves over to the door on the right and opens it.


Page 35 – Airgirl attacks the demon again this time it goes boom and vanishes in a puff of smoke and dust. She then moves back away from the second demon.

Stretch Picks the lock of the door and enters. Instantly he is encased in ice again. [He really does hate these chill guns.


Page 36 – Airgirl takes out the second demon.

Stretch escapes from the ice prison and avoids a hail of ice shards from the two guards.


Page 37 – Stretch takes out both guards with his long arm reach using his wrestling.

Airgirl gets back to blasting the dish, which is very tough.


Page 38 – Stretch having dealt with the guards interrogates the scientist in the tool room.

Airgirl keeps up her air blasts on the dish.


Page 39 – Stretch retrains the scientist and makes him talk.

He finds out that Nighthuant is in the next room and that he has no chance.


Page 40 – Airgirl comes under attack by two guards who miss with their ice shards.

Her air blast back kills on and knocks out the other.


Page 41 – Stretch ties up the scientist with his own coat.

Airgirl goes back to blasting the very tough dish.


Page 42 – Airgirl al last finishes off the dish wich is bent out of shape.

She then takes up a air patrol.

Stretch moves back outside


Page 43 – Stretch calls to Airgirl who fly’s down to him


Page 44 – They go back into the HQ together

Airgirl blasts open the door to the control room.



Page 45 – They move to the open door and see a control room, with many panels of controls, a computer and five scientists. Naghthaunt, two guards and three demons.


Page 46 – Nighthaunt starts his monologue.

‘Why fight the inevitable, just submit and join me’

‘You lackeys of the state why suffer for those weaker than you?’

‘I will black out the world if they do not recognise me as its ruler’

and so on



Page 47 – Waiting for him to finish Airgirl lets go with her airblast, but he seems to avoid it.

Stretch kills one guard and knocks out the other, he also causes a demon to go boom.

Nighthaunt does two things, one he activates his fear which dazes Stretch. Then he puts the room into darkness.


Page 48 – Airgirl blasts another demon which goes boom, using her air sense to target.

Stretch breaks free of his fear.

Nighthaunt fires his laser at Airgirl, using his radar sense for targeting. Airgirl not being built to take hits suffers from this blast.


Page 49 – Airgirl fires up her wind wall [force field] to protect herself

Stretch manages to feel out a demon and squash it.

Nighthaunt uses his laser on Airgirl again and knocks her out. [one down]


Page 50 -Stretch searches with his limbs for another target.

Highthaunt blasts him with his invisible laser


Page 51 – Stretch finds Nighthaunt [hero die]and grabs him. Highthaunts force field protects him from harm for now.

Nighthaunt uses fear on Stretch again.


Page 52 – Stretch is dazed and Nighthaunt blasts him with his laser and knocks him out as well.


Page 53 – Nighthaunt has his men carry off the heroes.

What will he do to them now that his plan is thwarted by the damaged dish?


BASH Issue 6 A Frozen City

Issue 6 A Frozen City


Page 1

Media reports Martha has done a in-depth report about Doris Dagger a wheelchair bound politician of the Women’s Equality Party, a Bristol counselor, who is running for Bristol city mayor she is accusing her male rivals of Sexism as well as  disabilityisam. She claims that they are saying she is not up to the job and incapable of coping.  She says she has multiple degrees and is appealing to the female vote, her views on men are well known, anything they can do females can do better. She has desires to be the UK first WEP Prime Minister at some point.

Her rivals say this is all made up or taken out of context,  Of course they do as men would never do anything so underhand.

This reporter thinks Doris is a breath of fresh air, and just maybe a woman leader will do something about this rash of male heroes and villains who are causing so much havoc, men just seem to be in awe of them.



Page 2

A fine Spring day light cloud and bright sunshine.


Professor Stuart Stanley, Aka Stretch, is fishing on the banks of the river Avon in Bath on his own. He has taken a day off work to just relax.


Air Girl is practicing her dance moves on the roof of a building near to where she lives.


Page 3

They feel the air get colder and can see their breath in the air, frost starts to from on surfaces and then ice starts to cover the ground. A sudden cold snap?

Stuart starts to see the river freeze over trapping barges and boats and his fishing line. He starts to pack up his tackle, seat, and over boxes with his lunch away.


Over radio’s, text alerts and TV screens comes the update that Bath City centre is under ice the river is frozen  and people are falling over. Boats are trapped, cars have crashed, where has this sudden cold come from?


Page 4

Slightly later media reports –  Shops and shops and banks are also being robbed as someone takes advantage of the situation.

Stuart not having a radio with him has not heard any of this and is heading home to put his stuff away, have a warm drink and then go for a walk.

Air Girl fly’s over towards a bank to see what is going on.

She sees Ice minions collecting cash from the bank and shops and putting the cash onto drones.


Page 5

Air Girl decides to follow a drone rather than stop the robbers.


The Pro phones his contact Chief Detective Brain Fox to find out what is going on with this cold snap. Fox brings him up to date on the situation, in fact he sounds quite agitated and anxious about the number of car accidents as well as the number of reports of injured people falling on the ice. The ice seems to cover most of the city centre around one square mile in area.


Page 6

Stuart changes to Stretch and heads for the centre of the problem the Abbey Church Yard phoning the only other hero he knows is around at the moment Air Girl they arrange to met at the abbey.


Air Girl gives up following the very slow drone and heads to the abbey.




Page 7

Captain Chill and two Cyborg’s are stood in the Abbey churchyard stopping all police interference. A few drones are flying around them as well as each group of minions collecting cash recording everything, or collecting the cash.


Page 8

Once Air Girl and Stretch arrive they see a strange sight, a few police are trying to keep the crowds of shoppers back from Chill. However a lot of the shoppers are trying to get selfie’s with the escaped villain.

Others are lying on the ground or on benches with injured limbs. There are also crashed vehicles around the shopping area. The whole area is ice covered.


They discuss options.


Page 9

Air Girl decides to use her air control to grab a drone and throw it at a Cyborg. This hits and the drone is smashed into bits but it does knock the Cyborg off its feet and 17′ backwards.


Page 10

Captain Chill starts into a verbal tirade, telling them how point less it is for them to face off against him. How they have no grounds for attacking him and are they feeling the chill dude.


