The Amassing chronicles of the Herald Cam Woodmonger

Chapter One Part 2

Earlier parts here

Into the Tower

Behind the door is a small vestibule with places for cloaks and boots and another door to let us go further. There are two cloaks hanging up both look similar but one is mouldy while the other isn’t, how odd. There are a number of mouldy boots and shoes as well. Sir Leatonay casts a protection spell on us all just in case, after all he didn’t have time to done his armour. Then Yogi smells at the door but all he smells is something odd amongst the normal smells of mould and stale air. He then opens the inner door and enters followed by me and Sir Leatonay.

We appear to be in a hall with three more doors off of it; however the walls are covered with strange vines or tendrils which have pushed up out of the floor in places. It is dark in here so we light a candle, lucky Yogi can see in the dark to some extent, being a bear. Yogi calls on the Swordbrother to bless me with some of his power, allowing me to see the truth of a beings soul, with this sight I look at the vines. They are like nothing I have experienced before, mind you this is the first time this spell has been put on me, they seem to be from a different place another world almost they have a life but not as I know it. This spell is amassing, but it is very disturbing to the mind, looking at this plant. Yogi then smells and listens at each door but there does not appear to be anything there, he does pick up the faint smell of the sea coming from the door straight ahead, which is where we go opening the door.

We enter another dark area with a spiral stone staircase going up, it’s handrails of wood are carved to represent many entwined serpents following the twist of the stairs. Sir Leatonay wonders if these are based on real creatures or just myth, we suspect myth is based on real. This stairwell also has another three doors leading off of it; again Jogi listens and smells at each one. He can hear something from the door ahead and can smell the sea stronger at the right hand door. We head ahead. As we open the door we see two small creatures one on the left is a small, with a narrow, pale head, oversize arms and hands, and long, spindly legs. It is covered in a fine, green down, and likes to wear shoes with sparkly buckles. It calls itself Joliver we find out later. On the right is Gramsey, a squat, fat imp the size of a small boy, with a thickly lined, wide, peevish face, squinty black eyes, and a mop of blond hair that blows in an unfelt wind.

Joliver asks what we want he has many kitchen items for us while Gramsey shouts back “I have no ingredients except pickled eggs and gherkins and a very dry ham, so no point trying to give them things.” The two of them set to shouting and arguing with each other and throwing pans at each other from the doorway they are standing in. We eventually find out that they are bound Lutons or so called elves or goblins amongst other names. They are a spirit who wants to be noticed by helping or causing mischief, it appears the wizard bound them her to help in the kitchen and they are stuck till he frees them. Yogi has sympathy for them and calls on the Swordbrother to dismiss the magic holding them, as the magic goes the two creatures head for the front door with a thank you wave and disappear. I say, “That will make a good story” [increasing Yogi’s reputation] and we explore the kitchen and the two rooms.  The Lutons were right there is nothing here however Sir Leatonay says these pots and pans etc. will be useful to many people and starts to pile them up outside the front door, so as not to forget them, [This plays into his crave wealth passion and comfort those in need passion]

Then back to the stairwell and the left hand door there, this opens into a room with vines on the walls again, odd there was none in the kitchen area maybe the Lutons dealt with it, this room is full of boxes shelves, cages etc. We decide to search through it till lunchtime and a while after and use 3 candles up but we do find lots of trash and a few interesting things. I find a pouch of 7 large black and red seeds like a large acorn. I also find a vial of amber coloured liquid but no idea of what it is or for. Yogi finds the withered remains of some strange plant that turns to dust when he touches it causing him to sneeze for quite a while, he also finds the skin of some odd reptile the skin is dry and leathery and some more of the black and red seeds in a pouch he has 6 in his. Sir Leatonay also finds 6 black and red seeds in a pouch; I wonder why so many similar seeds maybe they are to plane and grow a new type of tree. He also finds a box of dried petals from a rare orchid, he remember his Grandmother telling his about these, if crushed and inhaled it allows the one breathing in the odour to walk on walls and ceilings as long as they are firm. He then finds some dried mushrooms in a parcel I take one of the mushrooms and eat it, I like mushrooms. This one has a strange effect on me and I can see more of the plant, it seems to come from another world and doesn’t like the liquid in the vial I have at all, it seems that the plant thing comes from another place altogether. All this information is taking on my mind after having the Swordbrothers spell on me and I sit and start to squirm and scream quietly, Sir Leatonay comes and comforts me and brings me back home. I tell them that I think that the wizard drew things through from another place to experiment. No wonder he came here as this would be hard to do it in Lyoness due to their control of wizard’s actions.

We look into the two rooms by the entrance way they appear to be bedrooms and although the bedframes are intact the bedding is very mouldy. The other room by the stairwell is an old well, or it looks like one, Yogi can distinctly smell the sea coming from the hole, the well has a 10’ diameter with a winching mechanism above it with a large basket more than capable of holding a couple of people. This room and the shaft are full of plant tendrils as thick as an arm in some places. They do not move but we still see life in them and they look much more like tentacles than parts of a plant. We could climb down the shaft using them but decide to explore up the tower first.


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