The Odyssey of Telamon and Friends Chapter 3 Part 14


Different Directions

With the rebellion over and Chrenonides safe we head home and pull together what our losses and gains are and what are next move will be. Of the 114 Cretans we lose none but a few have minor injuries from falls etc. Of our ten Hippeis we have lost three and three more out of action for a while due to injuries. Also of course I am going to need two to three weeks to fully recover from my serious wounds.

Do we prepare to go back to Alexandria or stay in Athens over the winter? Do we try to attack and recover The Piraeus, Athens port? Do we hunt down the rest of the rebel leaders? We spend some days tossing these around.

I then go to talk with Chrenonides, he wants to keep the Cretan’s in Athens to join his force as they are useful and non-Athenian. He will pay them 10% extra if they stay; he would like me to tell him who the best leader of the force is to take control unless either Jason or I are going to stay as well. If either of us does he will make them a noble and give them a grant of land and a wife. Both are good things to have for either of us. As to the rest of our force he has lots of Hippeis and ours need to go back to their families. We also talk about taking the port, although Chrenonides thinks that might be beyond us, but it would be a good moral and strategic move.

I then go back and talk with Jason who likes the idea of command and status and thinks we should attack the port. I then go and talk with Archi who would rather go back to Alexandria than stay here as he has things to do there. It looks like we have different directions, I need to decide which way I want to go and weather to order the others to follow or not. The struggle and worry of command hits me. We all talk together and come up with a plan.

The Plan: – I need to recover from my wounds and then learn how to use a shield and learn from my actions; I need to talk with Admiral Patroclus before he heads home for the winter; Jason and I will stay in Athens; Archi will go with the fleet back to Alexandria, but first he wants to spend some time looking for some good manuscripts to take with him, after all the library back in Alexandria is always after new ones. As he can’t take the original he arranges to have them copied to pays for five to be copied and manages to find one rare one he knows the library doesn’t have and four others which he thinks it doesn’t have but might have. These take a couple of weeks to copy and cost him 150dr. While Archi is doing that I arrange for a big sacrifice to Hercules to regain the spirit I used calling upon his help. Jason suggests that we cremate our dead at the same time so that we can celebrate them and send their ashes back to Alexandria with Archi and with my testimony about their actions and valour. I get Archi to write them as he can put it into flowing and praising language better than I can. Once I am healed I head off to see the Admiral, this takes me ten days to reach Aegina. I then catch the Admiral up with what has happened since we last saw him. He tells me that he wants to take most of his fleet home this winter – 1 Ten; 2 Eights; 25 Fives; leaving, 5 Fives & 5 Two’s giving 5 Twos to Aegina to crew; 5 Corinthian Fives; 5 Threes from other cities, on Aegina with the mercenary garrison. These will not be up to attacking the port but will keep communications open and hold the Macedonian fleet in their port. I leave Archi here to go back with the admiral and head back to Athens. I have decided that we can do little other than explore ways into Piraeus until next spring when the fleet returns, it does mean we can spend time hunting down the rebels

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