The Odyssey of Telamon and Friends Chapter 3 Part 13


Defend Chremonides

Archi works on my wounds while Jason interrogates the prisoners and makes sure that they are secure with our wounded. He finds out that some of the leaders of the rebels are in the place as well. We prepare by making sure our remaining Hippies have Akon’s and are ready with us for another attack. Before long the enemy appear, eight more Hippies with what looks like four Hoplites in old style panoply, some of the leaders I assume. The Hippies come in eight wide and one deep with the leaders behind. The fight opens with an exchange of Akons then a move to close combat with Jason and Archi using their missile weapons from the side.

A confused melee ensues, with both sides breaking up into small one on one or two on one fight’s with Archi using his sling as he can and Jason using his bow until a noble turns his back on him so he turns to his dagger to stab into the less armoured back. Slowly we gain the advantage and Archi calls on them to surrender but they continue fighting, he tries again but they just throw insults back at him.  By now we only have four of our men left standing but the enemy is down to one Hippies and the four leaders.

The final seconds of the fight sees us gaining the advantage and then the victory as we bring down the nobles, their long spears cause some problems as does their heavy armour. I end up with multiple wounds and have to disengage and keep out of range of any more fighting but only after calling for help from Hercules who helps me strike down two enemies which I send to Thanatos. However our last Hippies Xenon, Orestes and Proteus manage with help from Jason and Archi to take out three of the leaders and the last surrenders.

Chremonides moves to kill this last noble but Archi tries to stop him but in the end he does kill him arguing that if he’s not killed now he will be a running sore or a martyr if killed after the fight. Archi is more concerned with treating my many new wounds to my right leg, head, right arm, abdomen, left arm and chest. In other words all my body, Archi works his magic and gets me to a place where it will take me 17 days to fully heal. Archi also extracts the long spear impaled into Pelasgon saving his live.

At the end of this we soon hear that with the leaders down our mercenaries have contained the rebels and dispersed them back to their homes. Chremonides will stay in charge of Athens for now supported by the Ptolemaic empire. We now only have three healthy Hippies with three dead and four wounded for some time to come. With our manpower declining we do not at the moment know how our Cretan archers fared and we need to decide if we are going to stay here in Athens over the winter or re-join the fleet and head back to Alexandria. I take some greaves and an Aspis so I can have a shield protecting mu arms, abdomen and chest when I fight and legs protected by the greaves. I will need to spend some time practicing to become proficient in it so it doesn’t interfere with my weapon use. Chremonides takes all the other spoils and intends to donate them to the temple of Athena.

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