Page 11

Air Girl manages to let him finish his verbal assault and then fires a wind blast at him, which chips bits off ice off of his icy caprice.


Stretch had started bouncing, having formed a ball while Chill was speaking, between buildings.


Chill skates 120′ on his skates which create a 3′ high slide of ice and fires his Chill gun at Air Girl. The cone of cold envelopes her as she tries to avoid it. she is stuck in a icy block.


The Ice Warrior, Chill created out of the ice, stands still.


The two Cyborg’s both jump upwards, they ascend 50′. Air Girl works out that they will go up to around 400′ before they start to come back down, presumably to land on one of them.


Page 12

Air Girl fighting falling out of the sky as her mass increased when the ice formed around her. She tries to head towards the hot Roman baths which will melt this cage off of her.


Stretch bounces into Chill, knocking him 50′ towards the abbey walls and onto his back.


Chill stands and towards Stretch who has bounced away.


The two Cyborg’s continue to go up.


Page 13

Air Girl drops into the hot waters of the Roman Baths and the ice melts from around her.

The Baths have not frozen due to the constant flow of natural very hot water into it.


Stretch bounces away from Chill.


Chill Skates after Stretch.


Cyborg’s continue upwards.



Page 14

Air Girl fly’s up  level with the Cyborg’s staying at range and blasts one of them with her wind blast.


Stretch continues to bounce around avoiding Chill and bystanders.


Chill skates back to the Abbey yard.


Cyborg’s reach 200′ up.


Page 15

Air Girl wind blasts the Cyborg again this time knocking it out, however its motion is still up.


Stretch Continues to bounce.


Cyborg’s reach 250′


Page 16

Air Girl still keeping level with the Cyborg’s hits the other one with her wind blast


Stretch tries to see where Chill has got to.


Cyborg’s reach 300′



Page 17

Air Girl continues to blast the Cyborg


Stretch bounces upwards to see over the crowds, hero die, he sees Chill and bounces at him.

As he does the Ice Warrior gets in his way and its icy sword thrusts into him. Stretch is stopped in his tracks with a bleeding wound where the sword hit him.


Cyborg’s reach 350′



Page 18

Air Girl continues to blast the Cyborg


Stretch wrestles the Ice warrior and throws it 42′ into a wall.


Chill Skates towards Stretch to freeze him with his chill gun.

As he does two ARG police [Armed Response Group] open fire on him with their Pulse rifles.  The impact of these blasts knock Chill sideways 42′ onto the ground and away from Stretch. [Hero Die from Air Girl]


Cyborg’s reach 400′


Ice Warrior stands and skates towards Stretch.


Page 19

Air Girl eventually knocks out the second Cyborg


Stretch, stretches his legs and arms to grabble Chill.


Chill tries to struggle free.


Cyborg’s drop to 350′ as they fall


The Ice Warrior swings its icy sword at Stretch.


The ARG fire on the ice warrior but the blasts have no real effect on its icy armour.



Page 20

Air Girl uses her master of the air to take hold of one of the Cyborg’s and put it safely on the ground by the police.


Stretch starts to choke Chill


Cyborg drops to 300′


Ice Warrior stabs at Stretch again, luck for Stretch his elastic body allows him to keep moving out of the way.


The ARG fire at the warrior again this time their blasts shatter its ice sending sharp shards in a 60′ radius.

These shards cut into bystanders, injuring many.



Page 21

Air Girl gives the second Cyborg a soft landing by the police.

She has stopped them both and saved their lives.


Stretch manages to choke Chill into unconsciousness and gives him to the police as well.


Page 22

Air Girl and Stretch pose for pictures and then leave the area, Stretch knowing he can talk away the couple of wounds as caused by the flying ice as the Pro was watching the action.


Page 23

The Ice starts to melt once Chill is taken away and as it does the emergency services arrive to help the injured.

The Chill minions disappear as has nearly a million in cash from across the city.


Again it turns out that the Cyborg’s are men who have been drugged and been fitted with advanced Cyborg implants.


Page 24

The media has a field day on the heroes who did not stop any of the robberies but faced off against a super who was doing nothing till they cam and started a fight.

No one yet knows what to call this group of heroes however quite a few like ‘The Destroyers’ due to the amount of damage which follows them around.


BASH Issue 4 Terror in Bath

 Terror in Bath

 Page 1/

Chronicle headlines with Martha’s bye line.

Crazy clown and Pantomime gang cause terror at Christmas market.

Pro. Stanley saves baby and disabled lady from terrified mob.

Robot Alfa endangers bystanders.


Page 2/

Since in The Chronicle

There appears to be four super vigilantes operating in the Bath area.

One called Grenade a known criminal, who causes explosions.

Another called Alfa a robot of some sort,

Another called Stretch who can stretch his body into odd shapes

and lastly Air-girl, which no one seems to know much about.

Are they working together?

Are they a threat to us all in the Greater Bath area or even the nation?


Page 3/

The Daily Mirror – there are supers around the South West are they linked to ‘Monarch’ and ‘Captain Britain’ in London?    Do they work together?


The Sun – The supers in the southwest – do they have some long term plan which will threaten the way we live?

What is our government doing about them?

Is Air-girl worth putting on page 3?

Is Alfa a German Euro agent?


Page 4/

Alfa – Has already stopped a mugging and is helping drunks by teleporting them home, he has to take their id out of their wallet or purse to do this.

Air Girl – taking advantage of having done all her work is flying free over the area. Has saved a student from falling into the river and is now enjoying the air waves, flying around.


Air Girl hears, on the wind, the sound of gunfire and alarms.

Alfa sees with his radio hearing the alarms and police call.


Both head towards the postal Storage Warehouse and see a man running from the building and down Manvers street, shouting at the top of his lungs. He is followed by a huge, 10′ tall, metallic robot about 60′ behind. The man is very scared, but tiring, and the robot is catching up.


Page 5/

Air Girl uses her wind whispers ability to listen to what’s going on in the warehouse. There is sounds of gunshots and bullets bouncing off metal. The sound of thumbing footsteps and the sounds and cries of 2 males. She also spots the robot Alfa.


