Day 43, we watch bug video from the Dolls house and hotel. Beater has turned up.


Day 44, the Dolls House is agitated, the Zagerman gang seem concerned as they up security, then we see from various bugs that they are changing stash points and delivery runs, we try to keep track of it all. Listening in we hear talk about shutting down Beater’s starport action if any more trouble.

That’s all we need now to get warrants for a raid, so get the warrants and plan a double raid with extra resources.


Day 45, 4am.  Robert and Jack have gone to the hotel to take Beater down, while Gwen and myself with SWAT support hit the Dolls House.

The boys do well and take Beater down with little trouble.

Gwen and I put on SWAT armour and prepare our weapons her with her shotgun and me with my pistol. Th e SWAT have a variety of guns and equipment. Four swat are going to take the front entrance and secure the ground floor, while Gwen and I with 2 swat hack the back door and use the stairwell down to the second level,bypassing the 1st level as that is where the punters are and we do not need to worry about them.

Swat hack the back door and we and the front group all enter the building together. We learn later than the ground floor was secured quickly and with no trouble. We headed down the stairs to the 2nd floor, we check the first floor as we pass it going down, the door is locked from this side. Once we get to the 2nd basement level we chack out the first office and toilet then head for the main office. I knock and call out NSA open up, we hear sounds but the door is not opened.  As we prepare we take down the door we hear a noise from down the corridor, I turn and see that it is the engineer and his robot, I tell them it will be safer in their room rather than running around.  Gwen and a Swat shot off the doors hinges with their shotguns and we enter with caution saying ‘NSA drop your weapons and hands up’.  Their are two people in the room Edwin Laplant the accountant and Mr A Zagerman. We secure both of them and then hear footsteps running up the back stairs, Gwen and I give chase, checking the 1st floor door as we go.

As we leave the area of the 1st floor we hear automatic fire followed by a shotgun and pistol shot. Something has happened below but we choice to follow up the stairs. As we leave the stairs we see that the Swat technician and medic has apprehended the engineer and his robot. We tell him he was stupid to run after we told him to stay and he could have got shot, all he did was keep on about saving Misty, a sad case.

We rush back down to the office to check on Swat and prisoners. When we enter the room their is a body bleeding on the floor Sonia the guard she had been hiding in the safe and lightly injured both Swat members they had gunned her down in response. We got the medic while Gwen tried to save her, but she soon bleed out.

With Sonia dead Beater turns state witness and after a short court case Zagerman is sent to a penal area on earth for a long time while Edwin got  a shorter sentence. Beater was last seen heading to a more distanced part of the planet.


Case closed and the gang broken up. As a reward we are being sent to 82 Eridani to work with Texas Rangers on the Taxas colony. I wonder what this will entail.

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