Review of ‘Early India’

Early India From the Origins to AD1300 a Penguin History by Romila Thapar

I have been after some books on Indian history for some years as someone who likes history its an area I know little about

This is a chunky book at over 500 pages and I found I needed to read it a bit at a time to be able to digest it. It covers religion, governance, politics, social and economics for the area broken down into small time slots and areas.

I have enjoyed reading this book and another I had read previously, many years ago I did a lot of research on India in the time of the East India Company so it was nice to get to look at the times before.

It took me some time to read as I was also reading some Role Play books, preparing services and talk for church and coping with hospital and doctors appointments.

However it is worth a read if you have an interest in Indian history, I intend to keep an eye out for more books covering the military side more.


One response to “Review of ‘Early India’

  1. Fascinating. Thanks for this.


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