Thanks Giving

Today was my last Sunday Zoom service, I have been running one since just before Covid so for 3 years and 1 month. This week I thought we would finish with thanks.

1 Thessalonians 2

13 And now we look back on all this and thank God, a geyser of thanks!

When you got the Message of God we preached, you didn’t pass it off as just one more human opinion, but you took it to heart as God’s true word to you, which it is, God himself at work in you believers! 14-16 Friends, do you realize that you followed in the exact footsteps of the churches of God in Judea, those who were the first to follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ?

Paul was writing to the Thessalonians and says how he thanks God for them as he looks back on his time with them and how he preached Gods word to them and that word was the same as the first followers of Jesus.

As a group we reflected on the last 3 years and what God has said to us and what we have each learnt.

We thanked God for His love, grace and guidance. We prayed for each other going forward and for the churches we will be going to. We dealt with the sadness of leaving our worship family and the anxiety of joining people again. We prayed about change and blessings. In all things we are thankful to God for the blessings of the last 3 years.

It has been a real joy and blessing for me to lead worship for this time, God has been wonderful to me over this time. He has supplied me with direction as to what to talk about each week, supplied information on that topic and led me to the right music for the service. I might have had to shield these last years to avoid the worst of Covid but as I believed it was right to withdraw from church before lockdowns came so I believe that now is the time to return. I might not have antibodies from the 6 vaccines that I have had, but my consultant tells me that I should be getting some protection from my infusions which will have antibodies in them now.

As to catching Covid, I will trust in my God to keep me safe as I start to mix more over the coming months.

Thank you Father; Thank you Jesus; Thank you Holy Spirit

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