Review of ‘Abiding’ by Ben Quash

I was given this book for Christmas, I am not a great reader of theology books as often I find that they make the Christian faith more complex than needed. This was true while at Church Army college as well. Anyway as this was a gift I have been reading one chapter every week or so.

This was the Archbishops Lent course book for 2013. It was about abiding in Christ in different times and needs. So in body; mind; care; relationships; exile; wounds and peace. Some of these made a lot of sense and spoke to me some were just confusing and some went right over my head. To many cultural examples I had not heard of, not enough bible reference for me.

Abiding is something I dio and encourage others to do, it is spending time in the presence of God. Just being with him as you would a good friend or spouse. That can be done and needs to be done in all places and activities. That is effectively what the book was getting at but in 250+ words rather than straight and simple.

So would I suggest you read it? No.

Rather you would be better of spending the time in God’s presence chilling with Him day by day.

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