The Amassing chronicles of the Herald Cam Woodmonger

Chapter Two

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Part 1

On the Road

I reported to Sir Abrofar the Scancole city herald; I decided that he had to know about what we had done about the plant thing from elsewhere. As far as I was concerned it was Sir Leatonay’s responsibility to report back to Sir Moribund, however I doubt he will, we did as ordered and that’s that. I told my boss about the tower and the mage Coddefut and pointed out that he was very lack in leaving such a monstrosity untended. I give him the book I found and sealed and he said he would get it to his boss. He said that as far as he was concerned the isle must be left empty and no one be allowed to dig around there due to the risk of freeing any part of that plant thing, in any case as it took 2 decades to get this big after what you have done to it he would think it would be a long time before it might, if it’s still capable, of being a nuisance again. I mention that I am worried about any of the fishermen picking up dead fish, an unfortunate side effect of killing the plant. He assures me that no fisherman would ever take up dead fish as they would not know how long it had been dead or what killed it. I remember to pass on Leatonay’s message, about getting people over to clear the site and burn the fungi and throw the soil into the sea, as their spirit dreaming implied. He also wanted any pots and pans or clothes recovered given to the fishermen as well as criminal charges against the mage. Abrofar says that no one is going to be allowed onto the island as I have already said; your Sir Leatony needs to leave these things to those that understand them. I will make sure the count knows of your actions and my recommendations.

He thanks me for my duty and says he has some work for me to do as part of my training. “I need you to take your friends and scout the road to Trinovant city, go up the road towards the city and also check any minor roads off of it as you go. I have received notice that the forest is encroaching onto the road in places so please deal with it as needed as well as any brigands you might encounter. It would be good if you could spend a good month doing this working from here as your base. Also as you will be taking Sir Leatonay, can you get him to decide on his coat of arms as well please, now he is a full knight he should have one. As a pursuivant with the king’s writ you should be able to get anything you need for this task within reason, just remember that abuse of the writ leaves you open to losing your status and being charged.” I am happy to do this and gain and glory fame for my actions.

Back at the Inn I find that poor Yogi has been talked into dancing for Leatonay and others, I am not sure it is a good idea as I think he is being made fun off.  Leatonay tells us about his love life.

For evening meals Leatoney and his page are normally loaned out to help out with the Kings sister’s household “Keeps Sir Moribund from having to look at an ugly Cambenic mug”, Lesatonay says. Leatoney likes helping the local Divines however Sir Moribund thinks Leatoney best use to the garrison is cleaning kit and fixing wounded up and that’s about it. After being his Grandmothers page for so long he is handy around noble women and therefore also Fezonas, the Kings sister’s, household. He has picked up some Influence and Courtesy plus some martial skills from elderly Knights of wide experience while helping the household.

Apparently he is also trying a very, very slow seduction of the Kings Sisters youngest Lady in Waiting Rozblack of Belin a distant cousin of Lord Lucan and also a wealthy heiress. She is both kind and Musical and he desires her even though she is above his status at the moment. To improve his chances he asks me to compose a poem for him to sing to his love. As he can’t read and write I need to make it easy and spend a few days coming up with one he can learn off rote. He tells me that it pleased her and helped in his task of love.

After a few days we head out on the road, Leatonay on his horse with his page on another horse and me riding another of the pack horses and Yogi walking. The main road near the city is fine nice and clear with villages along it, it takes a while before we reach the edge of the Darnant Forest a dangerous place were the remains of the Darnant family still hide. The Darnant family are rogue wizards who were overthrown by Alexaunder and the brother Kings. We head down the first side road we come to with the forest on both sides; this road leads to Helfer’s Vill according to the last Vill we pasted. A short time after going down this road we encounter a knight in the middle of the road. This nameless knight challenges Leatonay to a Joust a’plaisance, if Leatonay losses he has to pay a horse to pass on, if we win we can pass on down the road. This knight has a black shield and seems equipped much the same as Leatonay with Padded under-armour under separate greaves and genouillières for the legs and vambraces and spaulders for the arms also a hauberk and coat of plates and bascinet.

Leatonay seems reluctant to pick up the challenge mainly as he seems to lack confidence and doesn’t want to lose a horse just to go down the road. Although I think about losing an arrow at the knight I remember the rules of chivalry and try to encourage Leatonay to take up the challenge. I am helped by the knight shouting, “Only a coward would be hesitating to ride a course or two. Are you a coward knight of the Swan?” Leatonay is the knight of the swan having decided to use a white swan to remind him of his loves neck on a blue background with the top left quarter black and yellow from his house colours. Leatonay takes up the challenge and ops to use a long lance and says, “The best of three sir”. The nameless knight agrees and also takes up a long lance. Yogi and I will be spectators to this joust and test for Leatonay I see another story to share coming on.


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