Review of ‘Paul’ by Tom Wright

Paul a Biography is a deep book looking at the life and actions of the Apostle Paul

Paul brought the news of a new way of living to those who were not part of the Jewish community, not to found a new religion but to show how the faith of his fathers his people the Jews had been changed by encountering the risen Jesus. In this book Tom looks at how he did this and what he believed by looking at his letters.

It has taken me a while to read this book, its the type of book you read a bit and think about it before reading more. However it is a good read it made me think about how I encountered Jesus and how I am living that out. What it means to me to be a follower of Jesus of the living God the creator of all.

It was interesting to read about Pauls journeys in the right order and time line rather than just as letters in the bible. It is always good to put things in place and to understand the culture and timings around events.

This is well worth reading regardless of your faith or lack or such just to understand a pillar of the Christian Church. I am sure I will be coming back to it from time to time.


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