The Odyssey of Telamon and Friends Chapter 3 Part 12


Shocks and Rebellion

I, Archi, and Jason head home to arrange to see Chremonides but when we arrive there we find the slaves in a state of shock and just pointing us to the courtyard. There we find a man there eating with the slaves looking most bemused.  We move around to see who has intruded into our home, maybe it’s an informant about the assassins.


It’s Telamon!



We try to get him to tell us what he remembers of the attack and after, but he passes out after telling us he remembers the attack. I, Archi, am assuming that somehow he wasn’t dead, although I have no idea how. Jason is oddly confused as I would assume that he would have said that the gods brought him back. However with trying to make his divination be true he seems to be on the same track as I am. Very odd indeed, a person who believes in the gods but denying their ability to raise the dead if they want.

We send him to get washed and cleaned up and send 3 messengers to ask for an appointment with Chremonides. Once Telamon is clean and dressed we head to the place and wait in the anteroom for Chremonides to see us. He comes out and invites us in for supper. “Well that is a neat idea” he says, “faking Telamon’s death to draw out our enemies, very clever”.

I Telamon take over the story again. We explain to Chremonides what we have found out about the rebellion happening tomorrow. He asks for my advice and we share ideas to come up with this. Chremonides can summon quickly 1,500 mercenary Thureophoui; and some Psioli, the rest are needed in other places, plus our force of Cretan’s course. Most of this force will be sent to control important parts of the city and stopping the militia from accessing equipment, with our Cretans providing archery support which will be very effective against militia. That will leave you and your Hippies to guard me and the palace against any who reach me, after all if I fall you will as well as the rebels have placed you with me now. Jason wonders if we could just go and shoot them down in the street, but Chremonides points out the political cost to him of doing that which was why you were supposed to be dealing with them earlier, however we are where we are and our fates are connected now.

I spend some time in the night in prayerful preparation for the morning and rebellion. Before long in the morning we hear reports of the rebellion, first reports sound like we might have got this right. Jason decides the best place to defend the courtyard were we are making our stand if we need to will be a balcony on the first floor overlooking the courtyard. Archi decides to stay on the ground using statues etc. for cover. I and my Hippies surround Chremonides and we wait. Hopefully our precautions will mean the rebellion is stopped from even getting started.  However we soon hear the sound of fighting coming from the city and hope that the outer doors we have blocked will stop any strays from getting in to Chremonides.

Our action comes from a surprise as Jason on his balcony didn’t hear the door behind open and a Hippies on foot enters. Jason hears at this point and spinning around readies his bow coming face to face with the Hippies readying his Akon to throw. Jason being fast gets his arrow of first the Hippies parries with his shield but still takes damage in his abdomen. The Hippies would have hit and possibly killed Jason if he hadn’t leapt over the balcony, to land cat like in the courtyard. It seems the Hippies have come in armour, old style but fitting for old aristocrats, they are wearing Boots, Bronze Greaves; Attic Helm; Bronze Thorax with Scale Pteruges; and a Sm Pelte. He looks out of the balcony and disappears; well they know where we are now.

A while later the courtyard is invaded by 12 Hippies in armour, six from north and six from the south surrounding us. Archi lets loose his Belly bow hitting an enemy in the abdomen impaling him. The enemy move into a line at a run 15m away, as Jason readies his bow and our men full into a double line facing north and south. I then throw my Akon taking an enemy in the head killing him.

Archi changes his weapon to his sling while the enemy Hippies throw their Akon’s at our line, then ours return their Akon’s. The fight doesn’t last long and at the end we have 7 prisoners thanks to Archi calling on them to surrender as they tried to run. Our casualties are me injured in my left arm and head and three of our Hippies one, Abas, with a serious wound to his leg, the others Lycaon with a minor in his abdomen and Demaetius with a minor to his arm. That leaves us with 7 effective Hippies plus the three of us to deal with any other attacks. Archi sets to work with his healing skills on me while Jason collects armour Akon’s and ties the prisoners in a nearby room with our wounded guarding them.

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