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Review of “The Wrong Messiah” by Nick Page

‘The Wrong Messiah’ The real story of Jesus of Nazareth by Nick page

A Christmas present, also a very interesting read. This book looks at the expectations of the Jews for a messiah and how Jesus was the wrong one. He didn’t fit any of the boxes people expected of their messiah. However he did tick all the boxes God had given in prophecy.

“Jesus had no time for the minutiae of religious observance if it got in the way of real repentance and real relationship.” [p94] This is not what was expected, and still isn’t if truth be told, people expected a messiah who would enforce the rules and punish the wicked. That is not what they got or what we get.

I found that reading this book opened my eyes to some things I had just not thought about or had just picked up culturally. Other parts reinforced my own views. Whether you believe in Jesus or not this book will help you see who the locals at the time expected and who they got. It might change your mind about him.

A short easy to read book which will challenge your view of Jesus. Well worth the read.


Review of ‘Journeys of Hope’

Journeys of Hope is a book from CAP [Christians Against Poverty]

This book looks at the stories of 12 lives/families changed by God as they engaged with dealing with debt.

The stories are very personal and deep, some are hard to read and other bring you to tears. Yet in each God working through His people reaches out and touches the hurting. From the simple note saying God loves you to others understanding and helping with impossible debt.

CAP responds to calls by sending a helper to work through a families or individuals debt working it out with the lenders and giving the person just one payment to make to CAP who then pay to the different creditors. Along with this each story also shows hoe God is also in all of this as people receive ongoing help from a local church support worker.

A good read, if sad at times, wonderful to see how God works in peoples lives and how His people are bring hope and light into very dark areas of peoples lives.

I love how it shows a living caring creator God touching people who have lost all hope and how that touch of the Spirit brings them new life.

CAP website is here

Father I thank you for CAP and all the work they do, Bless their workers and volunteers. Bring new hope to those in debt through its work in your name.

Review of ‘Ardennes 1944’ by A Beevor

Review of Ardennes 1944 by A Beevor

I have read a few accounts of the German attack in 1944 in the Ardennes, ‘The Battle of the Bulge’, over the years. This is a really good one.

It looks at both sides day by day, it looks at the build up and the aftermath of the battle. It has a full order of battle and good maps. It shows the brutality of both sides and the heroics of many men. It shows the dissension in both command structures which lead to more deaths than needed. It also shows the loss of civilian life from both sides actions.

A very good read with lots to learn from reading it. It highlights the fighting ability of the common soldier on both sides and also the hell they had to endure. Well worth reading.

The best book I now have on the whole campaign.

Review of ‘Stalin’s Ghost’ by Martin Cruz Smith

Been reading this book which is not of a type I normally read. It is part of a series about Arkady Renko a Russian investigator set in the end of the cold war and post cold war era’s. As I started reading I was not sure I would enjoy reading it but as I got into the book I was intrigued about where the story was going. It was not a conventional cop story but quite involved with multiple story lines. In the end I really enjoyed it and must look out for some of the other books in the series.

Review of the ‘Athenian Murders’ by J C Somoza

This is a very strange book, it takes some getting into and understanding. It is set in ancient Athens and is about a murder and all the investigation of it. However it is not a classic murder mystery this one has two stories going on the one its supposed to be about and one by the supposed translator of the book. It takes a while to understand what is going on but at the end it becomes clear if you keep going. I will not spoil it by telling you how it works out, just say its a hard book to get started with but worth the effort at the end.

Review of ‘The Lost Victory’ by P Bonnecarrere

A interesting book I got in hospital and read while there. Its all about a WW2 mission to find and extract a German Jewish nuclear scientist. It goes along at a fair pace, with multiple story lines all leading together. The ending is very interesting and a bit of a surprise. It reads like a Bond story with at least one girl, as well as espionage between the USSR, the USA, UK and Germany.

A good read while lying in hospital feeling unwell.

Review of ‘The Last Kingdom’ by B Cornwell

The Last Kingdom, is another series of books like Sharp but this time in the time of the Saxons and Vikings. Very similar to  Sharp in some ways it looks at the story of a boy, Uhtred, captured by the Danes and then later on recaptured by the Saxons of Wessex. It looks at his growing up a Dane but at heart wanting to regain his own home in the Northumbria.

Well written as all his books tend to be, turned into a TV series and full of history around the time of Alfred the Great. I enjoyed reading it having already seen the TV shows. I might well look out the other books in this story as I will be interested to see what happens to Uhtred of Northumbria.

I am not so taken in by the battle scenes as I was by those in Sharp but they work. Some historians cast doubt on the way the Danes fought in a sheildwall. Or whether they fought more like Romans using the shield for protection while using more personal attacks, rather than overlapping shields and standing linked in line just attacking those in front. We will never know the truth of this and the fights work well with the story.

Well worth reading if you come across a copy