Review of ‘The SS Officer’s Armchair’

This book by Daniel Lee is subtitled ‘Uncovering the Hidden Life of a Nazi’

This Christmas gift is a strange history book. It looks at the search for the history behind the documents hidden in a armchair by Robert Griesinger, lawyer, SS Officer and official in Nazi-occupied Prague.

I wondered as I started this book what is the point of this. However as I got into it the story became fascinating and absorbing. It all starts with some documents found in an armchair and Daniel

s search to find out how they got there and why. It slowly turned to who was this person and showed how even low level officials in Nazi Germany knew what was going on with killings and hatred of various people, Jews; Roma etc.

This book opens up the back history of Robert and how his family was already seeped in racist attitudes and anti Jewish thought. It show how many ‘Normal’ Germans were tied up with the views of the Nazi’s and used organisations like the SS to improve their job prospects. How Robert lived in circles where even before Hitler they were anti Jewish etc.

Mat who gave me the book thought it might make an interesting topic for a sermon in church. Not sure about that but it does show that the circles you move and live in will effect your worldview. As a Christian I try to move and live in God’s Kingdom which of course effects my worldview. However as both Jesus and the Apostles said I also need to live in and understand the world around me so that I can understand others lives and find points of contact to share the Love of God shown in Jesus with them.

Robert neither revelled in or hid his views but made use of them to gain promotions and status, to improve his families prospects. Of course he didn’t think of himself as evil nor did his family and friends.

This has real world aspects for us today with how those in favour of Brexit or not only saw there own benefits not any downside. Or how Boris J or Trump or Putin can have such control over there followers. If you believe something true or not and you only mix with those who agree with you then your worldview will get more and more pulled into that path with no way of seeing anything wrong with it.

A good thoughtful read, well worth it even if you are not into history.


3 responses to “Review of ‘The SS Officer’s Armchair’

  1. Excellent thoughts about people’s attitudes. It will make a good sermon Chris.


  2. Excellent review and thoughts.  I think it will make a good sermon how peoples attitudes affect their lives and thinking and they don’t think they are bigoted or biased.

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