The Amassing chronicles of the Herald Cam Woodmonger

Chapter One Part 4

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The Plant

Yogi lowered us down the shaft, full of plant tendrils thicker than any we have seen so far. It takes Yogi about ten minutes to lower us down the gloomy shaft but as we get to the bottom we see it is not dark but that the plant is giving off a greeny-blue luminesce which gives some ability to see, better than the candle anyway. Here the plant is everywhere, the tendrils are more like thick tentacles with eyes, scales and suckers, we can’t avoid hitting it and when we do the whole mass shudders throughout the cavern and into the tower. Above the thing looked like a plant down here it is a strange thing seemingly a cross of many things plant and animal. After looking around, without moving more than we need to, we work out that we need to take the southerly non-natural passage; even though the other two passages have plant in them we believe the centre is south.

As we move down the passage the whole place shakes as we rub against the cactus spines on the plant, being watched by the countless unblinking eyes. It isn’t long before we can see the main mass of the plant. The centre looks like a massive mushroom or toadstool, over 5 metres high and with a massive diameter. It is covered in lizard scales, eyeballs, cactus-like hairs as well as mushroom gills. We can see that the passage leads onwards and we can smell the sea coming from it but it is sloid with vines.

As we look at it the plant reacts and we see some of its tentacles moving. Leatonay reacts by scooping some of the black stuff out of his pail and throwing it over the tentacles near him. I move into a better position. Then the plant attacks us, Leatonay parries with his shield blocking the tentacle while I parry with the candle I am carrying, the tentacle doesn’t like the flame and withdraws. 

Leatonay moves forward and I throw my pail of black stuff at the main plant some meters away, it’s a big target this should be easy. The pail hits and as it rolls and bumps down the trunk it spills black stuff all over, mine you some had also spilt out on its way with some hitting Leatonay. The whole plant shakes again along with the cavern.

Leatonay copies me and lobs his pail with the same effect as it hits the plant. I move back a little as Leatonay says ‘what about the vail and liquid?’ I decide that it would most likely work best diluted so I decide I will throw it into the sea later. The plant attacks us again, Leatonay blocks it again but one of the tentacles wraps around my left arm even while I was holding the candle. I can see little mouths forming to start feeding on me.

Leatonay move towards me as I try to break free of the clinging plant, but I find it is too strong for me.

Leatonay chops with his longsword at the vine, but it is too tough. However he does use some leverage from impaling it to aid my next attempt to break free which I do before the plant starts to eat me. Leatonay blocks another attack and then we run as best we can back to the shaft as the whole area shakes and the rock cracks.

Yogi hears us call while seeing part of the tower fall around him; he then remembers that everything else in the tower had spirits to work it so maybe this winch does as well. Trying out a few variations of ‘bring bucket up’ he gets it right and the winch starts by itself. The journey down was slow compared to going up as this bucket shoots up rapidly in a minute. Hopping out Leatonay and I join Yogi to run to the exit as the tower falls down around us. I head to the kitchen to recover the book and catch up with the other outside. Leatonay took some masonry in the abdomen, while trying to grab some of his pots, only causing a slight injury, thanks to his protection spell, while Yogi got hit in the chest and abdomen but his thick fur and Leatonay’s protection spell means he only took a scratch.

Once outside we move away as the tower collapses in a dusty pile of plant, stone, wood and dust. We realise that we haven’t dealt with the mushrooms and their soil and Leatonay is wondering if the pots and pans and clothes survived the fall. While he worries about his loss I walk to the edge where I can see the tendrils in the sea thrashing about and throw the liquid in the vial into the water. The purple liquid slowly spreads out and the tendrils pull back from it and any fish it touches turn upside-down and float to the surface. The liquid keeps on spreading thinning out as it does so. It seems that the plant doesn’t like what we have done to it and we presume it is dying; how long it will take we do not know, hopefully not too long. Then Yogi remembers that they had left two Lutons the one on the door and the one on the winch, without freeing them. He casts Soul-Sight and searches around to see if he can find them. He does both are buried but he still casts Dispel on them hoping that as they seem to be trapped spirits they will become free once freed.

A few moments later Yogi is surrounded by Lutons, the five he had freed in spirit form. They thank him and ask how they can reward him. Yogi has no real idea what they can do so takes up the offer of the spell ‘Preserve’ which he can use on the fish and ells he catches. Later in the day the boat comes back over to get us taking a route around the still churning water. The Burly boys taunt us on the way back. ‘You do know that the boss wanted that tower for himself you know, he will not be happy with you’. ‘And what about all this dead fish in the water the fishermen will not be happy’. ‘Just what do you think you have done’? We just sit quietly happy we got out alive even if Leatonay is still wondering if he could get people to dig the pot and pans and the clothes out of the debris. Once back in the inn I start to write up my report and the stories which will be told of this adventure. We know we will need to report to Moribund but we intend to have a good night’s rest after a good meal first. Leatonay decides he will stay with us to avoid seeing Moribund at the castle. I wonder what the result of our actions will be and what might befall our small band; after all it seems likely that we will have more adventures together in the future.


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