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‘The Greek Myths’ by R Waterfield a Review.

‘The Greek Myths’ stories of the Greek Gods and Heroes vividly retold by Robin Waterfield and Kathryn Waterfield

I got this book as I am running roleplaying games set in Hellenistic times. It is much better than other book on the Greek myths I have read. It was easy to read in modern language with a good flow to the stories. I now have a much better idea of how the stories link together and where they sit in Greek history. How the Greeks saw their gods and how they interacted with them.

A very good easy read and well worth getting if you have an interest in Greek mythology.

Review of ‘Don’t just stand there… Pray Something’

Don’t just stand there… Pray Something by Ronald Dunn is a book I have been reading on and off for a couple of months. I got it from the church library.

It is a very interesting book. It looks at why and how we need to pray rather than just hoping for something to happen. Ronald points out that prayer is God’s secret weapon for all situations. The book looks at how we hear from God, how He answers, the battle prayer is involved in, the life that prays and how He hears us as well as how prayer helps others as well as ourselves.

All in all I learnt more about prayer than I ever knew and will make sure I get a copy for future revision.

Definitely a book to get if you are interested in prayer and how it works.

Book review of ‘The War of the Worlds’ by HG Wells

I have seen many films and TV dramas of this story I think I read it as a child but can’t remember. Thanks to Alan for lending me his copy.

It is interesting to read a 19th century book with its slightly different language and ideas. HG Wells takes us on a journey as the certainties of Victorian Britain and its empire fall before a alien invasion. With musings on how those the empire had conquered must have felt as well as herd animals  which we use without any thought.

Appeals to God and praise for aid show the period was different to today where God would not be seen in any such Sci-Fi books. I enjoyed reading it over christmas and am looking forward to watching the new BBC drama which I have recorded.

Book review ‘Four Princes’ by J J Norwich

Four Princes is a book about the four main rules of the 16th century. Henry VIII; Francis I; Charles V and Suleiman the magnificent. Each had a great influence on the world as we know it. This is an interesting book looking at subjects I knew little about. It was fascinating seeing the links between them but also the tensions and animosities between them. The book looks at what they did and didn’t achieve as well as there relationships to each other and others in the 16th century.   A good introduction into a period I knew little about. Worth a read if you like history.

Review of Making Sense of the Sermon on the Mount by John Y H Yieh

This is another Grove booklet so just a few pages long.
John is looking at the Sermon from a different way, where it is similar to other Jewish wisdom teaching
Is it law, Gospel or new covenant
If it’s a new covenant he asks how does that affect how we understand the passage?
A thought provoking read

Review of ‘Enemies at Home’ by Lindsey Davis

The second Flavia Albia story following on from the Falco series. I enjoyed this book much more than the previous one. It drew me in and had me wanting to read more. This was an interesting story set in a Roman home dealing with attitudes to slaves and those of different social standing. Lindsey has a great grasp of Roman life and it comes over very well in this book. I will not let the plot out  as that ruins the fun of reading it. The only complaint I have is that I thought the ending was contrived and limp.

‘Finding God at Home’ a review

‘Finding God at Home’ A sacramental approach to spirituality in the home by A Mackenzie

This is another Grove booklet, and another good read. I have read it twice already. As it says Jesus showed care for his disciples by serving them in many practical ways. He feeds them: Loaves and fishes, catching of fish, barbecue on the beach. He prays for them and shows them how to pray. [p8] Jesus also speaks the language of home and housekeeping. Jesus parables talk of sweeping floors and lighting lamps.

This booklet looks at how we create and care for the home; Care for and loving children within the home; Hospitality – sharing our home with others. It tries to help you see where you can see God at work in your home and where you can encounter god during your daily routine.

It has made me think about how I see my home.