Alfa listens in to the police calls while teleporting behind a pillar.


Page 6/

Air Girl drops behind Alfa and introduces herself.


Page 7-8/

The two heroes chat together and make plans.


Page 9/

The Robot is 100′ away. Air Girl stands on a manhole cover and Alfa holding it teleports to end up 20′ behind the robot.

Air Girl talks to the machine, with no answer.


Page 10/

Air Girl puts a whirlwind around the robot to hold it in place.

Alfa teleports to put the man hole cover back to avoid accidents.

The Exterminator breaks free of the swirling winds and continues to follow Morris.


Page 11/

Air Girl fly’s 10′ to close again to 15′ from the robot and throws another whirlwind around it.

Alfa teleports ahead of Morris.

Exterminator robot, breaks free again and fires a spike from its fist at Air Girl.


Page 12/

Air Girl  Uses a Wind Blast on the robot. [only does minor damage]

Alfa teleports to Morris and grabs him. Morris tries to break free.

Exterminator robot uses its flame thrower on Air Girl, who avoids the cone of fire. However many cars catch fire.


Page 13/

Air Girl fly’s 25′ to the side and uses her wind blast again.


Alfa talks to Morris. ‘What happened?

Morris explains, ‘three of us brook into the Mail warehouse. In searching through the materials stored there, they open a few large crates. Inside they find a number of large, silvery robots (Exterminator’s). Unable to find any way of operating the robots, they search the rest of the building. While their backs are turned, the eyes of the Exterminator s glow and the disconnected robots slowly begin to move. I fled the other two are still there I think, a robot followed me the rest you know’.  Alfa then drops Morris and teleports to land onto the Exterminator robot, however he lands beside it and then grabs it.


Exterminator robot, activates its electrical field the shock of which knocks Alfa 2′ away.


Page 14/

Air Girl, Uses her Wind Blast again doing a bit more damage to the Exterminator robot.

Alfa Moves to the Exterminator robot and touches it, while adapting his healing nanobots to cause damage instead. [power stunt] This causes the robot to smoke a bit.

Exterminator robot eyes glow and it fires its Gamma ray beams at Alfa, which has no effect on him.

Two other Exterminator robots turn up on the road 40′ away from the current scrap.


Page 15/

Air Girl Wind Blasts the robot again, even knocking it back 2′ and to the ground

Alfa kicks the prone robot, taking a electric shock as he does and gets knocked back 2′ falling over

Exterminator robot stands and pummels the prone Alfa but can not damage the tough skin of Alfa.


Page 16/

Air Girl wind blasts again this time the Exterminator robot falls apart as its structure is ripped apart by this final attack.

Alfa stands and retrieves his nanobots and sees the two Exterminator robot 28′ away.

The robots move to 16′ away.


Page 17/

Air Girl, fly’s to within 25′ of the left hand [1] Exterminator robot and wind Blasts it. It is knocked back into the nearby building smashing through the wall.

Alfa teleports to the same robot and therefore into the damaged building. He grabs the robot.

Exterminator robot, 1, causes its electric field to blast Alfa knocking him back 10′ through the inner wall, causing a lot of screaming from the people in the building.

The other Exterminator robot, 2, moves towards Air Girl.


Page 18/

Air Girl extends the distance to Exterminator robot 2 to 30′ and Wind blasts it knocking it back prone and into the same building as 1.

Alfa teleports to Exterminator robot 2 kicks it smashing it through the ceiling as it falls apart

Civilian fall and Alfa catches them. [uses a hero die]

Exterminator robot 1 stands and flames Alfa the civilian and the room. Alfa covers the civilian taking the flame damage himself, which has no effect. The building catches fire.

Exterminator robot 2 stands and moves off.


Page 19/

Air Girl uses her control of the air to remove the oxygen from the burning building briefly just long enough to put the starting fires out without hurting the occupants.

Alfa puts the civilian down and teleports out.

Exterminator robot 2 flames the building again and moves.


Page 20/

Air Girl hovers over the building and again puts the fires out by removing the oxygen.

Alfa teleports back and then runs at and slams into Exterminator robot. He takes the electric jolt, but the robot takes the impact without moving.

Exterminator robot stands and thumbs Alfa but finds him a heard target to hit.



Page 21/

Air Girl moves into the building to use her wind powers to support the building as the people inside leave.

Alfa grabs the robot and teleports to the river and 300′ up. He takes another weaker jolt from the electric field which has no effect on him this time.

Exterminator robot flames Alfa but it has no effect.


Page 22/

Air Girl is still supporting the building as people slow leave.

Alfa lets go of the Exterminator robot and teleports back to the post office.

Exterminator robot 2, falls 100′ towards the river


Page 23/

Air Girl still holding building together.

Alfa outside of the warehouse, see’s police car and a female officer getting out.

Exterminator robot falls another 100′


Page 24/

Air Girl still holding building together.

Police officer enters warehouse.

Exterminator robot falls the last 100′ and hits the river falling apart in a geezer of water and a big boom.


Page 25/

Air Girl still holding building together

Alfa watches the police officer run out.


Page 26/

Air Girl still holding building together

Alfa enters the main storage area and sees a robot smashing around and asks what it looking for.


Page 27/

Air Girl with the building clear fly’s towards the warehouse.

Alfa Looks for the robots packaging and the two other robbers. Fining them on top of the cases he Teleports to the robot and hits it hard.

Exterminator robot activates his electric field and flames the storage area.


Page 28/

Air Girl detecting the change in temperature uses her Air Mastery to remove the oxygen putting the flames out before they can take hold.

Alfa Hits the robot again knocking it back 6′ into packages, smashing and crashing through them.

Exterminator robot prone uses its flame thrower again.



Page 29/

Air Girl arriving at the scene puts the flames out again.

Alfa hit the last Exterminator robot again and this time it falls apart from the inpact.


Page 30/

Our heroes leave the scene and agree to met up and investigate.


Page 31/

next week.

Using the info Alfa has from scanning the packing crates the two of them use their skills with computers and investigation to back track on the origins of the Exterminator robots.

Boxes posted by J Crowe of Acme suppliers from New York.

Acme suppliers are known to have transported high tech stuff out of the USA before.



