Review of Perceforest

This is a review of two books ‘A Perceforest reader’ by Nigel Bryant and ‘Mythic Perceforest’ Roleplaying in a Land of High Chivalry and Wonder by MARK SHIRLEY which is a RPG setting using the Mythras rules

Having read the Role-Playing setting I got the reader as I was intrigued by the idea.

Perceforest is a 14th century book written in France as a pre Arthurian history/story. The whole idea is linking various folk tales, including the first written Sleeping Beauty story, and a history of Britain before Arthur. It includes Alexander the Great setting up the twin Kingdoms and helping get rid of evil knight magic users. Caesar comes along and overthrows the kingdoms and is then killed in Rome by the lance that killed the kings.

The reader is a book of short stories taken from the very big original by the author Nigel Bryant, he also translated the whole of the original. I enjoyed the reading and the shear amount of cleaver fantasy as we would see it but history? as the original writer would have seen it.

I can see why it has been turned into Role Play setting. However the setting is more than just the stories, it gives houses and knights and background to them and how to create characters. It gives magic and gods, talking animals and a living forest and how to adventure with them. The game looks great and I am looking forward to running it with my friends.

So for the first time I have not only bought a Role Play setting but I have then gone and bought a book it was mainly based on.

Even if you have no interest in Role Playing games it is worth getting the reader to see how 14th century French nobility saw the history of Britain pre Arthur.

A good read


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