The Stories of Errath the Bard Chapter 5 The Missing Part 5

The Missing

Part 5

Blood and Gore

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We spend the night in the cave or tower basement, and wake refreshed even if Arnost still has his serous wound to his abdomen, at least all the minor wounds are healing. After a breakfast meal of warm roast lamb we start discussing how we are going to get Jonno back, will Guido carry him; will we make a pouch to allow Guido to carry him; do we make some sort of stretcher for two of us to carry or drag behind the mule; or some other idea. Also as Arnost legs do not work well with his abdomen wound how do we get him home? James had hoped that Thorn would cast Cure Serous Wounds but he can only recover that spell mid-afternoon in worship to Hombel, so do we wait another day. If we leave before midday we should get to the farm by nightfall but if we wait till mid-afternoon it will be dark before we get there.


We also discuss the six captive goblins, what happens to them? Trail; strung up? Guido thinks they need to be taken back for a fair trial and then executed. Also in this conversation James remembers the dead goblins and suggests we chop them up for Alice de wolf as the new member of the party is being called.  They get me to do this and a grislily job it is too, lots of blood, body parts and intestines. I do not do a very good job, it’s not really my trade, but I do get 20 arms and 20 legs out of the gore. As I finish I am covered in blood and smells and the cave isn’t looking to good, so James casts Preserve on the meat and Cleanse on me and the floor. He then gets carried away and also casts a Permanente Light spell on Thorn’s lantern. He then gets Thorn to use the oil he has to burn up what’s left of the goblins outside. This sends a plume of cooking meat smells and smoke into the air.


As it’s around midday now, we have the last of the lamb and give Alice de wolf 2 arms and legs for his dinner. With time getting on we decide to let Thorn recover his healing spell so he can heal Alice and Arnost and then we will travel back to the farm tomorrow, camping here for another night. Mid-afternoon Thorn starts praying to Hombel and regains his spell he then Cures the serious wounds of Arnost and Alice and thanks Hombel for them. He then does a search of the tower to make sure there are no hidden doors, he finds nothing. With no more sheep left to eat we settle down in the cave for the night with Alice acting as door guard. Morning comes and we put the stretcher together for Jonno and after feeding Alice again get four Goblins to carry the stretcher while the others carry the 32 arms and legs.


We head off back to the farm, which we should reach mid-afternoon. It is slow going with the goblins carrying Jonno but with Thorn in front and me and Alice to one side and James to the other side we march on. As Thorn tops a hill can hear and see a disturbance about 100m ahead.

It seems we have come across a pack of Coyotes attacking a flock of Sheep one sheep is down with a Coyote nearby. The other sheep are running with the Coyotes in pursuit. Thorn calls back to us while he throws a sling shot at the dogs, getting close but not enough to scare the dog. James heads up preparing 2 magic Missiles while Gnoman runs up and summons a big Red Dragon which swoops in and breathes fire over the sheep and dogs roasting them all. It then soars up and away. It was one of his greater illusions of course and once the dragon is gone the dogs stagger to their feet and with a howl run, the sheep are slower to stand but do and continue to graze. A young Shepard boy comes out from hiding and says thanks.


A few hours later we reach the farm and the family rush out to meet us. They are pleased to see Jonno back but in obvious distress at the state he is in. ‘What have the goblins done to him?’ ‘Thank you for bringing him back.’ Timson gives Guido the 20gp he had offered for his rescue and says you are welcome to stay in the barn tonight and we will have a meal together.


Timson goes to the pig sty were they are two piglets and tries to catch one. Guido realises that he is going to kill it for the meal and also realises as its only just spring that if he does he will not have a breeding pair to give them more piglets for the year. So he and James both tell Timson that they will be happy with just a simple meal and to keep the pig. Timson is pleased with this and we can see the relief on his face. We live Alice in the barn guarding the goblins while we have a simple tea with the family.


I talk with the family and say we are sorry as they look sad at Jonno’s condition even though are glad we have come back with him. I decide to sing a song to lift the companies spirits, which I do and people start to join in as well. We spend the night in the barn and are woken with the small of fresh bread for breakfast. As we are preparing to leave James goes to look for Pengle to get back the piece of jade so he can repair the necklace. James offers a swap 20sp and a pebble with a permanent light spell cast on it. It takes some time but eventually Pengle agrees and gives James the jade, this makes him happy, he loves collecting old Elvin items. However he is annoyed with us for taking the 20gp but we didn’t know he was after the jade instead.


With all ready our party heads out with Pengle guiding as far as Tree Roads village and we will reach Longreed at last light if we make good time.

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