Page 32/

L Crowe is part of a Druidic cult in North America called  United Ancient Order of Druids (UAOD) .

This is linked in the UK to a group called Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids (OBOD)

As they find this info out six warriors Dressed in plaid kilt and covered in Woad, attack with great fury and no warning They are armed with spears swords and shields, and look Gallic.

Air Girl gets onto a chair and Alfa teleports them away.


Page 33/

Within OBOD is a small splinter group called ROD [Restoration of the Druids] who want to bring back the control of society by the Druids.   Simon Smith is the leader of ROD having deposed the previous one Philip Gomm, who was killed by wolves while out for a walk in the dales.

Again six Gallic warriors turn up and attack, Air Girl pulls a stunt and gets her whirlwind to effect all six of them, trapping them till the police arrives.


Page 34/

With a picture of Simon from the net they use the internet again to find out more about him.


Simon, a Vet, was a normal druidic sun worshiper often arrested or beaten by the police while occupying Stonehenge. Then one solstice at Stonehenge when as the sun rose shining through a gap in the dark storm clouds while Simon, was leaning against one of the stones, a freak lighting bolt struck. It coursed through the stone and Simon. He was rushed to hospital badly burned and injured, Simon was close to death, however he survived and over the next few days recovered fully and left hospital, much to the confusion of the doctors. He has since sold his practice and disappeared.


Page 35/

Air Girl taking the shape of a cloud follows a Gallic warrior when realised from the police station.


Page 36/

Air Girl follows to a grove in Bathford where a small group has assembled.

Using her ability to hear on the air she listens to them.

They appear to be talking with Simon on Skype, Alfa hacks into the transmission as he can hear radio waves.

Simon is disappointed that the robots did not get the stone in the Roman Baths he needed.

But he will try again, until them they must find out about these heroes.


Page 37/

Air Girl and Alfa hack Skype to find out Simons location. Anglesey where else.









BASH Issue 3 Christmas Market

The Christmas Market

Page 1

Chronicle headlines over the past weeks

Robot Alfa and criminal called Grenade cause havoc at Circle area including the hospital.

Patents and staff put in danger as area freezes over, causing life threatening operations to stop.

Are these heroes causing more damage than the criminals they proclaim to stop?


Page 2

Is ALFA a alien scout?

Can we expect a invasion at some point?

Devil robot seen on top of abbey

Teenagers complain about Muslim Air-Girl throwing them about.


Page 3

Super powered vigilantes bring super villains to Greater Bath area like bees to honey, so do we deed them at all?

Old Bath’s best ever Christmas Market to run for longer than before.


Page 4


Prof Stuart Stanley [Stretch]  with his girlfriend Martha Millington  are walking around the annual Victorian Christmas Market around the Abbey in Old Bath. She is taking notes and pictures on her tablet for the Chronicle  while he is wondering what to get her this year, girls are so hard to buy for. The wooden stalls are bright and busy, thousands of people are wondering around the area buying snakes or gifts or just enjoying the joyful Christmas atmosphere.

Doug Macarthur [Grenade] is also out around the market and city centre, palming things from peoples pockets and bags, a man has to make a living after all.

Air-Girl, is wandering around the top of town taking in the sights and smells. Dressed in flowing ropes with a coat over them.

Alfa, is also walking around, in his heavy coat and hat, enjoying the sight of humans enjoying themselves and not expecting trouble in this crowded happy environment around the religious centre of the city.


Page 5

Ayn Rand is also walking around the market he has on his normal Orange clown outfit with mask make up of stark white face paint with bright red spots on his cheeks Juggling Clubs  as he mixes with the crowds.

As he goes he puts his usual dampener on the joy of the people, therefore his name of Killjoy. This causes people to become short tempered, aggressive and angry with each other.

Scenes of people arguing, back biting, becoming short tempered and fighting breaking out.

Alfa and Stuart notice the sudden shift in attitudes around them, more pushing and shoving, arguing with stall holders etc.

Page 6

Screaming mother in crowd where is my child?

Child in pushchair has been moved away from her in the crush.

In danger of being knocked over and crushed. by a swirling mob

Market Stall knocked over and people trapped as a lot of pushing and shoving occurs

Three trapped under stall.


Page 7

Alfa teleports to overturned stall

Stuart and Martha move towards the shouting women, Stuart stretching his neck just a little to see where to go in the crush.


Page 8

Alfa lifts the fallen stall one handed, to the amassment of the crowds,  and frees the trapped people.

Stuart and Martha continue to move slowly through the crowds.


Page 9

Alfa, people crawl out from the stall, while Alfa asks ‘how did it go over?’

Calls from the crowds for his autograph, ‘without heart we are mere machines’ Alfa says as he hears about the crush which tipped the stall over.

Stretch sees the wheelchair and moves to it, extending his arm to it to grab hold and stabilise it. He then slips through the crowd, taking damage from being stood on and pushed around in his extended shape, to the wheelchair. Martha does not notice his move away.


Page 10

Alfa is signing autographs.

Stretch stands by the chair, as Martha calls out ‘where have you gone?’


Page 11

Stuart holds up the wheelchair and asks ‘is this your child?’  ‘Yes’ comes the reply.


Page 12

Stuart with Martha taking pictures returns the wheelchair and baby to its mother.


Page 13

As these things end the sound of a voice calling  ‘All wealth is stolen and we are here for our share’ comes from a Green suited male with a Feather in his cap and a bow in his hands, he is Standing on the wall of the Roman Baths looking towards the market and abbey. Four similar dressed individuals with staffs along with a woman with bow and a giant of a man with a staff  both also in green. are in the Abbey Church Yard as well.

‘Please hand over your cash, jewels and cards to my Merry men, thank you’ Says Robber Hood followed by ‘No one will get hurt if you obey’


Page 14

Alfa teleports to the top of the abbey.

Stuart talks to Martha about the Panto characters around, a clown and now the cast of Robin Hood.

Killjoy leaps over the stalls towards Robber.

Doing so brings him past Stuart and Martha who fall within his despair area. Stuart manages to throw off its effects but Martha doesn’t and starts to get angry with him.

Robber loses a Grapple arrow at the abbey roof and starts to swing that way.

