The Odyssey of BARYPOS of TEGEA Chapter 6 Part 1A Shipwreck

Part 1A Shipwreck

I, Barypos, boarded the Dolphin at Athens and entertained the crew and locals at ports we stopped at as we made our way along the islands and then the coast to the remains of Tyre. Once there I bordered a different ship, a small one, the Gull which was heading to Alexandria. These voyages where fine despite the risk of storms at this time, however as we neared Alexandria we saw a strange sight in the sky as birds fled from the coast.


A short time later a massive wave hit the Gull, lucky I was on deck with my gear as I was preparing for us to enter Alexandria’s harbor. The wave flipped the Gull over throwing us all into the sea, I managed to hold on to my pack but had to let my armour, cash box and weapons other than my Kopis on my belt go. Lucky I had been improving my swimming skill and managed to grab hold of a piece of broken wood put my pack on it and swam for shore. After a long time I made the shore, apparently the only survivor of the Gull. I was soon found by some locals who on seeing my status, as a rich man, aided me to Alexandria and my friends. With the sliver I had in my pouch I replaced my lost armour and weapons and am now ready to join them in their adventures.

Earlier parts of the story can be found here 

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