Healers: The Support Class We All Need, But Few Are Willing to Be

This is a very thoughtful look at Healers in video games

Finding God in Video Games

The surge in popularity of class-based games such as Overwatch and Apex Legends and the continuing dominance of titles like Team Fortress and League of Legends has brought the age-old concept of building a perfect team into the limelight… the days of games that featured identical protagonists with minor modifications such as armor color have been replaced with a deeper, more personalized experience. While every Master Chief in a Halo title plays and controls in a similar manner, these class-based games allow participants to choose roles that are better suited to their play style as tank-like warriors, range-focused fighters, nimble assassins, and more. Every great squad should demonstrate a balanced approach in their loadouts, allowing the team to offset their vulnerabilities with corresponding strengths… a team full of “heavies” may be exceptionally strong, but they typically lack the speed to achieve the mission’s objectives. Classes based on ranged attacks will…

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