The Maid activates her seduce men power, this effects Killjoy but Stuart resists this as well. However all the males in the crowd near her are now in love with her as well as being depressed by Killjoy.

Little John, moves to hit Killjoy with his staff, but misses.

Merry men will mix with the crowd and start collecting donations,using their stun staffs to cause if needed..


Page 15

Alfa stands watching from the abbey roof.

Stuart watches as Martha starts taking video.

Killjoy attacks Little John but his clubs bounce off the 10′ tall and tough Little John.

Robber reaches the abbey roof and loses a stun arrow at Killjoy having no real effect.

The Maid also uses a glue arrow but misses the area Killjoy is in and sticks a load of shoppers to the ground.

Little John swings his fists at Killjoy hitting lightly.


Page 16

Alfa teleports to stand next to Robber, and warns about standing on roofs. ‘its very dangerous on roofs you know you ought to get off’

Stuart and Martha continue to be part of the crowds.

Killjoy tries to leap away but fails and does not hit Little John either.

Robber Hood uses a grabble arrow and swings to the roof of the restaurant north west of the abbey.

The Maid releases another glue arrow at Killjoy missing again.

Little John hits Killjoy knocking him back into the crowd of people and the glue area.


Page 17

Alfa, teleports behind Robber again, ‘this horse play is getting out of hand, theft ect is wrong that’s number 161, 162, 163…..’ he says.

Stuart provides a shoulder for Martha to cry on, as she runs through the list of things getting her down. lack of promotion, problems with friends and so on.

Killjoy, tries to break free of the glue and fails.

Robber Hood, ‘you are just getting annoying, leave me alone.’ He says and then swings back to the abbey roof.

The Maid, releases a glue arrow at Alfa’s feet and sticks him to the roof.

Little John, picks up a stall to throw but ends up dropping it on himself.



Page 18

Incidents happening as fight goes on

Stampede – Disabled woman in chair in the way of a running mob.

Lots of screaming about robots, villains and calls for help.



Page 19

Alfa breaks free of the glue and teleports to The Maid, gabbles and picks her up.

Stuart is taking photos with Martha.

Killjoy tries and fails to break free of the glue.

Robber Hood hits Alfa with a electric stun arrow, Alfa is glad its not a EM pulse one.

The Maid tries to wriggle free of Alfa but fails to break his iron grip on her.

Little John, picks up a stall and throws it at Alfa but misses and it lands in the Roman Baths.

The adjacent Food Stall catches fire there is a danger of gas bottles exploding.


Page 20

Alfa teleports with the Maid over the Baths. As he reappears he takes her bow and lets go of her.

Stuart moves Martha away from the stall fire.

Robber, shoots two arrows at Alfa. One Glue and one Stun, the Glue misses and the Stun has no effect.

The Maid does a forward flip as she falls to land on the Bath walls.

Little John moves to attack Alfa supported by a minion both using their staffs, both miss.


Page 21

Alfa teleports  and attacks Little John with his iron fists. Little John takes no damage from the attack but is knocked back into the empty space where stalls used to be.

Stuart moves to the lady in the wheelchair, again using a little neck and leg stretch to see over the crowd, Martha is still following taking video of the scene.

Killjoy, manages to break free of the glue at last.

Robber Hood hits Alfa with a glue arrow sticking him to the ground, his Electric Stun arrow misses.

The Maid decides its time to leave and heads away.

John attacks Killjoy with his fists but misses the hard to hit clown again.

With the maid gone all the men fall out of love with her, including Killjoy.


Page 22

Alfa, breaks free of the glue and teleports to the on fire stall and picks up the gas canisters.

Stuart protects the wheelchair bound lady from the fleeing mob.

Killjoy, uses his two clubs to hit Little John. The blows only knock him back 10′.

Robber Hood, hits Alfa with a Glue arrow, but misses with the Stun one. Alfa is stuck to the ground again.

John tries to hit Alfa but misses.

The gas canisters are hissing.


Page 23

Alfa breaks free again.

Stretch, tell Martha to escort the lady in the chair away from harm. Then he stretches his legs and arms to pull himself up onto the abbey roof.

Killjoy, uses his hiding ability to merge into the background.

Robber Hood, Again fires a Glue and Stun arrow at Alfa. The Glue misses and the Stun has no effect.

John hits Alfa and knocks him back with the canisters stuck to his arms.


Page 24

Alfa, teleports to Robber Hood, on the abbey, and tries, with his hands full of canisters to grabble him.

Stretch now in super mode, tries to wrap his arms around Robber Hood but fails to get a firm grip.

Killjoy, moves away quickly.

Robber Hood swings towards the Christmas Tree and away from the abbey.

John with no one to hit moves away.

Merry Men start to leave as well


Page 25

Alfa, teleports to slam into the swinging Robber Hood.

Robber hood uses his amassing ability and swings away and vanishes. [Villain Die]


Page 26

The Merry band join up with their loot and go.

Killjoy goes home after a interesting evening fighting crime and making people unhappy.

Stuart heads off to find Martha while Alfa watches over the city.

Stuart and Alfa gain Fame, Stretch does not.



Page 27

Chronicle headlines with Martha’s bye line.

Crazy clown and Pantomime gang cause terror at market.

Pro. Stanley saves baby and disabled lady from terrified mob.

Robot Alfa endangers bystanders.



BASH Issue Two – A Chilly Time

Issue Two – A Chilly Time

Issue one here

 Page 1/

John of MI5  sits at his desk looking at the reports.

He decides to find out where the Chill sergeants have come from. So John contacts Grenade, who he knows, to make use of his skills, as MI5 has before, to find this active threat, John also calls upon the new hero Alfa to help using a general radio message to contact him.


Page 2/

When the two arrive at Lansdowne golf course for the meeting, Alfa teleports and walks in, in his long coat and wide brimmed hat. Grenade takes the bus.

Afla recognises Grenade from his Fame and Infamy. While they play a round, John explains that Chill units have been turning up in various places and not just locally, they seem to be used as mercenary support for others. MI5 would like the two of them to work together or separately to find the source of these chill gun armed thugs operating locally.

They also are concerned that Jo Coburn a scientist who works on chilling technology, has not been seen for some weeks, has she been kidnapped, just on holiday or something else?


