‘Taken at the Flood’ a review

A review of Taken at the Flood The Roman Conquest of Greece by R Waterfield

I found this an enjoyable book, looking at how and why Rome conquered Greece back in the 3rd and 2nd centuries BC

This is a in-depth look at the politics in Rome, Macedon and Greece which drove this conflict. It looks at Roman desire for influence, wealth and power as it came into conflict with other states and there desire for the same all wrapped up with a false idea of security.

In places it remined me of todays tensions, between the USA, Russia and China, each of them want security on their terms. Each of them want influence and power as well as wealth. This has been a constant throughout history and each time it ends in war between the conflicting factions.

It showed the brutality of Rome when states rebel against Roman control with whole cities destroyed and populations enslaved. It showed how Rome in particular fought wars to sustain it’s own population and allow the politicians to gain wealth and therefore power. It also of course eventually lead to Rome’s downfall when they ran out of nations to loot.

A good book well worth reading


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