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Ptolemaic Vs Seleucid DBMM 400pt battle

400pt game on a 5×3 foot table using DBMM V2

04 03 2014

210bc Ptolemaic [me] Vs 200bc Seleucid

Ptolemaic army

CiC Ptolemy Kn(F)w; 4 Kn(F)w; 7 Ax(S); 5 Ps(O)

Sub Margos Kn(F)w; 2 Cv(O); 2 Kn(I); 3 Lh(O); 5 Ax(S)

Sub Antiochus Kn(F)w; 24 Pk(O); 4 Bd(I)*; 4Ps(S)

Camp 6 Bg(O)



CiC Kn(F)w; 2 Kn(F)w; 2 KN(F); 4 Wb(S)*; 2 Lh(O); 2 Lh(F)*; 6 Ax(S)*;

Sub Pk(S); 12 Pk(S); 13 Pk(O);

Sub Kn(F)w; Kn(F)w; 4 Ax(O); 4 Ax(O)*; 7 Ps(S)*; 8 Ps(O)*

Camp 5 Bg


The Seleucid army invaded Ptolemaic territory from the East in the summer; Ptolemy made his stand with the Nile on his left. There where Sand dunes on its bank and a gentle hill jutting into the river and a patch of rocky ground and another gentle hill on the far end.

The armies deployed like this, Ptolemaic first

Board Compressed



With fine weather, the Seleucid commander woke his army early and attacked at 3am.   At 3.20 his forces where here

3.20 compress

The Seleucid continued to move slowly forward with his right flank falling behind and by 4.20 was very close to allowing the Ptolemaic’s to see his forces. [visibility with no moon being 80paces]

4.20 Compress



His next move brought him into sight of my pickets but not into contact.

This allowed me to move at last, 4.50

4.50 compress

I moved my right pike into the Galatians and the picket into the knights, hoping to disrupt his force.

That didn’t work and little else could move with my generals being in reserve and therefore not in sight.

The next hour went fast, with combat along the whole front, with dawn and then sunrise opening up my generals control but this was of no help to the enemy as there generals where in the front line. On my left his lights attacked mine but where then ridden down by my knights, while his general was pushed back and his companion routed. This enemy command was close to disheartening but the battle was not going well in other areas.

On my right my Thureophoroi and light horse charged in and got recoiled and then the Thureophoroi got chewed up my the knights.

The centre was the main point of combat as the two blocks closed with each other. Long story short, my men caught in camp were not ready to fight and that showed in there efforts [loads of 1’s and 2’s]. by 5.40 my centre was disheartened and would break on the enemies next push and then take the army due to other losses.

end compress

Game over

A decisive loss as I was caught unawares by the enemy.

This was one of those times I wish I had scouting, funny how when you take it you don’t use it and when you don’t.


We both love playing this game and the variety it brings to games.