Page 3/

Alfa asks if the Chill Sergeants are clones, John answers no they are human.

He then heads to the library to access the net to find out about Jo.

She works at University of the West of England [UWE], and lives in Bath.

Alfa hacks the UWE data base to find her address. She lives at Riverside and is late back from a four week holiday.

Is she working for them or held by them?


Page 4/

The two go the the riverside and Grenade rings the front door bell.

With no answer Alfa looks into a window and teleports in and opens the door for Grenade.


Page 5/

The flat is empty.

So the two of them look for clues.

Alfa [uses a hero die] finds a card and wet patches.

The card for Chill mercenaries co. with a e-mail address, the damp patches seem to be melted ice.


Page 6/

Alfa goes back to the library, while Grenade heads to UWE.


Page 7/

Alfa using uses its hacking skill to send a spam mail to the Chill e-mail address.

This allows access to computer records.


Page 8/

Grenade having reached the Uni. front desk smiles at the female at the desk and suggests she supply some Info on Jo.

Kelly the front desk lady takes Grenade to Jo’s labs and the assistants working there.


Page 9/

Again Grenade makes eye contact and suggests they show him the research.

It seems that the group are working on making small and efficient freezing and chilling units. Which can make keeping containers cold easier, or helping troops in hot areas keep cool or even firemen able to fight the heat of a fire.


Page 10/

This tech could also be used as a weapon, although that is not what they are working on.

Various companies and people have been interested in this work and Grenade gets a 6 page list of these companies.

Grenade texts himself all the info he has gathered so Alfa can see it.


Page 11/

Alfa tries to get deeper access to the Chill co. records but fails and is chucked out of the system.


Page 12/

Alfa and Grenade met up at a cafe to share info and decide to contact John of MI5 to visit a Chill sergeant in prison.


Page 13/


John takes them to see the one healthy chill sergeant, the other is still suffering from the injures he suffered.

Grenade uses his suggestion ability to again get information.

Apparently they work for a Captain Chill whose base is to the south of old Bath  and agents go to the Odd Down Park and Ride to take a enclosed van on a short trip to it.

The white van has Chill Co on its side.


Page 14/

Alfa decides to do a thermal scan of the area to the south of old Bath.

Using his ability to teleport, he teleports into the sky, falls a little and teleports higher and along a path doing this to cover a wide area.

This takes time but works nearly as good as having flight.

He finds to very cold spots, one at Bath Reclamation at Odd Down and Circle at Peasdown.


Page 15/

Afla lands at Brec and looks around. It is a small sprawling area dealing mainly with scraping and reusing tech. Ran by Kenny Kirstone, cold area seems to be where the chilling liquid from industrial freezers is kept.

He leaves quickly before being seen or caught trespassing.


Page 16/

He then jumps to near the Circle site. This site holds a hospital as well as some small industrial units.

He checks radio traffic and finds on a military frequency a security signal. Which seems to be a monitoring system linked to cameras etc.


Page 17/

He walks around the area and sees a enclosed behind fences Advanced Industrial Freezer Co. He picks up those security singles from this area.

Walking around the car park he spots a Chill Co. van.


Page 18/

He looks through the windscreen and teleports into the driver area.

He opens the door into the back and sees a enclosed area with some seats.

He teleports away.


Page 19/

Alfa and grenade met at a cafe again.

Talk about Miss Marple  the author. in between discussing their next steps.

They contact John and give him the info they have on AIF and the Circle area.


Page 20/

The two had to Circle with Alfa carrying Grenade as he teleports there.


Page 21/

Once there Alfa scans for cameras but falls to find them.

So Grenade decides to climb over the 15′ high fence with barbed wire on top.

He then uses his stealth to get to the door which is a locked and alarmed steel door. There are also barred windows and air vents.


Page 22/

Grenade finds the feed for the camera’s and puts them into a loop, using his security skills.

Then he uses his ability to open locks to open the heavy door.


Page 23/

Alfa teleports to the door.

The two of them see Kirk at the front desk and Grenade suggests that he takes them to Captain Chill.

‘We have an appointment’

Kirk, his name is on his badge gets up and moves to the secure door behind him which leads to a corridor, with doors to various rooms.


Page 24/

Kirk opens the first door in the corridor and says, ‘Captain, you have visitors’.

‘Kirk you are a  idiot!  get lost’. says Chill.

As he says this the air in the room gets very cold and frost starts to form on the walls and other surfaces.


Page 25/

Grenade tells Kirk to run and not disturb them. As he does he puts his hands onto the growing ice. He pits his power against Chills power to try to disrupt the creation of ice by making it shatter. He fails Chill has more power to control cold than he has to make things explode.

Alfa teleports behind Chill and grabs him.

Captain Chill forms a warrior out of the forming ice and says ‘Are you feeling the cold Dude?’ while trying to break free. He fails to break free he is just to weak compared to the robot strength of Alfa.


Page 26/

Grenade flips a powered up marble at the ice warrior, which explodes on contact blasting parts of the ice away.

Alfa teleports to the hospital car park, with a memory of total recall he can go any place he has been before. While restraining Chill.

The Ice warrior skates towards Grenade and then tries to stab him with its ice sword but fails to hit the nimble Grenade.

Chill again tries to break free.


Page 27/

Grenade leaps over and away from the warrior touching it as he goes and so activating its potential energy. It will explode next page.

Alfa teleports to the prison with Chill.

The Ice warrior turns and skates towards Grenade and again misses with its sword.


Page 28/

Alfa ‘Where is Jo?’

Grenade throws another marble to add to the coming explosion but misses for once. Then moves 60′ away into the corridor.


Ice Warrior cracks and bits fly off of it, but then its body reforms from the ice around it.

The warrior skates on the ice towards Grenade but is now out of reach with its sword.


Page 29/

At the prison the walls start to freeze.

Captain Chill tells Alfa, ‘Let me go and I let Jo go’

Alfa tries to bully Chill into giving her away. He threatens to teleport him into deep ice.

‘that will not hurt me’ Chill says. ‘No but lack of food etc will, Alfa replies.

Alfa tries again but Chill sticks firm saying that he knows a hero would not do that, and Alfa knows he is right he will not do anything he says he will.


