Review of ‘Cold Iron’ by Miles Cameron

‘Cold Iron’ is a interesting book but not an easy read. I say that because the book has no chapters, a modern writing style I personally do not like. Add to that the story is broken up as we only see scenes from the view of Aranthur which is ok but there are time jumps where you would expect him to try and find out what’s going on but instead he apparently just goes back to his studies and work. He is a student and works in leather to support himself. It seems to be set in a pseudo Byzantine world due to the use of some terms in the book. However the book has a spattering of italiatised words which are meant to mean something but in general fall flat unless you have any knowledge of the Byzantine world. Some I knew others I didn’t.

The blurb at the back says that he is looking for answers to the changing world around him. However I felt that he was rather just plodding through what was happening till the next encounter gave him more info or not. As a student I would have expected him to be asking questions and trying to work out what was happening around him and why. Instead he just plods on falling into different situations.

The best parts were the start and the end I think as both had some order and Aranthur at least asks questions of those around him. Also the book has a map at the front but other than the city no areas seem to be in the story or those in the story are not on the map. Very odd.

In some ways this reads like one of the stories from my friends roleplaying experiences falling into a adventure and never asking questions about what and why.

Not his best book in my opinion however I did like this line ‘the worship of power is close to the worship of evil.’

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