Page 30/

Grenade throws another marble at the warrior. It hits and more ice flies off.

The Ice warrior skates forward towards grenade and again misses him with his sword.

But as Grenade watches the Ice warrior starts to melt away turning to water, as is all the ice around.

Chill must no longer be effecting this place.


Pace 31/

Grenade texts Alfa again, updating him. Then goes and finds Kirk and asks where Jo is and suggests he find new employment. Jo is in a lab 2 with others.

Alfa leaves a rapidly freezing prison and teleports to Grenade.

Grenade Texts John to tell him where they have put chill and about the base.


Page 32/

Alfa looks around the office area and finds the computer. He tries uses it to bring up a layout for the building, but fails to find one.


Page 33/

The two walk down the corridor to lab 2.

Bypassing the door lock, they open the door and Grenade looks the first person he sees in the eys and says, ‘Jo?’ while suggesting they tell the truth.

It turns out she is she against her will as the other four here where. Alfa, ‘you are free to go’ he says.

Jo says ‘what about the guards?’, Alfa says ‘we will deal with them go’.


Page 34/

The next door they open has maintenance  staff and cleaners which they also send away.


Page 35/

The last door they come to holds a training room and rest area for the guards.

There are 12 people in this area, some practicing with their chill guns on targets. Some resting and some having instruction by others.

There appears to be two Chill sergeants and ten henchmen.


Page 36/

Alfa calls on them to surrender, ‘Chill is behind bars and you are outmatched, give yourselves up now!’

The response is that there are 12 of us you are outnumbered, and we do not believe you can keep chill out.

Grenade, looks a sergeant in the eyes and suggests that he ought to tell the others to give in. ‘You want to convince them to lay down arms and leave this robot is armed and very dangerous.’

This works and the 12 guards run for it leaving their guns behind.


Page 37/

Grenade takes a target as a souvenir, while they wait for MI5 to arrive and take charge.


Page 38/

Mi5 arrive led by John and take control.

Alfa and Grenade head out and encounter a crowd of hospital staff and others including press.


Page 39/

Next days headlines and article by M Millington in the Chronicle.

Robot Alfa and criminal called Grenade cause havoc at Circle area including the hospital.

Patents and staff put in danger as area freezes over, stopping life threatening operations to stop.

Police say a criminal gang under a Captain Chill had a base there, but that effective security action had dealt with them.

It is rumoured that Alfa removed the Super powered villain to prison and freed the hostages while Grenade fought a Ice warrior however non of this can be verified.

Are these heroes causing more damage than the criminals they proclaim to stop?

This reporter wonders.


BASH Issue One Beginnings – a super hero adventure

Issue One Beginnings

 Scene  1 – Boat fire

Page 1

Location – River Avon

Situation – One evening while Alfa is walking along the river bank he sees a boat in trouble. The motor boat has smoke coming from it.  The boat is centre stream about 15m away 2 young adults are on board, who are shouting for help. The engine has failed and is on fire.

Page 2

Alfa teleports to the boat, and calms the occupants down saying he saw there trouble and jumped over to help, a few soothing words and they calm down a little.

Page 3

Alfa takes the boats rope and throws it to the bank, then grabs the two occupants and teleports to the bank.

Crew, you didn’t jump did you, who or what are you?

Page 4

Alfa takes the rope and pulls the boat to the shore.

Crew, you saved us, what is your name?

Page 5

‘Alfa’ as he teleports away.


Scene 2 – Farmhouse fire

Page 1

Location – on north edge of Bath,

Situation – a farm fire with 2 adults and 1 child in it.. They are in a upper room cut off from the way out.


Page 2

Air-girl takes flight changing into a stork and fly’s quickly to the farm.


Page 3

Air-girl uses her gaseous form to get under the door into the farm house.


Page 4

Air-girl uses her ability to sense winds to find out where the seat of the fire is.

She then starts to use her control over the air to remove oxygen from the fire.


Page 5

With the seat of the fire out she then does the same to the rest of the building to put out all the smaller fires.


Page 6

Again using her ability to sense air she finds where there are people.

Having found them she moves under doors to reach the room they are in.


Page 7

She uses a min-cyclone to open the window and then creates a tornado around her and the family and fly’s them out of the window to safety.


Page 8

Family – A bit the worse for smoke and such but save. ‘You saved us, who are you?’ ‘Air-girl’ ‘thank you very much’.



Scene 3 – Explosion

Page 1

Location – Bath Uni campus

Situation –  An explosion happens as a helicopter falls onto some buildings. There are 6 people trapped amongst the burning rubble.


Page 2

Prof Stuart Stanley is working in his lab around 200m away from the impact.

He says I will go and call the emergency services, once out of sight he changes into ‘Stretch’

People running around in panic.


Page 3

Stretch asks what the problem is, bystanders reply ‘people trapped, area on fire, helicopter wreckage burning’.

Stretch looks for the fuel tank and sees it with part of the wreckage, he stretches his arms and lifts the 1/2 ton wreckage away from the buildings.


Page 4

Stretch thins his right arm right down to microscopic size to move through the gaps in the rubble. He finds them trapped in a small area well under the rubble.


Page 5 – 7

Using his amassing strength even when his limbs are very thin he starts to move away rubble to open a passageway for escape. With the skills he has in escapology and science he is very careful about which bits he moves and which need to be left to hold the rest up.


Page 8

As Stretch moves some rubble he starts a gas leak, now he needs to be careful not to cause an explosion. He is glad he moved the fuel tank.


Page 9-10

He moves the last obstacles to escape and the six trapped dirty, injured, but alive people can scrabble out.


Page 11

‘Who are you?’

Stretch lengthens his legs and strides away, and returns to his lab as Prof Stuart Stanley




Scene 4 – Bullies 

Page 1

Location – a quite street

Situation – a gang [6] of youths shouting about a woman wearing Islamic dress.

They start throwing stones as well as insults and two of them draw knifes and start to move towards the woman


Page 2

The robes swirl and Air-girl takes flight and fly’s away from the danger.



Scene 5 – Post office Hold up

Page 1

Location   Post office

Situation  – Prof Stuart Stanley while waiting in the post office with Martha, girlfriend, when 3 masked men walk in and hold it up.  There are about 20 customers and staff in the area.


Page 2

Masked men armed with pistols start to collect cash from the counter.
Page 3

Stuart quietly stretches one arm, while holding onto Martha with the other,  he tries to punch one robber but misses. It can’t be easy to fight half blind due to the number of people around and not being able to move.


Page 4

This time he goes for a grabble, and then uses the caught robber to strike out at the others.

He knocks the next one down while knocking the one he is welding out.

Stuart then hits the third robber in the same way knocking him down as well.


Page 5

Stretch removes the guns from near the robbers.

The two knocked down robbers stand and run for the door.


Page 6-7

Stretch grabs the unconscious one again and swings him and the other two, knocking them both out.


Page 8

The police turn up and find confusion as no one seems to know what has happen other than a robbery and then flying robbers.



Scene 6 – Security van hold up

Page 1

Location – Outside a bank in Milsom st

Situation – Sergeant Chill + 3 thugs hold up a bank delivery in midmorning lots of frozen passerby’s around.

Alfa hears of a hold up on his radio.


Page 2

Alfa teleports to the roof of a nearby building and analyses the situation. He sees one thug with a big gun freezing anyone who comes close while 3 others take money bags from the van.


Page 3

He teleports behind sergeant Chill and punches him in the back. This sends Chill 10′ and knocks him to the ground.


Page 4

He teleports again and smashes the Chill gun.

‘Attack you twerps’ Chill shouts as he stands. all three open fire hitting Alfa. Alfa being very tough just ignores the bullets which bounce off of him.


Page 5

Alfa gabs Chill and welds him at the others, rendering them all unconscious and badly injured.


Page 6

Alfa secures Chill, tries first aid on the thugs and then teleports away, leaving them for the police.


Page 7

Police turn up and take robbers into custody as the frozen bystanders melt free.




Scene 7 – Hostage

Page 1

Location – Civic centre.

Situation –  A angry man wearing a batman costume is holding 10 hostages and threatening to blow himself and them up, he wants to see his children whio his wife has taken to France to live with her and her parents.


Page 2

Air-girl hears on the radio about a hostage situation apparently the Police Armed response group is on site and fly’s to the scene.


Page 3

Using her skills of stealth and evading security she enters the civic centre unseen.


Page 4

She observes the area using her air master ability to scent things. She detects C4 in the air.


Page 5

Using her cyclone ability she lifts the top of the batman outfit over the head and arms of the man Trapping his arms up around his head.


Page 6

Air-girls tries to remove the bomb vest but fails to get it off his body.

The man struggles to move his arms and free himself.


Page 7

Air-girl creates a mini tornado to spin the man around making him dizzy and fall.


Page 8

She picks him up and fl’s him out to the bomb squad who disarm the bomb.


Page 9

Man is arrested.

Avoiding questions Air-girl fly’s away.



Scene 8 –  Car chase

Page 1

Location M4 motorway

Situation  Car chase on M4, Two police cars are chasing a van at speeds around 90-110mph

Those in the van are believed to have held up a service station. It is believed there are 4 men in the van.


Page 2

Alfa picks up the police report on his radio sense and teleports to the motorway.

Chase continues


Page 3

Alfa teleports to the nearest bridge and then onto the top of the van.


Page 4

Digging his hand into the roof for a hand hold he tries to rip a hole in the roof.


Page 5

Making a hole in the roof, Alfa drops into the van. He sees 2 men in the front and 2 girls in the back.


Page 6

‘Who are you’ scream the girls as one man looks around.

Alfa grabs the girls and teleports out with them struggling in his metal arms.


Page 7

The girls explain that they had taken a lift with the two men and had not known about the robbery. They thank Alfa for saving them.

With no innocents to worry about he leaves the police to stop the van and arrest the men.



Scene 9 – drug bust

Page 1

Location  – river Avon in Bristol

Situation  – a boat is being loaded with cases by two men, it then sets out up river.


Page 2

Martha tells Stuart about some information she received of a boat supposed to be full of drugs coming up river from Bristol docks. The police are aiming to stop it at the Widcombe locks.


Page 3

Stuart goes for a training run, once out of sight he heads as Stretch to the locks to observe.

Boat approaches hiding police officers.


Page 4

As the boat ties up, the crew see the police and sergeant Chill hits them with a blast from his chill gun and freezes them all.


Page 5

Stretch using the long reach of his arms tries to grab chill from his position on the overpass.

He grabs chill and pushes him into and under the water.


Page 6

Stretch tightens his grip and starts to throttle chill.


Page 7-8

As Stretch keeps up his grip and chill starts to suffer the other three crew are trying to see what has happened.


Page 9

Stretch is spotted and the three open fire with their assault rifles. A hail of bullets kick up the ground all around Stretch with some hitting him and drawing blood.


Page 10

Stretch uses the nearly unconscious Chill to club the three minions. With a mighty swing he knocks all three gunmen into the river, lucky they are all wearing life vests.


Page 11

With them disarmed and not wanting to put up a fight he puts them all beside the police and leaves.



Scene 10

Page 1

cut to each hero and a quick look at their powers.


Air-girl – Semi-solid gaseous body; Air control Powers;  Air mastery;  Ability to ride on air by creating a small tornado;  Danger Sense being one with the air she can sense incoming dangers;  Air Multi Power – Wind Wall to stop attacks, Wind Blast to cause damage, Whirlwind create a mini whirlwind around a target to hold it in place.


Stretch – Body Altering Powers Plastic body; Can stretch limbs to reach far away objects. reach in combat is to up to 10 squares; Can thin limbs down to microscopic size to slip into things;  Can mold body to form a ball and bounce or Stretch body and limbs to make a glider shape; Stretch legs for faster run;  Martial arts Mastery;  Heightened Brawn & Agility;  Skilful


Alfa – Teleportation short jumps of 50 Squares or much longer jaunts of 1,000’s miles when used with Concentration;  Iron Fists; Fighting Technique Hand to Hand attacks;  Metal Body;  Healing Nano bots;  Resistance to Cold, Heat, Radiation;  Super Senses hear radio waves and see infrared; Keen Sense;  Skilful’


See next issue soon